Female Finance Ministers from 2000

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership


FROM 2000


The Portfolio did long remain a male domain but during the last couple of years more and more women has been appointed to take care of the finance and economy, which is traditionally one of the most important ministries. Deputy Ministers can be found in the entries about the government members in 
Women in governments by country

2000-01 Minister of Finance Pia Gjellerup, Denmark

1987-2007 MF, 1990-93 Chairperson of the Taxation Committee, 1991-93 from 2001 Secretary of the Parliamentary Group, 1993 Minister of Justice and Police, 1994-98 and 2002-05 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of SD, 1991-93 Secretary of The Folketing, 1993-98 Deputy Chairperson of the Finance Committee and 1998-2000 Minister of Business and Industry. (b. 1960-).

2000-05 Minister of Planning and Finance Luísa Días Diogo, Moçambique  

In 1993-95 Director of Budget in Ministry of Planning and Finance and 1995-2000 Vice-Minister of Planning and Finance and Prime Minister 2004-10.

2000-02 Minister-Delegate for Economic Development Anne Konaté, Burkino Faso

Secretary General of a Ministry 1984-86, 1986-90 Ambassador to Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, The Gambia and Cape Verde and to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 1990-99, 1999-2000 Deputy Minister of Finance for Economic Development and from 2000 Minister-Delegate by the Premier Minister.

2000-04 National Treasurer Rosa Pastora Mendez de Fondeur, Dominican Republic

In charge of the fiscal affairs of the country.

2001-04 Minister of Finance Dalia Grybauskaitė, Lithuania
2004-09 Commissioner of Financial Programming and Budget of the European Union

1994-1995 Extraordinary Envoy and Plenipotentiary Minister at the Lithuanian Mission to the EU and Deputy Head Negotiator for the Europe Agreement with EU, 1996-1999 Plenipotentiary Minister at the Embassy in USA, 1999-2000 Vice-Minister of Finance and 2000-01 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Head of the EU Accession negotiations, President of Lithuania from 2009. (b. 1956-).

2001 Minister of the State Treasury Aldona Kamela-Sowińska, Poland

1997-1998 Prostate Secretary of the Treasury, 1998-2000 Professor and Head of Economics' Department 2000-01 State Secretary of the Treasury. (b. 1950-).

2001 Minister of Finance Halina Wasilewska-Trenkner, Poland

1995-99 Prostate Secretary of Finance and 1999-2001 State Secretary of Finance and in 2001 she again became State Secretary.


2001-05 Minister of Finance Mireia Maestre Cortadella, Andorra

1999-2001 Secretary General of Finance. (b. 1971-)

2001-03 Minister of Economic Relations Azra Hadziahmetovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Concurrently Minister of Foreign Trade.

2001-02 Minister of Finance Margaret Annie Dyer-Howe, Montserrat (UK Dependency)

1983-?91 Minister of Education, Health and Community Service, later General Manager of Montserrat Water Authority and member of the Legislative Council. Also Minister of Trade, Agriculture, Lands, Housing and Environment from 2001.

2001-07 Minister of Auditing and Control Lina Pedraza Rodriguez, Cuba
2009- Minister of Finance

After a career in local politics, she worked for the Economic Department of the Central Committee from 1994 and as CHief of the National Audit Office from 1996. MP from 2008.

2001-02 Minister of Finance Dra. Fernanda Mesquita Borges, Timor Leste

She was fourth ranking in the second transitional cabinet of East Timor, which was under UN protection but on the way to full independence. Leader of Partido de Unidade Nacional (PUN) from 2007.


2001-04 Minister of Economy and Finance Enebay Geldiyevna Atayeva, Turkmenistan

Minister of Social Affairs in 2001. of Deputy Premier responsible for the Banking Sector 2002-04, Customs and Imports and Governor of Ahal Region (circa 2003-04) and Minister of Culture and TV and Radio Broadcast from 2006.

2001-04 Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer Helen Coonan, Australia

Senator until she was elected to the House of Representatives in 2001. She was appointed Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts in 2004.

2001-02 and 2003 Minister Economy Augusta Salling, Greenland (Danish External Territory)

Mayor of Qeqartarsuaq 1993-97, Member of the Landsting for the liberal Atassut Party from 1999, Party Chairperson 2002-05, Vicelandsstyreformand (Vice-Premier) in 2003 and 2. Vice-Chairperson of the Landsting since 2005. (b. 1954-).  

2002-03 Minister of National Revenue Elinor Caplan, Canada

Minister of Government Service and Health in Ontario 1985-90. Liberal MP from 1997. 1998-99 Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health and 1999-2002 Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. (b. 1944-).  

2002 Minister of Economy Christine Tsung, Taiwan

CEO of China Airlines 2001-02 after having lived in USA for almost 30 years. She resigned after only a few months on the post. (b. 1949-).

2002-05 Minister of Finance Zinaida Grecianîi, Moldova

Vice-Minister 2000-01 and First Vice-Minister of Finance 2001-02, 1. Vice Prime Minister and Coordinator of the activity of executive institution in charge with economic-financial sector from 2005. In 2005 she gathered the highest number of votes at the elections for Mayor-General of Chisinau municipality, but the elections was invalidated because of low turnout. (b. 1956-).

2002-03 and 2006-07 Minister of Planning and Finance Maria dos Santos Lima da Costa Tebús Torres, São Tomé e Príncipe

Maria Santos Tebus is a former civil servant in and Advisor of the Ministry 1999-2002. Also Deputy Prime Minister 2006-07.(b. 1958-).

2002-04 Minister of Finance Maria Manuela Dias Ferreira Leite, Portugal

1989-93 Secretary of State of Finance for Budget, 1993-95 Minister of Education, Vice-President of Partido Social Democrata 1998-99 and 1999-2002 Deputy Parliamentary Leader. 2002 also Minister of State. She was against the appointment of Pedro Santana Lopes as successor of José Durão Barroso as Prime Minister and resigned from the government. Party President from 2008. (b. 1940-).

