Kazakhstan Parties

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Woman Leaders of Kazakstan Parties

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1993-? Chairperson of the Republic People's Slavic Movement-Harmony Alexandra Dukuchaeva
The party is representing the ethnic Russians in the country-

1995-? Leader of the Kazakhstan Revival Party Altynshash Kairzhanovna Dzhaganova
Chairwoman of the State Agency for Migration and Demography around 2001.

1999- Chairperson of the Political Alliance of Women's Organizations N.N.

Circa 2001- Vice Chairwoman of National Congress Party Gulzhan Yergaliyeva
She is also the political council member of the movement Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan.

2002- Co-Chair of the Ak Zhol (White Road)  Party Zhanat Dzhurgalievna Ertlesova (Yertlesova)
She was 1. Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy 1997-99 and Deputy Minister of Defence in 2001.

2003 Chairperson of the Republican Public Defence Foundation Dariga Nursultanovna Nazarbayeva
Chairperson of the Asar (All Together) Party

The daughter of President Nursultan Nazabayeva, she is considered in some aspects as his deputy and possible successor. She was Director General of the Khabar News Agency 1995-2001 and has been Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Agency from 2001. (b. 1963-).


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