Women in power 2000-2017

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership


Female leaders
and women in other positions of political authority
of independent states and
self-governing understate entities

2000-12 President Tarja Halonen, Finland 
Member of Parliament 1979-2000, 1984-87 Chairperson of the Social Affairs Committee and Member of the Presidium of the Parliament,  1987-1990 Second Minister of Health and Social Affairs (Health Minister) and 1989-1991 Minister of Nordic Co-operation, 1989-91 Co-leader of Soumen Sosialidemokraattinen Pulolue, The Social Democrats. 1990-1991 Minister of Justice and 1995-2000 Minister of Foreign Affairs. In August 2000 she married her partner trough a decade, Pentti Arajärvi. They did not live together before they moved into the Presidential palace. Mother of one daughter. (b. 1943-)

2000 Capitano Reggente Maria Domenica Michelotti, San Marino 
Former lecturer at San Marino University and Member of the Consiglio Grande e Generale since 1998.  She is widow and her married name was Casadei Michelotti. Mother of two girls (b. 1952-).

Princess Madeleine of Sweden 2000- Assistant Deputy Head of State HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden
Also Duchess of Hälsingland och Gästrikland. She is the youngest child of  King Carl XVI Gustaf, and she acts as regent in the absence of her elder sister, Crown Princess Victoria, and brother, Prince Carl Philip (b. 1979)  She is born (b. 1982-).

Chieftainess Nosiseko Gayika Before 2000- Chieftainess Nosiseko Gayika of the Amambombo Tribe at Keiskammahoek in Eastern Cape (South Africa)
In 2000 elected to the Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders.

Before 2000- Senior Chieftainess Nopharkamisa Mditshwa of the Pondomise Tribe (South Africa)
Head of one of the Xhosa speaking tribes in Sout Africa.

Before 2000- Chieftainess Mwene (Queen) Kabulwebulwe of the Nkoya People of Mumbwa District and the surrounding areas (Zambia)
The Nkoya people are the first people to have settled in the area between 700 and 1400 AD. The Kabulwebulwe royal throne is part of the larger Nkoya Royal Establishment within the Nkoya State whose capital is based in present day Kaoma.

Before 2000- Senior Chieftainess Nawaitwika of Nakonde (Zambia)

The tribe lives in northeastern Zambia, near the border with Tanzania.

2000- Chieftainess Nio Sikori of the AmaRharbe Kingdom (Zambia)


2000- The Deji Princess Adeyinka Adesia of Akureland (Nigeria)
The 44th regent of the State and 4th of her own dynasty, assuming the regency during a vacancy at the throne. She lived in USA when her father died. (b. 1950-).

2000- Kgôsi Rebecca Banika of the Chobe District (Botswana)
Not a Paramount Chief but was apparently the first female ruler to be member of the House of Chiefs.

2000-03 Regent Princess Muriel Mosadi Seboko of the BaLete (Botswana)
2003- Paramount Chief, Kgosi
Supported by her mother and 6 sisters, she challenged the appointment of a male cousin as regent after the death of her only brother, Kgosi Seboko II. She was then reluctantly accepted as regent. The following year, she demanded to be appointed as the rightful chief. The royal uncles argued that she could not be a hereditary chief because custom dictated that only males could rule, but at at a historic kgotla meeting in Ramotswa in December 2001, attended by hundreds of BaLete and the royal family she argued that excluding her from the throne because she was a woman amounted to discrimination. She pointed out that she should be appointed not on the basis of tradition but on Botswana’s constitution, which she explained guarantees freedom from discrimination on the basis of gender, religion and so on, and she was then elected the first female Paramount Chief. She took up her official duties in the Ntlo-ya-Dikgosi where she was immediately appointed as leader of the house. Her coronation on 3 September 2003 attracted many people and the event was widely reported in the national and international media. The leopard skin was draped on her by her uncles Kgosi Tshukudu Mokgosi (chief of BaLete in South Africa) and Lucas Manyane Mangope (former President of the puppet apartheid state of Bophuthatswana in South Africa). (b. 1950-)

Before 2000- Chieftainess Mamatheola Matela of Ngoajani (Leshoto)
The chieftaincy is situated in the Leshoto Highlands.

Before 2000- Senior Chieftainess Mboanjikana (Leshoto)
Also holds the position of Barotse Royal Establishment Overseer.

2000- Hereditary Paramount Chief Cacike Carmen Yuisa Baguanamey Colon Delgado of the Taino Turabo Aymaco Tribe (Puerto Rico)
2000- Vice-Sovereign Chief of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Amerindian Tribal Nations
The Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Amerindian Tribal Nations covers all of the American Continent. She had been named chief (Cacike) by the tribal elders.

2000- The Potikitua Taunga Enua Pi Potikitaua, The Cook Islands
(Free Association with New Zealand)

Invested with the chiefly title after the death of Teariki Akamoeau Nooroa Manarangi, but later the same year Anua Rimatini Manarangi was also invested with the title.

Around 2000- Manarangi Tutai Ariki, Manarangi Ariki in Aitutaki, Cook Islands (Free Association with New Zealand)

Also known as Queen Manarangi, 'Queenie' or just Tutai is , one of Aitutaki's three ariki (high chiefs) where she and her husband, Den Clarke, runs a guesthouse. She succeeded her cousin, who immigrated to New Zealand with her father as kopu ariki and representative of the Chieftaincy. (b. 1946-)

2001-10 Executive President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, The Philippines (20.1-)
As executive GMA is also Head of the Cabinet. 1987-1989 she was Assistant Secretary and 1989-92 Undersecretary of Trade and Industry and Senator 1992-98. Vice-President 1998-2001 and Secretary of Social Development and Welfare 1998-2000 and charged with the leadership of the Cabinet Meetings. In 2001 the parliament sacked President Estrada because of corruption and she was sworn in as his successor as Head of State and Government. In 2002 and 2003 Secretary of Foreign Affaris, 2003, and 2006-07 of Defence. In 2011 she was arrested on charges for electoral fraud. (b. 1947-).

2001-04 Executive President Megawati Sukarnoputri, Indonesia 
When Megawati  Setyawati Soekarnoputri became leader of the Democratic Party in 1993, she triggered the opposition against President Quarto. In 1999 her party won the most seats in the Parliament, but Abdulrahman Wahid was elected President. This caused serious riots all over the country and she was elected Vice-President the following day. In August 2000 the ailing President Wahid charged her with the running of the daily business of the government and state and she chaired the cabinet meetings. At the 23rd of July he was ousted and she inaugurated as Head of State and Government. Ibu Mega, as she is known, is daughter of Indonesia's founding father Sukarno, is married for the 3rd time and mother of 3 children. (b. 1946-)

2001-06 Governor General Dame Silvia Cartwright, New Zealand

1n 1989 she became the first female Chief Justice of a District Court and in 1993 the first woman in the Supreme Court and after a distinguished career as a lawyer and jurist, and as an advocate for women and women's rights, she became the official representative of the Queen of New Zealand, Queen Elizabeth.  She was also Commander-in-Chief and President of the Executive Council. From 2006 one of two international judges on Trial Chamber of the Cambodian War Crimes Tribunal. (b. 1943-).

2001-05 Governor General Dr. Dame Ivy Leona Dumont, The Commonwealth of the Bahamas

Deputy Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Works and Utilities 1975-78, worked in the private sector before becoming Secretary General of The National Movement Party 1990-92. She was Leader of the Government in the Senate 1990-2001, Minister of Social Affairs, Environment and Health 1992-95 and Minister of Education 1995-2001. She had officially retired when appointed acting G-G. in November 2001 and officially sworn in as representative of the Queen of Bahamas, Queen Elizabeth, at 01.01.02. (b. 1930-).

2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016 Administrator of the Government, Acting Governor General Dame Sian Seerpoohi Elias, New Zealand
As Chief Justice of New Zealand since 1999, she is the first deputy of the Governor General and acts in her place when she is abroad or otherwise incapacitated. Her official title when she acts as Governor General is Administrator of the Government. (b. 1949-).

2001-02 Premier Minister Mame Madior Boye, Sénégal

Before taking over as Chief of the Government, she was Assistant to the Attorney General of the Republic, judge and first vice President of the Regional High Court in Dakar and former President of the Court of Appeal in Dakar. Councillor to the Supreme Court of Appeal and Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals in 2000-2001. In 2002 she took over as Minister of Defence after the former incumbent resigned after almost 1.000 persons died in a ferry-disaster. (b.1940-).

2001- Temporary Regent HM Queen Karabo Mohato Bereng Seeiso of Lesotho

At 16 January 2001 she was sworn in for the first time as regent by the chief justice about a year after she married King Letsie III, and has acted regent and Deputy Head of State on various occasions since then. She continues her biology-studies by correspondence. (b. 1976-).

Sila Maria Calderón Serra 2001-05 Governor Sila Maria Calderón Serra, Estado
Libre Asociado de  Puerto Rico (USA)
As Secretary of State 1988-90 she was leader of the Government Administration, in charge of the Foreign Politics and Deputy to the Governor. She was Chief of Staff of the Governor 1985, 1986-90 Secretary of Interior and 1996-2001 Mayor of San Juan (The Capital)  From 1999 President of Partido Popular Democrático. She did not seek re-election. (b. 1942-).

Birgit Kleis 2001-05 High Commissioner Birgit Kleis, The Faeroe Islands (Danish External Territory)
Before becoming Ríkisumboðsmann or Rigsombudsmand in the Føroyar or Færøerne, she was Assistant Secretary in the Danish Ministry of Justice. She had worked as Secretary in the Riksombud in the Faeroes 1986-88 (b. 1956-).

  Until 2001 Ratu Titaley of Saparua (Indonesia)
Succeeded her father, J. Titaley as ruler of the small principality, and drowned in a boating accident

2001- Paramount Chief, Kgosi Mosadi Seboko a Mokgôsi of the Balete (Botswana)
On the 3rd of December 2001 She was elected to succeed her brother Seboko II Mokgôsi (1959-2001) She was chosen in a well attended meeting, traditionally called kgotla. against the wishes of her paternal uncles who wanted to uphold the tradition of male succession. She became Chairperson of the House of Chiefs before her formal installation as Chief of the Bagamalete in 2003. (b. 1950-).

