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1917-18 Head of the Government and People's Commissioner for Internal Affairs Evheniya Bohdanivna Bosch, Ukraine 1917 Peoples' Commissar of Social Affairs Aleksandra Michailovna Kollontaj1917 Peoples' Commissar of Social Affairs Aleksandra Michailovna Kollontaj, Russia1924-26 Minister of Education Nina Bang, Denmark1924 Parliamentary Secretary of State of Labour and 1929-31 Minister of Employment t. Hon. Margaret Bondsfield, United Kingdom1945-49 Member of the People's Government Council, 1949-54 Deputy Leader of the Executive and Legislative Power in the Council of Ministerl Cai Chang, China1949-56 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, 1956-64 Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1969-74 Prime Minister Golda Meïr, Israel
1971 Minister of Health, 1992-94 State Minister by the Premier Minister (Women and Family Affairs) Dr. Türkan Akyol, Turkey1975-78 Minister of Culture and Education, 1978-80 Minister of Education, Social  Affairs and Culture and 1980-91 President of Assembleia Popular Nacional  Alda Neves da Graça do Espirito Santo, Sao Tome e Principe
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