Nicaragua Parliament

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Parliament of Nicaragua
(Female suffrage 1955)

Also see Nicaragua Ministers and Nicaragua Heads

The presidum of the National Assembly is elected each year.

1979-84 Deputy President of Consejo de Estato Dora Maria Tellez Argüello
In 1985-90 Minister of Health, 1994-95 Parliamntary Leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

1984-90 Vice-President of the Asemblea Nacional Constituente Leticia Herrara

1990-91 President of Asamblea Nacional Miriam Argüello Morales
Daughter of Humberto Argüello Cerda, who was leader of Partido Conservador and was the party’s Vice-coordinator and from 1982 Partyleader.Around 1979 Alternate Ambassador to UN, 1985 her country’s first female Presidential Candidate and 1995 candidate for the Presidency of the congress (b. 1927-)

1995-96 3. Vice-President Doris Tijerino

1995-96 Secretary of the Directive Julia Mena
Later vice-President of the Republic

1997-98 3. Vice-President Mónica Baltodano Marcenaro
1999 2. Vice-President

2000 3. Vice-President Angeles Castellón Casco

2001-02 2. Secretary María Auxiliadora Aléman Zeas
and 2005-06 3. Secretary
2006-07 1. Secretary
She was removed from the Directive after her father, ex-President Aléman was charged with corruption, but his supporters later won the majority in the Assembly.

2002 2. Secretary Lic. Jamileth Bonilla Madrigal
She was Minister-Secretary of Social Action 1998-99 and Secretary of Social Action 2001-02.

2002-03 and 2005-06 2. Vice-President Mirna del Rosario Rosales Aguilar

2003-04 2. Vice-President Delia Arellano Sandoval

2007-12 2. Secretary
Alba Azucena Palacios Benavides
17 1. Secretary

2012-17 1. Vice-President Irís Marina Montenegro Blandón
2016-07 Acting President of the Parliament
After the death of her predecessor she is "Presidenta por la Ley".

2012-14 2. Vice-President Gladys de los Angeles Báez
2014-17 3. Vice-President
2017- 2. Vice-President

2012-17 2. Secretary Loria Raquel Dixon Brautigam
2017- 1. Secretary

2014-16 2. Vice-President María Eugenia Sequeira Balladares

2016-17 2. Vice-President Soraya Dolores Acevedo Picado

2017- 1. Vice-President Maritza del Socorro Espinales

2017- 3. Vice-President María Haydee Osuna Ruíz

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