2002-06 Minister of Financial Services and Investments Allyson Maynard-Gibson, The Bahamas

In June 2002 she acted as Foreign Minister during the absence of the minister, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs 2006-07, MP 2002-07 and Leader of the Opposition Business in the Senate from 2007.

2002-03 Minister of Economy Vilma Villalobos, Costa Rica

Also Minister of Trade and Industry. She is former Secretary of the National Commission of Deregulations. (b. 1968-)

2002-03 Minister of National Planning and Economic Policies Lineth Saborío Chaverri, Costa Rica

1. Vice-President and Coordinator of the Ministries of Justice, Security, Interior, External Relations and the Institute of Development. She was head of the National Investigative Police 1997-2001, and married to the Deputy Minister by the President Roger Carvajal Bonilla. (b. 1962-)

2002-07 Minister of Finance Madalena Brites Boavida, Timor Leste

Appointed to the interim government and continued as member of the first government of the independent East Timor.


2002-03 Minister of Economy, Finance and Privatization Ayawovi Demba Tignokpa, Togo

Also President of the Council of Ministers of Finance of the Monetary Union of East Africa 2002-03.

2002-04 Minister of Economy Patricia Ramírez Ceberg, Guatemala

Her portfolio also covers Foreign Trade.

2002-10 Minister of Finance Ersilia de Lannooy, Nederlandse Antillen

A former Party Secretary of the National People's Party she became Party Leader in 2004 and was Vice-Premier 2004-10 and is normally known as ‘Zus’/Sister.

2003-04 Minister of Foreign Economic Relations Slavica Milacić, Montenegro

Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Head of the Montenegrin Mission to the EU. She is also Minister of European Integration.

2003-07 Minister of Finance and the Treasury Ljerka Marić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1998/98 Minister of Finance in the Canton of Fojnica, Assistant Minister of Finance for Economy of The Bosnian Federation in 2000 and later Advisor of the Prime Minister.

2003-07 Minister of Economic Relations Dr. Mila Gadzić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Concurrently Minister f Foreign Trade. A former economy University Scholar.

2003-09 Minister of Finance Georgina Berreiro Fajardoz, Cuba

Also Minister of Prices. Until her appointment she was Director in the National Bank of Cuba.

2003-04 Minister of Economy Fientje Moerman, Belgium

Concurrently Minister of Energy, Foreign Trade and Scientific Politics. Member of the Chamber of Deputies and Secretary General of the liberal VLD since 1999. From 2004 Minister in the Government of Flanders. (b. 1958-).

2003-05 Minister of Economy Lidia Santova Shouleva, Bulgaria 

Deputy Prime Minister 2001-05, and was Minister of Labour and Social Policy 2001-03.

2003-05 Secretary of Finance Juanita D. Amatong, The Philippines

1986-92 Assistant Secretary of Finance 1992-95 and 2001-03 Undersecretary of Finance.  (b. 1935-).

2003-06 and 201-15 Minister of Finance Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria

When she was appointed Foreign Affairs in June 2006, she continued as the  Head of the Economic Reform Team, but resigned from the government after being fired from this post in August. Her successor as Finance Minister was the former Minister of State Nenadi Esther Usman. She was Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2006.

2003- Minister of Finance Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, Namibia

Saara Kuugongelwa was Cabinet Member and Director-General of the National Planning Commission 1997-2003.

2003-07 Second Minister of Finance Ulla-Maj Wideroos, Finland

Group Secretary of Swedish People's Party 1995-99, Deputy Group Chairperson 1999 and Parliamentary Leader, Group Chairperson 1999-2003 and again from 2007. From 2003 also Minister of Nordic Cooperation. Chairperson of the Swedish Speaking Assembly, Folktinget, from 2007. (b. 1951-).

2004 Minister of Economy Ayşe Dönmezer, Turksh Republic of Northern Cyprus

Ayse was also Minister of Tourism. She is a former Under-Secretary in the Ministry of Finance.

2004-08 Minister of Public Finances María Antonieta del Cid de Bonilla, Guatemala

Former Vice-President of the Bank of Guatamala and other assignments in the financial and banking world.

2004-12 Minister of Finance Paula A. Cox, Bermuda (British Dependent Territory)

Succeeded her father, Eugene Cox as Minister of Finance when he died in January 2004. 1998-2002 Minister of Labour and Home Affairs and Public Security, 2002-04 Minister of Education, 2002-03 Minister of Development, 2003-04 Attorney General and Minister of Justice. Deputy Leader of the Progressive Labour Party and Deputy Premier 2006-10 and Premier and Party Leader 2010-12. (b. 1969-).

2004-07 Minister for Revenue Christine Sahadeo, Trinidad and Tobago

A buisiness executive and Senator from 2001.


2004-05 Minister of Economy and Finance Bibitac Vekilova, Turkmenistan

Her surname is also transcribed Velikova. She was Deputy minister of economy and finance 2003-04 and she was first appointed Acting Minister for a six-month "text-period" after her predecessor was fired by the country's exocentric dictator, Saparmyrat Nyyazov Turkmenbasy (Father of Turkmen) during a direct news broadcast. She was later fired during a Cabinet Session, by the president who instructed her to join the agricultural joint-stock association as a deputy to control revenues and expenditures there.

2004-05 and 2007-08 Minister of Economic Affairs Ho Mei-yueh, Taiwan

2000-04 Vice-Chairperson of the Cabinet Council for Economic Planning and Development. Minister without Portfolio 2006-07.

2004 Minister in charge of the Council for Economic Planning and Development Yeh Chu-lan, Taiwan

Deputy Convener of DPP Caucus in Legislative Yuan 1992 and General Convener 1995, 2000-02 Minister of  State and Minister of Transport and Communication (Third in Cabinet). 2002-04 Minister and Chairperson of the Council for Hakka Affairs, Vice-Premier in 2004 and President of the National Assembly from 2005. (b. 1949-).

