Mongolia Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
State of Mongolia/Monggol Uls
(Female suffrage 1921) 1911 declaration of autonomy under Chinese suzerainty, occupied by Soviet troops 1921 and a declaration of independence followed the same year, recognized 1924

Also see Mongolia Parliament and Mongolia Heads of State

1920s Two Deputy Ministers N.N. 

1930-? Minister of Heath D. Puntsag
Her name might have been Puntsag Dagdaliin.

Circa 1970-89 Minister of Labour Myatauyn Lhaunsuren

1985-90 Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Dorjiin Mönhöö
Chairperson of the Committee of Women and MP 1992-96. Other versions of her name is Mönxöo Dorjiïn or Dorjin Munkho)

1987-90 Deputy Minister of Health Pagbajabyn Nymadawa
1990 Minister of Health and Social Affairs
1990-91 Minister of Health

1990-91/92 Minister of Labour Chorjamatsyn Badabhaamb

1998-2000 Minister of Foreign Affairs Tuyaa Nyam-Osoryn
1999 Acting Premier Minister (22.7-30.7)
She was appointed acting Premier after her predecessor resigned. (b. 1958-)

1998-2000 Vice-Minister of Education Radnajewa Burjatsch

1999-2000 Government Spokesperson, Chief of Press and Media Office of the Premier Minister B. Oyunchimeg

2000-04 Vice-Minister of Heath Natsag Udval
2012-14 Minister of Health
General Secretary of MPRP and Presidential Candidate in 2013

2004-06 Minister of Health Togsjargalyn Gandi
2008-12 Minister of Social Affairs and Labour
Another transcription of her name is Gandi Tögsjargalyn
. MP for The Mongolian Revolutionary People's Party, Mongolyn Ardyn Xuw'sgalt Nam (
MPRP) since 1992. The party left the government in January 2006. (b. 1960-)

2007-08 Minister of Foreign Affairs Sanjaasuren Oyun ((Sanjaasürengiin Oyuun)
2012-14 Minister of Environment and Green Development
Also known as
Oyuun Sanjaasürängiïn or Sanjaasürengiyn, she has been an independent MP from 1998, Leader of the Civil Will-Republican Party 2000-12, Vice-Chairperson of ARDA (Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia) 2001-12 and  Parliamentary Spokesperson of the Coalition of Reformist Parties and Leader of the Motherland-Democracy Caucus in 2004 and 2012 1. Deputy Party Chairperson and Parliamentary Leader of Civil Will-Green Party and afterwards Joint Chair. Also Vice-President of The Great Khüral 2004-05. (b. 1964-)

2007-08 Minister of Education, Culture and Science Nordovyn Bolormaa

2007-08 Minister of Health Byambaagiin Batsereedene

2007-08 Vice-Minister of Justice and Interior Manaljavyn Turbayar

2007-08 Vice-Minister of Health Jadambyn Tsolmon

2008-09 Minister, Chief of the Cabinet Office and Secretary General of the Government Badraaa Dolgor
Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister and Deputy Chair for the National Committee on Gender Equality from 2009.

2012-14 Minister for Culture, Sports and Tourism Tsedevdamba Oyungerel

2012- Deputy Minister of Construction, Urban Development Gochoosuren Baigalmaa

2014-15 Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism Dulamsuren Oyunkhorol
Vice Chairperson, Mongolian People's Party Caucus at the State Great Hural 2012-14

2014-15 Minister of Food and Agriculture Radnaa Burmaa

2014- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Navaan-Yunden Oyundari
Trade Represenative to China 2008-2012

2014- Deputy Minister of Health abd Sports Dashdorj Atarmaa

2015- Minister of Construction and Urban Development Zangad Bayanselenge

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