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The Federal Republic of Nigeria
(Female Sufrage 1954, in the North men only until 1977) The former British Colony became independent 1960 and a republic 1963

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1888-1902 Representative of the British and Judge Mary Slessor, Okoyongo District.
She was missionary with various people and tribes (1876-1915). She lived (1848-1915)

1960-63 Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Nigeria and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth (01.10-01-10)
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1952



The Iye Oba of Iyoba of Uselu (Queen Mother)

1507-? Iye Oba Idia of Uselu in Benin
She was appointed to the position by her son Oba Ensigie (1504-50), after she helped pressing the attacking Igala back across the Niger River. Since then the Queen Mother was one of Benin's most powerful women. As a senior town chief she was has a voice in palace affairs and rules her own court. Though she is forbidden to see her son once he is crowned king, the Queen Mother is expected to support him spiritually. She lived in her own palace outside the capital.  She did not appear in public and did not have an official role in the political system, but she was always "consulted" by important political decisions, and her vote was necessary in the political decision process. As widow of the former king and mother of the present, she was given semi-male status. She had a "wife" with the title of Amoda, she was surrounded by Amada, naked boys and has a whole court of officeholders. 

.......Complementary ministerial positions were held by women from the time of Tegbesu, it is said. This innovation reflects in part the importance of his own mother, Naye Wandjele. 

1692-?  Iye Oba of Uselu
She was mother of Oreoghenen, who ruled 1689-1700.

1703-? Iye Oba of Uselu
She was mother of king Ewuakpe of Benin (1700-12). His successor Ozuere only reigned for one year and did not appoint his mother Iyoba of Uselu since this traditionally happned after three years of reign by the king.

1715-? Iye Oba of Uselu
Mother of Akenzua I of Benin (1713-35)

1738-? Iye Oba Ede of Uselu
Mother of Eresonyen of Benin (1735-50)

1753-? Iye Oba Ohagha II of Uselu
Mother of Akengbua of Benin (1750-1804)

1807-? Iye Oba of Uselu
Mother of Obanosa of Benin(1804-16), his successor Ogbebo reigned for less than a year.

Circa 1816-? Iye Oba Omozogie of Uselu
Mother of Osemwede of Benin (1815-48). She is said to have been very wealthy and to have assisted her son's conquests of outlying areas. 

1851-? Iye Oba of Uselu
Mother of Adolo of Benin (1848-88)

1888-97-1914 Iye Oba Iha II of Uselu
Also known as Iheya, she was the Mother of Oba Ovonramwen Nogbaisi of Benin (1888-97-1914). There is evidence that she remained in Benin after her son was deposed by the British.

1917-? Iye Oba of Uselu
It seems that Eweka II of Benin (1917-33) did not have a Queen Mother. He was  succeded by Akenzua II in 1933. His mother had died in 1926 but he gave her a funeral befitting to the  Iyoba of Uselu.

1981-  Iye Oba Aghahowa N'Errua of Uselu
Also Priestess of Olokun. She was the first wife of Oba Akenzua II (1933-78). Breaking with tradition he did not put her aside after the birth of their first son - Oba Erediauwa  who has been king of Benin since 1979. She had more sons and daughters and as Eson - chief wife - she managed her husband's growing harem of wifes and children. In her capacity as Priestess of Olokun she is believed to wield considerable power gained in the spirit world. (b. 1907-)


1978-80 Regent Princess Teramade Adetule
After the death of her brother, Oba Fabunmi-Ogbegun IV (1938-78)


Around 1800 Queen  Ata Ebelejonu

The Kano Kingdom of Bornu (Kanem Bornu)

1563-70 Queen Mother Aisa Kili N’guirmamaramama
Daughter of Duama VI and succeded by Idris III Aluma Amsai (1571-1602/3)

Kingdom of Kanem (Situated in present day's central Sudan, Mali, Niger and Nigeria)

11th-13th century The Sister of the Mai (King) bore the title of Magira and had great power in the kingom. She was in charge of women's affairs in the palace and the nobility in general.


Circa 700 Magajiya Kurfuru (Kofana)
The first of 15 successive Queens

.... Shata

 Gino (Gufano)…. Yakunya (Yfakaniya)

.... Walzamu (Waizam)

…. Yanbam Gizirigzit (Gadar-Gadar)

…. Imagari (Anagiri)

.... Dura

.... Gamata

…. Shata

… Batatume

…. Sandamata

…. Jamata

…. Hamata

….. Zama

Circa 1000 Shawata
The last of 15 successive Queens


Okolo-Ama (A city-state known to the Europeans as Bonny)

Circa 17..... Amanyanabo Kambasa
The exact dates of the reigns of the first 8 rulers are not known. The first reign date is 1759.


Ca 1560-80 Ruler Orompoto The gender of this ruler is not clear. Might have been a woman


Before 1700 Queen Amanyanabo Kambasa

Warri / Itskiri

1848-51/3 and 1870/75 Queen Regnant Iye Idolorusan
Succeded her father. Died (1870/75)


Circa 1350 Queen Argoye

Zaria and Abuja

1536-39 Queen Bakwa Turunku Succeded grandfather king Nohir Tuknariki

Circa 1576-1610 Queen Amina Sarauniya Zazzua
1580-82 Queen of Kano
She lived (circa 1533-ca- 1610)

Other Chiefdoms

1983-2000 Regent Princess Abigail Adegoke of Ido Ekiti
Acting Village Chieftainess.

1995-circa 2000 Regent Princess Adeboyode Aladeyelu of the Igabara Odo-Ekiti
Acting Village Chieftainess. (B. 1970-)

1996-... Regent Princess Victoria Fasan of Agede Ogbese 
A suburb of Akure. 
1999-  Erelu Oba Princess (Chief)  Rafiat Abimbola Dosumu-Shitta of Lagos, Erelu Oba of Saki 

A member of the Dosumu royal family of Lagos and the Ado ruling house of Saki

She is the first Yeye Omobalufon of Lagos, the current Erelu Oba of Lagos and is also the first Erelu Oba of Saki land in Oyo State

She is Married with 5 children 

Circa 2000- Chief (Mrs.) Rita Lori-Ogbebor (in the Warri Kingdom)

2000-01 The Deji Princess Adeyinka Adesia of Akureland
She is the 44th regent of the State and 4th of her own dynasty, acting as regent during a vacancy at the throne. She lived in USA when her father died. (b. 1950-)

2000-.. Regent Princess Adenike Adebomi of Ise-Ekiti
Acting Village Chieftainess in the Ekiti State. (b. 1978-)

2000-... Regent Princess Arinade Olayisade of Ido Ekiti
Acting Village Chieftainess in the Ekiti State. (b. 1940-)

2000-... Regent Princess Adegolarin Adeyeye of Ire Ekiti
Acting Village Chieftainess in the Ekiti State.

2000-... Regent Princess Fehintola Omoleewo of Ayegabjau Ekiti
Acting Village Chieftainess in the Ekiti State.

2000-... Regent Princess Adetola Opeymi of Iyin Ekiti
Acting Village Chieftainess in the Ekiti State.

- 2006- Hereditary Regent Princess Folashade Idayat Illo of Ikejaland
A shopkeeper in the Ikeja district in central Lagos.


1948-66 Member of the Eastern House of Chiefs Chief Afiong Margaret Ekpo
A woman organizer, she was appointed to the House of Chiefs and elected to the House of Representatives in 1960-66. She lived (1914-2006).

1954 Member of the Eastern House of Chiefs Chief Janet Mokelu

1954 Member of the Western House of Chiefs Chief  Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti
Women's Activist. She lived (1900-78).



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