Lithuania Heads of State

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Heads of State of Lithuania/ Respublika os Lietuva/Lietvos Respublika
(Female suffrage 1918/21) Independent 1918-40 and 11.3.90/6.9.91

Also see Lithuania Ministers and Lithuania Parliament

Circa 1392-1418 Politically Influential Grand Duchess Anna of Lithuania
She was married to Duke Vytautas of Lithuania. In 1392 in Ostrowo she signed “The Agreement from Ostrowo”, promishing that her husband would be loyal for Poland, for Queen Jadwiga and her husband king Władysław. Anna died in 1418.

1454-1501 Politically Influential Queen and Grand Duchess Elzbieta Rakuszanka of Poland and Lithuania
Very influential during the reign of her husband, polish king and great duke of Lithuania, Kazimierz IV Jagiellończyk and their son, Jan I (1492-1501). She was a daughter of Emperor Albrecht II von Habsburg, king of Bohemia and Hungary and  Elisabeth of Bohemia-Hungaria (1437-48). Elzbieta Rakuszanka was very political influential during her husband's and son's reign, and lived (1436–1505).
1669-95 Sovereign Duchess Ludwika Karolina Radziwiłł of Bir˛ai, Dubingiai, Slutsk and Kedainiai
Also known as or Ludwika Karolina Charlotte von Radziwill-Birze, she was a magnate of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as the last agnatic-line member of the most prominent Calvinists of Lithuania, and a descendant of the Gediminids and Jagiellons. She spent most of her life in Berlin and Königsberg, but laid much attention to her lands in the grand duchy. Like her father, she funded the issue of books in the Lithuanian language, and supported education and Calvinist parishes. She established scholarships for Lithuanian students of theology in the universities of Königsberg, Frankfurt an der Oder, and Berlin. She was sued by King John III Sobieski for the alleged breach of the prenuptial agreement with his son, Jakub Ludwik Sobieski, with the intention to seize her estates. The case was lost, since it was proven that the agreement was falsified. She first married Margrave Louis of Brandenburg and after his death, Elector Palatine Charles III Philip von der Pfalz, with whom she had 3 daughters; Leopoldyna Eleonora, Maria Anna and Elizabeth Augusta Sophie, but only the latter's issue survived. She was daughter of Bogusław Radziwiłł/Boguslavas Radvila, Duke of Dubingiai, Governor of Prussia (1620-69) and Princess Anna Maria Radziwiłł/Ona Marija Radvilaitė, Heiress of Birzhai and Kedainiai (1640-67), and lived (1667-95).

2009- President Dalia Grybauskaitė
Extraordinary Envoy and Plenipotentiary Minister at the Lithuanian Mission to the EU and Deputy Head Negotiator for the Europe Agreement with EU 1994-1995, Plenipotentiary Minister at the Embassy in USA 1996-1999, Vice-Minister of Finance 1999-2000 and Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Head of the EU Accession negotiations 2000-01, Minister of Finance 2001-04 and EU-Commissioner of Financial Programming and Budget 2004-09. Won 69% of the votes in the presidential elections. (b. 1956-).

2009-12 Deputy Head of State, Speaker of the Seimas Irena Degutienė
Former Minister, Acting Prime Minister and Deputy Speaker of the Seimas 2008-09 and from 2009.

2013-16 Deputy Head of State Loreta Grau˛inienė
As Speaker of the Siemas she was Deputy Head of State and acted when the president is abroad or permanently incapicated.
Also Vice-President of the Labour Party and Presidential Candidate in 2009 (b. 1963-)


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