Female Presidential Candidates 2010 - 2016







This is a list of the women who stood as candidates for the post of President. Those who won can be seen at Female Presidents

Also candidates in upcoming elections are listed


2010 and 2014 Yuliya Tymoshenko, Ukraine

Her name is also transcribed as Yulia Voldyrovna Timoshenkno. She is former Co-Leader of the Hromda party, Director of United Energy System 1998-2000, Leader of Batkivsjtjina (Fatherland's Party) 2000/01-05 and of the Bloc Tymoshenko from 2005, Prime Minister in 2005 and since 2007. Finished second in the first round in January and narrowly lost the second round in February. In prison 2010-14 and candidate for a second time. (b. 1961-).

2010 Inna Bohoslovska, Ukraine
Leader of the Viche Ukrainy in 2003-07. MP since 2007 as member of Party of Regions. (b. 1960-).

2010 Nataliya Mykhaylievna Vitrenko, Ukraine

Leader of the Communists. Also a candidate in 1999.

2010 Liudmyla Pavlivna Suprun, Ukraine

MP of the People's Democratic Party 1998-2006. Leader of the People's Democratic Party since 2007. (b. 1965). The candidatures of Olena Bessarab and Viktoriya Polischuk were rejected

2010 Mayra González León, Costa Rica

Candidate of the Renovación Costarricense. Laura Chinchilla Miranda won the elections.

2010 Jacqueline Lohouès-Oblé, Côte d'Ivoire

Minister of Justice and Keaper of the Seals 1990-94. Member of the General Committee of the Rassemblement des républicains, RDR. According to rumours she was the preferred candidate in 2005 for the post of Prime Minister of Simone Ehivet, the Parliamentary Leader of the Front Populaire Ivoirien and wife of President Laurent Gbagbo.

2010 Brigitte Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson, Togo

Minister of Welfare, Human Rights and National Solidarity in 1991-92. (b. 1958-).

2010 Fatima Abd el-Mahoud,  Sudan

1972 Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Youth and Sport,
1974-75 Minister of State of Social Welfare,1974-79 Minister of Social Welfare, MP 1973-2005 and Deputy Parliamentary Speaker 1983-85, President of the Socialist Union Party from 2007, apparently also Governor of the State of al-Gezira sometime after 2000.

2010 Barbara Rosenkranz, Austria

Member of the local Assembly and former MP, she has been Chairperson of the rightwing FPÖ in Niederösterreich since 2003, Federal Vice-Chairperson from 2005, Councillor of Animal Protection and Housing in Niederösterreich from 2008 and mother of 10. (b. 1958-).

2010 Alice Nzomukunda, Burundi

As Deputy Chief of State and Government, she was responsible for Economic and Social Issues. Secretary General of the Transitional National Assembly 2004-05 and Spokesperson of RAFEBU (Ralliement des associations des Femmes Burundaises) and the League of the Women of CNDD-FDD, 2. State Vice-President  2005-06 and 1. Vice-President of the National Assembly 2007-08, Leader of the Democratic Alliance for Renewal (ADR) from 2009 and Presidential Candidate in 2010, but withdrew together with all the opposition candidates before the elections. (b. 1966-).

2010 Pascaline Kampayano, Burundi

Former MP. The opposition claimed those elections were rigged and pulled out of the presidential ballot, so only te incumbent President was a candidate.

2010 Zaharia Said Ahmed, The Comoros Islands

Physical education teacher. She received less than 1% of the vote.

2010 Luc Jochimsen, Germany

Lukrezia Luise Jochimsen is a former journalist she has been MP for Die Linke since 2002. (b. 1936-)

2010 Kaba Hadja Saran Daraba, Guinea

1996-99 and 2000-01 Minister of Social Affairs and Promotion of Women and the Child. 2006 Minister of Commerce, Industry and Small and Medium Sized Entreprises.

2010 Krisztina Morvai, Hungary

Member of the European Parliament for the right wing Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom (Movement for a Better Hungary) from 2009. (b. 1963-).

2010 Dr. Alvera Mukabaramba, Rwanda

A candidate in 2003 but withdrew before the elections. Later elected to the Senate. Against expectations the opposition leader, Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza - President of the Republican Rally for Democracy in Rwanda (RDR) since 2000 and Leader of the United Democratic Front-INKINGI (coalition of the RDR, l’Alliance Démocratique Rwandaise and Forces de Résistance pour la Démocratie) since 2006 - did not run for president.

