First female ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership


All countries in the world had at least one woman minister or deputy minister at some point.
For more details check out Woman Ministers and other members of Government
and Situation in 2005

1917-18 Acting Leader of the Government and Peoples' Commissioner for Internal Affairs Eugenia Bogdanova Bosh (Gotlibovna), Ukraine

1917 Peoples' Commissar of Social Affairs Aleksandra Michailovna Kollonta, Russia
Countess Sofia Vladimirovna Panina was Vice Minister of State Welfare and Vice Minister of Education  
earlier in 1917.

1918-19 Member of the Governing National Council of the Fifteen, The Provisorial Government Schwimmer Rosika, Hungary
Plenipotentiary Minister to Switzerland 1918-19, as the first female ambassador in the world. Ratkó Ana was Minister of Health and Welfare 1949-53.

1919-21 Minister of Labour in Cabinet of the Provisoric Government  Constance Markiewicz, Ireland
1921-22 Minister of Labour
The next woman in the government was Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, who was appointed Minister of State of Industry and Energy in 1977.

1924-25 Minister of Education Nina Bang, Denmark
The next female minister was appointed in 1947.

1927-28 Second Minister of Social Affairs for Health Miina Sillanpää, Finland
The next female minister was appointed 1945.

1929-31 Minister of Employment Margaret Bondsfield, United Kingdom of Great Britain
She was Parliamentary Secretary of State of Labour in 1924. The Duchess of Atholl was Parliamentary Secretary 1924-29..

1930-40 People's Commissar of Fishery Economy Polina Semenovna Zemcuzina, USSR
Before her, Vavara Nikoleavna Iakovleva was Deputy People's Commissar of Education Circa 1920-29 and Minister of Finance in Russia 1929-36.

1930-? Minister of Heath D. Puntsag, Mongolia
There might have been two female Deputy Ministers in the 1920s and the next woman in the government was appointed around 1970,

1932-37 Vice-Chairperson of the Central Executive Committee Mar'yam Tugambayeva, Kyrgyzstan
1937  Joint Acting Chairperson of the Central Executive Committee (16.09-0 4.10) 

1933-45 Secretary of Labor Francis Perkins, USA
Before her, Annette Abbott Adams, was Assistant Attorney General 1920-21.

1936-37 Minister of Health and Social Assistance Federica Montserny i Mañé, Spain
The next female member of the government was appointed in 1980. Federica Montserny lived (1905-94).

1937-44 Parliamentary Secretary of Education Rt. Hon Dame Dehra Parker, Northern Ireland
1944-49 Chairperson of Government Committee of Youth
1948-49 Chairperson of General Health Services Board
1949-57 Minister of Health and Local Government

1938-? Public Commisar of Education Evdokiya Ilinichna Uralova, Belarus

1938/40-45 Member of Council of State of Government-in-Exile Anezka Hodinová-Spurná, Czechoslovakia

1938 Commissioner of the Economics' Committee of the Nationalist Government Feng Yunhe, China
1949-54 Minister of Textile Industry
1982 Minister of Textile Industry

194?-?? Minister of Education Dušanka Kovačević, Bosnia-Herzegovina
19??-53 Deputy Minister
1953-?? Member of the Executive Council
1960's President of Chamber for Education and Culture of the Assembly

1944 Minister of Interior Nelda Martinez, Ecuador
The next female minister was appointed in 1979.

1944 Vice-Chairperson of the Provisoric Government Wanda Wasilewska, Poland
Irena Kosmowska was State Secretary of Social Affairs 1918 and Zofia Wasilkowska Minister of Justice 1956-57.

1944-47 Minister of Social Security Olga Lauristin, Estonia
1947-51 Minister of Cinematography
First post-independence Minister was Siiri Oviir, who was Minister of Social Affairs 1990-92, 1995 and 2001-03. 

1945-48 Minister of Education and Science Naxhije Dume, Albania

1945 Minister without Portfolio Kirsten Moe Hansteen, Norway

1945 Understate secretary for Food Helene Postranecky, Austria
The first full female minister was appointed in 1966.

1945-53 Finance Minister Anka Berus, Croatia
1953-60s Member of the Executive Council of Yugoslavia
After the independence from Yugoslavia, Vesna Girardi Jurkić was Deputy Minister of Education, Culture and Sport 1991-92 and Minister of the same Portfolio 1992-94

1945-49 Minister of Education Mitra Mitrovic-Djilas, Serbia
1951-53 Minister of Education, Science and Culture

1945-46 Minister for Social Politics Vida Tomšić, Slovenia
1950's Member of the Executive Council
1962-63 Provisional President of Narodna Skubscina (and de-facto head of state)
1974-78 President of the Narodna Skubscina
At the time the President of the People’s Assembly was also "Head of State.

