Montenegro Heads

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Heads of State of Montenegro
Independent Kingdom 1850-21 when it was occupied in Yugoslavia, becoming an Autonomous Republic of Montenegro/ Crna Gora after second world war. 

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1054 Regent Princess Neda Domenica of Duklija
For son Radoslav I (1054-77)

1403-21 Political Advisor Lady Jelena Balšić of Zeta
After her husband, Lord Durad II of Zeta died in consequence of the injuries suffered in the Battle of Gračanica, she became the advisor of her 17-year old son, Balša III. She made him declare the Orthodox Church as the official confession of the state, while Catholicism became a tolerant confession. Her son waged two wars against Venezia, winning some territory and then loosing it again. He also became a vassal to the Ottoman Turks. 1419 he went to Belgrade to ask for aid from hus mother's brother, Despot Stefan Lazarević, but never returned and 1421 he passed the rule of Zeta to his uncle. She had married Vojvode Sandalj Hranić Kosača of Bosnia in 1411 and lived (1365/70-1443).

1921-23 Regent-in-absentia, Dowager Queen Milena Vukotić

Acted as regent for grandson King Michael (1908-86) after her son abdicated after only a week on the throne. The Serbians had occupied the Kingdom in 1918 and her husband, King Nikola had died earier in 1921. She lived (1847-1923)


1990-92 Member of the State Presidency Milica Pejanović-Đurišić
Member of the Parliament of Montenegro 1993-2001, President of the Democratic Party of Socialists 1997-1998. Ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro to Belgium and Luxembourg 2004-06, Ambassador of Montenegro to France, Monaco and UNESCO 2007-10 and Minister of Defence from 2012. (b. 1959-)


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