2004-09 Minister of Economy Yolanda Mayora de Gavidia, El Salvador

An economist who worked with various national development organisations.

2004-08 Minister of Economic Planning Sheikha Lubna al-Qassemi, United Arab Republic

Member of the royal family of Sarajah and an executive within the it-business. Minister of Foreign Trade from 2008.

2004-14 Minister of Taxes and Duties Anna Deiko, Belarus

Around 2002-04 Deputy Minister of Taxes

2004-05 Minister and Technical Executive Secretary of Planning Julia Maciel Gonzalez, Paraguay

In spanish her title was Ministra Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Secretaría Técnica de Planificación.

2004-06 Minister of Foreign Economic Relations Gordana Đurović, Montenegro

Professor of Economy. Also Minister of  and European Integration since 2004 and from 2006 Deputy Prime Minister.

2005-06 Minister of Finance Svetlana Cenić, Srpska (De-facto Independent Repubic within Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Former Presidential Advisor. (b. 1960-).

2005 Secretary of State of Economy and Finance Margaret Keita, The Gambia

Accountant General from 1996. (b. 1960-).

2005-06 Minister of Finance and Planning Maria do Carmo Silveira, São Tomé e Princípe

Maria do Carmo Trovoada Pires de Carvalho Silveira was Prime Minister and Finance Minister 2005-06. Governor of the National Bank 2002-05 and member of the Political Bureau of the Movement for the Liberation of Sao Tomé-Social Democratic Party, MLSTP-PSD. (b. 1961-).

2005-06 Minister of Planning and Administrative Development Massouma al-Mubarak, Kuwait

Professor of international relations at Kuwait University and women’s rights activist and columnist. As Minister of Planing she was in charge of the social and economic development and foreign economic cooperation. Minister of Communiation 2006-07 and Minister of Health in 2007.

2005-07 Minister of Finance and Economy Magdalena Barreiro Riofrío, Ecuador

Before she was appointed Under-Secretary of Finance and Economy for Finance in June 2005, she was a Economic Scholar and worked for the Ecuador National Bank

2005-09 Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen, Norway

Leader of Socialistisk Vensterparti from 1997 and Parliamentary Leader (Socialist Left) 1997-2001, Minister of Finance 2005-09 and of Education from 2009. She is also 1. Deputy to the Prime Minister. (b. 1960-).

2005-07 Minister of the Budget Freya Van den Bossche, Belgium

Attaché for Extern Communication and Drug Affairs by the Mayor of Gent 1999-2003. Member of the Chamber of Deputies from 2003. 2003-04 Minister for Environment, Consumer Protection and Sustainable Development, 2004-05 Minister of Labour and from 2005 also Vice Prime Minister. (b. 1975-).

2005-08 Minister of Customs Nanaia Mahuta, New Zealand

Also Minister of Youth Affairs, and Associate Minister for the Environment and Local Government.

2005-07 Minister of Economy and Production Felisa Miceli, Argentina

President of the National Bank 2003-05. (b. 1953-).

2005-08 Minister and Executive Secretary of Panning and Economic and Social Development Rosa Miguelina Gómez de Martínez, Paraguay

In Spanish her title was Ministra Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Secretaría Técnica de Planificación.

2005-10 Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Indonesia
2008-09 Chief Economics Minister
2016- Minister of Finance

An economist she worked both in Indonesia and abroad. She was State Minister and Chairperson of the National Development Planning Agency 2004-05. As CEM she coordinated the work of all the Ministries within the Economic sfere. Managning Director at the World Bank 2010-16. Mother of 3 children. (b. 1962-).

2005-06 Minister of Finance Teresa Lubińska, Poland

In office for 2 months. Until 2005 she was member of the Macroeconomic Board of the Finance Ministry., she was Professor at Szczenin University.  (b. 1952-).

2006 Minister of Finance Zyta Gilowska, Poland
2006-07 Vice-Premier responsible for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance
2007 Acting Minister of Finance
2007 Minister of Finance

Also Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, She was Deputy Leader of the Citizen's Platform 2003-05, Member of the Sejm 2001-05. First fired because of charges of lying about her activities during the Communist regime, but when she was cleared, she was reinstated in her office. Appointed State Secretary and Acting Minister of Fnance after the parliament was dissolved in September 2007, but reappointed to the cabinet after a few days. Professor of economy. (b. 1949-).

2006-08 Minister of Finance Zakia Hamdan Meghji, Tanzania

1995-97 Minister for Health and 1997-2006 Minister of National Resources and Tourism.

2006-07 Minister of Finance Natalia Korzhova, Kazakstan

1996-99 Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, 1999-2002 Deputy Minister of Finance, 2002-2003 1. Deputy Minister of Finance and 2003-06 Deputy Minister of Economics and Budget Planning and Executive Secretary of the Finance Ministry from 2008. (b. 1958-)

2006-07 Minister of National Revenue and Minister of Western Economic Diversification Carol Skelton, Canada

Deputy Parliamentary Leader of the Canadian Alliance (Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition) 2002-04 and Deputy House Leader of the Conservatives ( the Official Opposition). (b. 1945-)

2006-08 Minister of Economic Affairs and Development Mia Mottley, Barbados

1994-2001 Minister of Education, Culture and Youth and 2001-06 Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, 2001-08 Leader of the House and 2003-08 Deputy Prime Minister. Leader of the Barbados Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition 2008-10. (b. 1965-).

2006-08 Minister of Finance Antoinette Sayeh, Liberia

A former World Bank executive and  Director of the African Department of the International Monetary Fund from 2008 (b. 1959-).