1946-47 Minister of Social Affairs mr. Maria Ullfah Santoso, Indonesia

1946-47 Minister of Health Dr. Florica Bagdasar, Romania
1947-48 Minister of Health Germaine Poinso-Chapuis, France
Before her Irene Joliot-Curie, Suzanne Lacore and Cecilie Brunshvig were Undersecretaries of State in 1936.

1947-67 Minister of Post, Telegraphs and Telephones Tsola Nicheva Draoycheva, Bulgaria

1947 Minister of Supplies The Hon. Mable Bowden Howard, New Zealand
1947-49 Minister of Health 
1957-60 Minister of Social Affairs and Welfare of Women and Children

1947-57 Minister of Health Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, India
1951 Minister of Communication
1952 Minister of Communication (from circa 1955 Forth in cabinet)

1947-48 Minister without Portfolio for Household Economy Prof. Karin Kock Lindberg, Sweden
1948-49 Minister of Household Economy

1948-57 Minister of Culture Ho Chong-suk, North Korea
1957 Minister of Justice

1948 Minister of Trade and Industry Yim Yong-shi, South Korea

1948-54 Commissioner of Social Welfare Asuncion Arnola Perez, Philippines
1949-54 Cabinet Minister

1949-52 State Secretary for People's Education Else Zaisser, East Germany
1952-53 Minister of People's Education
1953-54 Secretary of State for People's Education

1949-56 Minister of Labour Golda Meïr, Israel
1949-52 Minister of Social Affairs
1956-64 Minister of Foreign Affairs
1969-74 Premier Minister

1949-52 Minister of Agriculture Vera Dosta Aceva, Macedonia
1952-60-? Member of the Executive Council
Mayor of Skoplje circa 1947

195?-6? Member of the Executive Council Milica Pajković, Montenegro
Also Undersecretary of Health and Social Affairs.

1950-56 Vice-Minister of Education Olga Nuñez de Sassallow, Nicaragua
Prof. María Helena de Perras was Minister of Education 1974/78-79.

1950-? Minister of Social Affairs and Health Maria Santa Domingo de Miranda, Panama

1950-54 Commissioner of Labour and Social Affairs JUDr. Emilia Murinova-Janeckova, Slovakia

1950-60’s Secretary for Finance Katarina Patrnogic, Kosova

1950-60's Member of the Executive Council Desanka Romic, Vojvodina

1952 Minister of Justice Adriana Olguín de Baltra, Chile
Apparently two women were appointed Subsecretaries in 1931 and 1932

1952-55 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Aljandra Giovarini, Argentina

1952-54 Minister for and Premier of the Karen State Daw Ba Maung Chien, Burma
A woman was appointed Minister in 1953 and the next Deputy Minister in 2011 and Minister in 2012.

1952/53 Minister without Portfolio María Gómez Garbonell, Cuba

1952/53 Minister without Portfolio Julia Eugenia Consuegra Rudriguez, Cuba

1952-59 Deputy Premier, Minister of Construction Industry Yadar Sadykovna Nasriddinova, Uzbekistan
1959-70 President (24.3-25.9)

1953-60 Minister of Health and Labour The Hon. Rose Agatha Leon
1972-76 Minister of Local Government
1976-80 Special Advisor of the Minister of Social Affairs

1955-58 Minister of Education and Culture The Hon. Agatha Barbara, Malta
1971-74 Minister of Education and Culture                                           
1974-81 Minister of Labour, Welfare and Culture (Third in Cabinet)
1982-87 President of the Republic

1956-57 Minister of Education Josefina Valencia de Hubach, Colombia

1956-63 Minister of Social Affairs M.A.M. Klompé,  The Netherlands
1966-71 Minister of Culture, Recreation and Social Work
Dr. G.A de Waal was State Secretary of Education, Arts and Science 1953-57.

1956-58 Minister of Social Affairs Lina Tsaldari, Greece
A deputy minister was appointed in 1974 and the next full minister in 1981.

1956-59 Minister of Health Wimala Wijewardhna, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
1959-60 Minister of Local Government and Housing

1957 Secretary of State for Canada Ellen Lourkes Fairclough, Canda
1957- Privy Councillor
1958 Acting Prime Minister (1.1)
1958-62 Minister for Citizenship and Immigration
1962-63 Postmaster General

1957-61 Minister of Labour, Health and Housing Janet Jagan, Guyana
1963-64 Minister of Home Affairs (Senator)
1996-97 Leader of the Opposition
1997 First Vice-President, Prime Minister and Minister of Mines (6.3-22.12)
1997-99 President (19.12-11.8) (Head of State and Government)

1957-62 Deputy Premier Minister Zinadia A. Kuadhadze, Georgia
1957-59 Minister of Trade

1957-59 Chairperson of the Committee for Science and Technology at the Council of Ministers Tira Aza-Kyzy Tairova, Azarbaijan
1959-83 Minister of Foreign Affairs
1963-68 Deputy Premier Minister

1958 Minister of Social Welfare, Housing and Labour Célestine Ouezzin Coulibaly née Makouau Traoré, Burkina Faso
1958-59 Minister of Social Affaris and Labour
The next State Secretary was appointed in 1974 and she became Minister in 1978

1958-61 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Hon. Phyllis Shand Allfrey, The West Indies Federation (Domenica)
She was the only female and only white minister in the government of the The West Indies Federation, a co-operation between a number of Caribbean countries which lasted 1958-62.

