Mexico Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
United States of Mexico/ Estados Unidos Mexicanos
(Female suffrage 1923 or 1947 and 1953 right to stand for elections) Independent 1821, an Empire 1862-67 and then a republic

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1958-1962 Subsecretary of Education for Culture Amalia de Castillo Lédon
She was Ambassador to Sweden 1954-58, Ambassador and Head of the Delegation the the International Atomic Energy Organization 1964-70 and finally to Austria in 1967. She lived (1902-86)

1959-1964 Attorney General of the Federal District Dr. Lydia C. Berthley

1961-65 Subsecretary of Revenues Ifignea Martinez Hernandez
1983-84 Subsecretary of Agrarian Reform
Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to United Nations 1978-83.

1964-65 Subsecretary of Social Action Ofelia Casillas Ontiveros
She was prosecretary 1973-74 and 1974-76 of the Cámara de Diputados and Vice-President in 1974.

1964-70 Subsecretary of Agriculture Graciela Aceves de Romero

1970-76 Subsecretary of Agriculture Prof. Dr.iur. Martha Chávez Padrón de Velázques
Between 1964-67 Director General in the Ministry of Agriculture, 1967-70 Advisor of the President, 1976-82 Senator, 1982-85 MP, 1985-94 Judge in the Supreme Court. (b. 1925-)

1974-75 Subsecretary of the Treasury Lidia Camarena Adame

1976-82 Subsecretary of External Relations for International Cooperation Maria Emilia Téllez Bentoit
She was Head of the Administration, Ofical Mayor, of the Department 1970-76, and had a number of diplomatic postings on sub-ambassadorial level behind her. (b. 1921-)

1976-79 Subsecretary of External Relations for Economic Affairs Guillermina Sánchez Meza de Solís Ogario
She was Oficial Mayor of the Secretariat of External Relations 1976-78.(b. 1926-)

1976-80 Subsecretary of Budget Prof. Rosa Luz Alegría Escamilla
1980-82 Secretary of Tourism                  
She was the first female member of Cabinet. (b. 1949-)

1976-1982 Subsecretary of Education Maria Lavalle Urbina
Senator 1964-70 and in December 1965 the first female President of Senate. She lived (1908-96).

1976-82 Assistant Attorney General of the Federal District (Mexico City)
1982-85 Cabinet Member, Attorney General of the Federal District Prof. Lic. Vittoria Adato Green de Ibarra
She has been justice of the Supreme Court since 1985.

1979-88 Oficial Mayor of the Secretariat of External Relations Aida Gonzáles Martínez
Ambassador in charge of International Labour Organizations 1977-79.   Later other leading posts in the Secretariat.

1980 Secretary of Tourism Hilda Anderson Nevárez
President of Cámara de Diputados in 1976 and former Secretary of the Chamber.

1980-82 Subsecretary of the Treasury and Public Credit for Tax Inspection María del Rosario Valles Gonzáles

1982-85 Subsecretary of Agrarian Reform Beatríz Elena Paredes Rangel
1994     Subsecretary of Political Affairs in the Department of the Interior
1994-97 Subsecretary of the Interior (Government)
President of the State Legislature of Tlaxca 1977 and Governor of Tlaxcala 1987-92, and Ambassador to Cuba 1993-94, President of the Senate 1998, Vice-President of the Permanent Commission of the Congress 2002, President of the Political Coordination Committee and Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of PRI 2000-01, President of the Parlamento Latinamericano 2000, President of the Permanent Commission 2001-02, President of Cámara de Diputados 2001-02 and Candidate for the post of Chief of Goverment of the Federal District (Mayor of Mexico City) in 2006 and 2012 and President of Partido Revolucionario Institutional, PRI, 2007-11. (b. 1953-).

1982-88 Subsecretary of Budget Maria de Los Angeles Moreno Uriegas
1988-91 Secretary of Fisheries
1992 President of Cámara de Diputados
1993 President of Cámara de Diputados
1994 President of the Permanent Commission of Congresso de la Union, (in office January-April) Consisting of 37 Members of the Senate and Cámara de Dipotatos when the two chambers are not in session)
1997 President of the Senate
1999 President of the Permanent Commission of Congersso de la Union
In 1993-94 Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group in the Cámara de   Diputados, 1994 General Secretary, 1994-95 President and 1998-99 Vice-President of the Parliamentary Group of PRI, Partido Revolucionario Instucional, 1999- General Cordinator of the Parliamentary Group 1997-98 1. Vice-President of the Senate, 1998 Vice-President of the Permanent Commission (May-August). (b. 1954-)

1982-86 Subsecretary of Urban Development and Ecology in charge of Ecology Alicia Isabel Bárcena Ibarra
Worked with environment and various international institutions, Deputy Chef de Cabinet of the Secretary General of the United Nations 2005-07, Under-Secretary General for Adminsitration since 2007.