Regent of Bima 2001- Regent Princess Siti Hajjah Maryam Salahuddin of Bima (Indonesia)
Also known as Puteri Sultan, she is charge of the regency awaiting the instillation of her her nephew Prince Amakau Feri Zulkarnain Ibnu Putra Haji Abdul Khair, as sultan. He is the Vice-President of the local government of Bima. She was MP 1987-1997, and former Assistant to the Governement of Nusa Tenggara Barat and civil servant. Hajji Rahmat, a descendant of the Susuhunans of Surakarta. (b. 1927-).

2001- Chief Darlene Bernard, Lennox Island (Canada)
Head of the Nova Scotia Confederacy of First Nations.

2002-04 Acting President Natasa Micic, Serbia 
As President of the Assembly 2001-04 she became Acting President on 30th of December 2002 after the attempt to elect a President failed twice. She continued her duties as Chairperson of the Parliament. (b.1965-).

2002 Acting President Dr. Linda Baboolal, Trinidad and Tobago
Chairperson of Peoples National Movement 1996-2002. Minister of Social Welfare and Consumer's Affairs 1991-95 and Minister of Health 1995. Only a couple of days after her election as Senate President, she became Acting President of the Republic during the travels abroad of President Robinson and his periods of illness in April, July and October.

2002 Acting Governor General Monica Dacon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (May-September)
The Deputy Governor General since 2001, she acted during the illness of the Governor General Sir Charles Antrobus (1933-96-2002), and after his death until a successor was appointed.Acting Governor General on numerous occations. (b. 1934-).

2002 Acting Prime Minister Chang Sang, South Korea (11.07-31.07)
Appointed Acting Prime Minister upon her designation which was vetoed by the parliament at the 30.7 and about one month later the parliament also rejected President Kim Dae Jung's nominee as her successor. She  holds a doctorate in philosophy from Princeton Theological College in the United States. She was President of Ewha Women's University from 1996. (b. 1939-).

2002-03 and 2003-04 Prime Minister Maria das Neves Ceita Batista de Sousa, Republic of São Tomé e Príncipé
Maria das Neves worked as a civil servant in the Ministry of Finance and in the African Development Bank. 1999-2001 Minister of Economics, Agriculture, Fisheries, Commerce and Tourism, 2001-02 Minister of Finance and 2002 Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. On 16th of July 2003 she was detained during a military coup and suffered a mild hart attack. on the 23rd the government was reinstated, and she again became Chief of the Government. The following year she was dismissed after alegations of curruption. (b. 1958-).

2002- Assistant Chief Neima Kimojino of the Embulul Sub-Location, Ngong Division of the Kajiado District (Kenya)
First female chief of the Massai Tribe. (b. 1959-). 


Until 2002 Paramount Chief Madam Veronica Ndawama of Valunia  (Sierra Leone)
The chiefdom was a cite of great violence during the war. A major RUF base was there, and she fled the chiefdom in 1993. She returned to die in 2002.



2002- Paramount Chief Haja Mariam Gassama Kanja of Gorama Mende (Sierra Leone)

Traces her lineage to the second chief of the area, Kanja, who succeeded his brother Gombu Kpai, and was the first chief to be recognised by the British


2002- Paramount Chief Haja Fatmata Bintu Koroma Meama-Kajue Kaine of Dasse (Sierra Leone)

Her family has ruled the area from the early 1800's.

  2002- Taoanga Anga Mattaiapo Putaiariki Terii Nellie Pukeiti née Williams, High Chiefess in Anga Mataiapo, Cook Islands (Free Association with New Zealand)
One of the many female chiefs in the country.

2002- Chief of the Dynasty Andi Cuma Tanri of Batulapa (Indonesia)
After the death of her brother, Andi Mangga Tanri (1924-45-2002), she was named the semi-official head official dyanstic organisation with the ami to bring back the dynasty in the society and to preserve its history.


2003-04 and 2014 Capitano Reggente Valeria Ciavatta, San Marino

Member of the Grand and General Council for the Alianza Populare since 1993 and Chairperson of the Council Group 2002-05, Party President 2006, Minister of Minister of Internal Affairs and Civil Protection and Accomplishment of the Programme 2006-08. As Captain Regent, she was joint head of a state with a man, and also President of the Parliament and Head of Government. Mother of twins. (b. 1959-).


2003-04 Acting Executive President Nino Burjanadze, Georgia
2007-08 Acting Executive President President

As Chairperson of the Parliament 2001-08 she took over after former President Eduard Shevardnadze was forced to resign as result of a "velvet revolution" after he rigged the parliamentary elections and in 2007 she aced as President again as the incumbent, Mikheil Saakashvili, resigned to run in the January 200. President of Burjanadze-Democrats 2003-08 and of Democratic Movement - United Georgia since 2008 and Presidential Candidate in 2013. Her full name is Nino Anzoris asuli Burjanadze, and her surname is also transcribed as Burdzhanadze. Mother of two children. (b. 1964-).

 Anneli Jäätteenmäki

2003 Prime Minister Anneli Jäätteenmäki, Finland

1991-94 and 1999-2000 Deputy Parliamentary Leader and since 2000 leader of Suomen Keskusta/Centern i Finland, 1994-95 Minister of Justice. In 2003 Speaker of the Parliament and Government Formateur and Premier from April to June until she was forced to resign after she was accused of having used confidential material to aid her election campaign, but was later cleared in court. (b. 1955-).

2003 President of the Council of Ministers Dr. Beatriz Merino Lucero, Peru
Senator 1990-92, Member of the Congress 1995-2000, Vice-Presidential Candidate 2000 and Superintendent of the National Tax Administration before becoming a very popular Premier until she was sacked by the extremely unpopular President. (b. 1949-).

Barbara K. Bodine 2003 Interim Transitional Civil Sub-administrator Barbara K. Bodine, The Central Region and Baghdad in Iraq (21.04.-11.05.03)
During the Iran-Iraq War in the early 1980s she was the deputy principal officer in Baghdad. Prior to the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, she was Deputy Chief of Mission in Kuwait and endured a 137-day siege by Iraqi troops of the U.S. Embassy. During her tenure as Ambassador to Yemen 1997-2001 the destroyer Cole was bombed and in 2001, she survived an airplane hijacking. (b. 1948-).

Sandra Rose Te Hakamatua Lee 2003-05 High Commissioner Sandra Rose Te Hakamatua Lee-Vercoe, Niue (Free Association with New Zealand)
Sandra Lee is active in Poutin Ngai Tahu tribal affairs, 1989 Council Chairperson of Waiheke County Council, 1991 President of the Mana Motuhake Party and 1994-2001 its leader. Co-Deputy Leader 1991-94, Leader 1994-95 and Deputy leader of the Alliance 1996-2001. 1999-2002 Minister of Conservation and Minister of Local Government, Associate Minister of Maori Affairs and Associate  Minister for the Biodiversity Strategy before becoming Representative of the New Zealand Government in Niue. (b. 1952-). 

2003-04 Minister-President Mirna Louisa-Godett, Nederlandse Antillen (External Territory of The Netherlands)
Sister of the Leader of Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 di Mei (FOL) Anthony Godett, who could not become Premier because he was charged with and later convicted for corruption and fraud. Married to a member of the Legislature for FOL, Johnny Louisa. She became head of a coalition government, which did not last long. (b. 1954-).

2003-04 Magistrate Vicky Auld, South Georgia (British Artic Territory)
As Commander of the British Antarctic Survey Base at King Edward Point, she was the senior most British official actually present at the Island. Afterwards she became Base Commander at Bird Island.

Makobo Caroline Modjadji VI 2003-05 Rain Queen Makobo Modjadji VI of Balobedu (South Afcica)
Elected to succeed her grandmother because her mother, Princess Makhaele' Maria Modjadji, died two days later than her mother, Rain Queen Mokope Modjadji V (1937-81-2001). Like her predecessors, she had the ability to control the clouds and rivers. Although respected for her abilities and lineage, she was seen as too modern to be the next Rain Queen, which may have been why there was such a long delay before she was crowned. Custom dictated that rain queens live reclusive lives, hidden in the royal kraal with their 'wives', but she insisted to live a modern life and her partner, David Mohale, lived with her in the pink palace, and she acknowledged him as father of her daughter, Princess Masalanabo, who is likely to become Queen at the age of 18 in 2022. Modjadj IV's brother is now regent and some wants his daughter by his cousin to be placed on the throne but he is in favour of his niece. Makobo Constance Modjadji VI lived (1978-2005).

2003- Datu Andi Lu of Luwu (Indonesia)
A grand-daughter of Datu Andi Jemma Barue, she was placed on the throne by a relative, who became mayor of the royal town of Palopo that year.

2003- Paramount Chief Janet Elizabeth Boi Tiffa of Kwamabai Krim and Yawei (Sierra Leone)


2003- Paramount Chief Haja Miatta Sogual Koroma of Kpeje West  (Sierra Leone)

Defeated Madam Kadie Malikie Koroma in the chiefly elections.

2003- Paramount Chief Madam Haja Miatta Songua Kromoa of Pejeh (Futa Pejeh) (Sierra Leone)

Her family traces its lineage back to Maada Malikie Koroma, one of the first warriors from Komo. His brother Kaaleh Gbao was the first to be recognised as chief by the British, and Maaada succeeded him.

Gulnora Karimova 2003- Politically Influential Gulnora Islamovna Karimova in Uzbekistan
Also known as Gulnara Karimova, she is daughter of President Isam Karimov and Leader of a business empire and considered to be very influential in the country and a possible successor of her father. She has got two children First married Uzbek-American businessman, Mansur Maqsudi and from 2003 to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sadyq Safoev (b. 1972-).

2004 Acting Joint Head of State Barbara Prammer, Austria (06.07-08.07)

As Vice-President of the National Assembly she became Joint Acting Head of State together with the two other members of the Presidium, when the outgoing President died two days before his successor was to take office in July. She was also Federal Minister and leading member of the Social Democrats of Austria, SPÖ. President of the Nationalrat from 2006 until her death. She lived (1954-2014).