2006- Minister of Economy, Development and Reconstruction Ingrid Antonijevic Hanh, Chile

Before her appointment as Director in the National Bank 2003, she worked in various financial institutions in Chile and USA. She will take office on 11. March. (b. 1953-).

2006-08 Minister of Economic Development Celinda Sosa Lunda, Bolivia

Also in charge of Production and Microentreprises.

2006-10 Minister of Economic Relations Jasna Brkić, Sprpska (De-facto Independent Repubic within Bosnia-Herzegovina)

(b. 1959-).

2006-07 Minister of Economy Cristina Maria Fernandes Dias, São Tomé e Príncipe

Head of a number of NGOs prior to her appointment and 2009-10 Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment until she resigned from the government. (b. 1965-).

2006-07 Minister of Finance Nenadi Usman, Nigeria

Minister of State of Finance 2003-06. Two months after her appointment she succeeded the Foreign Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, as Head of the Economic Reform Team.

2006-09 Minister of Finance Rebeca Patricia Santos Rivera, Honduras

Worked at the World Bank before her appointment as Vice-Minister of Finance earlier in 2006.

2006-10 Federal Councillor of Economic Affairs Doris Leuthard, Switzerland
Member of the Assembly in Aargau 1997-2000, Vice-President of Christian Democratic Party, CVP 2001-04, President of CVP Schweiz 2004-06 and Vice-President of the Confederation in 2009 and President in 2010. Federal Councillor of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication and Substitute Councillor of Economic Affairs from 2010.  (b. 1963-).

2006-08 Minister of Economy Vera Rafajlovska, Macedonia

Professor of Economy and worked in the city administration of Skopje. (b. 1947-).

2006-16 Minister of Finances and Public Administration Cristina Duarte, Capo Verde

Economist and international banker. (b. 1962-).

2006-07 Minister of Finances Denise Sinankwa, Burundi

Minister of Commerce and Industry 2005-06.

2006-07 Minister of Finances of Cooperation and Development Clotilde Nizigama, Burundi
2010- Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development

Former Director General of Onapha.

2006 Acting Minister of Finance Vesna Arsić, Serbia

Deputy Finance Minister 2004-06 and State Secretary from 2006, and in this capacity she ran the Ministry for a few days after the resignation of her predecessor. Vice-Governor of Yugoslavia 2000-04.

2006-07 Minister of Finance Armelle Merceron, Polynésie Française (French External Territory)

Professor in Economics. Member of the Assembly since 2001, 2001-04 Minister of Public Works and Administrative Decentralization, 2001 Minister of Labour, Social Dialouge, 2001-04 Minister of Health and 2004-05 Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research. (b. 1950-)

2007-12 Minister of Economic Affairs Maria van der Hoeven, The Netherlands

Former Vice-Chairperson of the CDA Faction and Vice-Chairperson of the Tweede Kamer, Minister of Education, Culture and Science 2002-07, and Candidate for the Post of Chairperson of the Second Chamber in 2006. (b. 1952-).

2007-11 Minister of Economy and Finance Christine Lagarde, France

Minister-Delegate of External Commerce in the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry 2005-07 and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries in 2007. 2007-10 also Minister of Employment and 2008-11 of Industry. Director of the International Monetary Fond, IMF from 2011. (b. 1955-).

2007-10 Paymaster General Tessa Jowell, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Labour Whip 1994-95, Minister of State of Health 1997-99, Minister of State of Women’s Affairs 1998-2001, Minister of State of Education and Employment 1999-2001
Secretary of State of Culture, Media and Sport 2001-07,
Minister for the Olympics since 2005, Minister for Women 2005-06
and from 2007 also Minister for London and the South East (Attending the Cabinet). Her full name is Tessa Jane Helen Douglas Jowell née Palmer. Her first husband was Roger Jowell and she has been married to David Mills since 1979. (b. 1947-).

2007-08 Minister of Finance Aleqa Hammond, Greenland (Denmark)

Also Minister of External Relations on 1 July. She was Minister of Family Affairs and Justice 2005-07 and is MP Member of Parliament for the social democratic Siumut. Resigned in protest against the economic policies of the government. Chairperson of Siumut from 2009. (b. 1965-).

2007-15 Minister of Finance Dr. Emilía Maria Valéria Pires, Timor Leste

1998-2000 Member of the Executive Committee of the National Council of Timorese Resistance and Director of the Department of Regional Services, 2001-03 Secretary of the Commission on Planning and later Member of the parliament.

2007-12 Minister of Economic Development Elvira Nabiullina, Russia

Deputy Minister 1997-98 and First Deputy Minister 2000-03 of Economic Development and Trade, Presidential Economic Adviser 2012-13 and appointed Governor of the Central Bank in 2013. (b. 1963-)

2007-08 Minister of Economy Bâ Fatoumata Néné Sy, Mali

Also Minister of Industry and Commerce.

2007 Minister of Finance Oksana Ionova, The Self-Proclaimed Republic of Transniestria (Dniester Republic) in Moldova

Tax Service Director in the privious government.

2006-07 Minister of Finance Irina Molokanova, The Self-Proclaimed Republic of Transniestria (Dniester Republic) in Moldova


2007-09 Commissioner of Finance Claudette J. Watson-Anderson, US Virgin Islands (External Territory of USA)
2009-15 Director of Internal Revenu

Former financial auditor of the Legislature.

2007-09 Director of Internal Revenue Gizette Canegata-Thomas, US Virgin Islands (External Territory of USA)

Deputy Director of the Department until her appointment.

2007-15 Director of Management and Budget Debra Gottlieb, US Virgin Islands (External Territory of USA)

Former Director General of Onapha. Appointed Deputy Commissioner of Education in 2015.

2007-10 Minister of Finance Karen Nunez-Tesheira, Trinidad and Tobago

MP for the governing People’s National Movement (PNM).