2010 and 2014 Marina Silva, Brazil

Maria Osmarina Marina da Silva Vaz de Lima was Senator from 1994 and Minister of Environment 2003-08. Finished third with 19% in the first round. Following the refusal of the  Electoral Court in October 2013 to register her political movement, Rede Sustentabilidade (The Sustainability Network), she became running-mate of the Socialist presidential canidate, but when he was killed in a plane crash, she became the party's candidate herself, and at one stage she was the favourite to win, but finished third with 21 % of the votes. (b. 1958-).

2010 Josette Bijou, Haïti
2004-06 Minister of Public Health and Population. A third woman, Claire Lydie Parent, Mayor of Petion Ville was not approved as candidate

2011 Mariama Bayard-Gamatié, Niger

Also known as Bayard Mariama Gamatié, she was Minister of Communication and Culture and Government Spokesperson in 1997-98.

2011 Beti Olive Kamya Namisango, Uganda

Candidate of the Uganda Federal Alliance Party

2011 Suzana Novoberdaliu, Kosovo

Atifete Jahjaga was elected president by the parliament

2011 Mercedes Aráoz Fernández, Perú

2006-09 Minister of External Trade and Tourism and 2009 Minister of Production and 2009-10 Minister of Finance

2011 Juliana Reymer, Peru

Candidate for Partido Fuerza Nacional

2010 Mirlande Hyppolite Manigat, Haiti

Became Leader of Rassemblement des Démocrates Nationaux Progressistes, RDNP in 2007. She came in first in the first round, but lost the second round with about 31 % of the vote. Her party, on the other hand, lost its only seat in the Parliament. (b. 1940-).

2011 and 2016 Keiko Fujimori Higuchi, Peru

Congress Member from 2006 she founded the party Fuerza 2011 in 2010. She is daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori and former Congress Member Susana Higuchi. Mother of 2. She came in second in the first round and lost the second round on 5 June 2011. (b. 1975-)

2011 and 2016 Maria das Neves Ceita Batista de Sousa, Republic of São Tomé e Príncipe

Maria das Neves worked as a civil servant in the Ministry of Finance and in the African Development Bank. 1999-2001 Minister of Economics, Agriculture, Fisheries, Commerce and Tourism, 2001-02 Minister of Finance and 2002 Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Prime Minister 2002-03 and 2003-04. (b. 1958-).

2011 Elsa Maria Neto D’Alva Texeira de Barros Pinto, São Tomé e Príncipe
Elsa Texeira Pinto was Secretary of State of Reform of the State and Public Administration 2002-03 and 2003-04, Minister of Justice 2005-05 and again in 2010 and Minister of Defence 2008-10

2011 Adela Camacho de Torrebiarte, Guatemala

Civil servant, President of the National Football Association amd FIA Delegate 2001-03, Minister of Interior 2007-08

2011 Patricia de Arzú, Guatemala

Candidate for partido Unionista (b. 1953-)

2011, 2015 and 2016 Edith Nawakwi, Zambia

1992-93 Minister of State and 1993-97 Minister of Energy and Water Development, 1997-98 Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, 1998-99 Minister of Finance and 1999-2001 Minister of Labour and Social Security. 2001 Secretary General and later same year Vice-President of the Forum for Democracy and Development, FDD, 2005 Party Leader and in 2006 her party chose heir as it's Presidential Candidate but she became Vice-Presidential Candidate of the united opposition instead for the October elections. In 2000 she had her first child, a daughter, without being married. (b. 1958-)

2011 Meglena Kuneva, Bulgaria

2001-02 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chief EU-Negotiator, 2002-06 Minister of European Affairs, 2007-10 European Commissioner for Consumer Protection and Party Leader from 2011. (b. 1957-)

2011 Alcira Argumedo, Argentina

A scholar, she was Secretary of Culture in the Buenos Aires Province 1973-74 and Leftwing MP from 2009. Cristina Fernández was reelected.

2011 Edith Kabbang Walla, Cameroon

Also known as Kah Walla, she resigned as a local councillor when she announced her candidature.

2011 Mary Davis, Ireland

Managing Director of Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia and Member of the Council of State from 2004.

2011 Alla Dzhioyeva, South Ossetia (Breakaway Republic in Georgia)
2002-08 Minister of Education. An opposition presidential candidate, she won the second round, according to the Election Commission  by a clear margin, but the Supreme Court of the breakaway republic annulled the result.