2004-10 Prime Minister Dr. Luísa Días Diogo, Moçambique  
Head of Department in the Ministry of Finance 1986-89, National Budget Director 1982-89 in Ministry of Planning and Finance, worked in World Bank 1993-94. worked in World Bank 1993-94. 1994-2000 Vice-Minister and Minister of Planning and Finance 2000-05. Mother of three children. (b. 1958-).

2004 Acting President of the Government Radmila Sekerinska, Macedonia (May-June) and (November-December)
As Vice-President of the Government and Minister without Portfolio for Euro-Atlantic Integration, she acted as Head of Government in the period from the former Prime Minister Crvenkovski's Presidential inauguration until election of Kostov as new Prime Minister. She already presided over government sessions and signed documents since Crvenkovski became candidate for President, as he 'renounced' his premiership during the Presidential campaign, but he never officially stepped down. Acting again in November after her predecessor resigned, but lost the party internal election for the post of Prime Minister and Leader of the Social Democratic Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM). (b. 1972).(b. 1972).

2004- President of the General Council Nassimah Magnolia Dindar, Réunion (French Oversea's Territory)
Vice-President of the Regional Council 2001-04 before becoming Chief of the Government and Parliament. (b. 1960-).

2004-07 President of the Government Marie-Noëlle Thémereau, Nouvelle Caledonie  (French Oversea's Territory)
Both Head of the Government and Parliament of the Territory. SHe was member of the Congrès of Nouvelle-Calédonie and to the Assembly of Province Sud 1989-2001 and again from 2004, 2. Vice-President of de la Province Sud 1990-99 and 1. Vice-President of the Congrès de 1999-2001. (b. 1950-).

2004 Mayor and Chief Executive Brenda Christian, Pitcairn Island (United Kingdom Territory)
Brenda Vera Amelia Lupton-Christian was Member of the Island Council 2000-05, and became Acting Mayor and Chief Executive Officer, after the former mayor was one of the many male islanders convicted of rapes and other sexual abuse of children, but one month later, she was defeated by Jay Warren, the only of the defendants to be acquitted of the charges. From 2001 she was Police Officer. (b. 1954-).

2004-07 Governor Deborah Barnes Jones, Montserrat
(British External Territory)

Only the second female Governor in the history of the British Commonwealth, she was Ambassador to Georgia 2001-03. Deborah Elizabeth Vavasseur Barnes Jones has been working in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office since 1980 and among others been 1. Secretary in Israel and Vice-Ambassador in Ecuador. In 1991 she became mother of twin daughters. (b. 1956-).

Alison Dean 2004-06 Magistrate Alison Dean  (British Artic Territory)
The most senior British acctually residing at the island, as the Commissioner and Assistant Commisioner reside at the Falkland Islands.

2004-12 Ro Teimumu Vuikaba Kepa, the Rewa High chief and Marama Bale na roko Tui Dreketi (Fiji)
Succeeded her sister Adi Lala to the chiefly title of Rewa High chief and Marama Bale na roko Tui Dreketi. She was Interim Minister of Women, Culture and Social Welfare 2000-01 and has been Minister of Education since 2001. And Chairperson of the Rewa Provincial Council from 2005. She is widow of Saolosi Wai Kepa (1938-2004) a former Minister, Ambassador to UK, High  Judge and Ombudsmand, and she is mother of 4 children.

Nana Ekua Bri II (Anna Ekua Saakwa) 2004- Chieftainess Nana Ekua Bri II of Apraponso (Ghana)
Also known as Anna Ekua Saakwa she is head of the  1.500 inhabitants of the village of Apraponso and of the surrounding villages  in the Mpohor-Wassa Traditional Area of the Western Region as a subordonate of the local king. During the inauguration ceremony she swore the customary oath to the chiefs and people at the Apraponso Royal Ground, holding the state sword in her right hand, espoused the greatness, achievements and conquests of her ancestors and pledge to blaze their trail. She is a Social Democrat member of the City Council of Copenhagen and continues to live in Denmark. (b. 1958-).

2004- Regent Kgosigadi Kealetile Moremi of the BaTawana (Botswana)
Her brother, Paramount Chief, Kgosi Tawana II, resigned toParamount Chief, Kgosi Tawana II, to stand as a BDP candidate for Maun West, and when the party rejected his candidature, he instead went into private business. Initially her uncle served as regent, but she was appointed as his successor after some initial opposition, and will be in office until Tawana's son reaches the age of majoirty. In May 2004 she was welcomed in the House of Chiefs at a ceremony attended by her mother, Princess Derby Moremi and other royals amidst ululation and dancing.

Circa 2004- Titular Reigning Princess Georgette Kamamy  of Menabe (Madagascar)

The head of the local tribe and presides over the traditional ceremonies

Until 2004 Kainuku Mata Tekura Tau ka Pa Nia Ariki, Pa Ariki of the Takitumu Tribe (Free Association with New Zealand)
She died in New Zealand and two years later her daughter, Kainuku Kapiriterangi Ariki, was invested with the Pa Nia Ariki-title.

2004- Chairperson of the Tribal Council Herminia Frias of  the Pascua Yaqui in Arizona (USA)
The first woman, who is also the youngest ever to lead the 14.000 member tribe. She is from the Yaqui community of Old Pascua. Catalina Alvarez was elected Secretary of the 11 member Council. Hermnia is (b. 1973-).


2004 Designate President of the Confederation Ruth Metzler-Arnold, Switzerland

1996-99 Sächelmeisterin, Councillor of Staatsrätin and Director of Finance of the Kanton Appenzell-Innerhoden, Vice-President of the Government in 1998-99 and 1999-2003 Federal Councillor of Justice and Police before becoming Deputy Head of State in 2003. She was the first Councillor of State not to be reelected for 131 years, and would have been Federal President for the year 2004 had she remained in office. When the elderly man from her own party who defeated her, resigned in 2006, the party only nominated a woman to succeed him, and she was subsequently elected. (b. 1964-).

Sonia Gandhi 2004 Prime Minister-Designate Sonia Gandhi, India (15-19.05.04)
As President of Congress (I) since 1998, she was charged with forming a government in 1998, but failed. After the elections that followed, she became Parliamentary Leader of the whole Parliamentary Party in the Lokh Sabha and Leader of the Opposition. In 2004 her party won the elections she named Prime Minister-Designate, charged with forming a new government but decided not to assume the office. Instead she became Head of the National Advisory Council monitoring the implementation of the ruling coalition’s programme, and in many ways acts as "Shadow Prime Minister"She is the widow of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was killed in 1989. Born as Sonia Maino in Italy (b. 1945-).

2005 Capitano Reggente Fausta Simona Morganti, San Marino  

In 1974 she was one of the first three women elected to the Consiglio Grande e Generale. 1978-83 and 1988-92 Minister of State of Culture, Education and Justice, In the late 1990s Leader in Partito Progressista Democartico Sammarinese and Chief of the Parliamentary Group from around 1997 to 2002 and then again later in 2002 and Secretary of State of Public Education, Universities, Cultural Institutions and Social Affairs in 2002. (b. 1944-).

2005-10 Governor-General Rt. Hon Michaëlle Jean, Canada

Daughter of Haitian immigrants who fled the Duvalier regime in 1968, former university literature professor, social activist and veteran CBC broadcaster from Quebec. Married to French-born Jean-Daniel Lafond, and mother of  Marie-Eden (b. 1999). She is (b. 1957-).

2005 Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko, Ukraine
2006 Designate Prime Minister (22.06-08.07.06)
2007-10 Prime Minister

Her name is also transcribed as Yulia Voldyrovna Timoshenkno. She is former Co-Leader of the Hromda party, Director of United Energy System 1998-2000, In 2001 she was charged with corruption but later acquitted. Leader of the Fatherland's Party 2000/01-05 and of the Bloc Tymoshenko from 2005. In June 2006 a Coalition deal was signed designating her as Prime Minister, but one of the parties broke out. Narrowly defeated in the 2010-presidential elections and afterwards her coalition in parliament broke up and she was defeated by a motion of no confidence. The following year she was sentenced to seven years in prison in what is widely seen as a political trial, but fried after the uprising in February 2014. (b. 1961-).

2005-07 Prime Minister Maria do Carmo Trovoada Pires de Carvalho Silveira, São Tomé e Princípe

Normally known as Maria do Carmo Silveira, she was governor of the National Bank 2002-05 and member of the Political Bureau of  the Movement for the Liberation of Sao Tomé-Social Democratic Party, MLSTP-PSD. Also Minister of Finance from 2005. (b. 1961-).

2005- Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, Germany

1990 Deputy Spokesperson of the Government of the DDR, 1990-98 Deputy Chairperson of CDU, 1991-94 Federal Minister Women and Youth and 1994-98 Federal Minister of Environment, Protection of Nature and Reactor Safety, 1993-2000 Chairperson of CDU in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,  1998-2000 Federal Secretary General and since 2000 Federal Chairperson of CDU and 2002-05 also Parliamentary Leader. Bundeskanzlerin in a Grand Coalition between CDU/CSU and SPD. Née Kasner and married secondly to Joachim Sauer, no children. (b. 1954-).

2005 Acting Prime Minister The Hon. Cynthia A. Pratt, Bahamas (03.05-22.06)

Became Acting Chief of Government when the incumbent suffered a minor stroke, but has acted on a number of occasions before, when he was abroad. She is also known as "Mother" Pratt. As Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Security 2002-07 she was in charge of the Defence Force and Police. She was Opposition Whip Circa 1992-2000 and from circa 2000 Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Leader of the Progressive Liberal Democratic Part. A former nurse, she is mother of 6 children (b. 1945-).

2005-08 High Commissioner Anne Boquet, French Polynesia (French External Territory)
1989-90 Sous-Prefet of Loir-et-Cher, 1993-96 Secretary General of Polynésie Française (Deputy High Commissioner), 1996-2000 Sous-prefect of Oise and 2000-02 Prefect of Indre. Also civil servant in various ministries, latest as Director in the Ministry of Overseas Affairs. Also civil servant in various ministries, latest as Director in the Ministry of Overseas Affairs, Prefect of Yvelines near Paris from 2008.(b. 1952-).

