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France Heads of State

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575-84 Regent Dowager Queen Brunhildis of Austrasia and Burgund

584-94 Regent Dowager Queen Fredegundis
Regent for son Lothair in 584. Also known as Fredegunda, she (d. 598).

639-42 Regent Dowager Queen Nanthildis (of Austrasie and Burgund)
Widow of Dagobert I (604-29-35) Also known as Nanthechilde or Nantechildis. Died around 642.

657-64/65 Regent Dowager Queen Bathildis (of Neustrie, Bourgogne and Austrasie)
Regent for her son Lothair III and with her ministers embarked on a policy of unifying the Frankish territory by controlling Austrasia through imposing her son Childeric as Prince and absorbing Burgundy. .Also known as Bathilde or Baldechildis

662 Himnechilde of Austrasie
Regent for Childéric II together with Major Domus (Major of the Palace) Wulfoald) Widow of Sigebert III

692 Regent Queen Dowager Clothilde of Neustrie and Bourgogne
Regent for a few months for son Childéric. Also known as Rothilde, Chrothéchildis or Doda (dead 694/9)

714 Regent Major Domina Plectrud Theobaldo
Widow of Pipin II d'Heristal and regent for stepson the Major Domus Charles Martel. She was later declared a saint, and died circa 725. She inherited the lands between the Rhine, Moselle and Meuse after her mother Irmina. 

877-79 Presiding over the Court Queen Engelberge of the Franks
She played a prominent role during the reign of her husband, King Louis II of the Franks (846-77-79), who was succeeded by two of their sons, Louis III (863-79-82) and Carloman. Engelberge (d. 890). 

954-86 Regent Dowager Queen Gerbia (Gerbergia)
Born in Germany. She was regent for Lothar II (954-86)

986-87 Regent Dowager Queen Emma
Widow of King Lothaire

1190-91 Regent Dowager Queen Adèle de Blois-Champagne
The third wife of Louis VII, she acted as regent during her son, Philippe II August's participation in the crusades at the time. She lived (1140-1206)

1226-42 Regent Dowager Queen Blance de Castilla 
1248-52 (†) Regent
She was regent for son Lois IV during his minority and during a crusade. She lived (1187-1252)

1316 Regent Dowager Queen Clemence d'Anjou of Napoli
Regent for infant son Jean I, who died after few months. 

1328, 1338, 1339-41 and 1346-47 Regent Queen Jeanne de Bourgogne of France
Her husband, king Philippe VI de Valois (1293-1328-50), appointed her regent when he fought on military campaigns, first against Louis of Flanders and later several times during the Hundred Years War. Intelligent and strong-willed, her nature and power earned both herself and her husband a bad reputation, which was accentuated by her deformity (which was considered by some to be a mark of evil), and she became known as la male royne boiteuse ("the lame male Queen"), supposedly the driving force behind her weaker husband. One chronicler described her as a danger to her enemies in court: "the lame Queen Jeanne de Bourgogne...was like a King and caused the destruction of those who opposed her will.". She was also considered to be a scholarly woman and a bibliophile: she sent her son, John, manuscripts to read, and commanded the translation of several important contemporary works into vernacular French. She was daughter of Robert II, Duke of Burgundy and princess Agnes of France and the cousin of Countess Jeanne II of Bourgogne, who was married to King Philipee V of France. She was mother of 7 children and died of the Plague, and lived (1293-1348).

1483-90 Regent Princess Anne de Beaujeu
Regent for brother  King Charles VIII. Anne continued to govern the Bourbon domains which belonged to her daughter Suzanne. One of many powerful women of the period, at the end of her life she was engaged in disputes with Louise de Savoie over succession to the Bourbon lands. Princess Anne de France lived (1461-1522)

1560-63 Regent Dowager Queen Catharine de' Medici
She was Titular Duchess of Urbino in France 1519-21. Regent for her sons (she had ten children).She lived ....

1610-17 Regent Dowager Queen Marie de' Medici
Regent for  son Louis XIII. She was Governor of Normandy 1610-17 and Countess d'Anjou 1619-31, and lived (1573-1642). And lived (1573-1642)

1643-51 Regent Dowager Queen Anne d'Austriche
She was Infanta of Spain and the eldest daughter of Philip III of Spain, and married Louis XIII, King of France, in 1615. Upon the death of her consort in 1643, she was declared Queen-regent during the minority of her son. She was Governor of Paris 1636-49, of Aunis 1646-54 and of Bretagne 1647-66. She lived (1601-66)

1667, 1672 and 1678 Regent Queen Marie-Thérèse d'Austrice of France
Did not have any part in political affairs except when she acted as regent during the campaign of her husband Louis XIV in the Netherlands. She was daughter of King Felipe IV of Spain and Elisabeth of France, Heiress to the Throne, and it was through her, that her husband (the Sun King) claimed the Spanish inheritance for their sons after the death of her half-brother Carlos II in 1700. Of her six children only one survived her, the dauphin Louis, who died in 1711. She lived (1638-83).

1812-18 Regent Empress Marie-Louise von Habsburg-Lothringen
Regent during her husband, Napoleon Is war in Russia. She was Duchess regnant of Parma-Piacenza e Gaustalla in Italy (1815-47) after her divorce from Napoleon. 

1859 Regent Empress Eugènie de Guzman Lopez de Zuñiga Royas y Kirkpatric
1864 Regent
1870 Regent (23.7-4.9)
She was regent during her husband, Emperor Napoleon III Bonarpates' warfares against Preussia. Her full name was Eugenia-Maria Ignacia Augustina de Guzman Lopez de Zuñiga Royas y Kirkpatric, 10th Condesa de Moya de Ardalesy de Osera, Condesa de Teba, Abitas, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Vizcondesa de la Calzada etc. Her sister, Doña Paca, was 9th Condesa de Montijo, 11th Condesa de Penarañda etc. They succeeded their father, Don Cipriano de Guzman Lopez de Zuñiga Royas y Leiva, in 1839. Their mother was the American Mary Kirkpatric. Empress Eugènies son died young  and her titles were inherited by her sister's children and the present holder of these and many other titles are the 18th Duquesa de Alba. Eugènies husband was President of France (1848-52) and Emperor (1852-70). She lived (1825-1920).

1946-54... Vice-President of the Council of State Senator Marcelle Devaud
The Council of state is an Advisory Body.


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