1982-88 Subsecretary of Education Idolina Moguel Contreras

1985-86 Subsecretary of Communication and Transportation Maria Eugenia de León Garcia
She was the Head of Administration, Oficial Mayor of the Department   1988-92. (b. 1954-)

1988-94 Secretary and Comptroller General Maria Elena Vásques-Nava

1988-2000 Subsecretary of Health and Welfare Mercedes Juan-López

1988-94 Subsecretary of Labour and Social Welfare Norma Samaniego Breach
1994-96 Secretary and Comptroller General of the Federation and Administrative Affairs

1992-94 Subsecretary of Foreign Affairs for Latin America, Cultural Affairs and International Co-operation
1998-2000 Secretary of Foreign Affairs Prof. Lic. Rosario Green Macías de Heller
In 1989-90 Ambassador to East Germany, DDR, 1994-98 Deputy Secretary General of United Nations for Political Affairs, Ambassador to Argentina from 2001, Secretary General of PRI 2005-07 and Senator since 2006 (b. 1941-)

1994-2000 Secretary of Fisheries Julia Carbias Lillo
1994 Secretary of Environment and National Resources
1996-2000 Secretary of Environment and National Resources
(b. 1948-)

1994-98 Secretary of Tourism Silvia Hernández Enríques
Later senator, Chair of the External Commitee for Northern American Affairs and in 2002 Chairperson of the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas. (b. 1948-).

1997-2000 Subsecretary of Industrial Promotion and External Commerce Maria Serrano De Decio

1998-2000 Subsecretary of Foreign Affairs for United Nations, Africa & Middle East Carmen Moreneo Toscano de Del Cueto
In 1980-88 Representative to a number of UN Committees, from 1982 with rang of Ambassador, 1989-94 Ambassador to Costa Rica, 1995-1998 to the Organization of American States, OAS and from 2001 Ambassador to Guatemala.

1999-2000 Chief of the Department of the Federal District Rosario Robles Berlanga
Mayor of Mexico City. She had been Departmental Secretary of Interior for some years when she succeeded the former Mayor.

03 Secretary of Agrarian Reform María Teresa Herrera Tello
2003-06 Legal Counsel to the President
Former President of the Supreme Court of the State of Leon. (b. 1956-)

2000-03 Secretary of Tourism Leticia Navarro
(b. 1953-)

2000-06 Secretary of Humanitarian Affairs Josefina Vázquez Mota
2006-09 Secretary of Public Education
Former MP and again from 2009, Coordinador Parlamentario del Partido Acción Nacional en la Cámara de Diputados de México and Presidential Candidate in 2012. (b. 1961-)

2000-06 Cabinet Member and Head of the Office for Indigenous People Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz

2000-06 Cabinet Member and President of the National Council of Culture and Arts Sari Bermúdez Ochoa

2000-2001 Coordinator-General of the Social Communication and Spokesperson of the President Martha Sahagún Jiménez
She had a number of leadership positions in PAN, and had worked as spokesperson of Vincente Fox since 1995. In 2001 they got married
, and she has become increaingly influential and is said to have Presidential ambitions of her own. (b. 1953-)

2000-12 Subsecretary of Interior C. Maria Amparo Casar

2000-12 Subsecretary of Interior Martha Alicia Barajas Boyso

2000-12 Subsecretary of Interior Carolina Gomez Vinales

2000-12 Subsecretary of Interior Susana Justo Garca

2000-12 Subsecretary of Interior C. Claudua Osnaya Flores

2001-06 Cabinet Member and Director of the National Institute of Women Patricia Espinosa Torres
2006-12 Subsecretary of Labour

2001-06 Subsecretary of External Affairs for Human Rights and Democracy Mariclaire Acosta Urquidi

2001-06 Subsecretary of External Affairs for Global Themes Patricia Olamendi Torres

2003-12 Subsecretary of External Relations Lourdes Aranda Bezaury
Previously held posts as Ambassador.

2006 Secretary of Social Development Ana Teresa Aranda Orozco

2006-12 Secretary of External Relations Patricia Espinosa Cantellano
Ambassador to Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia and representative to various UN organisations from 2003.
 (b. 1958-).

2006-12 Secretary of Energy Georgina Kessel Martinez
Appointed by the rightwing president-elect Felipe Calderón.

2006-08 Secretary of Social Development Beatriz Zavala Peniche
MP for Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) 1997-2000 and 2003-2006 and Senator for Yucatán de 2006 a 2012. (b. 1957-).

2006-12 Subsecretary of Finance Margarita Marcela Moleres Barona

2006-12 Subsecretary of Civil Service Elizabeth Oswelia Yáñez Robles

2006-12 Subsecretary of Environment Sandra Denisse Herrera Flores

2006-12 Subsecretary of Health Laura Martínez Ampuida

2006-12 Subsecretary of Health Maki Esther Ortíz Domínguez

2010-12 Secretary of Tourism Gloria Guevara Manzo

2011-12 Public Pocecuter Marisela Morales Ibáñez

2012-15 Secretary of Social Develoment Rosario Robles Berlanga
2015- Minister of Agrarian, Rural and Urban Development

2012- Secretary of Health Mercedes Juan López

2012-15 Secretary of Tourism Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas
2015-17 Secretary of Foreign Affairs
PRI MP 2006-12. (b. 1972-)


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