1958-62 Minister of Education Profa. Estela Hernández Quezada de Niño, Costa Rica
1978-82 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

1958-1962 Subsecretary of Education for Culture Amalia de Castillo Lédon, Mexico
Dr. Lydia C. Berthley was Attorney General of the Federal District 1959-1964 and the first full cabinet member was Hilda Anderson Nevárez, who was Secretary of Tourism in 1980.

1959-61 Minister of Social Action Tong Siv Eng, Cambodia
1963-68 Minister of Health
She had been Secretary of State for Labour and Social Action 1958-59.

1959-60 Minister of Municipalities Dr Naziha al-Dulaimi, Iraq
1960 Minister of State without Portfolio
Another female minister was appointed in 1969 and the next in 2003.

1959-62 Minister of Social Affairs Khally Nazarova, Turkmenistan
1963-65 Deputy Premier Minister
Deputy Minister of Public Service in 1958

1959-61 Deputy Minister of Health and Local Government Dwarka Chand Thakumrani, Nepal
Shusila Thapa Deputy Minister of Health from 1964 and 1975-77/79 Minister of Health

1959-63 Deputy Premier Minister Zaure S. Omarova, Kazakstan
1966-80 Minister of Social Affairs

1960 Minister of Social Affairs Masa Nakayama, Japan
Two women were appointed Vice-Ministers in 1948.

1960-70 Minister of Justice, Social Affairs and Culture Stella Soulitou, Cyprus
1964-66 Minister of Health

Circa 1960-65 Deputy Premier Minister A.N. Atanepesova, Tajikistan

1960-76 Deputy Premier in charge of Culture and Minister of Foreign Affairs Leokaida Dirginskaitė-Pihusenko, Lithuania

1960-71 Minister of Social Affairs I.I. Ianchaitė, Lithuania

1961-66 Federal Minister of Health Dr.teol. Elisabeth Schwarzhaupt, Germany
Gabrielle Wülker had been State Secretary for Family and Youth 1957-59.

1961-65/67 Minister of Social Affairs Hon. Cynthia Gairy, Grenada
1967-74 Minister of Social Affairs, Culture and Community Development

1961-90 Minister of Social Affairs Valentina Pikkel, Latvia

1962-64 Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Hikmat Abu-Zaid/Zeid, Egypt
1964-65 Minister of Social Affairs in the United Arab Republic (an union with Syria)

1962-64 Secretary of Social Service Profa. Sandra Martins Cavalranti, Brazil

1962-66 Minister of Education Begum Mahmooda Saleem Khan, Pakistan
1962-89/90 Minister of Social Affairs Olga V. Bykova, Moldova

1962 Minister of State Paramount Chief Madam Hon. Ella Koblo Gulama, Sierra Leone
1962-67 Minister without Portfolio

1962-? Deputy Minister for Health Bibi Titi Mohammed, Tanzania
Julie Manning was Minister of Justice 1975-79.

1963-67 Minister of Health Isabella U. Teshea, Trinidad and Tobago
1963-70 Minister of Housing
1971-75 Minister of Education and Culture I
She had been Parliamentary Secretary of Local Government for Health, Water and Sanitation 1961-63.

1963-66 Minister of Social Affairs Suzanna Al-Hassan, Ghana
1967 Minister of Social Affairs
1985-87 Member of National Defence Council (The Military Junta)
1993 Member of National Defence Council
She had been Deputy Minister of Education 1961-63.

1964-68 Parliamentary Secretary of Labour and Social Development Princess Nakatindi Wini, Zambia
1968-73 Parliamentary Secretary of Co-operatives, Youth and Social   Development
1992-93 Minister of State of Tourism
1993-circa 98 Minister of Community Development and Social Welfare
Dr. Mutumba Mainga Bull was Minister of Health 1973-76.

1964-65 Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health Madeleine Ayinkamiye, Rwanda

1964-68 Minister for Education The Hon. E.W.A Chiappe, Gibraltar

1965-67 Minister of Health Kubrah Nourzai, Afganistan

1965 Minister of Labour Alba Alonzo de Quesada, Honduras

1965-69 Minister of Family and Housing Marguriete De Riemacker-Legot, Belgium

1965-69 Minister of Education and Housing and Social Service Hon. Gwendolyn Lizarraga, Belize

1967-68 Minister of Social Affairs Sophie(-Madeleine) Lihau-Kanza/ Lusibu Zala N'Kanza, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
1969-70 Minister of State (Deputy Premier) and Minister of Social Affairs
She was Secretary of State of Social Affairs 1966-67

1967-69 Secretary of State of Family, Social Solidarity, Youth, Population and National Education, Culture and Religous Affairs
1969-71 Minister of Family, Youth, Social Solidarity, Health, Culture and Religious Affairs Madeleine Frieden-Kinnen, Luxembourg

1968-71 Minister of Education Farokhrou Parsa, Iran
She had been Deputy Minister 1965-68.

