Female Presidential Candidates 2000-2010







This is a list of the women who stood as candidates for the post of President. Those who won can be seen at Female Presidents

Also candidates in upcoming elections are listed


2000 Riitta Uosukainen, Finland

1994-2003 Speaker of the National Assembly. She finished third in first round.  See Presidents of Parliaments 1990-99.  Tarja Halonen was elected president and was reelected in 2006.

2000 and 2006 Heidi Hautala, Finland

Former leader of the Green Party and at presently a leading member of the Green Group in the European Parliament. She finished fifth in first round in both elections with around 3% of the votes.

2000 Ella Aleksandrovna Panfilova, Russia

1991-92 and 1993-94 Minister of Social Welfare In 1993-94 Leader of Russian Choice and since 1994 Co-Chairperson of Democratic Movement of Russia. 


2000 Marième Wane Ly, Sénégal

Founding chairperson of Partie de la renaissance africaine. She withdrew from the Presidential race before the elections. 

2000 Ana Inés Polanco, Dominican Republic

Evangelical pastor and candidate of the Movimiento de Integración Cristiana. VP candidate in 2008.

2000 Graziela-Elena Barla, Romania

Finished last with 3% f the vote. 


2000 Cathy Gordon Brown, United States of America

Her vice-Presidential running mate was Sabrina R. Allen. A total of around 200 candidates registered for the US Presidential elections in one state or more.

2000 Temperance Alesha Lance-Council, United States of America

Candidate for the Anti-Hypocrisy Party


2000 Paula E Bennet, United States of America


2000 Deborah Katz Pueschel, United States of America


2000 Angel Joy Rocker, United States of America

Candidate in the Republican Primary

2000 Dorian Yaeger, United States of America

Candidate in the Republican Primary

2000 Rachelle OneFamily Miller, United States of America

Independent, appeared on the ballot in Maryland.


2000 Raj Alison Officewala, United States of America

Independent, appeared on the ballot in Maryland.

2000 and 2004 Yehanna Joan Malone, United States of America

Candidate in the Republican Primary Elections. She was Chairperson of the Council of the District of Columbia in 1998. (b. 1945-).


2000 Gloria Dawn Strickland, United States of America

Unaffiliated, write-in candidate. In 2004 she attempted to run as a candidate again but withdrew.


2000 Lynda D. Blodgett, United States of America


2000 Saundra S. Duffy, United States of America


2000 Krystyna Stanisława Górniak, Poland

1998-2000 councillor in Gmina Warszawa Centrum. Right-wing independent candidate. (b. 1951-)

2000 Gönül Saray Alphan, Turkey

Amasya deputy from the Democratic Left Part, she withdrew from the race just before the Parliament started the election-process. (b.1953-)

2001 and 2006 Marie-Elise Akouavi Gbedo, Bénin

Minister of Commerce, Handicrafts and Tourism 1998-2000 and Justice from 2011.

2001 and 2006 Lourdes Flores Nano, Perú

Also known as Lourdes Celmira Rosario Flores Nano, she finished third in both elections. 1993-95 Secretary General and 2003-11 President of Partido Popular Cristiano and became leader Movimento Unidad Nacional in the Congress in 2011. Candidate for Mayor of Lima in 2010 and Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2016. (b. 1959-)

2001 and 2011 Martina Portocarrero Ramos, Perú

A folkloristic singer she was candidate for FREPAP. (b. 1953-).

2001 Francisca Izquierdo Negrón, Perú

Candidate of Primero Perú, she is Mayor of the City Jesús Maria.

2001 Farah Khosravi, Iran

Secretary-General of the conservative organization Iran-e Farda Society and bureaucrat in the Ministry of Education, she filed her name to the Ministry of interior as one of a number women. But she withdrew from the race before the list of candidates was screened by the Council of Guardians.  


2001 Samira Shams, Iran

She was one of the many women who registered their names as candidates.


2001 Masoumeh Mohammadi, Iran

A total of 47 women registered their name as candidates for the Presidential elections.


2001 Somayyeh Haji, Iran

Of the 814 candidates screened by the Guardian Council 5.77 percent were women.


2001 Zahra Baratlou, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Fereshteh Sayyadi Shirtari, Iran

The religious Guardian Council rejected her registration.


2001 Eshrat Salahi Abadi, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Dr. Fatemeh Fadaei Fathabadi, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Maryam Arabi, Iran

The religious Guardian Council rejected her registration.


2001 Sura Balali, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Azam Banou Rashidi, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Ashraf-ol-Sadat Mir-Sadeqi, Iran

The religious Guardian Council rejected her registration.