2005 Secretary of State Hon. Marisara Pont Marchese, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Association with United States of America)
A lecturer at Puerto Rico's University she was President of the Commission of Transission 2004-05. As Secretary of State she is deputy to the governor.

2005-06 Chief Secretary Mahala Wynns, Turk and Caicos Islands (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
2006- Deputy Governor

2005 and 2008 Acting Governor
Acting as chief executive of the island during two periods until a new governor was inagurated after his predecessor left. As Chief Secretary she was member of the Executive Committee and from 2009 she is member of the Advisory Council - the Executive that took charge after the British authorities supended the constution and the Governor took over the executive powers after a report showed widespread corruption.

2005-07 President of the Sameting/Sámediggi Aili Keskitalo in Norway

Leader of Norske Samers Riksforbund since 2003. As President she is both Head of the Parliament and the Executive of the Sami Entity in Norway. The Parliament has got 51% female members. She is mother of two children. (b. 1968-).

2005- Mwadinomho Martha Kristian Nelumbu of Oukwanyama (Nambia)

The surname of Ohamba or Her Highness Queen Martha is also spelled Nelumbo. She succeeded her cousin, Shelongo, as chief of the tribe thereby becoming the second female leader of the tribe after Ohamba Nekoto, who ruled parts of the territory circa 1891-1908. (b. 1930-).

2005- Paramount Chief Madam M.F. Gberi IV of Kpanda Kemo (Sierra Leone)
Her family follows the lineage of Kipisawy, the farmer who was recognised as the first chief of Kemo

Until 2005 Terei Mataiapo and Maui Mataiapo Paiau Terei, High Chiefess in Takitumu, Cook Islands (Free Association with New Zealand)
Succeeded her aunt, and after her death, the 2 titles were devided among her sons Iaveta Short and Tuingariki Short.

2005- Adi Laite Kotomaiwasa, Marama Tui Ba of the Vanua Nawaiviluri (Fiji)

Identified, in late 2004, as the successor to the title, and was installed in April 2005. She is the only surviving sister of Tui Ba Adi Seinimili Cagilaba (the late Marama Na Tui Ba), who died in January 2004. Vanua means "region".

Before 2005- Adi Joana Rokomatu, Tui Sigatoka (Fiji)

Has worked closely with the Sigatoka Town Council to promote development projects, as well as efforts to beautify the town. She also hosts the Nadroga rugby team, providing them with meals. She arranges church services for the rugby team on Friday nights whenever they are in town.

2006- Executive President Dr. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberia  
1972-73 and 1977-79 Secretary of State of Finance, 1979-80 Minister of Finance, 1980 President of the National Bank, 1980-85 worked for the World Bank, 1985-86 in house arrest after her return, 1990-92 Leading member of exile-government of Amos Sawyer in United States of America, 1992-97 African Director of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program). From 1997 Leader of the Unity Party. Presidential Candidate in 1997, Candidate for the Chairmanship of the National Transitional Government in 2003 and finally won the presidential elections in november 2005. She is divorced, mother of a number of children, and grandmother. (b. 1938-).

2006-10 President Dr. Michelle Bachelet Jeria, Chile
2000-02 Minister of Health, 2002-04 Minister of Defence. Her father, a general, was killed by the Pinochet dictatorship. Her boyfriend was also detained, tortured and disappeared. She and her mother were also detained and tortured and afterwards lived in exile in Australia and East Germany. She returned to Chile in 1979 and worked for various NGOs helping children of the tortured and disappeared. She had two children with her first husband and a daughter with her former partner. (b. 1952-).

2006-10 Minister-President Emily Saïdy de Jongh-Elhage, Nederlandse Antillen (Selfgoverning Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Commissioner of Public works and Public Housing of Curaçao 1998-99, Commissioner of Education, Sport and Cultural Affairs 1999-2002, Minister of Education and Culture of the Nederlandse Antillen 2002-03 and Commissioner of Public Enterprises and Public Housing 2004-05 of Curaçao. From 2005 Leader of De Partido Antia Restrukturá (PAR). As Premier she was also Minister of General Affairs and External Relations. (b. 1946-).

2006-07 and 2012-16 Prime Minister The Most Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller, Jamaica
Since 1976 MP, 1976-82 Parliamentary Secretary of the Prime Minister, Deputy President of People's National Party 1978-2006 and President from 2006. Minister of Labour, Social Welfare and Sports 1989-2000, Candidate for the party leadership and Premiership in 1992, Minister of Tourism, Entertainment, Sports and Women’s Affairs 2000-02 and Minister of Local Government, Community Development and Sport 2002-06. Acting Prime Minister on various occasions whenever the chief of government was out of the country.  2006-2007 and from 2012 also Minister of Defence and a number of other portfolios, and Opposition Leader 2007-11 (b. 1946-).

2006-07 Prime Minister Dr. Han Myung-sook, South Korea

During the years of the military dictatorship, she started her career as a social activist in the South Korea Christian Academy and was a political prisoner 1979-81. Master in Christian Theology and Women's Studies and B.A. in French. MP from 2000. Minister of Gender Equality 2001-03 and Minister of Environment 2003-04 She resigned to run as candidate in the Uri-party internal primaries but soon after the party merged with other parties into the United New Democratic Party and Chairperson of the Supreme Council of the Democratic United Party from 2012. (1944-).

2006 Acting Governor Dancia Penn, British Virgin Islands (External Territory of United Kingdom and Great Britain)
The Deputy Governor since 2004, she has acted as governor on different occations, but in 2006 she was in charge in the interim between two governors from 10. to 18. April. She was Attorney-General and ex-officio member of the Legislative Council 1992-99 and elected to the renamed the House of Assembly in 2007 when she also became Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Welfare. (b. 1951-).

2006 Acting Governor Harriet Hall, The Falkland Islands and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands  (05.08-25.08) (United Kingdom External Territory)
2007-09 Chief Executive of the Territory of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
The Deputy Governor of First Secretary and Assistant Commissioner to South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and  Director of Fisheries 2003-07, she acted during the interregnum between two Governors, and later took over the administration of  South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands in the southern Atlantic Ocean, which are both uninhabited.

2006-08 Administrator Jane Rumble, British Antarctic Territory (UK External Territory)
2008-  Deputy Commissioner of the British Antarctic Territory, the British Indian Ocean Territory, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
As Head of the Polar Regions Unit in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office she was non-resident Administrator of the British part of the Antartic, and afterwards became Deputy to the High Commissioner of the merged administration of the territories.

2006-10 Intendent Eugenia Mancilla, Antártica Chilena (Chile External Territory)
In charge of the 12th region which coveres both  Magallanes and la Antártica Chilena.

Until 2006 Paramount Chief Madam Bendu Brima Sowa of Sowa (Sierra Leone)

Fled the chieftaincy in 1998, during the war, and chose to stay in Freetown due to her age. (d. 2006).

2006- Adi Salaseini Tuilomaloma Ritova Qomate, Tui Labasa (Fiji)
Declared as successor of her brother, who died in 2002, by the Native Lands Commission. (b. 1930-).

2006- Kainuku Kapiriterangi Ariki, Pa Ariki of the Takitumu Tribe in Rarotonga, Cook Islands (Free Association with New Zealand)
Her title is possibly Pa Nia Ariki, She is one of the two chief of the Tribe (Vaka) of Takitumu in Rarotonga. When her mother, Kainuku Mata Tekura Tau ka Pa Nia Ariki died in 2004, the title was disputed by a distant relative, but the Courts have settled the title with her.

2006 "President" Georgette Bertin-Pourchet, Saugeais [France]
Twelve communes in Franche-Comté in the modern department of Doubs declared themselves an independent republic in 1947. Her father, Georges Pouchet, was President in 1947-68 and her mother, Gabrielle Pourchet, was in office (1972-2005). In 1999 her mother called for the election of 30 Presidential Electors to choose her successor in due course, and Georgette was elected in January 2006. (b. 1934-).

2007 and 2011 President of the Confederation Micheline Calmy-Rey, Switzerland
Former President of the Socialist Party of Génève, she was President of the Grand Conseil of Génève 1993, Councillor of Finance 1997-2002, Vice-President of the Cantonal Government 2000-01 and President of the Cantonal Government 2001-02. Federal Foreign Minister since 2003 and Vice-President in 2006 and 2010. (b. 1945-).

2007 Acting President Dalia Itzik, Israel

Former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem in charge of Education, Labour Member of the Knesset 1992-2005, Minister of Environment 1999-2001, Minister of Trade and Industry 2001-02, Group Chairperson of Labour 2003-05 and Minister of Communication in 2005. She joined Kadima, a new party formed by Ariel Sharon in 2006 and Speaker of the Knesset 2006-09. She became Acting Head of State when President Moshe Katsaw on his own request was temporary suspended after the Attorney General announced that he would charge the president with offences including rape, obstruction of justice and fraud, on 1. July he resigned and she continued in her role until his successor took office. Chairperson of the Kadima Group in the Knesset 2009-13. (b. 1952-).

2007-12 President Pratibha Patil, India
Deputy Minister 1967-72 and Cabinet Minister 1972-83 and Congress Leader and Leader of the Opposition 1979-80 in Maharastra, Deputy Chairperson of the Union Upper House, the Rajya Sabha 1986-88, Governor of Rajasthan 2004-07. (b. 1934-).

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner 2007-15 Executive President Cristina E. Fernández Wilhelm de Kirchner, Argentina
Member of the Assembly of Santa Cruz 1989-95 and 1. Vice-President of the Assembly in 1990, National Senator 1995-97 and 2001-2007, National Deputy 1997-2001. Her late husband Néstor Carlos Kirchner (1950-2010) was President of Argentina 2003-07 and held a number of other posts. Mother of 2 children. (b. 1953-).

2007-14 Governor-General Dame Louise Lake-Tack, Antigua and Barbuda

A former nurse and magistrate from 1995, who lived in United Kingdom for about 40 years before moving back. (b. 1944-).

Borjana Kristo

2007-11 President Borjana Kristo, Federation of Bosnia (Bosnia-Hercegovina)

2003-07 Minister of Justice of the Bosniak-Croat Federation an entity in The Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The former Vice-President of the Parliament, Spomenka Micic, was elected one of the 2 Vice-Presidents of Federation. 2010 she was candidate for the presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina. (b.  1961-).