1968-69 Minister without Portfolio and Leader of the Government in the Senate
1969-72 Minister of Transport

1968-72 Minister of Health and Social Affairs Hon. Gloria Juanita McPhee, Bermuda
1972-76 Minister of Education and Libraries
1976-77 Minister of Planning, Housing and Environment

1968 Minister of Education and Social Welfare Alba Roballo, Uruguay

1969-90 Member of the States and Chairperson of Policy & Finance Dorothy Leach, Alderney

1969-73 Minister of Social Affairs Hon. Tan Sri Fatimah binti Abdul Majid Hashiim, Malaysia

1969 Minister of Development Aura Celina Casanova, Venezuela

1969-76 Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Provisorial Government Nguyên Thi Bình, South Vietnam
1976-84 Minister of Education 1976-87
1981-2002 Member of the Council of State
1987-2003 Vice-President

1969-79 Minister of Social Affairs, Health and the Disabled Duang Quynh Hoa, Vietnam
1975 Minister of Heath, Social Affairs and the Disabled, Provisoric Government of South VIetnam

1969-90 Member of the States and Chairperson of Policy & Finance Dorothy Leach, Alderney

1970-72 Minister of Justice and Church Affairs Auður Auðens, Iceland

1970-75 Deputy Minister of Health and Public Welfare Delphine Zanga Tsogo, Cameroon
1975-84 Minister of Social Affairs

1970 Minister for the Plan and Cooperation Marie-Mathurine Silinghia, Central African Republic
1970 Minister for the Plan and National Guidance
1970-71 Minister of International Cooperation

1970-73 Undersecretary of State of Social Affairs Maria Teresa Carcomo Lobo, Portugal
Dr. Maria de Lurdes Pintasilgo became Secretary of State and then Social Affairs
1974-75 Minister of Social Affairs in 1974 and was Pemier Minister 1979-80.

1970-77 Minister of Education, Health and Welfare The Hon. Mary Rose Tuitt, Monserrat

1970-77 Minister of Health and Environment Lucinda E[lona] da Costa Gomez-Matheeuws, Netherlands Antillies
1971-77 Minister of Welfare, Youth, Sports, Culture and Recreation
1977 Minister Presidente and Minister of General Affairs (Foreign Affairs and Defence)

1970-73 Minister of Education Dr. Princess Stella N. Sigcau, Transkei
1973-78 Minister of the Interior, Industry, Trade and Tourism
1979-81 Minister of the Internal Affairs, Post and Telecommunication
1981-87 Minister of Post and Telecommunication
1987 Prime Minister (5.10.-30.12.87)

Circa 1970-83 President of Committee of Public Health Senator Gwyneth Clare Huelin, Jersey

Circa 1970-76 Chairperson of the Government-Committee of Education Jean Thornton-Duesbery, Isle of Man

1970 Minister of Public Service Charlotte Kisimba, The Republic of Congo

1971-78 Minister of Family and Social Welfare Toure Aissata Kone, Mauritania

1971 Minister of Health Dr. Türkan Akyol, Turkey
1992-94 State Minister by the Premier Minister (Women and Family Affairs)

circa 1971-78 Attorney General Hon. Paula F. Beaubrun, British Virgin Islands

1972-79 Commissioner of Conservation and Cultural Affairs Hortense C. Willigan Rowe, United States Virgin Islands

1972-76 Minister of Health and Social Security Mai Wiles Padmore, Liberia
Before her, Ellen Mills Scarborough, was Secretary of State of Education 1948-52

1972-73 Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare Begum Nurjahan Murshed, Bangladesh
1973-75 Minister of Social Affairs and Family Planning
Badrunnessa Ahmed was also appointed as Education Minister 1973-75.

1973-77 Deputy Chairperson of Economic Planning Council Shirley Kuo Wang-jung, Taiwan
1977-79 Deputy Chairperson of the Council of Economic Planning Development
1988-90 Minister of Finance
1990-93 Minister of State and Chairperson of Council of Economic Development
1993-98 Minister of State (Third in the Cabinet)
1998-99 Minister without Portfolio
1999-2000 Minister of State Third in Cabinet)
1974-87 Minister for Women's Questions Euphrasie Kandeke, Burundi

1974 Minister of Foreign Affairs Princess Elizabeth Rukidi Nyabongo, Uganda
The Parliamentary Secretary of Communiy Development 1962-65 was F. Lubega