2001 Mowloud Shahidi, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Mozhgan Zardoshtian, Iran

The religious Guardian Council rejected her registration.


2001 Atifeh Attaran, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Faezeh Asgari-Fard, Iran

The religious Guardian Council rejected her registration.


2001 Fariba Kazempour, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Zahra Shojaan, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Fereshteh Ebrahim, Iran

The religious Guardian Council rejected her registration.


2001 Masoumeh Ebrahimi, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Akram Jahanmard-Arani, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Rana Qarah-Chaei, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Saryeh Sadat Teymouri Barani, Iran

The religious Guardian Council rejected her registration.


2001 Elahe Namini, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Touran Jamili, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Ehserin Rostam, Iran

Her registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.


2001 Aqdas Modarres, Iran

The religious Guardian Council rejected her registration.


2001 Zahra Hassanzadeh Siahpoushi, Iran

One of the 47 female candidates whose registration was rejected by the religious Guardian Council.

2001 Reneta Ivanova Indzhova, Bulgaria

Interim Prime Minister 1994-95. In 1995 Renata ran for the post of Mayor of Sofia and the year after she failed to collect the required number of signatures in order to be allowed to stand for President. From 2001 Co-Chairperson of the Democratic Alliance. (b.1953-)

2001 Dr. Chomba Gwendoline G. Konie, Zambia

Ambassador to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland 1974-77 and to   Belgium, European Union and Germany 1992-99/2000. Also former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and of the Cabinet Office. In 2001 she founded and became chairperson of The Social Democratic Party.

2001 Princess Dr Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika, Zambia

President of the opposition party, "Agenda for Zambia" and MP. Since 2002 Ambassador to Organization for African Unity (OAU), and she is another of the total of 11 Presidential candidates which resulted in the split of the opposition votes and the election of the unpopular candidate of the governing party with only 27% of the votes. Daughter of Paramount Chief Mbikusita of Barotseland, and her half cousin, Princess Nakatindi Wina, was Member of the government 1964-73 and 1992-98. Inonge is (b. 1943-).

2001 Flora Brovina, Kosova (Yugoslavia)

Announced her candidacy to promote the cause of women - without much success, the cabinet formed after the elections did not have a single female member.

2001 Natalia Maszerowa, Belarus

Daughter of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus Pyotr Maszerow. She was very popular and President Lukashenko forced her to resign from the race.

2002, 2004 and 2009 Kasimiera Prunskienė, Lithuania

Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy 1989-90 and one of the leaders of the struggle for independence. Premier Minister 1990-91. In 1991 Chairperson of Democratic Party, and from 1995 Chairperson of Women’s Party (from 1998 New Democracy-Women’s Party) and since 1996 Group Chairperson of the independent MP’s. Candidate 2002 and in 2004 Candidate for candidate of the Farmers' Party-New Democracy Party (LVP-NDP) and was in the second round against the former President Adamas, 77, who won. Minister of Agriculture 2004-08. (b. 1945-).

2002 and 2004 Massouda Jalal, Afghanistan

In 2002 she was candidate for the post of Interim Head of State in the elections held by Afghanistan's grand assembly - or loya jirga. She worked as a doctor at the World Food Program, and returned to Kabul after six years in exile. From 2004 Minister of Women's Affairs. (b. 1963-).

2002 Christiane Taubira-Delannon, France

MP from French Guyana since 1993 and Member of the European Parliament 1994-99 for a radical leftwing party. (b. 1954-)

2002 and 2007 Christine Boutin, France

Independent Candidate. In 2012 she announced her candidacy but did not run. Former municipal and regional councillor, former mayor and deputy mayor, Vice-President of the Grand Council of Yvelines 1994-2009 and Acting President May-July 2009, MP 1986-2007, Minister of Housing 2007-09 Her full name is  Christine-Marcelle-Valérie-Cécile-Marie Martin, épouse Boutin.(b. 1944-)

2002 Dr. Corinne Lepage-Jessua, France

1995-97 Minister of Environment and Leader of Cap 21, right wing environmentalist group from 2001. In 2007 she withdrew her candidature in favour of the liberal candidate. (b. 1951-)

2002 Ingrid Betancourt Pulecio de Lecompte, Colombia

Since 1996 Ingrid Betancourt has been leader of a Liberal Party. She was taken hostage by the Leftwing Guerrilla, which controls about 40% of the country during a visit there during the election campaign and was prisoner until 2008. Her running mate, Clara Rojas, was also taken hostage, but was freed much earlier. (b. 1952-). 

