Swains Island

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Swains Island
1856 Semi-independent propriety of the American Jennings family Swain Island is a 3.25 square kilometer ring of land surrounding a brackish lagoon. Culturally and  geographically it belongs to the Tokelau Islands. 1909 Recognized by Britain as within the U.S. zone of influence, and in 1926 the Island was annexed by U.S. as part of American Samoa.   

1878-1891 Proprietor Malia
She took over after the death of her husband Eli Hutchinson Jennings (1814-56-78) in the name of her son, Eli Hutchinson Jennings Jr. (1863-1920). She (d. 1891)   

1920-21 Joint Proprietor Ann Eliza Carruthers-Jennings 
She was joint managing owner with her brother Alexander Hutchinson Jennings. She lived (1897-1921)



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