1974-77 Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. G.K.T. Chiepe
1977-84 Minister of Mines and Natural Resources
1984-94 Minister of External Affairs
1994-99 Minister of Education

1975-80 Minister of Community Development and Social Welfare Fern Favere Najere Sadyalunda, Malawi
Jean M. Mlanga had been Parliamentary Secretary to the President 1966-circa 74

1974-89 Representative  in Ministry of Finance HRH Ashi Sonam Chhoden Wangchuk of Bhutan, Bhutan
1990-91 Minister of Finance
1991-96 Representative of the King in the Ministry of Finance
1991-94 Representative in Ministry of Agriculture
1992-97 Second in the Cabinet
1996-97 Minister of Finance
1997-98 Representative in Ministry of Agriculture

1974-76 Minister of State of Public Works Clara Boscagli, San Marino
1978 Minister of State of the Interior and Justice
1986-90 Secretary of State of Finance and Budget

1974-80 Minister of Housing, Community Development, Local Government and Social Affairs, Groups Needs, Cooperatives, the Provident Fund and Water Hon. Ives Heraldine Rock, St. Lucia

1975-78 Minister of Culture and Education Alda Neves da Graça do Espirito Santo, Sao Tome e Principe
1978-80 Minister of Information and Social Affairs
1980-91 President of Asembleia Popular Naçional

1975-86 Minister of Education and Culture Graça Simbini Machel, Mozambique

1975 Deputy Premier Minister Rema Kh. Svetlova, Armenia
Information about the Armenian Soviet Government is incomplete. First female post-independent minister was Nina Asmayan, who was Minister of Trade 1991-92.

1975-76 Minister of Women's Affairs, Prizes and Consumer's Affairs Hon. Radhamanay Roonoosarny, Mauritius

1975 and 1976-79 Substitute Member of the Government Marianne Eliasson, Åland
Gunnevi Nordman was Minister of Education and Culture  1980-88 and Deputy Chief of the Government

1976-2000 Minister of Culture Dr. Naja Al-Attar, Syria

1976-78 Minister of Communication Leosak Sombatsiri, Thailand

1976-78 Minister of Universities Prof. Wimonsiri Chamnawet, Thailand

1976-78 Minister of Labour and Social Security Tina Anselmi, Italy
1978-79 Minister of Health
Angela Maria Guidi Cingolani was the first woman to be appointed as Undersecretary. She was in charge of Industry and Trade 1951-53.

1976-81 Minister of Health and Insurance The Hon. Dame Billie Antoniette Miller, Barbados
1981-86 Minister of Education
1985-86 Minister of Culture
1986-90 Leader of the Opposition Business in the Senate
1994-2001 Leader of the House
1994-2003 Deputy Prime Minister
1994- Minister of Foreign Affairs
1994-95 Minister of Foreign Trade and International Business
1995-99 Minister of Tourism and International Transport
1999-2008 Minister of Foreign Trade
2003-08 Senior Minister
Before her, Odessa Gittens was Parliamentary Secretary of Education 1966-71.

1976-79 Minister of Social Welfare Fatima Abd el-Mahoud, Sudan
El-Mahoud was Deputy Minister in 1972 and Minister of State 1875-76. The first government menber was Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport Nafisah Ahmad al-Amin 1971-72.

1976-80 Minister of Social Services Hon. Albena Lake-Hodge, Anguilla
1984-85 Minister of Education and Second in the Cabinet

1977-91 Minister of Revolutionary Art and Culture Gisèle Rabesahala, Madagascar

1977-79 Minister of Corrective Institutions and Liquor Licensing Nahau Rooney, Papua New Guinea
1979 Minister of Justice
1980-82 Minister of Decentralization
1985-87 Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

1977-? Minister of Health Moomina Haleem, Maldive Islands

1977-83 Member of the Executive Council in Charge of Social Welfare and Education M. Peters, St. Helena

1978-circa 83 Minister of Women's Participation Christina Ndjombe Ndjangani, Equatorial Guinea
1991-94 Minister of Women and Social Affairs

1978-81 Minister of Social Affairs Caroline Diop Faye, Senegal
1981-83 Minister-Delegate by the Premier Minister
1982-83 Minister of State (Third in Cabinet)

1978 Minister of Welfare Ruth Chicas Redón de Sosa, Guatemala
One woman was apparently member of the cabinet as Secretary of Social Affairs in 1971.

1978-82 Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals Bibi Yao Savi de Tore, Togo

1978-81 Minister of Social Affairs, Health and Women Biyémi Kekeh, Togo

1979-83/84 Minister of National Planning Chief Adenike Ebun Oyagbola, Nigeria

1979 Minister of Social Affairs Margarita Cedeños de Armijos, Ecuador

1979-80s President of the Public Service Commission Marie Maddison, Marshall Islands
1980s Secretary of Social Service
1980s Secretary of Health
Circa 1992-94 Secretary of Education
1999-2002 Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade
As Foreign Secretary she is Deputy the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Evelyn Konou was Minister of Health Services and Environment 1993-94 and of Education 1994-97.