2011/2012 Michele Bachmann, USA

Member of Congress and candidate in the Republican Party primaries, but withdrew after the first primary in January 2012.(b. 1956-)

2012 and 2016  Dr. Tsai Ying-wen, Taiwan

1999-2000 Senior Advisor of the National Security Council. 2000-04 Minister and Chairperson of Mainland Affairs Council and 2004-06 Member of the Legislative Yuan, Vice Premier and Minister of Consumer Protection 2007-07 and Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party 2008-12 and from 2014. In 2016 she was eleced President. (b. 1956-).

2012 Sari Essayah, Finland

MP 2003-07, Deputy Group Chairperson of the Christian Democrats 2003-04, Group Chairperson 2004-07 and Party Secretary from 2007.Daughter of a Moroccan father and Finish mother and mother of two children. (b. 1967-). 

2012 Eva Biaudet, Finland

1993-95 and Parliamentary Leader of the Swedish People's Partyt 1995-99 and 1999-2000 and 2002-03 Second Minister of Social Affairs and Health in charge of Care and Welfare (Basic Services) from 2010 Ombudsman for Minorities. (b. 1961-).

2012 Amsatou Sow Sidibé, Senegal

 Professor of Law, lawyer, Human rights activst.

2012 Beate Klarsfeld, Germany
Together with her husband Serge Klarsfeld she is known nown for engaging in Holocaust documentation and anti-Nazi activism. Nominated by the Left Party, Die Linke as candidate. (b. 1939-). The presidential election in 2017 was the first time in decades with no female candidates. Premier Angela Merkel planned to nominate the Green Politician Marianne Birthler with the support of her own conservative party, but she said no to becoming candidate. Instead a man was elected.

2012 and 2017 Marine Le Pen, France

Party Vice-President 2003-07 and National President from 2011, when she was elected leader in succession to her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. (b. 1969-).

2012 Eva Joly, France

Magistrate at the the High Court of Paris as an investigating judge from 1990 specialising in corruption and former advisor of the Norwegian and Icelandic Governments, Member of the European Parliament for the Green Party since 2009 and chairperson of the Development Committee. Born as Gro Eva Farseth in Norway (1943-).

2012 and 2017 Nathalie Arthaud, France

National Spokesperson of Workers' Struggle, Lutte ouvrière since 2008. (b. 1970-) Former Minister, Christine Boutin, the writer of cameroon origin, Calixthe Beyala, the trans activist Brigitte Goldberg and royalist Sandrine Pico-Déprez also announced their candidacies in 2012, but did not run in the end..

2012 Bothaina Kamel, Egypt

Television anchor, activist, and politician, she withdrew before the official nomination process. Anas Al Wugud Aliwa was also mentioned as a possible candidate. (b. 1962-)

2012 Þóra Arnórsdóttir, Iceland
Thora Arnosdottir is journalist and a popular television presenter. Finished second in the elections with 33%. (b. 1975-)

2012 Herdís Þorgeirsdóttir, Iceland
Herdis Thorgeirsdottier is a Law Professor (b. 1954-)

2012 Andrea J. Ólafsdóttir, Iceland
chairwoman of HH, an association protecting the interests of homeowners. (b. 1973-)

2012 Josefina Vázquez Mota, Mexico

2000-06 Secretary of Humanitarian Affairs, 2006-09 Secretary of Public Education, Former MP and again from 2009, Coordinador Parlamentario del Partido Acción Nacional en la Cámara de Diputados de México, which has been the governing party since 2000. She finished third. (b. 1961-)

2012 and 2013 María Bolívar, Venezuela
Secretary General of Partido Democrático Unidos por la Paz. Later in 2012 she was Candidate for Governor of Zulia,

2012 and 2013 Reina Sequera, Venezuela
Candidate for Poder Laboral

2012 Luisete de Jesus Macedo de Sousa Araújo, Angola

Registered her candidacy in 2007 for the elections that was postponed until September 2012. The constitution in the meantime was changed so that the leader of the main party in the parliament automatically becomes state president.

2012 and 2016 Jill Stein, United States of America
She won the nomination as the Green Party presidential candidate against among others the actor Roseanne Barr. Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in the 2002 and 2010 and for Secretary of the Commonwealth in 2006. In 2012, her running mate was Cheri Honkala. (b. 1950-).

