Mongolia Parties

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Mongolia Parties

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1996-2000 Secretary General of Mongolian National Democratic Party Banzragqiïn Dälgärmaa (Banzragchiin Delgermaa)
MP 1996-2000, Social Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister around 2005 and Ambassador to Singapore from 2011. (b. 1959-)

2000-12 Leader of the Civil Will-Republican Party Oyuun Sanjaasürängiïn
2001-12 Vice-Chairperson of ARDA (Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia)
2004 Parliamentary Spokesperson of the Coalition of Reformist Parties and Leader of the Motherland-Democracy Caucus
2012 1. Deputy Party Chairperson and Parliamentary Leader of Civil Will-Green Party
2012- Joint Party Chair
Independent MP from 1998 and 2000 her party's only MP. Vice-President of The Great Khüral 2004-05 and former Foreign and Environment Minister (b. 1964-)

2012 Deputy Chairperson of the Justice Coalition of the State Great Khural (MPRP-MNDP) Z. Bayanselenge

2012-? Deputy Chairperson of the DP group Saldan Odontuya


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