Nicaragua Substates

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Nicaragua Substate

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An Indian Kingdom on the Atlantic Coast British Protectorate till 1860, self-rule within Nicuragua and incorporated in the state in 1894. 

1842-45 Possible Ruler Princess Inez Ana Frederick of The Mosquito Nation
Also known as Agnes Ana, she is, by some, considered to have been Queen of the Miskito, a British Protectorate on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua and Ecuador inhabited by Miskito Indians, by others as member of the council of regency during the minority of her brother, George Augustus Frederic II (1832-42-65). She approved the cession of San Juan del Norte to Nicaragua against the wishes of her brother. For a brief time in 1849, she was considered a possible heir to the Miskito throne. Married to. Michael Hodgson, Councillor of State to 1860, and of the General Council from 1860. They had no children, and the Mosquito throne was inherited by her sister's three sons in succession.

1908-circa 1928
Possible Head of the Royal Family Princess Mary Laguna de Perlas
Also Known as Princess Mary Clarence, she was the
posthumous daughter of  Robert Henry Clarence, Hereditary Chief of Mosquito (1873-91--94-1908), who was deposed twice in 1894. He was son of Princess Victoria, Sister of Inez Ana Frederic and  Henry Clarence, a Miskito Indian. In the same period another relative, her father's cousin, Robert Frederick also seems to have been the Heir Apparent to the Headship of the house. Mother of a son named Morton.


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