Emanuelle Mignon

2007-08 Personal Representative of the French Co-prince Emmanuelle Mignon in Andorra

Appointed by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, who is also Co-Prince of Andorra and her role was to keep him informed about issues involving the Principality. The other Co-Prince, the Bishop of Urgell in Spain, also has a Personal Representative. She held the offices of Director of the Cabinet of The President and President of the Council of Administration of the National Domaine of Chambord and was a Presidential Advisor 2008-12. (b. 1968-).

2007-12 Premier Viveca Eriksson, Åland (Finish External Territory)

Chairperson of the Liberal Parliamentary Group 1999-2001, Member of the Speaker's Conference 1999-2000, Chairperson of the Finance Committee 1999-2001, first Vice-speaker 2000-01 and 2005-07, Speaker 2001-05 and Party Chairperson from 2004. (b. 1956-).

Ada Ariki Before 2007- Moe Ada Ngamaru Ariki, Ngamaru Ariki of the Ngati Te Akatauira Tribe in Atiu, Cook Islands (Free Association with New Zealand)
Her title is possibly Pa Nia Ariki, She is one of the two chief of the Tribe (Vaka) of Takitumu in Rarotonga. When her mother, Kainuku Mata Tekura Tau ka Pa Nia Ariki died in 2004, the title was disputed by a distant relative, but the Courts have settled the title with her.

Napoaka Ziiri

2007- Chief Napoaka Ziiri Thérèse Léotine Kaboré épouse Yaméogo of a District in Issouka (Burkino Faso)

Appointed chief by Modeste Yaméogo, the Naaba Saaga, traditional chief of Issouka. She is in charge of one district of almost 5,000 people, and has got the power to judge cases, settle disputes and, most important, grant land use to the people under her rule. This is especially important in a country where most people earn a living by farming. (b. 1947-).

Ratu Hajjah Rustutih Rumagesan of Sekar Circa 2007- Regent-Ratu Hajjah Rustutih Rumagesan of Sekar (Indonesia)
When her father died, an uncle became raja  of the small principality in West Papua - Onin Peninsula, but a power struggle erupted with her 3 other uncles and she was asked to become regent.

2008 Capitano Reggente Assunta Meloni, San Marino
Member of the Consiglio Grande e Generale for Alleanza Popolare from 2006. Married to Fabrizio Stacchini and mother of 2 sons. (b. 1951-).

Iv Matsepe-Casaburri 2008 Acting President Dr. Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, South Africa
Premier of the Free State 1996-99, Federal Minister of Communication since 1999. Acting President on one or two occations in 2003 and Member of the Pool of Possible Acting Presidents from 2005 and on 25. September, she was Acting Executive after the resignation of the President until a successor was elected and sworn in. She lived (1937-2009).

2008-14 Governor-General Dame Quentin Bryce, Australia
Lawyer, academic and human rights advocate, Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, and founding chair and Chief Executive Officer of the National Childcare Accreditation Council and Governor of Queensland from 2003. (b. 1942-).

2008-09 Prime Minister Zinaida Grecianîi, Moldova

Vice-Minister 2000-01 and First Vice-Minister of Finance 2001-02, Minister of Finance 2002-05 and 1. Vice Prime Minister and Coordinator of the activity of executive institution in charge with economic-financial sector from 2005. Presidential Candidate in 2009. (b. 1956-).

Michèle D. Pierre-Louis 2008-09 Prime Minister Michèle Pierre-Louis, Haiti
The third nominee by president Preval since March, has been Executive Director of the Foundation of Knowledge and Liberty since 1995. Voted out of office by the Senate in 2009. (b. 1947-).

2008-12 Leader of the Government Antonella Mularoni, San Marino
2013 Capitano Reggente
As Secretary of Foreign and Political Affairs she also functioned as Leader of the Government even though the Captain Generals are both Heads of State and Government. She was Political Secretary to the Minister of Finance 1986-87, Director of the Office for relations with the associations of San Marino citizens living abroad 1987-90, Deputy Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe, 1989-90, Barrister and public notary in the Republic of San Marino 1991-2001, Member of the General Grand Council 1993-2001 and again from 2008, and Judge of the European Court of Human Rights 2001-08. (b. 1961-).

2008 Acting President of the Executive Council  Marthe Ogoundelé-Tessi, St-Martin (French External Territory)

2007-08 1. Vice-President in charge of Employment, Educational Training, Professional Training, Teaching, Culture, Youth and Sports, School Transport, Also President of the Conseil Territory, Candidate for the Post of President in 2008 and since 2008 Member of the Executive Council.

2008 Charged with the Government Formation Tzipi Livni, Israel (23.09-26.10.2008)

2001 Minister of Regional Cooperation, 2001-02 Minister without Portfolio in the Prime Minister's Office for Information, 2002-03 Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2003-06 Minister of Immigrant Absorption
2004-05 Minister of Construction and Housing, 2004-05, Minister of Justice 2005-06 and 2006-07 and also 1. Vice-Premier from 2006. She was MK for Likud 1999-2005, when she joined Kadima and Party Leader from 2008 and charged with the government formation September-October 2008. (b. 1958-). 

2008-09 New Zealand Acting High Commissioner Sophie Vickers, Cook Islands
1. Secretary in the New Zealand Embassy when she became acting representative from August until January the following year after the death of her predecessor.

Philla Shilubana, Chief of the of the Valoyi   2008- Hosi (Chief) Tinyiko Lwandhlamuni Philla Nwamita Shilubana of the Valoyi  (Souh Africa)
When her father, Hosi Fofoza Nwamitwa, died in 1968 without a male heir, her uncle became chief because customary law athe time did not permit a woman to become Hosi. During 1996 and 1997 the traditional authorities of the community passed resolutions deciding that she would succeed her uncle,
since in the new constitutional era women were equal to men. And her succession was approved by the provincial government. However, following the death of her uncle 2001, her cousin interdicted her installation and challenged her succession, claiming that the tribal authorities had acted unlawfull. The Supreme Court concluded that the traditional authorities had the authority to develop their customary law under the Constitution and that her cousin did not have a right to be declared Hosi. She was elected MP for ANC in 1999. (b. 1942-)

Until 2008 Paramount Chief Hana Yamba Ngokowa of Selenga (Sierra Leone)

She fled briefly during the war in the 1990's. (d. 2008)

2008- Joint Manager Julia Singer of Herm (The Bailiwick of Guernsey,  an UK Crown Dependency)
Manager of the island jointly with her husband, John Singer, after the tenantcy was bought by a company.

Rose Francine Rogombé

2009 Interim President Rose Francine Rogombé, Gabon

Secretary of State for the Advancement of Women and Human Rights during the 1980s. As President of the Senate 2009-15 she was Deputy Head of State and became Interim President when President Bongo died. She lived (1942-2015).

2009- President Dalia Grybauskaitė, Lithuania
1994-1995 Extraordinary Envoy and Plenipotentiary Minister at the Lithuanian Mission to the EU and Deputy Head Negotiator for the Europe Agreement with EU, 1996-1999 Plenipotentiary Minister at the Embassy in USA, 1999-2000 Vice-Minister of Finance and 2000-01 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Head of the EU Accession negotiations, 2001-04 Minister of Finance and 2004 EU-Commissioner of Financial Planning and Budget 2004-09. Won 69% of the votes in the presidential elections and will take office on 12 July. (b. 1956-).

2009-13 Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, Iceland
Johanna Sigurdardsottir was Deputy Chairperson of the Social Democrats 1984-93, Chairperson 1994-99 of the National Revival Party until she rejoined the Social Democrats, becoming it's leader in 2009. Vice-President of the Lower Chamber 1979 and 1983-84 and Vice-Chairperson of the the Alþing 2003-07, Minister of Social Affairs And Health 1987-91 and Minister of Social Affairs 1991-94 and 2007-09. Took over as Interim Premier because the Party Chairperson and Foreign Minister  Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir, was beeing treated for a brain tumor. First married to Þorvaldur Steinar Jóhannesson with whom she has got 2 sons, and in 2010 she married her registered partner since 2002, the author Jónína Leósdóttir, who is mother of 1 son. (b. 1942-).

2009-11 Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, Croatia

Vice-President of the Sabor 1995-2000 and from 2011, Deputy Chairperson of HDZ 1995-97, Party Leader 2009-12 and Opposition Leader 2011-12. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of War Veterans from 2003, Minister for Family and Inter-Generation Solidarity 2003-08 and responsible for Foreign Policy and Human Rights. Presidential Candidate 2005. (b. 1953-).

2009 Acting Prime Minister
2009 Prime Minister Cécile Manorohanta, Madagascar
Cécile Marie Ange Dominique Manorohanta was Vice-Minister of Education and Scientific Research 2007, Minister of Defence 2007-09 and Vice-Premier and Minister of Interior in 2009. As part of the power struggle she was in charge of the government from October to November as the appointed Premier could not be sworn in and when he was abroard in December, she again acted as his stand-in until he was dismissed and she appointed as his successor, but replaced after 2 days in office.

2009 Acting Governor Lesley Pallett, Gibraltar (UK External Territory) (21-26. October)
As Deputy Governor since 2007, she acted from the former governor departed until his successor was sworn in. Head of Drugs and International Crime Department, and has been Director of European Policy, Immigration and Nationality in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

2009-10 New Zealand Acting High Commissioner Nicola Ngawati, Cook Islands
1. Secretary in the New Zealand Embassy when she became acting representative from November until November the following year after the death of her predecessor.

2009- Director Lyn Maddock, The Australian Antarctic Division and Administrator of the Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands (Australia)
The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is a division of the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA). The islands are a territory (Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands) of Australia administered from Hobart by the Australian Antarctic Division of the Australian Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.

2009- Paramount Chief Deborah Sudie Quee III of Kowa (Sierra Leone)


2009- Paramount Chief Madam Ruth Tutu Songha II of Gbo (Sierra Leone)

She is a Mende and a descendant of the first chief, Momoh Babay Songa

2010 and 2017 President of the Confederation Doris Leuthard, Switzerland
Member of the Assembly in Aargau 1997-2000, Vice-President of Christian Democratic Party, CVP 2001-04,  President of CVP Schweiz 2004-06 and  Federal Councillor of Economic Affairs 2006-10 and Federal Councillor of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication, Vice-President in 2009 and 2016.

