Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership

since 1900

Female Presidents
Chronological list

Reigning Queens 
and Empresses

List of Royal Heads of State from the 20th century onwards

Female Governor Generals
De facto heads of state in countries with Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom as their head of State

Woman Heads of State and Government
Presidents and Prime Ministers (both elected and appointed)

Premier Ministers
Female heads of Government
of independent states

Female Vice-Presidents
Woman deputy Heads of State

Female Royal Deputy
Heads of State

Women in Monarchies who acted
 or acts as regents
in the absence
of the monarch

Heiresses to thrones
Women who were in line to have become monarchs throughout history
and those who are in line to become so in the future
Present Heiresses To thrones

A list of Princesses who are first and second-in-line to thrones


List of Female Presidents
List of Woman Premier Ministers