2012 and 2016 Roseanne Barr, United States of America
Actor and commedian she lost the nomination for candidate of the Green Party and is instead candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party with activist Cindy Sheehan as her running mate.

2012 Park Geun-hye, South Korea
MP 1998-2012, Chairperson of the Grand National Party 2004-06, Candidate in the party primaries for presidential candidate in 2008, Leader of Saenuri (Renamed GNP) 2011-12. She won the lections and will take office in February 2013. (b. 1952-)

2012 Lee Jung-hee, South Korea
Circa 2008-11 Leader of the Democratic Labour
and 2011-12 Leader of the Unified Progressive Party
former member of the National Assembly. The 3rd female candidate, Sim Sang-jeong , withdrew before the elections.

2013 Jana Bobošíková, The Czech Republic
Member of the European Parliament 2004-09 and TV-journalist. (b.1964-)

2013 Táňa Fischerová, The Czech Republic
Former Green MP. (b. 1947-)

2013 Zuzana Roithová, The Czech Republic
Minister of Health in 1998, Deputy Chairperson of the Christian-Democrat KDU-ČSL 2001-03, Senator and Member of the European Parliament from 2004. (b. 1954-)

2013  Martha Karua, Kenya

2003-05 Minister of Water Resources, 2005-09 Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, 2006-08 Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament and 2008-09 Minister of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs and National chairperson of the NARC-Kenya political party from 2008. (b . 1957-).

2013 Praxoula Antoniadou, Cyprus
President of the United Democrats from 2008, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism 2011-12. She has currently resumed office as managing director of ChangeWays Consultancy Ltd,

2013 Makaria-Andri Stylianou, Cyprus
Independent candidate

2013 Anna Finocchiaro, Italy
She got 27 votes in the first and 5 in the second round of voting in the Parliament, Emma Bonino was a candidate as well in 2013 15 years after her first nomination in 1999. Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Partito dei Sinistra, PdS, Party of the Left (Ex-communists) 1992-94, Minister without Portfolio of Equality 1996-98, President of the Senate Group of Partito Democratico-L'Ulivo 2006-13 and Candidate for the post of President of the Region of Sicilia in 2008. (b. 1955-)

2013 Annamaria Cancellieri, Italy
She got 2 votes in the first round, 9 in the third and 78 in the fourth - still inconclusive - round of voting. Since 1994 she held office as Prefect of Vicenza, Bergamo, Brescia, Catania and Genova, and appointed Commissioner of Bologna 2010-11 and Commissioner of Parma in 2011 after both mayors resigned after charges of corruption. Minister of Interior 2011-13 and of Justice from 2013. (b. 1944-)

2013 Alessandra Mussolini, Italy
She got 10 votes in the second round and 5 in the third. National Secretary of Libertà di Azione 2003-05 and Leader of Alternativa sociale - Lista Mussolini 2003-09 , which merged with the National Alliance and she continued as MP. (b. 1962-)

2013 Rosy Bindi, Italy
She got 6 votes in the second round of voting. Formerly among the leaders of the Christian Democrats, 1993 Co-promoter and Leader of Partito Populare Italiano and 2007 she came in second in the leadership elections for the new centre-left Democratic Party, Minister of Health 1996-2000, Minister without Portfolio for Family Affairs 2006-08, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies 2008-13 and President of Partito Democratico 2009-13. Rosy is short for Roserio. (b. 1951- )

2013 Paola Severino, Italy
She got 5 votes in the second round of voting by the parliament. Vice-President of the Military of Magistrature 1997-2002 and later Vice-Rector of the Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali in Rome and  Minister of Justice from 2011. (b. 1948-)

2013 Ilaria Borletti Buitoni, Italy
She got 2 votes in the thrid round of voting. Business woman, Member of the Grand Council of the National Bank of Italy 2012-13 and MP from 2013. (b. 1955-)

2013 Lilian Soto, Paraguay
Candidate for the of the feminist left Kuña Pyrenda, with Maguiorina Balbuena as her running mate.

2013 Natsag Udval, Mongolia
Vice-Minister 2000-04 and Minister of Heath since 2012. Also General Secretary of MPRP. Finished last of the three candidates with about 8 % of the votes.

2013 Aïchata Cissé Haïdara, Mali
Known as Chato, she was the candidate for the Alliance Chato 2013. Sidibé Aminata Diallo was the second female candidate. She was also presidential candidate in 2007 and 2011.