2002 Roseana Maciera Sarney Murad, Brazil

Governor of Maranhão 1994-2002, and is member of the Liberal Party, PFL. Daughter of Jose Sarney, who was President in 1985-90. She was favourite to win until she came under investigation in a corruption scandal and was forced to resign from the race. (b. 1953-)

2002 and 2004 Massouda Jalal, Afghanistan

In 2002 she was candidate for the post of Interim Head of State in the elections held by Afghanistan's grand assembly - or loya jirga. Minister of Women's Affairs 2004-06. She worked as a doctor at the World Food Program, and returned to Kabul after six years in exile. (b. 1968-),

2002 Colonel Dr. Lakshmi Sehgal, India

A veteran freedom fighter and leader of the Rani Jhansi regiment of Subhash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army and feminist she was nominated by the leftwing parties. (b. 1915-).

2002 Ivonne Juez de Abdel-Baki, Ecuador

Ivonne Leyla Juez Abuchakra de Abdel-Baki is also known as Ivonne Juez Abuchakra de Abdel-Baki or Ivonne A-Baki, as she is normally known, was ambassador to USA 1999-2002, Minister of External Commerce 2003-05 and President of the Andean Parliament from 2007.


2002 Hawa Sanogo née Sidibé, Mali

A businesswoman. She was barred from running after she failed to pay a five-million-CFA-franc bond.

2002 Zainab Hawa Bangura, Sierra Leone

Her running-mate was Deborah Salaam. Appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs.

2002 Barbara Breziger, Slovenia

2000 Minister of Justice, Later Chief State Prosecutor. In 2002 she came second in the Presidential elections.

2003 Prof. Dr. Jaroslava Moserová, Czech Republic

Former Ambassador to Poland and in 2002 Chairperson of the Senate Club of Unity of Liberty - Civic Democratic Alliance and from 2002 Vice-chairperson of the Senate Club of Open Democracy, which succeeded the Club of Unity of Liberty - Civic Democratic Alliance. In January 2003 the parliament failed in its attempt to elect a President. She was successful in one of the rounds but did not gain enough votes to be elected. Later Dagmar Buresova and Helena Illnerova were among the persons who are being considered as compromise candidates, but instead the parliament elected a man with a slim majority. She lived (1930-2006).

2002, 2007 and 2011 Elisa Carrió, Argentina

Elisa María Avelina Carrió was of the founders of Alternativa por una República de Iguales in 2001 and later became it's leader in the Parliament until 2007. She finished fourth of five candidates in 2003 and second with 23% in 2007 after Cristina de Kirchner. (b. 1956-).

2003 Alicia Castro, Argentina

Candidate for The Frente para el Cambio and member of the Chamber of Deputies.


2003 Karmela Osmanović, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Candidate for the Croat seat in the Presidency

2003 Sarah Nnadwa Jibril, Nigeria

Commissioner of Social Development, Youth, Sports and Culture in the state of Kwara 1987-88. In 1992 she came third in the Presidential primaries of the Social Democratic Party (SDP). Around 2002 Deputy National Chairperson of Progressive Liberation Party (PLP). Candidate for the Progressive Action Congress in 2003 and 3 years later she sought to become presidential candidate of the ruling People's Democratic Party and so did Ambassador Elizabeth Pam,  Mercy Onyeka and Hajia Hadiza Ibrahim, Kofo Bucknor-Akerele, and Remi Adiukwu were equally unsuccessful in seeking nomination for their respective parties. (b.1946-).

2003 Mojisola Adekunla-Obasanjo, Nigeria

Moji is a retired army major, she run for the Masses Movement of Nigeria, MMN. She was married the incumbent President Obasanjo 1991-98 but claims that they never formally divorced.  (b. 1949-).


2003 Antonia Abayomi Jorge Ferreira, Nigeria

Candidate of the Democratic Alternative

2003 Gladys Teresa Notario Cortaza, Paraguay

Leader of the Humanist Party, and Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2

2003 Dr. Lala-Shovket Gadijeva (Hajiyeua), Azerbaijan

1993-94 State Secretary in President's Office, In 1994 she was appointed UN-ambassador but newer took up the position. Around 2000 chairperson of the Liberal Party. Her name is also transcribed Lalā-Şōvkāt Hacıyeva. (b. 1951-).

2003 Foawziya Yussuf Haji Adan, Somaliland
Leader of the Peace Democracy and Prosperity political party-NDB (Ururka Nabad Dimuquraadiyada iyo Barwaaqo). Also Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister from 2012.

2003 Aicha Mint Jeddane, Mauritania

'A'isha mint Jidana is Member of Parliament and former regional Secretary of the Parti républicain démocratique et social (PRDS), the party of President Maaouiya Ould Taya, which she later left. She finished last of six candidates.

