Mexico Local Leaders

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Mexico Local Leaders

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1922 President of Municipal Council Rosa Torres, Merida (in Yucatan, where women had suffrage 1922-24)

1947 Mayor Maria Elena Ramirez of  ?

1977 President of the State Legislature Prof. Beatriz Elena Paredes Rangel, Tlaxcla
1986-92 Governor of the State

1979-85 Governor Griselda Álvarez Ponce de León, Colima
Daughter of Manuel Álvarez, who was the first governor of the province 1919-23. She lived (1913-2009)

1982 President of the Chamber of Deputies Marcela Gonzales Salas Pericioli. 1982-85 Mayor in Charge of Budget of Mexico City

1982 Attorney General Victoria Adato de Ibarna, The Federal District

1986 President of Congreso del Estato Graciela Larios Riva, Colima

1991 Acting Governor Martha Irena Lara Alatorre, Chihuahua
She was Secretary of Internal Affairs 1986-92 of the State, and 1992-97 Ambassador in the Foreign Ministry, since 1997 Senator and Vice-President of the Parliament del Latino Americana

1991-93 Governor Dulce María Saurin Rianico, Yucatán
1999     President of the Parliament of the State

1996-2000 President of the Grand Commission of the Congress of the State Mercedes del Carmen Guillén Vincente, Tamaulipas

1996-2000 President of the Grand Commission of the Congress of the State Mirna Ester Hoysos Schlamme, Estado de Yucatán

1999-2000 Mayor Rosario Robles Berlanga, Mexico City
She had been Secretary of Interior for some years when she succeeded the former Mayor, and also became Chief of the Department of the Federal District in the Federal Government.

1999 President of Parliament Catalina A. Arenas Corona, Tlaxcala

2000 President of Congreso del Estato Laura Avela Bocanegra Quiroz, Estado de Morelos

2000 President of Congreso del Estato J. Isabel Campos Ochoa, Estado de Nayarit (Male/Female?!)

2000 President of Congreso del Estato Federica Sada, Estado de Nuevo León

2000 President of Congreso del Estato Patricia Varrera Orea, Estado de Querétaro

2000 President of the Legislative Assembly Angeles Correa de Lucio, Federal District

2004-10 Governor Amalia Garcia Medina, Zacatecas
Member of the Democratic Revolution Party, PRD.

2004-? Governor Sara Holguín Negrete of the Indigenas Zone in Guachochi
Appointed by the Federal Government as head of one of the new autonomous municipalities made up by the indigenous communities within an area defined by zapatista influence. The communities of an indigenous zone or area are the ones who decide, at an assembly of all their members, whether or not they will belong to the autonomous municipality.

2005-? Governor Rosario Guerra Chaparro, Tónachi
She is one of the leaders of the 4 ethnic groups of the Tarahumara Mountain range.

2006-? Governor Julia Gastélum Escalante, The Indigenous Community of Mochicahui
Known as Gobernadora Tradicional

2007-Governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, Yucatán
Secretary of the Permanent Commission of the Mexican Congress 2005-06.


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