2013 Alix Boyd-Knights, Dominica
The government nominated her, the Speaker of the House of Representatives since 2000 as president, but she withdrew after protests from the opposition.

2003 Jennifer Wallace Lafond, Dominica
The government's second nominee for president, she was accepted by the opposition but withdrew because of dual citizenship

2003 Dorothy Leevy, Dominica
The former principal of the Convent High School, she is one of the most respected personalities in Dominica, and she was nominated by the opposition after the two other candidates withdrew, but the government elected a man as president in a vote in parliament boycutted by the opposition.


2013 Nino Burjanadze, Georgia

Acting President 2003-04 and 2007-08, President of Burjanadze-Democrats 2003-08 and of Democratic Movement - United Georgia since 2008 and Presidential Candidate in 2013. (b. 1964-).

2013 Lalao Harivelo Ravalomanana Rakotonirainy, Madagascar
Her husband, Marc Ravalomananawas ousted as president in a military coup in 2009. The election commission barred her and two other top contenders from running.

2013 Saraha Georget Rabeharisoa, Madagascar
National President of Parti Vert Hasin’i Madagasikara from 2009 and Vice-President of the African Green Parties from 2010, the same year she became Senator. (b. 1970-)

2013 Brigitte Ihantanirina Rabemanantsoa Rasamoelina, Madagascar
Candidate for the Ampela Manao Politika Party. Member of the Trasitional Council.

2013 Malala Savaron, Madagascar
Candidate for the post of Mayor of the capital Antananarivo.

2013 Dr. Roseline Emma Rasolovoahangy, Madagascar
She advocates protecting Madagascar's forests and wildlife against deforestation

2013 Ndakana Joelah Antony, Madagascar
Evangelical preacher.

2013 Sabine Harivola Ramamonjy, Madagascar
Independent candidate.

2013 Roxana Miranda, Chile
The leader of ANDHA Chile (a group representing mortgage borrowers) was proclaimed on 21 January 2013 as the Equality Party's candidate

2013 Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, Honduras
Candidate for the Libre Party. Her husband Manuel Zelaya, was ousted as president in a coup d'etat in 2009. She finished second with around 29 % of the vote. The winner got 35 %. (b. 1959-)

2013 Evelyn Matthei Fornet, Chile

MP 1990-98, Senator 1998-2011 and Minister of Labour 2011-13, she was picked as candidate by her party's political commission on 20 July 2013, replacing Pablo Longueira who had quit the race three days earlier. She was formally proclaimed as candidate by both UDI and National Renewal on 10 August 2013. She finished second in the first round and lost the second round against Michelle Bachelet. (b. 1953-)

2014 and 2015 Regina Konzi-Mongo, Central African Republic
Catherine Samba-Panza was elected Interim President in 2014.

204 Helena Mezenská, Slovakia
MP for the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities. Lubica Blaskova was a candidate until she withdrew from the race.

2014 Kristina Brazauskienė, Lithuania
President of the party Fighters for Union, married to
former president Brazauskas and was officially registered as presidential candidate in 2014, but did not manage to collect the 20.000 signatures required.

2014 Mamphela Rampheles, South Africa
Leader of the Party Agang from 2013. Former Director in the World Bank. (b. 1966-)

2014 Olha Bogomolets, Ukranie
Running as an idependent supported by the Socialist Party. Natalia Korolevska, who was an independent candidate withdrew from race on 1 May.

2014 Marta Lucía Ramírez Blanco de Rincón, Colombia
1991-98 Vice-Minister and 1998-2001 Minister of External Trade. Ambassador to France 2001-02 and Minister of Defence 2002-03.

2014 Clara López Oregon, Colombia
Her running mate was Aída Avella. Vice-presidential candidate in 2010. President of the Polo Democrático Alternativo from 2012. (b. 1951-)

2014 Joyce Banda, Malwai
Former Minister, Vice-President 2009-12 and President 2012-14. Finished third in the elections in 2014. (b. 1950-)

2014 Dalia Itzik, Israel

Former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Minister, Speaker of the Knesset, Acting President and Chairperson of the Kadima Knesset Group. (b. 1952-).

2014 Dalia Dorner, Israel
Former Supreme Court Judge. (b. 1934-).

2014 Luciana Krebs Genro, Brazil
Candidate for Partido Socialismo e Liberdade (b.1971-)

2014 Željka Cvijanović, Bosnia-Herzegovina
The Prime Minister of Republic Srpska since 2013, she got 48.1 and the winner got 48.3 percent of the vote for the Serb seat in the federal joint presidency. (b. 1967-).

