Bhutan Heads of State

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Female Heads of State
of Bhutan/ Druk-yul (Realm of the Dragon)
(Female Suffrage 1953/89) An absolute Monarchy gradually becoming more constitutional and in 2008 it will become a full parliamentary democracy. The draft constitution also introduces limited female succession to the throne (princes have presidence over princesses)

1696-98 De facto Royal Representative mTsho-skyes rDorje of Bhutan
She succeeded rGyal-thab bsTan-'dz Rabs-rygas, who was royal representative 1651-95/96 in succession to her grandfather, who had been ruler 1616-51. She was succeeded by rGyal-s'ras sPrul-sku Kul-gd-'a rGyal-mtshan (1689-98-1712-13).

1972 (22.4-24.7) Regent Queen Ashi Kesang-la Choden of Bhutan
She was appointed regent during the Ilness of her husband, King Druk Gylapo Jingme Dorje Wngchuck (1959-72). Their son King Jingme Singye Wangchuk (1955/1972- ), succeeded him at the age of 17. She is the daughter of Chief Minister Raja Sonam Tobgye Dorji and Princess Rani Choying Wangumo Namgyal of Sikkim. (b. 1930-)



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