2010 Head of the Interim Government
2010-12 President Roza Otunbayeva, Kyrgyzstan
Other versions of her surname are Otunbaeva or Otunbajewa. 1983-86 Secretary of the Municipal Communist Central Committee of Frunze, 1986-89 Deputy Prime Minister and Foregin Minister in the Kyrgyz SSR, 1991 Ambassador of the USSR to Malaysia, 1992 Kyrgyz Deputy Premier Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1992-93 Ambassador to USA and Canada and 1994 to Turkey, Foreign Minister 1994-96, Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain 1996-2003, Deputy Head of the United Nations special mission to Georgia 2002-04, Acting Foreign Minister 2007, Parliamentary Leader of the Social Democrats 20009-10 and Interim Head of State and Government from April 2010 after the former President was ousted. In May she was appointed President for the term ending in December 2011. (b. 1950-).

2010-14 President Laura Chinchilla Miranda, Costa Rica
Vice-Minister of Security 1994-96, Minister of Public Security, Interior and Police 1996-98 and also Minister of Justice 2006-09 and 1. Vice-President 2006-09. (b. 1959-).

2010-15 Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Trinidad and Tobago
Attorney General (second in Cabinet) 1995-06 and 2001, Minister of Legal Affairs 1996-99 and 2001 and Minister of Education 1999-2001. First appointed acting premier on the absence of the Premier in September 2000. Leader of The United National Congesss and Oppostion Leader 2006-07 and 2010 and Political Leader from 2010. (b. 1952-).

2010-11 Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi, Finland

MP from 1991, Deputy Parliamentary Leader of the Center Party in 2003, Party Vice-Chairperson 2003-08 and Party Chairperson from 2010, Political Advisor of the Prime Minister 2004-07, Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Aid and Minister at the Prime Minister's Office 2005-06 and Minister of Public Administration and Local Government 2007-10. Mother of 2 children. (b. 1968-)

2010-13 Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Australia

MP from 1998, Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives 2003-06 and Deputy Leader of Labor 2006-10, Deputy Leader of the Opposition 2006-07 and Leader of Labour 2010-13, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and Social Inclusion from 2007-10. Her parents immigrated to Australia from Wales. She lives with her partner and has no children. (b. 1961-).

2010-12 Prime Minister Iveta Radičová, Slovakia

Iveta Radicova is Professor of Sociology and Political Sciences at the Comenius University in Bratislava, from 2005 Director of the Institute of Sociology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2005-06 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, MP from 2006 and Deputy Leader of the  Democratic and Christian Union–Democratic Party 2006-10 and Party Leader 2010-12. Presidential Candidate for all the opposition parties in 2009 and finished second in the second round of voting, and in 2010 the opposition 4-party coalition won the elections, but lost 2 years later after the coalition broke down. Minister of Defence 2010-12. (b. 1956-).

2010-14 Prime Minister Sarah Wescott-Williams, Sint Maartin (Self-governing Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)

Circa 1995-2009 Commissioner of General Affairs, Education etc., 1999-2009 Leader of the Government, Social and Cultural Development, Finance, Juridical Affairs, Emergency Services, Information, Communication and Protocol, Strategic Policy, Planning and Development of Sint Maartin which was part of the Netherlands Antilles until 2010 when it became a self ruling entity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. President of the Parliament in 2014. She is Leader of the St. Maartin Party.

2010-12 Premier Paula A. Cox, Bermuda (British Dependent Territory)

Succeeded her father, Eugene Cox as Minister of Finance when he died in January 2004. 1998-2002 Minister of Labour and Home Affairs and Public Security, 2002-04 Minister of Education, 2002-03 Minister of Development, 2003-04 Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Minister of Finance 2004-12, Deputy Leader of the Progressive Labour Party and Deputy Premier 2006-10 and Party Leader 2010-12. (b. 1969-).

2010-11 New Zealand High Commissioner Linda Te Puni, Cook Islands
A career diplomat she was acting representative from March until her permanent appointment in June. Consulate-General to New Caledonia from 2011.

2010-11 Intendent Liliana Kusanovic, Antártica Chilena (Chile)

An academic before becoming Intendent of the Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena

2010-14 Non-Resident Governor Vicky Treadell of the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
Deputy High Commissioner to India 2005-09 and High Commissioner to New Zealand and Samoa from 2010. (b. 1959-).

2010 and 2014 Acting Governor Inez Archibald, British Virgin Island (External Territory of the United Kingdom)

Vivian Inez Archibald has been a member and Chairperson of the BVI Public Service Commission, the BVI Judicial and Legal Services Commission, the BVI Income Tax Appeal Board and the Family Support Network, Speaker of the Legislative Council 2003-07 and Deputy Governor from 2008. Twice Acting Governor from the former holder of the office left the island and until the new Governor arrived. (b. 1945-)

2010- Governor Carmen Cardinali Paoa, Easter Island (Isla de Pascua)
A native of the island, she worked as a professor in Santiago de Chile. (b. 1944-).

Best Kemigisa Kaboyo 2010- Regent Queen Mother Best Kemigisa Kaboyo of Tooro, Uganda
As Queen Mother from 1996, she was one of the guardians of her son, King Iguru IV (b. 1993-) and later regent during his studies in the United Kingdom. She is b. (1967-)

2010- Paramount Chief Doris Lenga-Caulker Gbabiyor II of the Kagboro Chiefdom, Shenge (Moyamba District) (Sierra Leone)
Petitioned the court that Sigismund Oldman Caulker did not have a right to the Caulker Chieftaincy Staff’, the High Court of Sierra Leone gave its verdict early in 2009 in favor of the Caulkers and she won the elections later in the year. She is daughter of P.C. A.T. Caulker. Like her father before her, she is an ordained minister in the United Methodist church

2011-16 President Dilma Vana Linhares Rousseff, Brazil

Dilma Rousseff is a former student leader who fought Brazil's military dictatorship as a guerrilla during the early 1970s and an economist. Secretary of Mines, Energy and Communication of Rio Grande do Sul 1993-94 and 1999-2002, Minister of Mines and Energy 2003-05 and Minister and Secretary General of the Presidential Staff (Cabinet Chief) 2005-10. Removed from office after an impeachment process. (b. 1947-).

2011 Capitano Reggente Maria Luisa Berti, San Marino

Member of the Consiglio Grande e Generale for Noi Sammarinesi since 2008. In 2011 she was also joint president of the parliament. (b. 1971-)

2011-16 President Atifete Jahjaga, Kosovo

She was Deputy Chief of Police of Kosovo with rank of Major General at the time of her election. Married to Astrit Kuçi. (b. 1975-)

2011 President of the Council of Ministers Rosario del Pilar Fernández Figueroa, Peru

Minister of Justice 2007-09 and again from 2010. Her official title is Presidenta del Consejo de Ministros del Perú

2011-12 Prime Minister Cissé Mariam Kaïdama Sidibé, Mali

Mariam Sidibé was Minister of Planning and International Cooperation 1991-92 and Minister of Agriculture and Environment in 1992, Executive Secretary of the intergovernmental Interstate Committee on the Fight Against Desertification in the Sahel 1993-2000, Special Counselor to the President 2001-02, Minister of Rural Development in 2002 and President of the administrative council of Mali's government Tobacco corporation since 2003-12. Deposed by a military coup together with the president. (b. 1948-).


2011-14 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand

A buisness woman and sister of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, she became leader of the Leader the Pheu Thai Party which won about 50% of the votes in the parliamentary elections. Defence Minister from 2013. She is married to businessman Anusorn Amornchat and mother of a son. (b. 1967-).

2011-15 Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Denmark

Social Democrat Member of the European Parliament 1999-2004 and Member of the Parliament 2005-16 and Party Chairperson 2005-15, 1. Vice-Chair of the Parliament 2015-16 and named CEO of the International Save the Children Foundation in London in 2016. Married to British MP, Stephen Kinnock, and mother of two daughters. (b. 1966-)

2011- High Commissioner Mikaela Engell, Greenland (Danish External Territory)
Before her appointment as Rigsombudsmand i Grønland, she worked in the Greenland Home Rule administration since 1995 as Director of Foreign Affairs (Udenrigsdirektør) 2001-05 and Chief Advisor for Greenland and Arctic Affairs in the Danish Foreign Ministry. (b. 1956-)

2011 Acting Governor Sarita Francis, Montserrat (UK External Territory) (3. March-8. April)
Civil Servant from 1972, Chief Establishment Officer (CEO) / Head of Service since 2007 and Deputy Governor 2009-15.

2011- President of the Counseil General Josette Manin, Martinique (French External Territory)

Both Head of the Government and Parliament of the Territory. She has been member of the Council since 2001 and Vice-Mayor of Lamentin. (b. 1950-)

2011- Lantråd Camilla Gunell, the Åland Islands (Finish External Territory)
Member of the Lagting since 2003, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democrats 2003-05 and Party Chairperson from 2009 and Minister of Education and Culture 2005-2007. (b. 1970-).

2011 President-elect Alla Dzhioyeva, South Ossetia (Breakaway Republic in Georgia)
2002-08 Minister of Education. An opposition presidential candidate, she won, according to the Election Commission the second round by a clear margin, but the Supreme Court of the breakaway republic annulled the result and barred her from running again, but the ban was later lifted. She suffered a stroke and did not run in the second edition of the elections.

2011- Acting Chief Sirah Bala Kamara of Folosaba Dembelia  (Sierra Leone)

Caretaker after Alahaji Alimamy Amadu III, of the Phinerayah family, died at the age of 93.

2012 President of the Confederation Eveline Widmer-Sclumpf, Switzerland

Councillor of Finance and Military of Graubünden 1998-2007, Vice-President of the Government 2000 and 2004 and President of the Government 2001 and 2005, Federal Councillor of Justice and Police 2008-10 and Councillor of Finance 2010-15 and Vice-President in 2011. (b. 1956-).

2012and 2015 Acting President Monique Ohsan-Bellepeau, Mauritius
1995-2000 Junior Minister of Urban- and Rural Development and Président of the parti travailliste 2007-2010 and as Vice-President since 2010, she both times took over in an acting capacity after the resignation of her predecessor.