2014 Monica Macovei, Romania
Former Minister of Justice and MEP.

2014 Elena Udrea, Romania
Former Minister of Regional Development and tourism and leader of the People's Movement Party from 2014. In 2015 she was detained on charges of corruption. (b. 1973-)

2014 Lalla Mariem Mint Moulaye Idris, Mauritania

Independent, head of the Mauritanian News Agenc

2014 Constanza Moreira, Uruguay
Elected Senator for the Movement of Popular Participation, Broad Front in 2009. (b. 1960-)

2015 Christine Kaseba, Zambia
MD, gynecologist, obstretician and widow of President Michael Sata, who died in office in 2014.

2015 Luciana Castellina Italy
Leftwing MP 1976-83 and MEP 1979-99. (b. 1929-)

2015 Sibel Siber, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
MP from 2009 in the self-declared state that comprises the northeastern part of the island of Cyprus. Recognised only by Turkey. Speaker of the Assembly from 2013, the Cumhuriyet Meclis and Presidential Candidate in 2015.

2015 Magdalena Ogórek, Poland
A historian and the host of an international newscast on TVN24 Biznes i Świat, she is the candidate of the Democratic Left Alliance, she finished third in the two first rounds of voting in the parliament. Emma Bonino finished 4th.

2015 Anna Grodzka, Poland
The first transgender member of the Polish parliament, she was the candidate of the Greens party,  but was rejected for not collecting 10.000 signatures. Wanda Nowicka and Iwona Piątek were also rejected.

2015 Zury Ríos-Montt de Weller, Guatemala
Also known as Zurt Ríos Sosa, she was MP 1996-2012 and Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Vice-President of the International Parliamentary Union and presently Secretary General of Visión con Valores. Her father, Efraín Ríos Montt, was Military Dictator 1982-83 and President 2000-04. (b. 1968-).

2015 Tatsiana Mikalayewna Karatkevich, Belarus
Candidate for People´s Referendum. Finished second with about 4 percent of the vote. (b. 1977-)

2015 Zhanna Romanovskaya, Belarus

Indepent candidate.

2015 Sandra Torres Casanova, Guatemala
Finished second in the first round in September and lost the second. Divorced Alvaro Colom Caballeros, who was President 2008-11, and attempted to run as presidential candidate 2011 but was barred by the Constitutional Court, Secretary General Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza 2012-15. (b. 1955-).

2015 Judie Joe C. Marie Roy, Haiti

Also candidate in 2006. From around 2003 she has been leader of Parti Regroupement Patriotique pour le Renouveau National (REPAREN). The elections was postponed several times but was held on 7. February. She was the only woman among more than 30 candidates.

2015 Marie Josefa Gauthier, Haiti
For the Alliance Democraticque pour la Reconcilation. Minister of Social Affairs and Labour in 2012.

2015 and 2016 Marie Antoniette Gautier, Haiti
For Plan d'Action Citoyenne

2015 and 206 Maryse Narcisse, Haiti
For Fanmi Lavalas

2015 Danielle Saint-Lot, Haiti
For Defile Pati Politik Fanm AK Fanm. Minister of Commerce 2004-06.

2015 and 2016 Edmonde Supplice Beauzile, Haiti
Former senator and Leader of Parti Fusion des Sociaux-Democrates Haitiens from 2011.

2015 Margarita Stolbizer, Argentina
National MP from 2007 and became President of Partido Generación para un Encuentro Nacional in 2014.

2015 Hung Hsiu-chu, Taiwan

Former Deputy Chairperson and Deputy Secretary-General of Kuomintang, she became Vice-President of the Legislative Yuan  in 2012 and was and named Presidential Candidate in 2015, but the party later deselected her because of low ratings in the opinion polls. The new male candidate lost the elections in 2016, which was won by the other female candidate, Dr. Tsai Ying-wen.  (b. 1948-).

2016 Marisa Isabel dos Santos Matias, Portugal
MEP for the European United Left–Nordic Green Left, supported by the Left Bloc. Finished 3rd with 10 % of the votes.

2016 Maria de Belém, Portugal

Former Minister, President of the Socialist Party 2011-14 and acting Party Leader in 2014. She finished 4rd with 4 % of the votes. (b. 1949-).

