Libya Heads

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Great Arab Socialist Peoples' Republic of Libya/Al-Jamahiryya Al-Arabyya Al-Libyya Al-Sabyya Al-Ishtirakyya Al-Uthma (Female Suffrage 1963) Occupied by Italy 1911-12 and remained under its sovereignty till 1929, was created as an independent Kingdom in 1951 and became a republic in 1969

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B.C. 526-515 Regent Queen Dowager Pheretime of Cyrene
She conducted the government-business from Bule while her son, Arkesilaos III (526-510), reconqured Cyrene. He was murdered and Egypt helped her takie revenge.

B.C. 258-246  Queen Regnant  Berenike of Pentapolis (Cyrene)
Daugther of King Magas B.C. 308-258, her husband, king Demetrios, reigned until 257 when he was murdered. She was murdered herself and lived (265-220).

253 Regent Dowager Queen Apama of Cyrene
She was deposed by dauger, Berenike, married to Ptolemęos III of Egypt and the two countries were united.

B.C. 34 Queen Regnant Cleopatra Selene of Cyrene and Libya
Daughter of Cleopatra VIII and Antonius, who appointed her as Queen. In 20 married to King Luba II of Mauretamia.

1016-22 Regent of Ifriqiya/Ifriqiyah (Libya, Tunesia and Eastern Algeria)
In the first year as regent for her nephew, Muizz ibn Badis Al-Muizz (1016-62) there was a bloody revolt in Ifriqiya in which the Fatimid residence Al-Mansuriya was completely destroyed and 20.000 Shiites were massacred. The unrest forced a ceasefire in the conflict with the Hammadids of Algeria, and their independence was finally recognised in 1018. She was deposed by Muizz. She was the daughter of al-Mansūr ibn Buluggin who ruled 984-995) and sister of Badis ibn Mansur who ruled in 995-1016.

Circa 1545-ca.1570/80 Sultan Hudah bint Sarmah al-Fasi of Fazzan
Grandchild of Muhamad al-Fasi


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