2012 Acting President Slavica Đukić-Dejanović, Serbia
Dukic-Dejanovic is Vice-President of the Socijalističke partije Srbije, and as President of the Skupština 2008-12, she took over as Head of State when her predecessor resigned. (b. 1954-)

2012-14 President Joyce Banda, Malwai
2004-06 Minister of Women, Child Welfare and Community Service, 2006-09 Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2009-12 Vice-President, Founder and leader of the People's Party in 2011 after she fell out with the President who did not include her in the Cabinet, though she remained Vice-President according to the constitution, and as such she took over as head of state after the death of her predecessor. Finished third in the 2014-eledtions.(b. 1950-)

2012-13 Capitano Reggente Denise Bronzetti

Held various positions within the Politica del Partito Socialista Sammarinese and Partito dei Socialisti e dei Democratici and member of the Consiglio Grande Generale since 2006. (b. 1972-)

2012 Acting Governor-General Sandra Mason, Barbados
She is a judge of the Supreme Court.

2012 Acting Prime Minister Adiatu Djaló Nandigna, Guinea Bissau

Also known as Maria Adiatu Diallo Nandigna, she was Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport 2007-08 and has been Second in Cabinet since 2008 and Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Social Communication and Parliament from 2009. Deposed in a military coup together with the Interim President between the first and second round in the Presidential Elections

2012-17 Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union Nkosazana C. Dlamini-Zuma (South Africa)
1994-99 Minister of Health, 1999-2009 Minister of Foreign Affairs and 2009-12 of Home Affairs. She was offered the post of Deputy President in 2005 after her ex-husband, Jacob Zuma was fired after corruption charges, and was candidate for the post of Deputy President of ANC in 2007 (b. 1949-).

2012-13 Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, the Cayman Islands  (British Overseas Territory)
Minister of Community Development, Sports, Youth Affairs and Culture 1997-2000 and 2003-04, Minister for Planning, Communications, District Administration and IT 2004-05, Deputy Premier 2009-12, Minister for District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture since 2009, Minister of Environmental Health, Telecommunication and Gender Affairs2 009-12 and Minister of Finance from 2012, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly 2001-03 and from 2013, Deputy Leader of the United Democratic Party 2009-12 and d Deputy Leader of the United Democratic Party 2009-2012 and Leader of People's National Alliance in 2013

2012-14 Governor Lydia A. Emerencia, Bonaire (Dutch External Territory)
Former Director of the Center for Research and Development at the University of Aruba. The island became a municipality - a special body - within the Netherlands in 2010. (b.1954-)

2012-13 Acting Governor Adèle van der Pluijm-Vrede (Dutch External Territory)  
 Vice-Governor of the Nederlandse Antillen 2002-10 and of Curacau from 2012. From September to November 2012 she was acting for most of the time during the Governors illness and after his resignation, she took over as permanent acting governor. (b. 1953-)

2012-15 Personal Representative of the French Co-prince Sylvie Hubac, Andorra
Director of the Cabinet of The President Hollande of France. (b. 1956-)

2013-17 President Park Geun-hye, South Korea
MP 1998-2012, Chairperson of the Grand National Party 2004-06, Candidate in the party primaries for presidential candidate in 2008, Leader of Saenuri (Renamed GNP) 2011-12. In December 2016, she was impeached and her suspension was later confirmed by the Constitutional Court. (b. 1952-)

2013-14 Capitano Reggente Anna Maria Muccioli, San Marino
Capitano Reggente 2013-14 and Member of the Consiglio Grande e Generale for the Partito Democratico Cristiano since 2008. (b. 1964-).

2013- Governor-General Dame Cécile La Grenade, Grenada
Founder and chief executive of La Grenade Industries. (b. 1952-)

2013- Potential Regent Queen Maxima of the Netherlands
On 3. December, a combined session of the Staten-Generaal appointed her as possible Regent for her daughter, The Princess of Oranje, Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, in the event of the death or abdication of her husband, King Willem-Alexander. They married in 2002, and apart from the oldes daughter, born in 2003, they have two other daughters, Princess Alexia (b. 2005-) and Princess Ariane (b. 2007-). She is born in Argentina (b. 1971-)

2013-14 Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek, Slovenia
Alenka Bratusek has been MP from 2011 and Acting Leader of the Positive Slovenia party 2013-14. She is former Head of the Directorate for the State Budget at the Ministry of Finance. Designate Vice-President of the EU-Commission for Energy Union in 2014, but was rejected by the European-Parliament. (b. 1970-)

2013-14 Premier Ministre Aminata Touré, Senegal
Chair of the Electoral Campaign of Landing Savané in 1993, worked in various international organisaitons among others as head of the Human Rights Department of the UN Population Fond and Director of the Cabinet of President Macky Sall 2010-12 and Minister of Juctice and Third in the Cabinet 2012-13. (b. 1962-)

2013- Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Norway
Deputy Leader of Høyre 2002-04 and Party Leader from 2004, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development 2001-05, Deputy to the Prime Minister 2004-05. Married to Sindre Finnes and mother of 2. (b. 1961-)

2013  Prime Minister Sibel Siber, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
MP from 2009 in the self-declared state that comprises the northeastern part of the island of Cyprus. Recognised only by Turkey. Speaker of the Assembly from 2013.

2013-15  Prime Minister Tatyana Turanskaya, Transnistria (Self Declared Republic in Moldova)
Earlier in 2013 she was appointed Deputy Prime Minister with responsiblity for Regional Administration in the the self-declared and de facto independent Republic of Transnistria within the territory of Moldova. (b. 1972-)

2013- Prime Minister Željka Cvijanović, Republic Srpska (Autonomous Entity Within Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Zeljka Cvijanovic was Minister of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation 2010-13. As candidate for the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2014, she got 48.1 and the winner got 48.3 percent of the vote. (b. 1967-).

2013- Governor Lucille A. George-Wout, Curaçao (Self governing part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Former Commissioner of Finance of Curaçao, Minister of Interior, Labour and Social Affairs 1999-2001 and Chairperson of the Staten of the Nederlandse Antillen 1994-98. (b. 1950-)

2013- Prefect Marcelle Pierrot, Guadelupe (French Overseas Territory)
1993-95 Sous-préfète  of Lunéville, 2000-03 Sous-préfèt d’Arles, 2006-07 Delegate Prefect in charge of Equality by the Prefect of the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur,  2007-09 Prefect of Lot, 2009-11 of Tarn and 2011-13 of of Vosges. Held a number of other administrative posts. (b. 1949-)

2013-15 High Commissioner Joanna Kemkers, Cook Islands (New Zealand Self-Governing Territory)
Deputy High Commissioner and Ambassador to Fiji 2012-13 and Ambassador to Fiji from 2013.

2013- Governor Christina Scott, Anguilla (British External Territory)
Private Secretary to the Prime Minister 2006-09 and Director of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat at the Cabinet Office 2009-13. 

2013- Governor Helen Kilpatrick, Cayman Islands (British External Territory)
Former Deputy Chief Executive of the West Sussex County Council and Acting Home Office Permanent Secretary and Accounting Officer 2012-13

2013 and 2016 Acting Governor Anya Williams, Turks and Caicos (British External Territory)
Former Permanent Secretary of Finance. As Deputy Governor since 2012 she is a non-voting member of Cabinet, Head of the public service and chair of the Permanent Secretaries’ committee. Acted twice in the vacancy between two governors and whenever the governor is abroad.

2013 Acting Governor Alison MacMillan, Gibraltar (British External Territory)
Assistant Deputy Governor of Gibraltar 2007-10, Deputy Director of Protocol & Assistant Marshall of the Diplomatic Corps in London 2010-13 and Deputy Governor from 2013.

2013-14 Chairperson of the Government Aleqa Hammond, Greenland (Danish Self-governing Territory)
Also Minister of External Affairs. Minister of Family Affairs and Justice 2005-07,  Minister of Finance and External Affairs 2007-08 and Chairperson of Siumut 2009-14.  (b. 1965-).

2013-17 President of du Conseil Territorial Aline Hanson, Saint Martin (French External Territory)
 Both Head of the Government and Parliament of the Territory. She was Vice-President 2012-13.

2013 President of the Assemblée Territorial Nivaleta Iloai, Ilês Wallis et Futuna, (French External Territory)
Both Head of the Government and Parliament of the Territory. She was elected to the territorial assembly about 20 years sgo.

2013 Prime Minister-Nominate Miroslava Nemcová, The Czech Republic

Vice-Chairperson of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and Shadow Minister of Culture of the ODS from 2002, Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies 2002-10 and Speaker 2010-13. Nominated as Prime Minister by her party on 19. June 2013, but the President chose a male technocrat,  who soon after lost a vote of no confidence in the Parliament, which then decided to dissolve itself. (b. 1952-).

2014-16 Acting Head of State Catherine Samba-Panza, Central African Republic
Businesswoman and corporate lawyer. Appointed Mayor of the capital Bangui in 2013 by the former interim government before she was elected Interim President. (b. 1954-)

2014- President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Malta
Labour MP 1998-2014 and Minister of Family and Social Solidarity 2013-14. (b. 1958-).

2014- Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling, The Bahamas
Widow of Sir Lynden Pindling (1930-2000) who was Prime Minister of the Colony of Bahamas 1967-73 and of independent Bahamas 1973-92. She was Deputy to the Governor General 2012-14. (b. 1932-).

2014-16 Minister President Laimdota Straujuma, Latvia
1999-2000 Deputy State Secretary of Agriculture, 2000-06 State Secretary of Agriculture, 2007-10 State Secretary of Regional Development, 2010-11 Deputy State Secretary Regional Development and 2011-14 Minister of Agriculture. Joined the Unity Party after she was nominated as chief of the government by the party chair and President of the Parliament Solvita Āboltiņa. (b. 1951-)

2014-15 President of the Council of Ministers Ana Rosario Jara Velásquez, Peru
2011-14 Minister of Women's Promotion and Social Development, 2014 Minister of Labour and Promotion of Employment and MP 2011. (b. 1968-)

2014-15 Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, Poland
Member of the Sejm 2001-2005 and from 2011 for Platforma Obywatelsk, Minister of Helth 2007-11 and Marshall of the Sejm from 2011. (b. 1956-).

