Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of the Parliament of Albania/Republika e Shqqipëiisë

Also see Albania Ministers

Kuvendit Popullór/ National Assembly

1958- Circa 69 Secretary of the Presidium Liri Belishova
Between 1954-69 Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

Circa 1958-67 1. Vice-President Fiqret Sheru

Circa 1959-76 Member of the Presidium Vito Karpo

1967-79 1. Vice-President Eleni Pashko

1975-82 Vice-President Eleni Selenica
Between 1972-89 Vice-President of the Supreme Court.

1982-92 Vice-President Gejla M. Biba

1982-92 Vice-President Vittori Curi

1982-91 Member of the Presidium Lumitri Rexha

1995-97 Deputy President Margarita Quiro

1997-2005 Deputy President Jozefina Topalli Çoba
2005-13 President
Also Vice-President of the Democratic Party. Also known as Jozefina Filip Topalli or as Jozefina Topalli Çoba, where Filip is her father's first name, Topalli her husband's surname and Çoba her own surname. (b. 1963-). 

2001-05 Deputy President Makbule Xhelo Çeço
Former Governor and Vice-Premier.
Vice-President of the General Assembly of the Economic Cooperation of the Black Sea 2004-05. (b. 1948-)

2005-13 Secretary Rajmonda Vangjel Stefa
Prefect of Fier
2000-04.  (b. 1957-).

2005-13 Secretary Diana Jorgo Çuli
Secretary of the Group of the Social Democrats.

2013- Secretary Mimoza Hafizi
In charge of foreign relations.



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