Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Parliament of Nicaragua
(Female suffrage 1955)

Also see Nicaragua Ministers and Nicaragua Heads

The presidum of the National Assembly is elected each year.

1979-84 Deputy President of Consejo de Estato Dora Maria Tellez Argüello
In 1985-90 Minister of Health, 1994-95 Parliamntary Leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

1984-90 Vice-President of the Asemblea Nacional Constituente Leticia Herrara

1990-91 President of Asamblea Nacional Miriam Argüello Morales
Daughter of Humberto Argüello Cerda, who was leader of Partido Conservador and was the party’s Vice-coordinator and from 1982 Partyleader.Around 1979 Alternate Ambassador to UN, 1985 her country’s first female Presidential Candidate and 1995 candidate for the Presidency of the congress (b. 1927-)

1995-96 3. Vice-President Doris Tijerino

1995-96 Secretary of the Directive Julia Mena
Later vice-President of the Republic

1997-98 3. Vice-President Mónica Baltodano Marcenaro
1999 2. Vice-President

2000 3. Vice-President Angeles Castellón Casco

2001-02 2. Secretary María Auxiliadora Aléman Zeas
and 2005-06 3. Secretary
2006-07 1. Secretary
She was removed from the Directive after her father, ex-President Aléman was charged with corruption, but his supporters later won the majority in the Assembly.

2002 2. Secretary Lic. Jamileth Bonilla Madrigal
She was Minister-Secretary of Social Action 1998-99 and
Secretary of Social Action 2001-02.

2002-03 and 2005-06 2. Vice-President Mirna del Rosario Rosales Aguilar

2003-04 2. Vice-President Delia Arellano Sandoval

2007-12 2. Secretary
Alba Azucena Palacios Benavides
2012- 1. Secretary

2012- 1. Vice-President Irís Marina Montenegro Blandón
2016- Acting President of the Parliament
After the death of her predecessor she is "Presidenta por la Ley".

2012-14 2. Vice-President Gladys de los Angeles Báez
2014- 3. Vice-President

2012- 2. Secretary Loria Raquel Dixon Brautigam

2014-16 2. Vice-President María Eugenia Sequeira Balladares

2016- 2. Vice-President Soraya Dolores Acevedo Picado

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