2003 Alivera Mukabaramba, Rwanda

Leader of he Party for Progress and Concordis and a former member of the Transitional National Assembly, and withdrew before the elections. In the Parliamentary elections held at the same time 48,8% of the MPs elected were women - a worldwide record. Second is Sweden with 45,3 and third Denmark with 38% female MPs

2003/04 Carol Mosley Braun, USA

US Assistant Attorney General 1973-77, Member in the Illinois State Legislature and Assistant Minority Leader 1978-88, Recorder of Deeds of Cook County 1988-92. Senator for Illinoys 1992-99, Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa 1999-2001. In February 2003 she announced her candidacy for the position of Democratic Presidential Candidate, but withdrew before the first primary in January 2004.

2004 Irina Mutsuovna Khakamada, Russia

Party Chairperson of the Common Course 1994-97, Minister-Chairperson of the State Committee for Small Business Support and Development 1997-99, Co-Leader of Just Course 1999-2001, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma 2000-03, Co-Leader of Union of Right Forces 2001-04, Presidential Candidate 2004 and received little over 3% of the votes and finished 4th of five candidates. Leader of Our Choice since 2004. Mother of two children b. 1983 and 2001. (b. 1955-).

2004, 2009 and 2014 Louisa Hanoune, Algeria

Her name is also transcribed Louiza Hannoun, she has been Spokesperson of the Socialist Workers Party since 1989 and MP from 1997. In 1999 she withdrew her candidature before the elections - like all the other candidates but the one who was elected.  

2004 Bentia Ferrero-Waldner, Austria 

A career diplomat, 1993 she was Minister-Counsellor and Assistant Chief of Protocol of the Foreign Ministry, 1994-1995 Assistant Secretary General of the United Nation and Chief of Protocol 1995-2000 Minister of State of Foreign Affairs  and since 2000 Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 2000 she was Chairperson of OSCE. Candidate of the conservative governing party ÖVP, she was defeated by the elderly male SPÖ-candidate. European Commissioner for External Relations from 2004. (b. 1948-).

2004 and 2009 Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan, Germany

First time she was the candidate of the Governing Coalition, SPD and Greens, which had said they would support any female candidate of the opposition CDU/CSU and FDP, who nominated a male candidate. Second time she was again candidate for the SPD and Green Party. She is President of the European University and later in 2004 she was named Government Commissioner and National Coordinators for the German/Polish Bilateral Relations.

2004 Vilija Blinkevičiūtė, Lithuania

Vilija Blinkeviciutė was Vice-Minister of Social Affairs and Labour 1996-2000 and has been minister since 2000.Candidate of the New Union- -Social Liberals (NS-SL) (b. 1961-).

2004 Ljiljana Arandjelovic, Serbia (Serbia-Montenegro)

Director of the radio and TV channel Cuprija and the United Serbia candidate.

2004 Princess Elisabeth Karadjordjević (Serbia), Serbia-Montenegro

Withdrew before the elections. Also known as Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, she is daughter of the late prince-regent Paul of Yugoslavia. She is President of various charities and lives Belgrade. Married three times and among other mother of the actress Catherine Oxenberg.  (b. 1936-).

2004 Dr. Mildred A. Williams Glover, United States of America

Qualified for 2004 primary ballots in New Hampshire (22nd place - 11 votes) and Maryland. Member of the Georgia House of Representatives 1975-83. (1936-).


2004 Jeanne Chebib, United States of America

Independent write-in candidate

2004 Georgia L. Hough, United States of America

Independent write-in candidate

2004 Melanie G. Pridgen, United States of America

Independent write-in candidate.  (b. 1958-).


2004 Diana Ramsey-Rasmussen-Kennedy IV, United States of America

For the Fair Representation Party (b. 1964-)


2004 Deborah Elaine Allen, United States of America

Write-in candidate


2004 Joy Elaina Graham-Pendergast, United States of America

Write-in candidate


2004 Jackie Hayward, United States of America

Write-in candidate


2004 Debra Joyce Renderos, United States of America

Write-in candidate


2004 Nancy Warrick , United States of America

Write-in candidate

2004 "Candidate" Gordana Pop-Lazic, Serbia-Montenegro

Minister of Local Self-Administration 1998-2001 and in January 2004 her radical nationalist party put her forward as candidate for the post of Parliamentary Speaker and thereby for the position of Acting President. (b. 1956- ).

2005 Jadranka Kosor, Croatia

Vice-President of the Sabor 1995-2000 and Deputy Chairperson of HDZ 1995-97. Deputy Premier 2003-09 in charge of different ministries and Prime Minister 2009-11. In the first round she got 20% of the votes and on 16 January lost the second round to the incumbent President Stipe Mesic (b. 1953-).