2016 Carly Fiorina, USA
Former head of Hewlett-Packard, she was running for the nomination as Republican Presidential Candidate from 2015 to 2016. Later in 2016, the pre-candidate Ted Cruz, named her as his Vice-Presidential Candidate. (b. 1954-)

2016 Faith Kyalya, Uganda

She is former presidential advisor and daughter of a former member of Parliament Irene Florence Wekiya.

2016 Moinaecha Youssouf Djalali, The Comoros Islands

Independent candidate.

2016 Claudine Munari, République du Congo (Congo-Brazaville)

1992-97 Minister and Director General of the President’s Office, 2002 elected Mayor of Mouyondzi, 2007-2009  Second Secretary of the National Assembly and 2009-15 Minister of Trade and Supplies. (b. 1955-).

2016 Gilda Rosemonde Moutsara-Gambou, République du Congo (Congo-Brazaville)

Independent candidate.

2016 Verónika Mendoza Frisch, Peru

MP 2011-16. Finished 3rd in the 1st round. (b. 1980-)

2016 Irmgard Griss, Austria

Former President of the Supreme Court, she was an independent candidate and finished 3rd in

2016 Grace Poe, The Philippines
Mary Grace Sonora Poe-Llamanzares was elected  Senator in 2013. She was in the lead in the opinion polls until about a month before the elections, but finished third. (b. 1968-) Independent candidate Apolonia Comia-Soguilo withdrew before the elections.

2016 Minou Tavárez Mirabal, Dominican Republic

Candidate for Alliance for Democracy.

2016 Soraya Aquino, Dominican Republic

Candidate for the Christian Socialist Party

2016 Halla Tómasdóttir, Iceland

Business woman, she finished second with 27,9 %, the male winner got about 10 % more

2016 Elísabet Jökulsdóttir, Iceland

Author and journalist

2016 Mailis Reps, Estonia

She was a candidate in the first three rounds of voting in the Parliament and in the first Electoral College. 2002-03 and 2005-07 Minister of Education and Research. (b. 1975-).

2016 Marina Kaljurand, Estonia
Government party candidate and considered a favorite to win, she finished fourth in the first round of voting in the Electoral College. Ambassador to Israel 2004-06, to Russia 2006-08, Kazakhstan 2007-11, USA and Mexico 2011-14 and Canada 2011-13 and Foreign Minister  2015-16. (b. 1962-). When the election revertedto the parliament for a fifth round of voting, Kersti Kaljulaid was the only candidate and she was elected president in the first round.

2016 SandraPierantozzi, Palau (Balau)
1989-96 Minister of Administration and Budget as her country's first female minister, 1992 she was candidate for Vice-President and from 1996 senator and Floor Leader. In 2001 she again became Minister of Administration and Budget again, and was later appointed Minister of Health, 2001-05 Vice-President and 2009-10 in charge of Foreign and Domestic Affairs as Minister of State.

2016 Ana Guțu, Moldova

Candidate for the party, The right.

2016 Silvia Radu, Moldova

Independent candidate.

2016 Maia Laguta, Moldova

Independent candidate. Geta Saviţcaia and Vitalia Pavlicenco were among a number of candidates which withdrew a few days before the first round of the elections.

2016 Tatyana Doncheva Toteva, Bulgaria

Former MP for the "Movement 21".

2016 Hilary Rodham Clinton, United States of America

Also ran for the nomination as Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2008. When her husband, Bill Clinton, was governor of Arkansas 1979-81 and 1983-1992 and when he was President of USA 1993-2001, she held many influential posts. Senator for New York 2001-09 and Secretary of State 2009-13. In the 2016-elections, she won around 48 % of the vote and 2,9 million more votes than her male opponent whow on the presidency with around 46 % and a majority in the Electoral Colledge. (b. 1947-).

2016 Alyson Kennedy, United States of America

Candidate for the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and was the party's candidate for vice president in 2008.

2016 Tsetska Tsacheva, Bulgaria

Former Vice-President of the World Bank, MP from 2009 and President of the National Assembly 2009-13 and from 2014. Government candidate, she finished second in the first round of the presidential elections and got 35 % in the second.

2016 Maia Sandu, Moldova

Minister of Education from 2003, she finished second in the first round of the presidential elections and got around 44 % in the second.

2016 Marie Antoniette Gautier, Haiti
Also candidate in 2015 in the elections that were called off. For Plan d'Action Citoyenne

2016 Maryse Narcisse, Haiti
Also candidate in 2015 for Fanmi Lavalas



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