1980-86 Minister of Social Affairs and Women Antoniette Oliveira, Gabon

1980 Under-Minister of Labour and Housing Siegmien Staphorst, Suriname
1980 Minister of Social Affairs and Housing

1980-82 Minister of Social Affairs Inamal al-Mufti, Jordan

1980 Minister of Youth, Sport and Recreation Joyce Wachunu Mujuru, Zimbabwe
1980-85 Minister of Community Development and Women's Affairs
1985-88 Minister of State by the Prime Minister
1988-92 Minister of Community Development, Cooperatives and Women’ Affairs
1992-96 Resident Minister and Governor of Mashonaland Central
1996-97 Minister of Information, Post and Telecommunication
1997-2014 Minister of Rural Resources and Water Development
2001 Acting Minister of Defence (June-August)
2004-14 Vice-President

1980-84 Member of Executive Council Mary Jennings, Falkland Islands

1980-2000 President of the Public Health, Sea Fisheries and Pilotage Committees Beatrice Caroline Bell, Sark
1992 -2014 Deputy Seigneur

1981-83 Minister of Health and Social Affairs Carmen Pereira, Guinea Bissau
1984-89 President of Assembléia Nacional Popular
1984 Acting Head of state (14.5.-16.5.84)
1989-94 Member the Council of State
1990-91 Minister of State (Deputy Premier) for Social Affairs

1981-83 Minister of Culture Manical Mastura Ali Salem, Zanzibar
1983-90 Minister of Health

Ca.1982-86 Minister of Social Affairs Maria Mambo Café, Angola
1986-88 Vice- Premier, Minister of State for the Economic and Social Sphere
She has been the first female Vice-Minister, and in charge of Internal Trade 1977-78.

1982 Secretary of State of Social Affairs Z'hour Ounissi, Algeria
1984-86 Minister of Social Affairs
1986-88 Minister of Education (And third in the Cabinet)

1982-87 Parliamentary Secretary of Health, Labour and Social Welfare Nymasata Sameh Bojang, The Gambia

Circa 1982-91 Minister of Social Affairs, Housing and Unity Huguette Hong-Kiou, French Polynesia

1982-84 Member of the Council of Government Yvonne Hnada, Nouvelle Caledonie

1982-circa 85 Minister Nema Ould al-Joumani, Western Sahara

1983-86 Minister of Family and Women Fatthia Mzali, Tunesia 

1983 Minister of Internal Affairs and Postmistress General Fanaura Kingstone, Cook Islands

1983-84 Minister of Social Conditions Agnete Johanne Davidsen, Greenland

1983-86 Minister of Community Services Eleanore B. Read, Norfolk Islands

1984-89 Federal Councillor of Justice and Police Elisabeth Kopp, Swizerland
1989 Vice-President of the Federation (1.1-12.1.89)

1984-92 Minister of Women's Affairs Hon. Constance V. Mitcham, St. Kitts and Nevis
1986 Acting Minister of Education
1987 Acting Minister of Labour, Tourism and Education
1989-92 Minister of Health and Labour
1989 Acting Minister of Education
1992 Minister of Health and Tourism
1994-95 Minister of Health, Labour and Women's Affairs

1984-89 Minister of Finances, Trade and Environment Jóngerð Purkhús, Faeroes Islands
1989-91 Minister of Economy, Statistics, Transport and Justice

1984-93 Vice-Government Councillor for Social Affairs Maria Foser, Liechtenstein
Dr. Andrea Willi was Government Councillor for External Relations, Culture, Youth, Sport Family and Equal Opportunities 1993-2001 and Dr. Cornelia Gassner-Mott was Government Councillor for Constructions and Traffic 1993-97.

1985-89 and 1993-94 Minister for Public Service Mercé Sansa Renyer, Andorra

1985-86 Undersecretary of Administration Adelina Carvalho, Macao

1986-90 Minister of Home Affairs Rita Sinon, Seychelles

1986-90 Minister of State of Youth & Women's Affairs Anna Matlehma Hlalele, Leshoto
1990-92 Minister of State by the Chairperson of the Military Council
1992-93 Minister of State of Youth and Women's Affairs
 Morena Moletsone G. Mokroane was Minister of Trade and Industry 1990-92.

1986-89 Minister of Finance Ruby Sednja, Narau

1987-89 Minister-Delegate of Local Government & Housing Libertine Appolus Amathila, Namibia
1989-96 Minister of Local Government and Lands
1995-96 Minister of Regional Government and Housing
1996-2005 Minister of Health and Social Service
2005-10 Deputy Prime Minister

1987-93 Minister of Health Senator Hon. Dr. Fanny Friedman, Swaziland

1987-98 Cabinet Member and Governor of the Central Bank Pany Yathotou, Laos

1987-88 Minister of Culture Adi Litai Cakobau, Fiji
Adi Losalini Dovi was Assistant Minister of Urban Development, Housing, Labour, Social Welfare and Local Development in 1976.

