Zimbabwe Heads of State

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Heads of State of Zimbabwe
(Restricted suffrage for white women in 1919, full suffrage for white women 1957 and for all blacks in 1980) Southern Rhodesia gained responsible Government 1923, Declared independence 1965 which was declared illegal and terminated at 12.12.79, 18.4.80 it became independent. A republic since 1970.

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1965-70 "Titular Queen" Elizabeth, Queen of Rhodesia. (11.11-02.03)
Elizabeth the Second, who had been Queen of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland etc. since 1952, never accepted the office and style, anyhow the government of Rhodesia was carried out in her name until a republic was declared in 1970.

2004- Vice-President Joyce Wachunu Mujuru
She was general during the anti-colonial under the name of Teurai-Ropa Nhongo. Also ZANU-Party Secretary of Education
, Minister of Youth, Sport and Recreation 1980, Minister of Community Development and Women's Affairs 1980-85, Minister of State by the Prime Minister 1985-88, Minister of Community Development, Cooperatives and Women’ Affairs 1988-92, Resident Minister and Governor of Mashonaland Central 1992-96, Minister of Information, Post and Telecommunication 1996-97, Minister of Rural Resources and Water Development since 1997 and Acting Minister of Defence in 2001,
Vice-President of ZANU-P since 2004. (b. 1955-).


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