2007-08 Minister of Economy Valdimira Da Silva Tavares, São Tomé e Príncipe

Member of MDFM. Minister of Agriculture and Regional Development 2008.

2007-08 Minister of Economy Sabine Laruelle, Belgium

Liberal Senator in 2003, Minister for the Self-employed and Agriculture from 2003, Minister of Cooperation and Development in 2007 and Minister of Science and Small Businesses and Enterprise since 2008. (b. 1965-). 

2007-09 Minister of Finance Tazhikan Borbugulovna Kalimbetova, Kyrgyzstan

Appointed by the authoritarian president Kurmanbek Bakiyev, after parliamentary elections where the opposition did not get any seats in spite of officially winning more than 8% of the vote. Former Civil Servant in the Economy Ministry and Deputy Minister of Finance. Deputy Prime Minister from 2009. (b. 1959-).

2007- Minister of Audit and Control Gladys María Bejerano Portela, Cuba

Worked for 30 with the party and council of ministers. Former MP and 2006-07 1. Vice-Minister of Audit and Control . (b. 1947-).

2008-09 Minister of Economic Development Ekaterine Sharashidze, Georgia

Head of the Presidential Administration 2005-08. (b. 1974-).

2008-09 Minister of Finance Mariana Durlesteanu, Moldova

2000-05 Vice-Minister of Finance and Ambassador to United Kingdom and Ireland 2005-08. (b. 1972-).

2008-16 Minister of the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics Shih Su-mei, Taiwan

Director of the Budget Ofice of the City of Taipei until her appointment to the Cabinet.

2008-10 Minister of Finance Ângela Viegas Santiago, São Tomé e Príncipe

Former advisor to the ministry.

2008-11 Minister of Economy and Competitiveness Fátima Maria Carvalho Fialho, Capo Verde

Economist, former banker and former civil servant in Cape Verde. (b. 1951-).

2008-11 Minister of Finance Diana Dragutinović, Serbia

Vice-Governor of the Central Bank 2004-08. (b. 1958-)

2008-11 Minister for the National Investment Plan Verica Kalanović, Serbia

2007-08 State Secretary of Economy and Regional Development

2008 Minister of Finance Wilma Josefina Salgado Tamayo, Ecuador

Economist who worked in the Ministry of Finance, for the World Bank, the Central Bank and latest as an MP. She was in office for a few months. (b. 1952-).

2008-10 Minister of Finance María Elsa Viteri Acaiturri, Ecuador

Subsecretary of Finance 2007-08.

2008-10 Minister of Economic Affairs Lene Espersen, Denmark

MF since 1994, Political Spokesperson of The Conservative People's 1999-2001, Minister of Justice 2001-08, Political Leader and Deputy Prime Minister 2008-11, also Minister of Business Affairs 2008-10 and Foreign Minister from 2010. (b. 1965-)   

2009-12 Minister of Economy Helena Nosolini Embalo, Guinea-Bissau

Also Minister of Planning and Regional Integration.

2009-10 Chairperson of the Council of Economic Advisors Christina Romer, United States of America

Professor of Economics at Berkley, Director of the Program in Monetary Economics at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and is a member of the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee. Mother of 3 children. (b. 1958-).

2009-11 Minister of Finance Clotilde Niragira, Burundi

2005-07 Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, 2007-09 Minister of Civil Service, Labour and Social Security and from 2011 Minister of National Solidarity, Human Rights and Gender.

2009-11 Minister of Finance Syda Namirembe B nv bumba, Uganda

1998-99 Minister Attached to the Office of the President responsible for Economic Monitoring, 1999-2006 Minister of Energy and Minerals and 2006-09 and from 2011 Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs.

2009-11 Government Councillor of Finance and Economy Sophie Thevenoux, Monaco

Former Director General of the Department and Monaco's first female Minister ever.

2009-11 Minister of Finance and Economy Elena Salgado Méndez, Spain

Also 2. Vice-President of the Government 2009-11 and 1. Vice-President for Economic Affairs from 2011. Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment 1991-96, 2004-07 Minister of Health  and President of the WHO Assembly in 2005 and 2007-09 Minister of Public Administration and Civil Service. (b. 1949-).

2009-12 Minister of Finance Ingrida Simonytė, Lithuania

Worked in the Ministry of Finance from 1997 as Deputy Minister 2002-09. (b. 1974-).

2009-10 Minister of Finance Jenny Phillips, Costa Rica

Vice-Minister of Finance 2006-09 and Vice-Minister of Science and Technology from 2010.

2009-10 Minister of Economy Louka Katseli, Greece

Also Minister of Competitiveness and Shipping. Minister of Labour and Social Insurance 2010-11, Founded the Social Agreement Party in 2012. MP until 2012.

2009-15 Minister of Economic Affairs Michelle Winklaar, Aruba (Dutch External Territory)

Also Minister of Social Affairs and Culture

2009-11 Minister of Finance Raya Haffar al-Hassan, Lebanon

Member of the 14 March Party and a Sunni Muslim.

2009-10 Minister of Finance Mercedes Aráoz Fernández, Perú

2006-09 Minister of External Trade and Tourism and 2009 Minister of Production. Presidential Candidate in 2011.

2010-11 Minister of Economy Lamia Assi , Syria

Former Ambassador to Malaysia.

2010-11 Minister of Economic Policy Katiuska Kruskaya King Mantilla, Ecuador

Former Subsecretary of Planning. (1976-)

2010-12 Minister and Chairperson of Economic Planning Council Christina Y. Liu, Taiwan
2012 Minister of Finance

Liu Yi-ju is a former MP and an economics professor and daughter of the former Minister of Finance, Shirley Kuo Wang-jung.

2010-12 Minister of Economic and Stability Development Vera Kobalia, Georgia

Returned to Georgia in 2009 from Canada where her family moved in the 1990's as a result of the armed conflict in Abkhazia. (b. 1981-).

