Pakistan Heads of State

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Pakistan Heads

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15?? Princess Regnant Nur Begum of Hunza
She ruled for 12 years

1866-79 Regent H.H. The Begum Sahiba of Bahawalpur
After  her husband, Nawab Amir Muhammad Bahawal Khan IV Abbasi Bahadur (1858-66) died from the effects of poison, she headed the Council of Regency for their son, H.H. Hafiz ul-Mulk, Rukn ud-Daula, Mukhlis ud-Daula, Nawab Amir Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV Abbasi Bahadur, Nusrat Jung, Nawab of Bahawalpur

2008-13 Second Deputy Head of State Speaker of the National Assembly Fahmida Mirza
2008 Interim Deputy Head of State (For the first time)
As National Assembly Speaker she is second in line to act as President ater the Chairman of the Senate, who became Interim President after the resignation of Pervez Musharraf on 18.08.08. Also known as Fehmida, she is a medical doctor, and has been MP for Pakistan People's Party since 1997. (b. 1956-).

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