Liberia Heads

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Republic of Liberia (Female suffrage 1946) Founded 1822 as a Colony for Freed American Slaves, Independent 1847

Also see Liberia Ministers

Until 1892 Queen Sandemani Famata Bendu Sandmani of Garwula and Ruler of the Tribe of Vai (in the Cape Mount Area)
Succeeded her husband. Second husband was King Al Hai of Gallinas. Mother of one son.

1958 Chief Executive Angie Elizabeth Brook-Randolph (some days)
She acted as Head of State as both the President and Secretary of State was abroad. 1953-58 Assistant Attorney General, 1956-73 Assistant Secretary of State, 1967-68 President of the United Nations-Trusteeship Council (Administering Nauru, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands Territories, 1969 and 1976 President of the General Assembly of the UN 1973-75 Ambassador-at-Large, 1975-77 Ambassador to the United Nations and Cuba, 1977-80? Judge in the Supreme Court. (b. 1928-)

1996-97 Acting President and Leader of the Government Ruth Sando Fahnbulleh Perry  (2.9.-2.8.97)
A former senator, she was Chairperson of the Council of State in the final state of the civil war which had plagued the country for decades. She lived (1939-2017)

1996-97 Member of the Council of State Victoria Refell
Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism 1995-96

2002-03 4. Deputy Head of State Grace B. Minor
As President Pro Tempore of the Senate, she is third in the succession to the post of President.

2005- President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
(b. 1938-)

2006 and 2007 Acting President Frances Johnson-Morris (September and February)
She was Chairperson of the Electoral Commssion until 2006 and Minister of Justice and Attorney General from 2006. Acting President during the absence of President and Vice-President.


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