2010-11 Minister of Economy Darja Radić, Slovenia

Worked privately and for a nuber of municipalities with Tourism,  State Undersecretary of Tourism and later Secretary of the Tourism Directorate in the Ministry of Economy between 2001-05 and State Secretary of Economy 2008-10. (b. 1965-).

2010-11 Minister of Finance Wonnie Boedhoe, Suriname

Former Director of the National Development Bank

2010-13 Minister of Finance Penny Wong, Australia

Penelope Ying-yen Wong has been Labor Senator from 2001 and was Minister for Climate Change, Energy Effeciency and Water 2007-10, from 2010 also in charge of Deregulation and in 2013 first Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate and later Senate Leader and Third in the Cabinet. She is her country's first openly lesbian minister and is born in Malaysia as daughter of a Chinese father and Australian mother. (b. 1968-).

2010-15 Federal Councillor of Finance Eveline Widmer-Sclumpf, Switzerland

Councillor of Finance and Military of Graubünden 1998-2007, Vice-President of the Government 2000 and 2004 and President of the Cantonal Government 2001 and 2005, Federal Councillor of Justice and Police 2008-10 and Vice-President of the Confederation for 2011 and President 2012. (b. 1956-). 

2010-11 Minister of Economic Development and Trade
2011-16 Minister of Economic Integration
Zhanar Aytzhanova, Kazakhstan
Previously worked with the UN and appointed Ambassador to Switzerland and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva in 2016. (b. 1965-)

2010-11 Minister for Economy Kim Wilson, Bermuda (British Dependent Territory)

Also Minister of Trade and Industry from 2010, Senator from 2006, Junior Minister for Finance and Education, Sports and Recreation 2006-07, Attorney General 2007-10, Acting Minister of Education in 2010 and Leader of the Government in the Senate, Attorney General and Minister of Justice 2011-12.

2010-11 Minister of the Treasury Anne Craine, Isle of Man

2003-11 Member of the Department of Local Government and the Environment, 2004-05 Member of the Department of Trade and Industry, 2005-06 Member of the Department of Health and Social Security, 2006-11 Minister of Education. She is sister of the former government member and President of the Upper House from 2011

2010 Acting Minister of Finance Elfreda Tamba, Liberia

Deputy Minister of Finance for Revenue from 2009.

2010-14 Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce Mayi Antillón Guerrero, Costa Rica

Minister of Communication and Liaison 2008-10

2010-12 Minister of National Planning and Economic Policies Laura Alfaro Maykall, Costa Rica

Professor of Economy at Harvard University in the US.

2010-11 Finance Minister Martina Dalić, Croatia
2016- Minister of Economy

Also Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Small and Medium Entrepreneurship and Crafts from 2016.. Assistant Minister of Finance 1999-2000, State Secretary of Finance 2003-08 and Bank Director until 2010. (b. 1967-).

2010-13 Minister of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation Željka Cvijanović, Republic Srpska (Autonomous Entity Within Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Prime Minister from 2013. (b. 1967-)

2011 Acting Minister of Finance Dinara Shaydieva, Kyrgyzstan

Worked in the ministry through many years, from about 2009 as Deputy Minister 

2011- Minister of Economy Galina Karimovna Saidova, Uzbekistan

1998-2000 Deputy Premier Minister of Analysis and Information, 2000-05 and 2010 1. Deputy Minister of Economy, 2005-06 Chairperson of the Anti Monopoly State Commission and 2010-11 Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade 

2011-13 Federal Minister of Finance Maria Fekter, Austria

1990-95 Secretary of State of Economy for Construction and Tourism, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Klub of ÖVP 1995-99, Secretary of the Nationalrat from 2004-07, she was narrowly defeated by a man within the ÖVP Klub for the post of 2. President of the Nationalrat (1. Vice-President) in 2006, one of the three Ombudsmen 2007-08 and Minister of Interior 2008-11. (b. 1956-)

2011-13 Minister of National Revenue Gail Shea, Canada

Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs in Prince Edwards Island 2000-03 and Minister of Transportation and Public Works 2003-07, and Conservative MP from 2008 and Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans 2008-11 and 2013-15.

Jutta Urpilainen

2011-14 Minister of Finance Jutta Urpilainen, Finland

Also Dputy Prime Minister. Chairperson of the Social Democrats 2008-14. (b. 1975-)

2011-12 Minister of Budget Valérie Pécresse, France

Also Minister of Public Assets, State Reform and Spokesperson of the Government. MP from 2002, 2007-11 Minister of Research and Higher Education, and became Regional President of the Region of Ile de France in 2015. (b. 1967-).

2011-12 Minister of Economy and Finances Adidjatou Mathys, Benin

Business woman.

2011-14 Minister of Planning, Budget and Economy Miriam Aparecida Belchior, Brazil
Former Secretary of Administration in the City Government of Santo André, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidency 2004-07.

2011-14 Minister of Budget, Finances, Taxes, Numeric Economy Sonia Backès, Nouvelles Caledonie (French External Territory)

Also Minister of Energy, Audiovisuel Communication, Higher Education and Resercarch and Government Spokesperson. She was Minister of Education 2009-11

2011-15 Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Maria Kiwanuka, Uganda

Business woman

2011-14 Minister of Economy Margrethe Vestager, Denmark
Also Vice-Premier and Minister of Interior from 2011. 1993-97 Party Chairperson, Deputy Group Chairperson 2001-07 and Group Chairperson and Party Leader of the Social Liberals from 2007. Minister of Education 1998-2001 and
Minister of Church Affairs
. (b. 1968-)

2011-15 Minister of Finance Adeline Wijnerman, Suriname

Director of the Ministry of Finance 2006-11. (b. 1966-)