1987-89 and 1989-90 Minister of Education Mercedes Cabanillas Bustamente, Peru
Graciela Fernandez-Baca Calderón de Valdez was Vice-Minister of State, Chief Statistics and Census in 1980-87.

1988-91 Minister of State of Community Development Dr. Seet Ai Mee, Singapore
1991 Acting Minister of Community Development

 1988-91 Chief Islander Anne Green, Tristan da Cunha (St. Helena)
2003- Chief Islander (27.10-)
2003 Acting Administrator (November-December)

1989-93 Minister of Health and Social Affairs Dra. Maria Cyntia Prieto Conti de Alegre, Paraguay
1989-93 Member of the State Council

1989-90 Minister of Information and Co-ordination Rosemarie Nazan, Haiti
The first Undersecretary of National Education was appointed in 1946 and the first Secretary of State in 1986.

1989-91 Minister of Social Affairs and Women Aïssata Moumouni, Niger
1996-99 Minister of National Education
1997-99 Minister of State
The first women in the government was  Garba Sidikou, who was Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture in 1974.

1989-94 Minister of Education Culture, Youth & Women's Affairs Yvonne Francis-Gibson, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
1994-96 Minister of Health
1996-98 Minister of Environment
1998 Minister of State in the Prime Ministers Office responsible for Civil Service Matters

1989-92 Minister of Planning and Coordination of Economic and Social Development Lic. Mirna Liévano de Márques Márquez, El Salvador
Several women were Vice-Ministers before her appointment, the first was Subsecretary of Health Maria Julia Castillo Rodas, who was in office 1974-81.

1989 Minister of Public Health Rafiatou Karimou, Benin
2003-06 Minister of Primary and Secondary Education

1989-94 Minister of Health and Welfare The Hon. Dr. Rika Venter, South Africa

1989-96 Minister of Administration and Budget Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi, Palau
20001- Vice-President
2001    Minister for Administration
2001-05 Minister of Health
2009-10 Minister of State

1989-94 Minister of Education Fatima Abkul Abd al-Hafiz Mukhtar, Libya

1989-93 Minister of Local Government, Education and Health Naama Sopeta Maheu Laatasi, Tuvalu
The next - and only other female minister was in office 2011-13

1989-95 Commissioner for Taxes, Revenue Harmonization and Consumer Policies Christiane Scrivener, European Union
French 1976-78 Secretary of State of Trade for Consumers' protection (b. 1925- ).

1990-94 Minister of Education Jetsu Pema, Tibet Government in Exile

1991- Minister of Justice Fawziyya Hashim, Eritrea
Her given name is also transcribed as Fozia.

1991-2006 Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Fiame Naomi Mulinu’u Mata'afa
1995-2006 Minister of Education
1995-2001 Minister of Labour
1997-2001 Second in Cabinet
2001-11 Third in Cabinet
2006-11 Minister of Women, Community and Social Development, the Public Service Commission, the Remuneration Tribunal and the Ombudsman’s Office
2011-16 Minister of Justice and Court Administration
2016- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resorces and Environment
Acting Prime Minister on several occations.

1991-93 Secretary of State for Fisheries  Dra. Maria Helena Nobre de Morais Querido Semedo, Cape Verde
1993-94 Minister for Fisheries, Agriculture and Rural Development
1993-97 Minister Coordinator of CILSS
1995-98 Minister of the Sea
1998-2001 Minister of Tourism and Transport and Marine Affairs

1991-92 Secretary of State for Population and Women's Affairs Mahamed Sittou Radhadat, Comoro Islands
1992-93 High Commissioner Responsible for Women's Affairs             
1993-94 Minister of Social Affairs, Labour and Employment                 
1995 Minister of Social Affairs, Employment and Works 

1991-2000 Undersecretary of Information Amat Al-Aleem Alsoswa, Yemen
2003-05 Minister of Human Rights

1991- Undersecretary of Higher Education Sheika Rasha as-Sabakh, Kuwait
Massouma al-Mubarak became Minister of Planning and Administrative Development 2005.

1991-94 Minister of Natural Resources Arabella Smith, Turks and Caicos Islands
1994-96 Minister of Education, Youth Development and Sport

Before 1991 Minister of Education Woizero Mary Tadesso, Ethiopia
Youdith Imre was Assistant Minister and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs 1966-75.

1991-95 Minister of Rural Water Supply and Health Motarilavoa Hilda Lini, Vanuatu
1993 Acting Minister of External Affairs and Tourism
1996 Minister of Justice, Culture and Women’s Affairs (Oktober-November)
The next female minister was appointed in 2004.

