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1326-47 Queen Regnant Sariayakadevi of Malla Patan and Kathmandu (The Dewaladeviraj)
Also know as Nayakadevi, Sari Nayak Devi or Satinayakadevi, she was an infant when her father, King, Rudra Malla, died. She was brought up by her grand-mother, Padu Malladeva, with her mother acting as regent. She was married to King Harishchandradeva of Banaras who was poisoned in 1336 afterwhich his brother, Gopaladeva, and Prince Jagat Simha of Mithila, kept her in detention. They thus appear to have occupied Bhadgaun. The followers of Jagat Simha then killed Gopaldeva. Jagat Simha reigned for some days, but he too was imprisoned eventually. Her daughter, Rajalla Devi, Rajalaxmi or Rajalaxmo, who was full claimant of the throne.

1326-65 Regent Dowager Queen Devala Devi of Malla Patan and Kathmandu
When her husband, king Rudra Malla died without a male heir apparent in the throne, their infant daughter, Sariayakadevi, was declared as the heir to the throne of Thanthunim, and she became regent together with her mother-in-law, Queen Padumal Devi. Later she was also regent for her granddaughter, Rajalla Devi, who succeeded to the throne upon her mother's death in 1347.

1326-? Temporary Co-Regent Dowager Queen Padmalla Devi of Malla Patan and Kathmandu
She was in charge of the education of her granddaughter, Sariayakadevi.

1347-85 Queen Regnant Rajalla Devi of Malla Patan and Kathmandu
Also known as Rajalladevi, Rajalaxmi or Rajalaxmo, she was the daughter of Queen Sariayakadevi, and was brought up by her grandmother, Queen-Regent Devala. She was married to King Jaysthiti Malla of Bhadgaon, who invaded Nepal and ruled as Prince Counsort 1382-95, and described himself as the husband of Rajalladevi in many of his incriptions.

1777-78 and 1879-85 Regent Dowager Maharani Rajendra Lakshmi Devi of United Nepal
Rajendra Laxmi was the mother of Rana Bahadur Shah. At the death of her husband King Pratap Singh Shah, her minor son Rana Bahadur Shah was put on the throne. An internal uprising resulted in a number of minor kingdoms being annexed to Nepal during her reign.

1799-1800 and 1803-04  Regent Dowager Sri Sri Sri Maharani Rai Rajeshwari Devi
Regent for son King Girunayuddha Birkrama Shah (1799-1804 and 1805-16)

1800-02 Regent Sri Sri Sri Maharani Subarna Prabha Devi
Regent for stepson King Girunayuddha Birkrama Shah (1799-1804 and 1805-16).

1806-12 Regent Dowager Sri Sri Sri Maharani Lalit Tipura Sundari Devi
For King Girunayuddha Birkrama Shah (1799-1804 and 1805-16). She lived (1794-1832)

1839-41 De facto Regent Senior Queen Sam Rajya Lakshmi Devi
For husband Rajendra Birkaram Shah. 

1841-43 De facto Regent Junior Queen Raj Laksimi Devi
1843-46 Regent
After the death of the senior Queen she exercised the supreme power of the state as de-facto regent for Rajendra Birkrama Shah (1816-46), who was deposed. She followed him in exile in India, where he died 1880.

1881-93 Regent Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Kancha Maharani Lalita Rajya Lakshmi Devi [Tower Sri Panch]
Regent for son H.H. Svasti Sri Giriraja Chakra Chudamani Narayanetyadi Vividha Virudavali Virajamana Manonnata Projjwala Nepal Tara Mahadhipati Shriman Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Maharajadhiraja Prithvi Bir Bikram Jang Bahadur Shah Bahadur Shamsher Jang Devanam Sada Samaja Vijayinam, Maharajadhiraja of Nepal, (1875-81-1911), who succeded grandfather. Her husband Crown Prince (Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Yuvarajadhiraj) Trailokya Bir Bikram Shah Deva had died in 1878. Maharani Lalita was the second daughter of the Maharaja of Lambjang and Kaski and some-time also Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of Nepal.

1911 Regent H.H. Svasti Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Sriman Maharajadhiraja Patta Rajninam Bada Maharani Revati Raman Rajya Lakshmi Devi Shahanam Sada Saubhajnabatinam
Regent for her stepson Tribhubana (1906-11-55), born as a Princesses from Rajputana or Kangra, she lived (1878-1926).

1972-2001 () Politically Influential H.M. Queen Aishwari
She was very influential during the reign of her husband, King Birendra Bir Bikram. She, her husband, daughter, younger son and five other members of the royal family were killed in the massacre at Royal Palace at the 1st of June 2001 by her son, Crown Prince Dipendra, who was king for a few days before dying from the wounds he got during the incident. Her full name was H.M. Svasti Sri Ojaswi Rajanya Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Sriman Maharajadhiraja Patta Rajninam Bada Maharani Aishwari Rajya Lakshmi Devi Shahanam Sada Saubhajnabatinam, and she was a member of the Rana Princly family. She lived (1949-2001).

2015- President Bidhya Devi Bhandari
Minister for Population and Environment 1997 and Minister of Defence 2009-11, Vice-president of the Nepal Communist Party (Unified Marxist-Leninist) 1998-2015. (b. 1961-)


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