2011-12 Minister of Economy Patrice Minors, Bermuda (British Overseas Territory)
Also Minister of Trade, Industry, Community and Development. She was Senator 1998-2003 and MP 2003-12, Junior Minister of Finance and Community Affairs and Sport 2002-03, Minister of Health and Family Services 2003-06, Minister of Business Development and Tourism 2010-11
Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Community and Development. (b. 1963-)

2011-12 Minister of Finance
2012 Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Oddný G. Hardardóttir, Iceland
Social Democrat MP from 2009 and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group 2011 and 2012-13, Deputy Group Chair 2013-16 and Party Leader in 2016. (b. 1957-)

2012-13 Minister of Finance Katrín Júlíusdóttir, Iceland
Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, 2009-12, Social Democratic MP from 2003 and Party Vice-Chair from 2013. A son born in 1999 and she was on maternity leave in 2012. (1974-)

2012-15 Minister of Finance Olga Lavrova, Kyrgyzstan
2004-05 Deputy Minister and afterwards Chair of the Social Fund and later exceutive of Gazprom (b. 1956-)

2012-13 Minister of Finance Maliina Abelsen, Greenland (Danish External Territory)
Minister of Family Affairs and Gender Equality 2009-11. (b. 1976-).

2012 Acting Minister of Economy Alevtina Alekseevna Slinchenko, Transnistria (Self declared Republic in Moldova)
1. Deputy Minister of Economy since 2012.

2012 Minister of Economy Alena Vladimirovna Shulga, Transnistria (Self declared Republic in Moldova)
Presidential Advisor from 2010. (b. 1983-)

2012 Minister of Finance Elena Georgievna Girzhul, Transnistria (Self declared Republic in Moldova)

2012- Minister of Finance and Economy Maya Ivanovna Parnas, Transnistria (Self declared Republic in Moldova)
Also Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Development and Acting Prime Minister in 2015.

2012-13 and 2014-16 Minister of Finance and Economy Marie-Carmelle Jean-Marie, Haiti
Former government advisor and business executive.

2012-16 Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee Heidi Soulsby, Guernsey (UK External Territory)
Member of the States from 2012.

2012-13 Minister of Economy Birutė Vėsaitė, Lithuania
Social Democratic Party MP from 2000. (b. 1952-)

2012 Minister of the Budget, Public Accounts and Civil Service Christiane Rose Ossoucah Raponda, Gabon

2012-13 Minister of Finance Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, the Cayman Islands  (British Overseas Territory)
Minister of Community Development, Sports, Youth Affairs and Culture 1997-2000 and 2003-04,  Minister for Planning, Communications, District Administration and IT 2004-05, Deputy Premier 2009-12, Minister for District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture since 2009, Minister of Environmental Health, Telecommunication and Gender Affairs2 009-12 and Minister of Premier 2012-13, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly 2001-03 and from 2013 and Deputy Leader of the United Democratic Party 2009-12 and Leader of the People's National Alliance from 2013

2013-14 Secretary of the Treasury Melba Acosta Febo, Puerto Rico (US External Territory)
Former Director of the Office of Management and Budget and a former Chief of Staff of the municipality of San Juan

2013-14 Director of the Office of Budget and Management Sylvia Mathews Burwell, USA
White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy 1997-98, Deputy Director of the Office 1998-2001 and later business executive. Appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services in 2014.

2013-15 Minister of Finance Maria Luís Albuquerque, Portugal
Also Minister of State. She was Secretary of State of Finance for the Treasury and the Finances 2011-13. (b. 1967-).

2013-15 Minister of National Revenue Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Canada
Conservative MP 2011-15, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice 2011-13 and Assciate Minister of National Defence in 2013.

2013-15 Minister of Economy and Finance Bouare Fily Sissoko, Mali

Former World Bank executive.

2013- Minister of Fiance Siv Jensen, Norway
Also Deputy Prime Minister. MP from 1997, 1. Vice-Chairperson 1999-2006, Deputy Parliamentary Leader 2001-05, Chairperson from 2006 and Parliamentary Leader 2005-13 of Fremskrittspartiet and Chair of the Finance Committee of the Storting 2001-05. (b. 1969-)

2013-14 and 2016- Minister of Economy Mariam Mahmat Nour, Chad
1990-91 Secretary of State of Planning and Cooperation, 1991-92 Secretary of State of Finance, 1994-96 Minister of Planning and Communication, 1996-97 Minister and Scretary General of the Government, 1997-98 Minister of Environment and Water and worked at the UN since 1999 as FAO Representative in various African Countries. Appointed Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

2013-15 Minister of Finance Saada Mkuya Salum, Tanzania
Deputy Minister for Finance from 2012 and Acting Minister during the ilness and in 2014 death of the office holder and appointed to the post in a permanent position in 2014.

2013-14 Minister responsible for Coordinating the Economic Policies Daniela Nikolova Bobeva, Bulgaria

She is Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Coordinating the Economic Policies. Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Co-operation in 1997 and held a number of positions as manager of various public and semi-public banks. (b. 1958-)

2014 Minister in charge of Economic Policy Ekatarina Zaharieva, Bulgaria
Deputy Minister of Regional Development 2011-12, Secretary General of the Presidency 2012-13, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development in 2013 and Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Policy, Minister of Regional Development and Minister of Investment Planning in 2014. (b. 1976-)

2014-16 Minister of Economy Florence Limbo, Central African Republic
Also Minister of Planning, Developement and International Cooperation

2014-15 Minister of Economic Development Federica Guidi, Italy
President of a regional branch of the business federation. (b. 1966-)

2014 Minister of Finance Ioana Petrescu, Romania
Former Economic Advisor of the Prime Minister. (b. 1976-)

2014-15 Minister of Economic Affairs Urve Palo, Estonia
Also Minister of Communications. She was Minister of Population 2007-09, Deputy Mayor of Viimsi 2009-11, MP for the Social Democrats 2011-14 and was appointed Minister of Foreign Trade in 2015. (b. 1972-)

2014 Minister of Economy Yuko Obuchi, Japan
Also Minister of Trade and Industry and State Minister for Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation. MP from 2005. Parliamentary Secretary of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 2006-07, Minister of State for Social Affairs and Gender Equality 2008, Senior Vice Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 2012, Senior Vice Minister of Health 2012-14. Daughter of the late Prime Minister Obuchi Keizo. (b. 1973-).