2005 Đurđa Adlešić, Croatia

Djurda Adelesic is former Mayor of Bjelovar, Vice-President of the Social Liberal Party, HSLS 2000-06 and then Leader of a new party formed as a merger between the Croatian Social-Liberal Party and Liberal Party - also named HSLS. Around 2000 and 2001-08 President of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security. 2001 Deputy Foreign Minister, 2004-08 Vice-President of the Sabor and Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Interior Policy from 2008. (b. 1960-).

2005 Doris Košta, Croatia

Attorney, candidate for parliament in 2004.

2005 Majda al-Batch, Palestine

Human-rights advocate.

2005 Zehra Cengiz, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Secretary General of the Socialist Party. (b. 1956-).

2005 Rafat Bayat, Iran

One of the 89 women who registered as candidates, but was deemed ineligible by the Guardian Council, which only approved six of the 1.010 persons who wanted to run for president. She is a former commander of the female wing of the hard-line Basij militia, and among the 11 women elected to Parliament in 2004.

2005 Dr. Szili Katalin, Hungary

Dr. Szili was Political State Secretary of Environmental Protection 1994-98 and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly 1998-2002 and Speaker since 2002. The Candidate for the Socialist Party, she lost by three votes as the liberal coalition partner abstained in all three rounds of voting in the Parliament, paving the for an elderly rightwing man. (b. 1956-).

2005 and 2009 Toktaiym Umetalieva, Kyrgyzstan

A NGO-leader she was the only female presidential candidate of a total of seven. Gaisha Ibragimova managed to gather the required 50.000 signatures, but did not run, and the Leader of the Wisdom (Mudrost) Party, Damira Omurkulova, failed to get enough support for her candidature in 2005 and registered her name in the lists of presidential candidates in 2009, but withdrew it later.

2005 Henryka Bochniarz, Poland

1991-92 Minister of Industry and Trade, President of various Employer's Associations and Centrist Candidate in 2005. (b. 1947-). Senator Maria Szyszkowska had announced her independent candidacy but failed to collect the required number of signatures.

2005 Dr. Margaret Tor Thompson, Liberia

Returned home from exile to run for president. A member of the Freedom Alliance of Liberia. (b. 1962-).

2005 Anna Claudia Senkoro, Tanzania

Candidate for PPT-Maendeleo.

2006 and 2015 Judie Joe C. Marie Roy, Haiti

From around 2003 she has been leader of Parti Regroupement Patriotique pour le Renouveau National (REPAREN). The elections was postponed several times but was held on 7. February. 2006, she was the only woman among more than 30 candidates. In 2015 6 of 64 candidates were female.

2006 Miria Kalule Obote, Uganda

President of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) from 2005. Widow of the late UPC Leader, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote.


2006 Celestine Zannou Wetohossou, Bénin

Circa 1998-2005 Presidential Cabinet Director, she was one of 33 candidates, one other woman, Marie-Elise Akouavi was also a candidate in 2001.

2006 Susana Villaran de la Puente, Perú

Minister of Women’s Affairs 2000-01, President of the Partido por la Democracia Social (PDS), Mayor of Lima 2011-14 and Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2016. In 2006, her candidate for the post of first Vice-president was Nery Saldarriaga de Kroll.

2006 Martha Chavez Cosso de Ocampo, Peru

After Alberto Fujimori was barred from running as candidate, she took over the role, but dropped Luisa María Cuculiza Torre who had been designated as Fujimori's vice-presidential candidate. Martha Chavez was Leader of Parliamentary Leader of Nueva Mayoría and Leader of Alianza para el futuro, and was President of the Congress 1994-95.

2006 Patricia Mercado Castro, Mexico

Candidate in the Party Primaries in 1999, Party President of México Posible 2000-03 and President of the Partido Alternativa Socialdemócrata Campesina since 2005. (b. 1958-).

2006 Catherine Nzuzi wa Mbombo, Congo-Kinshasa

Governor of Bas-Congo 1972-75 and of Kinshasa 1986–198?, Minister of Solidarity and Humanitarian Affairs since 2003 and leader of the Movement for Popular Revolution.  (b. 1944-).

2006 Justine Kasa Vubu M'Poyo, Congo-Kinshasa

Also known as Kasavubu. After her father, Joseph Kasa-Vubu, was ousted as president in 1965 in a coup d'état by Mobutu, she lived in exile and joined the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) of Etienne Tsisekedi - for which she was the representative in the Benelux countries from 1992 until 1995. 1997 Minister of Civil Service, 1997-98 Minister in Residence and Ambassador to Belgium. After resigning from the government, she remained in Belgium and founded the Rassemblement pour la Démocratie Congolaise. Married to Pierre Victor M'Poyo, a former Minister. (b. 1951-).

