Haiti Heads

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Republic of Haiti/Republique d'Ha´ti/Repiblik Dayti (Female Suffrage 1950) French Colony (Saint Domenique) 1697. Declared an independent Empire 1804, became a republic 1806

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Until 1503 Queen Regnant Anacaona of the Maguana (Taino Tribe) in Haspinola (Haiti and Dominican Republic)
She was the sister of the tribal chief  Boechio Anacauchoa, king of Xaragua or Jaragua and married to King Caonabo, king . When her husband was taken prisoner, sent to Spain and died in a sea voyage, she inherited the tribe of the  Maguana. In September of 1503, she was hung in the province of Xaragua.

1971-74 De-facto Ruler Simone Ovide Duvalier ("Mama Doc")
She was widow of dictator Dr. Franšois Duvalier ("Papa Doc"), President 957-71, who was succeded by their son, Jean-Claude Duvalier ("Baby Doc") who showed litle interest in the government. She remained very powerful till he was ousted in 1986. She lived (circa 1913-97).

1990-91 President Ertha Pascal-Trouillot (14.3-7.2)
The first female High Court Judge 1986-90. (b. 1943-)


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