2014- Magdalena Andersson, Sweden
State Secretary of Finance for Taxation Issue 2004-06

2014-16 Vice-President of the Commission for Budget Kristalina Georgieva, European Union

Former Vice-President of the World Bank and CEO from 2017. In 2009 she turned down the offer of the post of Vice-Premier and Minister of Finance in Bulgaria, EU-Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response 2010-14. Candidate for the post of Secretary General of the United Nations in 2016.

2014-16 Minister for Economics
2016- Minister of Finance Dana Reizniece-Ozola
, Latvia
MP for the Green and Farmers Party from 2010 and 2010-11 Parliamentary Secretary of Transport (b. 1981-).

2014-15 Minister of Finance Maris Lauri, Estonia
Economist and banker, Economic Advisor of the Prime Minister in 2014. (b. 1966-)

2014-16 Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko, Ukraine
An US-born economist who lived in Ukraine since 1995 and was granted Ukrainian Citizenship before her appointment to the cabinet. (b. 1967-).

2015- Minister of Finance Santina Cardos, Timor Leste
Santina Jose Rodrigues Ferreira Viegas Cardos is a former Director General in the Ministry and Vice-Finance Minister 2012-15. (b. 1975-).

2015-16 Minister of Finance 'Mamphono Khaketla, Leshoto
2002-04 Minister of Communications, Science and Technology, 2004-07 Minister of Natural Resources, 2007-12 Minister of Education and Training and appointed Foreign Minister in 2016.

2015- Finance Minister Jelka Milicević, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina)

2015- Minister of Finance Samsam Abdi Adan, Somaliland
2010-15 Minister of Education

2015- Minister of Finance Kristina Háfoss, Faeroe Islands (Danish External Territory)
Member of the Lagting 2002-04 and from 2010, Minister of Education, Research, Culture and Church Affairs  in 2008 and mother of 3 children. (b. 1975-).

2015- Minister of National Revenue Diane Lebouthillier, Canada
Liberal MP

2015-17 Minister of Public Finances Anca Dana Dragu Paliu, Romania
Economist in the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission since 2013.

2015- Minister of Budget Sophie Wilmès, Belgium
Also Minister of the National Lottery. Former Alderman of Sint-Genesius-Rode and member of the Provincial Assembly of Vlaams-Brabrant until she became an MP in 2015. (b. 1975-)3.

2015- Minister of Finance Kemi Adeosun, Nigeria
British trained economist, Commissioner of FInance of the Ogun State 2011-15. (b. 1967-)

2016- Minister of Economy and Finance Malado Kaba, Guniea
Economist and former Country Director of the Africa Governance Initiative.

2016- Minister of Economy and Finance Rosine Sori Coulibaly , Burkina Faso

A former UN-official, she was rumored to have been appointed Prime Minister in 2016. Her official name is Alizatou Rosine Coulibaly née Sori.

2016- Minister of Enconomy Milva Ekonomi, Albania
Deputy Minister of Health 2013-16

2016- Minister for Revenue and Financial Services Kelly O'Dwyer, Australia
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer 2014-15, Assistant Treasurer and Small Business Minister 2015-16.

2016 Acting Minister of Finance Alenka Smerkolj, Slovenia
Minister without Portfolio for Development, Strategic Projets and European Cohesion from 2014.

2016- Minister of Finance Mateja Vraničar Erman, Slovenia
Secretary of State of Finance 2014-16.

2016- Minister of Finance Lamia Zeribi, Tunesia
2015-16 Secretary of State of Development, Investments and International Cooperation.

2016 Minister of Finance Randi Vestergaard Evaldsen, Greenland (Danish External Territory)

She was also 1. Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources. Vice-Chair 2014-16 and Chairperson of the party Demokraatit from 2016. (b. 1984-))

2016- Minister of Economic Affairs Kadri Simson, Estonia
Also Minister of Infrastructure. She was Chairperson of the Centre Party fraction in Riigikogu 2009-16. (b. 1977-)

2016- Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić, Montenegro
Former Advisor and Deputy Minister of Economy. (b. 1980-)

2016- Minister of Revenue Judith Collins, New Zealand

Also Minister of Energy and Resources and Ethnic Communities 2008-11 and 2015-16 Minister of Police and Corrections, 2008-11 Minister of Veterans' Affairs, 2011-14 Minister of Justice, the Accident Compensation Act and Ethnic Affairs. She has been National MP from 2002 and candidate for the post of Party Leader and Prime Minister in 2016, but withdrew before the internal party elections.

2016- Minister of Finance Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, Turks and Caicos Islands (British Overseas Territory)
Also Premier. Deputy Leader in 2012 and Leader of the People's Democratic Movement since 2012 and Leader of the Opposition 2012-16. (b. 1971-).

2017- Minister of Economy Birgitte Zypries, Germany
Also Minister of Energy. State Secretary of Social Affairs of Niedersachsen 1997-98, State Secretary of Interior 198-2002, Federal Minister of Justice 2002-09, Parliamentary State Secretary of Economy, Industry and Energy charged with coordination of Aviation and Space Industry 2013-17 In question as Parliamentary Leader of SPD in 2013 but that post was taken over by a man. (b. 1953-).

2017- Minister of Finance Christine Georges Diguibaye, Chad
Former official at the African Union.

2017- Minister of Economy Carmen Geannina Dinarte Romero, Costa Rica
Also Minister Industry and Trade. Vice-Minister 2014-17.

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