1991-93 Minister-Plenipotentiary in The Netherlands Ella Tromp-Yarzagargay, Aruba
1993-94 Minister of Finance with responsibility for Public Works and Public Health 
2001-06 Minister-Plenipotentiary in The Netherlands

1993-94 Minister of Energy, Mines and Minerals Hon. Hilda Thugea Kari, Solomon Islands
1997-2000 Minister of Forestry, Environment and Conservation
2000 and 2000-01 Minister of Youth, Women and Sport
2000 Minister of Lands and Housing

1993-95 Minister of Economy and Finance Onur Boman, Tyrkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
1998-99 Minister of Labour and Rehabilitation
From 1978-93 Under-Secretary in the Ministries of Economy and Finance and of the Prime Minister, Advisor and Under-Secretary of the Presidency.

1993-99 Minister of Environment, Education, Cultural- and Ethnic Arts, Religion, Sports and Youth Affairs O’Love Tauveve Jacobsen, Niue

1994 Minister of Health Nur Ilmi Uthman, Somalia
The first of several Assistant Ministers was Fadumo Ahmed Alin, who was in charge of Education Circa 1974-82.

1994-97 High Commissioner for Handicapped Prof. Aziza Bennani, Morocco
1997-98 Secretary of State of Culture

1994-2000, 2000-03 and 2003-05 Minister of Social Affairs Intisar al-Wazir, Palestine

Circa 1995-2004 Deputy Minister/Undersecretary for Development in Ministry of National Economy
2004- Minister of Tourism Rajiha bint Abdul Ameer Bin Ali, Oman

1995-Ambassador-at-Large and Second in Command of the Foreign Princess Hajah Masna of Brunei, Brunei
1997 Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs
1998 (March-April) Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs 
1999 Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs 
2000 (November) Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs (Head of the APEC Summit)
2001 Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs (Head of Delegation to ASEM Summit)
2002 (January) Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs 
2003 (June) Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs (Head of Delegation to ASEAN Summit)
2004 (June/July) Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs (Head of Delegation to ASEAN Summit)

1995-98 Minister of  National Heritage, Culture and Social Affairs Winnie Nyiva Kitili Mwendw, Kenya
She was Assistant Minister of Public Works and Housing 1992-95. The first female Assistant Minister Dr. Julia Ojiambo, in the department of Housing and Social Services.

1996-ca.98 Deputy Minister of Finance Seada Curcic-Selimanic, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Behija Hadzihajdarevic was Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry 2001-03.

1996-2003 Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Sheikha Ahmad Al-Mahmoud, Qatar
2003- Minister of Education

1996-98 Minister of Education Sybil McLaughlin, Cayman Islands

1996-98 Minister of Information Svetlana Siljegović, Srpska

1996-2000 Secretary for Health, Social Security and Environment Judy Michelle Bobb, Tobago

Circa 1996- Deputy Minister of Education Aysha al-Sayaar, United Arab Emirates
Sheikha Lubna al-Qassemi was appointed Minister of Economic Planning in 2004.

1997-2007 Minister of Health, Culture, women and Community Affairs, Youth and Sports Hon. Jean C. Nisbett-Harris, Nevis

1998-2002 Secretary of Finance Lucy Dlg. Nielsen, Northern Mariana Islands
(First name also written as Lucia)

1999-2005 Minister-Delegate by the Premier Minister in charge of the Promotion of Women, Family Welfare and Social Affairs
2005-09 Minister-Delegate of Foreign Affairs, charged with Co-operation Hawa Ahmad Youssouf, Djibouti

1999 Minister of Municipalities Kafia Kareem, Kurdistan

1999-2003 Minister of Reconstruction and Development Nasreen Mustafa Sadiq, Kurdistan
Minister in the central government of Iraq from 2003.

1999- Minister of Public Works and Housing Nazaneen Muhammad Wasu, Kurdistan

2000- Under-Secretary and Assistant of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Shaika Hind bint Sulman Al-Khalifa, Bahrain
Nada Abbas Haffadh was Minister of Health 2004-07.

2001-04 Attorney-General Gertel Thom, Antigua and Barbuda

2001 East Timor - various women in the cabinet

2002-03 Minister of Family Welfare and Social Development Edna Adan Ismail, Somaliland
2003- Minister of Foreign Affairs

2004- Under-Secretary for the Congegration for Institutes of Consecrated Life Sister Enrica Rosanna, The Vatican State
She is the number three in the Ministry responsible for religious orders. Each congregation is headed by a cardinal with a secretary as second-in-command (b. 1944-).

2004-05 Minister of Industry Leila Solh, Lebanon

2004-05 Minister of State of Health Wafaa Hamza, Lebanon

2006-09 Attorney General and Minister of Justice Malia Viviena Numia Afeaki Taumoepeau, Tonga
Three women were Acting Ministers in 2004.

2009- Deputy Minister of Education for Women's Affairs Norah al-Faiz, Saudi Arabia

2009-11 Government Councillor of Finance and Economy Sophie Thevenoux, Monaco
Former Director General of the Department

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