2006 Wivine N’Guz N'landu Kavidi, Congo-Kinshasa

Also known as Wivine N'landu épouse Nguz, she was Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development 1994-96 and Minister of International Co-operation 1996-97. Widow of former Prime Minister Nguz-a-Karl-i-Bond. (b. 1953-).

2006 Marie-Thérèse N'landu Mpolo, Congo-Kinshasa

Other versions of her name are Nlandu Mpolo Nene Marie-Thérèse/N'Landu Mpolo Nene Marie-Thérèse, Marie-Thérèse Nlandu Mpolo Nene or Ndona Nkiangala na Nsundi, she was candidate for the Parti pour la Paix au Congo. She is a lawyer inKinshasa, she is daughter of Jean Nlandu di Nsenda and Louise Mpolo and twin sister of Wivine N'landu. (b. 1953-).


2006 Princess Antoinette Ngongyombe Tosimiaka M'Fumfu, Congo-Kinshasa

Independent candidate.

2006 Ene Ergma, Estonia

Chairperson of the Riigikogu and Deputy Head of State 2003-06 and from 2007 and it's 2. Vice-Chair 2006-07. During the votings in Parliament she was 3 votes short of the necessary twothirds majority. (b. 1944-).

2006 Rasheeda Al-Qaily, Yemen

Journalist and Women's Leader she has nominated herself for the candidacy. She did not manage to collect the required 5% backing in parliament. Nither did Hayat Abdelmajid Ahmad Ghaleb, Dhikra Ahmed Ali or most of the 45 other candidates.

2006 Heloisa Helena Lima de Moraes Carvalho, Brazil

Senator and since 2004 President of the Socialism and Freedom Party. Finished third in the first round with almost 7% of the votes. (P-SOL).

2006 Ana Maria Teixeira Rangel, Brazil

Candidate for Partido Republicano Progressista, she and her female running mate, Delma Gama e Narcini, ended up in fifth place with less than 1% of the votes.

2006 and 2017 Cynthia Fernanda Viteri Jiménez, Ecuador

Cynthia Viteri was Acting Head of the Partido Cristian Social and 1. Vice-president of the Congress from 2005 and became its Acting President in April 2005 when her predecessor was ousted for supporting the deposed State President, and immediately thereafter she swore in the Vice-President as Acting State President. As presidential candidate in 2006, she finished fifth with about 10% of the votes. (b. 1968-).

2006 Irena Javor-Korjenić, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Independent candidate for the Croat seat in the Presidency. Received less than one percentage of the vote.


2006 Svjetlana Udovičić,  Bosnia-Herzegovina

Independent candidate for the Serbain seat in the Presidency. Received less than one percentage of the vote.


2006 Snežana Avdalović, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Independent candidate for the Serbain seat in the Presidency. Received less than one percentage of the vote.

2006 Venezuela Portuguesa Da Silva Izquierdo, Venezuela

Finished fourth with 3.980 votes 0,03% of the vote.

2006 Carolina Contreras de León, Venezuela

As the 8th ranking candidate she got 0,01% of the vote.

2006 Yudith Salazar, Venezuela

Finished 11th with 1.355 votes. Also 0,01%

2006 Isbelia León, Venezuela

Candidate for the Force and Peace Institution for the December elections. Finished last of the 14 candidates with 793 votes.

2006 Elia Ravelomanantsoa Razafindrabe, Madagascar

A business-woman and leader of a number of Human Rights NGOs and the Movement of Madagasikarantsika from 2004.

2006 Nadezhda Bondarenko, Dniester Republic in Moldova

Communist Candidate she wom 8,1% of the votes in the breakaway and self-declared republic.


2006 Tamar Charayeva, South Ossetia in Georgia

Candidate in the self-proclamed breakaway republic.

2007 and 2012 Lucia Maria Brandão Freitas Lobato, East Timor

MP since 2001. Deputy Leader of the Democratical Social Party (PSD) since 2003 and Deputy Opposition Leader. Minister of Justice and and Third in Cabinet from 2007.  Jurist and university teacher. (b. 1965-).

2007, 2011 and 2013 Sidibé Aminata Diallo, Mali

University Professor. Minister of Basic Education, Alphabetisation and the National Language 2007-13.

