Albania Ministers

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Female Ministers of Albania/Republika e Shqqipëiisë
(Female Suffrage 1920/44) Under the suzerainty of the Osman Empire 1468-1912, independent principality 1912-25, republic 1925-28, kingdom 1928-46 and a socialist Republic till 1990

See also Albania of State (Heads), Albania Parliament and Albania Parties

1945-48 Minister of Education and Science Naxhije Dume

1972-82 Chairperson of the State-Planning Committee in the Council of Ministers Petra Dode

1975-89 Minister of Agriculture Thumie Thomay
Her name is also spelled Thumije Thomaj. She was Vice-President of The Democratic Front 1979-84. (b. 1940-)

1976-87 Minister of Education, Science and Culture Tefta Çami
(b. 1931-)

1982 Minister of Light Industry Esma Ulqinaku

1982-87 and 1989-90 Minister for Light- and Food Industry Vito Kapo
Chairman of the Women's Union 1955-82, Member of the Presidium of the State Council and the Kuvendit Popullor 1967-79.

1993-94 Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet-Committee for Science & Technology Vlasha Mora

1994-95 Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Trade and Communication Suzana Penari
1995-97 Minister of Trade and Industry, Trade and Communication
(b. 1956-)

1994-97 Secretary of State for Youth and Women Roza Pati
Chairman of the District Council of Lezha 1991-94. (b. 1965- )

Around 1995 (and) 2005-11 Deputy Minister of Health Zamira Sinojeneri

1996-97 Minister of Labour and Social Security Affairs Arlinda Koçi
Director of Social Affairs in the Department of Labour and Social Security 1992-96.

1996-97 Secretary of State for Sports Marjeta Pronjari

1997-99 Minister of Justice Thimio Kondi
Judge in the Supreme Court from 1999.

1997-98 Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Arta Agim Dade
2001-02 Minister of Foreign Affairs
03 Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport
She was Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Party and Vice-Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament. 

1997-98 Minister of State of Development and Economic Co-operation Ermelinda Ahmet Meksi
1998-2002 Minister of Economic Co-operation and Trade 
2002 Minister of Economy

2003 Deputy Premier Minister and Minister of State for Integration
2003-05 Minister of Integration
Professor of Economics 1981-87, Member of the Chairmanship of the Socialist Party and MP since 1991.
From 2003 fourth in the cabinet. (b. 1957-)  

1998-2001 Minister of Public Works and Transportation Ingrid Shuli

1998-2005 Deputy Minister of Finance Adriana Berbei

1999-2001 Deputy Premier Minister and Minister of Labour Makbule Çeço
Prefect (Governor) of Tirana
1997-99. She was the candidate for Premier Minister of the President of the Socialists, Fatos Nano, but the Parliament Group chose someone else. Deputy President of the National Assembly 2001-05. (b. 1948-)  

1999-2001 Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Esmeralda Uruçi

03 Minister of Labour and Social Issues Valentina Leskaj

2002-11 Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Vjollca Ibro

2002-03 Deputy Minister of Environment Tatjana Kotobelli

2002-05 Deputy Minister of Local Government Natasha Paco

2002-03 Deputy Minister of Education and Science Saemira Pino-Gjipali
2003-05 Deputy Minister of Health

2002-04 Deputy Minister of Work and Social Issues Konstandina Bezhani

2005 Deputy Minister of Environment Etleva Cana

2005-07 Minister of Integration Arenca Troshani
Former Dean of the law faculty in Shkoder. She was in charge of the cooperation with the EU. (b. 1973-).

Deputy Minister of Defense Zana Xhuka

2005-12 Deputy Minister of Interior Iva Zajmi

2005-13 Deputy Minister, Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports Suzana Turku

2005-11 Deputy Minister of Education and Science Adriana Kumbaro

2005-11 Deputy Minister of Work, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Marjeta Zaçe

2007-13 Minister of European Integration and Government Spokeswoman Majlinda Bregu
13 Third in Cabinet
MP from 2005. (b. 1974-).

2008-09 Minister of Health Anila Godo

2008-13 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Edith Harxhi

2008-12 Deputy Minister of European Integration Jorida Tabaku

2008-11 Deputy Minister of Justice Paulina Hoti

2011-13 Deputy Minister of Justice Brikena Kasmi

2011-12 and 2013- Deputy Minister of Education Nora Malaj
2011-12 Deputy Minister of Sciences
2013- Deputy Minister of Sports

2011-12 Deputy Minister of Social Affairs and Equality Filloreta Kodra

2012-13 Deputy Minister of Integration Grida Duma

2011-13 Deputy Minister of Health Spahija White

2013 Deputy Minister of Defence Arta Musaraj

2013- Minister of Defence Mimi Kodheli

2013- Minister of European Integration Klajda Gjosha

2013- Minister of Urban Development and Tourism Englantina Gjermeni

2013- Minister of Education and Sports Lindita Nikolli

2013- Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro

2013- Minister of Innovation and Administration Milena Harito

2013- Deputy Minister of Interior Elona Gjebrea

2013- Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Enterprise Brunilda Paskali,

2013- Deputy Minister of Social Welfare and Youth Bardhylka Kospiri

2013- Deputy Minister of Social Welfare and Youth Gentiana Sula

2013-16 Deputy Minister of Health Milva Ekonomi
2016- Minister of Economy

2013- Deputy Minister of Environment Oljana Prifti

2013- Deputy Minister of Environment Diana Bejko

2016- Minister of State for Relations with the Parliament Ermonela Felaj

2017- Minister of Youth and Social Welfare Olta Xhacka

2017- Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu

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