2014-15 Acting Prime Minister Florence Duperval Guillaume, Haiti
Minister of Public Health and Population 2011-12 and from 2014.

2014 Acting Governor Sandra Tyler-Haywood, Falkland Islands
Former Ambassador to Eritrea, and from 2012 First Secretary and Head of the Office of the Governor of the Falkland Islands

2014- Administrator-Superieur Cécile Pozzo di Borgo, French Southern and Antarctic Lands (French External Territory),

Prefect of l'Aveyon 2011-14 before becoming Administratrice supérieure des Terres australes et antarctiques françaises from 2014.

2014- Administrator Esther Puakela Kia’aina, Wake Island and Palmyra Atoll (USA External)
As Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas she heads the Office of Insular Affairs. Commissioner of Land and Natural Resources in Hawaii 2012-14. Appointed White House representative for the Northern Mariana Islands in 2016. (b. 1963-)

2014-15 Acting High Commissioner Aimee Jephson, Cook Islands (New Zealand Self-Governing Territory)
Deputy High Commissioner 2013-16.

2014-15 President of the Government Cynthia Ligeard, Nouvelles Caledonie (French External Territory)
Vice-President 2011-12 and President of the Province du Sud 2012-14.

2014- Secretary of Administration Sónia Chan Hoi Fan, Macau (Chinese Special Administrative Region)
Sonia Han is also known as Chan Hoi Fan. As Secretary of Administration and Justice she is also Deputy to the Chief Executive.

2015 President Simonetta Sommaruga, Switzerland

Federal Councillor of Justice and Police and Substitute Councillor of Interiorfrom 2010. VicePresident in 2014.

2015- President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, Croatia
Appointed Minister of European Integration in 2003 and was also Foreign Minister 2005-08. English and Spanish languages professor and former adviser in the Foreign Ministry. Finished second in the first round of the presidential elections in 2014 and won 50,5 % in the second round. (b. 1968-).

2015- President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, Mauritius
Professor of Organic chemistry and Pro-vice-chancellor of the University of Mauritius.

2015-2016 Captain Regent Lorella Stefanelli, San Marino
Member of the Consiglio Grande e Generale for the Partito Democratico Cristiano from 2012.

2015- President Bidhya Devi Bhandari, Nepal
Minister for Population and Environment 1997 and Minister of Defence 2009-11, Vice-president of the Nepal Communist Party (Unified Marxist-Leninist) 1998-2015. (b. 1961-)

2015- Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, Namibia
Director-General of the National Planning Commission 1997-2003 and Minister of Finance 2003-15. (b. 1967-).

2015 Acting Prime Minister Natalia Gherman, Moldova

Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration from 2013, she took over as Premier after the resignation of her predecessor. Deputy Foreign Minister 2009-13, Ambassador to Austria, OSCE and other International Organisations in Vienna 2002-06 and to Sweden, Norway and Finland 2006-09. She is daughter of former President Mircea Snegur

2015 Interim Prime Minister Vasiliki Thanou, Greece
Vassiliki Thanou-Christophilou is the senior judge as President of the Court of Cassation in 2015. She was President of the Court of First Instance 1992-2015, President of the Appeals Court 2005-15, judge in the Court of Cassation from 2008, Vice President of the Court 201-15. (b. 1950-).

2015- Prime Minister Beata Szydło, Poland
Vice-President of the Law and Justice party (b. 1963-)

2015 and 2015 Acting Prime Minister Maya Ivanovna Parnas, Transnistria (Self declared Republic in Moldova)
She was appointed Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Development and Finance in 2012.

2015- Premier Katrin Sjögren, Åland (Finish External Territory)
2007-11 Minister of Social Affairs, Health and Care and Environment, Vice-Chairperson of the Liberal Party until 2012 and Party Leader from 2012.

2015- Governor Rosana Bertone, Antarctica and the Islands of the South Atlantics (Argentina)
The Province of Tierra del Fuego includes the two outlaying territories. She was MP 2003-13 and Senator 2013-15. (b. 1972-)

2015- Governor Elizabeth Carriere, Montserrat  (British External Territory)
Assistant Deputy Minister of Hereritage and Recreation in Manitoba, Canada. Held other senior positions and joined the British Ministry of International Development in 1999. (b. ca. 1955-)

2015- Administrator and High Commissioner Linda Te Puni, Tokelau (New Zealand)
Career diplomat

2015- Delegate-Préfet Anne Laubies, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, (French External Territory)
She is deputy to the représentant de l’État
Civil Servant and Secretary General of the Prefecture of Guyane 2009-13 and Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2013
-15. (b. 1953-).

2015- Sysselmann Kjerstin Askholt, Svalbard (Norway)
Civil servant in the Ministry of Justice.

2015 Acting Head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo Simona-Mirela Miculescu
Director of the Romanian Department for Public Communication of Foreign Ministry in 1993 and 2008 as well as Spokesperson of the Ministry in 1993 and 1999, Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Romania 2000-04 and Romasnian UN Ambassador 2008-15. Appointed Representative of the UN Secretary General and Director of United Nations Office in Belgrade from 2015. (b. 1959-)

2015- Chief Julianna Gawanas of the /Khomanin community (Namibia)
The Deputy chief since 2008, was appointed by her late father Josephat Gawanab to take over his position.

2016- President Hilda Heine, the Marshall Islands
Former Secretary of Education as well as Senator and Minister of Education 2012-16. (1951-)

2016- State Councillor Aung San Suu Ky, Myanmar
Her party won 80 % of the votes in the 2015-elections, As the Constitution is designed to prevent her from becoming President, the Parliament created the new powerful position of State Councilor; a role similar to that of Prime Minister. Aso Minister of the President's Office and Foreign Minister. She also won the 1990 elections that were annulled,  was placed under house arrest for a total of 15 years over a 21-year period. General Secretary of he National Leauge for Democracy 1988-2011 and President from 2011, elected MP in 2012 and was Leader of the Opposition 2012-16. Widow of Dr. Michael Aris (1946-1999) and mother of 2 sons. (b. 1945-).

2016- President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan
Senior Advisor of the National Security Council 1999-2000, Minister and Chairperson of Mainland Affairs Council 2000-04. Member of the Legislative Yuan 2004-06, Vice-Premier and Minister of Consumer Protection 2006-07, Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party 2008-12 and from 2014 and Presidential Candidate in 2012. (b. 1956-)

2016-17 Acting President Doris Bures, Austria
As Pesident of the Nationalrat she became Head of the Joint Acting Presidency with the two Vice-Presidents after the second round presidential elections had to be re-run. She became SPÖ Member of Parliament in 1990 and Party Secretary General 2000-07 and again in 2008, Federal Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Federal Chancellor in charge of Women's Affairs, Media and Civil Service 2007-08 and Federal Minister of Infrastructure, Trafic, Innovation and Technology 2008-14 (b. 1962-).

2016- President Kersti Kaljulai, Estonia
Economic Advisor of the Prime Minister 1999-2002, Member of the European Court of Auditors 2004-2016. Married to George-Rene Maksimovski and mother of 2 sons. (b. 1969-). 

2016- Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy, New Zealand
Lawyer, Chairperson of the New Zealand Film Commission involved in a number of non-governmental organisations, particularly in the arts and gender equality. Married to Sir David Gascoigne. (b. 1952-).

2016- Prime Minister Theresa May, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Conservative MP from 1997, Chairperson of the Conservative Party 2002-03, Home Secretary 2010-16,  Minister for Women and Equality 2010-12 and Party Leader of the Conservative 2016. (b. 1956-).

2016- Governor Lisa Phillips, Saint Helena, Ascensions and Tristan da Cunha (British Overseas Territory)
Assistant Deputy Minister of Hereritage and Recreation in Manitoba, Canada. Held other senior positions and joined the British Ministry of International Development in 1999. (b. ca. 1955-).

2016 Acting Governor Ginny Ferguson, Bermuda (British Overseas Territory)
Different diplomatic postings before becoming British First Secretary and Consul-General in Auckland, New Zealand and concurrently Deputy Governor of Pitcairn 2007-12 and afterwards Deputy Governor of Bermuda from 2012.

2016- Premier Sharlene Cartwright Robinson TurkS and Caicos Islands (British Overseas Territory)
Deputy Leader in 2012 and Leader of the People's Democratic Movement since 2012 and Leader of the Opposition 2012-16. (b. 1971-)

2016 Prime Minister-elect Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown (Cook Islands (Free Association with New Zealand)

MP and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament from 2014, Rose Brown was elected Prime Minister by a majority in Parliament in June 2016, but the Queen's Representative ruled that the Parliament was not in session.
Leader of the Opposition from 2016.

2016 Charged with the Government Formation Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Iceland (16.-25. November)
Vice-Chairperson of the Left-Green Alliance 2006-13, Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group 2007-09 and Party Leader from 2013 and 2009-13 Minister Education, Science and Culture and Minister of Nordic Cooperation 2009-13. Did not manage to form a government, and handed the mandate back to the President. (b. 1976-)

2016 Charged with the Government Formation Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Iceland (2.-12. December)
2009-10 and 2013 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group and 2011-12 Party Chair of the Movement (Borgarahreyfingarinnar (Hreyfingarinnar), 2013-14 and from 2015 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group and 2014-15 Chair of the Pirate Party. (b. 1967-).

2016 Nominee for Prime Minister Sevil Shhaideh, Romania (21.-27. December)
Secretary of State of Regional Development and Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration in 2015. She belongs to the Muslim Tatar minority. In December 2016, the President rejected her nomination for the post of Prime Minister. Instead she was appointed 1. Vice-Premier and Minister of Development, Public Administration and EU Funds. (b. 1964-).

2017 Captain Regent Mimma Zavoli, San Marino

As Captain Regent she also chairs the Consiglio Grande e Generale jointly with the other Captain Regent, which for the first time was another woman. Member of the Consiglio Grande e Generale for Civico 10. (b. 1963-).


2017 Captain Regent Vanessa d’Ambrosio, San Marino

Member of the Consiglio Grande e Generale for Sinistra Socialista Democratica (b. 1988-).

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