2007 Ségolène Royal, France

1992-93 Minister of Environment, 1994-95 President of National Council of the Socialist Party, 1997-2000 Minister-Delegate of National Education, Technology and Science, 2000-02 Minister-Delegate of Family and Childhood, 2004-14 President of the Regional Council of Poitou-Charentes and Minister of Environment from 2014. She finished second as Socialist candidate in the second round of voting. Candidate for the post of leader of the Socialist Party but narrowly lost to Martine Aubry in 2008 and finished fourth in the Socialist presidential primary in 2011 and the following year she was candidate for the National Assembly and would have been her party's nominee for President of the Assembly had she not lost to a former member of the socialist party. Mother of 4 children with her former partner through almost 30 year, the Socialist Party Secretary until 2008, François Hollande. (b. 1953-)

2007 Marie-Gorge Buffet, France

1997-2001 Minister of Youth and Sports and Secretary General and Leader of Parti Communiste since 2001 after many years as a leading member. (b. 1949-). Arlette Laguiller and Domenique Voynet were also official candidates. A number of women candidates did not fulfil the criteria and writdrew before the acctual elections.

2007 Colette Avital, Israel

Ambassador to Portugal 1988-1992, Consul General in New York 1992-1996 and Deputy Director General in the foreign affairs ministry 1996-1999. Elected as MK in 1999 for Labour party, she chaired numerous parliament committees since. Deputy Speaker from 2005. Presidential Candidate for Labour in 2007, and withdrew from the second round of voting, leaving Shimon Peres as the only candidate. Single. (b. 1940-)

2007 Sandra Kalniete, Latvia

Former Ambassador and Deputy Foreign Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs 2002-04 and European Commissioner without Portfolio attached to the Commissioner for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development in 2004, and later MP. In September 2006 she was nominated as presidential candidate by the New Area Party, but withdrew a few days before the elections in favour of the rightwing male candidate. (b. 1952-).

2007 Karina Pētersone, Latvia

Minister of Culture 1998-2002 and Minister for Special Assignments for Society Integration Affairs in 2006, Vice-President of the Saema from 2006. Nominated candidate by parts of the governing coalition 12 May, but withdrew in favour of an unknown centrist male candidate. (b. 1954-).

2007  and 2012 Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Guatemala

Indiginas leader through many years, and Nobel Peace Prize Laurate in 1992. In 2012 she finished 6th of 14 candidates.

2007 Faryal Talpur, Pakistan

The Head or Nazim of Nawabshah, a District in the Sindh Province, she was the candidate of the Pakistan's Peoples Party, and like 3 of the other candidates, she did not get a single vote. She is the sister of former senator Asif Ali Zardari and sister-in-law of Benazir Bhutto. Her sister, Dr. Azra Pechuho, is an MP.

2007 Elena Pečarič, Slovenia

Elena Pecaric is President of YHD – Association for theory and culture of handicap, an activist in the disability movement and promotor of independent living of disabled people and the right for personal assistance. (1971-)

2007 Monika Piberl, Slovenia

 The president of the party The Voice of Women of Slovenia (VWS) since 1998. (b. 1950)

2007 Vilma Ana Ripoll, Argentina

 Former MP. Candidate of the Socialist Labour's Union, MST. (b. 1954-). Cristina E. Fernández Wilhelm de Kirchner won the elections.

2007 Dilorom Tashmukhamedova, Uzbekistan
First Secretary of the Political Council of Social and Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Adolat” (“Justice”) and Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis 2005-08 and Speaker from 2008. Like all the other candidates she supported the incumbent Islam Karimov, who was reelected for the third time in spite of the fact that the consitution only allows for 2 terms.

2008 Milanka Karić, Serbia

The Serbian Strength Movement nominated herafter failed attempt to nominate her husband and party leader Bogoljub Karić, a tycoon under arrest warrant who is hiding in Russia.

2008 Jana Bobosikova, The Czech Republic

Nominated by the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia when the first round of voting did not result in the election of a President. A TV-journalist, Member of European Parliament since 2004, she founded the political party Politika 21 in 2 and became its chairperson. (b. 1964-).

2008 Irina Sarishvili-Chanturia, Georgia

Deputy Premier 1993-94, Member of the Presidium of the Head Committee of the Supreme Council 1994-99, Leader 1994-99 and Group Chairperson of the National Democratic (Second largest party in Parliament) 1995-99 after the assassination of her husband Georgi Chaturia in an attack where she was herself seriously wounded. From 2003 spokesperson of the pro-Shevardnadze bloc, For a New Georgia, Leader of the Imedi Party since 2006 and Presidential Candidate in 2008. (b. 1963-).

2008 Blanca Ovelar de Duarte, Paraguay

1999-2002 Vice-Minister and 2002-07 Minister of Culture and Education, Candidate for the rightwing-Colerado Party, that governed the country for more than 60 years, she finished second with 31% of the vote against little more than 40% for the male winner. (b. 1957-).

2008 Cynthia McKinney, United States of America

Democrat Member of the House of Representatives 1993-2003 and 2005-07 from Georgia. Joined the Green Party in 2007. (b. 1955-)

2009 Slagjana Taseva, Macedonia


2009 Mirushe Hoxha, Macedonia

Also known as Hodza, she is Professor and candidate of the Democratic Party of Albanians.

2009 Prof. Dr. Iveta Radičová, Slovakia

Iveta Radicova is Professor of Sociology and Political Sciences at the Comenius University in Bratislava, from 2005 Director of the Institute of Sociology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2005-06 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, MP from 2006 and Deputy Leader of the  Democratic and Christian Union–Democratic Party 2006-10 and Party Leader since 2010. She was Presidential Candidate for all the opposition parties and finished second in the second round of voting. Prime Minister from 2010. (b. 1956-).

2009 Martha Roldós Bucaram, Ecuador

Member of the Directive Commission of the Constituent Assembly in 2008.

2009 Balbina Herrera Araúz, Panamá
Mayor of San Migel 1984-89, MP 1989-99, President of the Asemblea Legislativa  1994-95, President of the Partido Revolucionario Democratico, PRD 1999, Deputy Party Leader 1999-2008 until she became Party President again Party President and won the party primary to become Presidential Candidate. Minister of Housing 2004-08. (b. 1955-).

2009 Loreta Graužinienė-Šniokaitė, Lithuania

Labour MP 2004-08 and from 2012 and Speaker from 2013. Dalia Grybauskaitė won the elections and Kasimiera Prunskienė, was also a candidate. (b. 1963-).

2009 Loveness Gondwe, Malawi

Deputy Speaker of National Assembly 2003-04, Interim President of the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD)  2007-08, President of the New Rainbow Coalition Party since 2008. Her running mate is  Beatrice Mwale.

Zinaida Grecianii

2009 Zinaida Grecianîi, Moldova

Vice-Minister 2000-01 and First Vice-Minister of Finance 2001-02, Minister of Finance 2002-05 and 1. Vice Prime Minister and Coordinator of the activity of executive institution in charge with economic-financial sector from 2005. Following the parliamentary elections in March she was put forward on two rounds of voting for the post of President in May and June but got 60 votes, one short of the required majority, and the result will be new elections. (b. 1956-).

2009 Francisca Maria Monteiro e Silva Vaz Turpin, Guinea-Bissau

The Leader of the opposition Plataforma Unida (PU), she was Designated as Minister of Foreign Affairs but refused to join the government. Presidential candidate for Union of Patriots of Guinea-Bissau in 2009. (b. 1953.-)


2009 42 women were rejected as candidates in Iran

They were among the more than 450 who put their names forward as candidates. 4 were approved by the Guardian Council.

2009 Victoire Lasseny Duboze, Gabon

Independent candidate. Former minister and senator and President of the Senate Group of The Democratic Party of Gabon

2009 Anna Claudine Ayo Assayi, Gabon

Independent candidate. She is a Prophet of the Church of Prophets of Nations. (prophétesse du ministère des prophètes des Nations).

2009 Yvette Ngwevilo Rekangalt, Gabon

President of a number of associations with the aim of protecting children and families.

2009 Shehla Atta, Afghanistan

Member of the Lower House.


2009 Dr. Ferozan Fanam, Afghanistan


2009 Melba Jácome, Ecuador

A busniess woman and Evangelical Pastor, she was candidate of the Movimiento Tierra Fértil. (1958-)

2009 Yvette Sam, Vanuatu

Educator and the President of the Transparency International Vanuatu. She received 7 votes in the first round of voting by the Electoral College.

2009 Leiasmanu  Cullwick, Vanuatu

Also known as Leas Manu she has been First Political Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2008.

2009 Ana María Flores Sanzetenea, Bolivia

Former senator. Candidate of the alliance “Todo por Bolivia”. Ximena Costa was a candidate but widrew before the elections.

2009 Vesna Pusić, Croatia

2000-05 Chairperson of Croatian of Narodna Stranka (Peoples Party), Vice-President of the Sabor 2003-04 and 2005-08 Chaiperson of the Narodna Stranka-Liberalni Demokrati (Peoples Party-Liberal Democrats) and Foreign and European Affairs Minister from 2011. (b. 1953-)-

2009 Vesa Škare-Ožbolt, Croatia

Former Advisor of the late President Tudjman. From 2003 Leader of Democratic Center (splitters from HDZ), which was not represented in the parliament from 2007. Minister of Justice 2003-06 (b. 1961-).

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