Nicaragua Ministers

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República de Nicaragua
(Female Suffrage 1955) Independent 1821

Also see Nicaragua Heads and Nicaragua Parliament

1950-56 Vice-Minister of Education Olga Nuñez Abaunza de Saballos
Her country's first female lawyer, and Member of the Chamber of Deputies from 1957, she lived (1920-71).

1974/78-79 Minister of Education María Helena de Perras

1979-80 Minister of Social Affairs Lea Guido de López   
1980-86 Minister of Health
She later became Representative of the World Health Orgnaisation in Haïti.

Circa 1979-1984 Vice-Minister of the Presidency Mónica Maria Baltodano Marcenas
1984 Minister of Regional Affairs
1984-90 Minister of Municipalities
She was Sandinist Commandant in the Guerrilla War, 1990-96 Councellor in the City Council of Managua and 1998-99 3rd and 1999-2000 2nd Vice-President of The Asemblea Nacional.

Around 1979 Vice-Minister of Culture Daisy Zamora

1984 Minister-Delegate in the Special Zone Mirna Cunningham

1984-86 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Commandant Nora Astorga-Gadia de Jenkins
1986-88 Ambassador to the United Nations and USA
A leading commander in the civil war. Died of cancer, lived (1944-88)

1985-90 Minister of Health Commandante Dora Maria Tellez Argüello
In 1979-84 Deputy President of the Assembly, 1994-95 Parliamentary Leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

1990-97 Executive President and Head of the Cabinet, Minister of Defence Violeta Barrios de Chamoro (
Normally known as Doña Violeta, she was member of the Leadership of  Government-in-Exile, June 1979-April 1980 Member of five-person Revolutionary Junta. 1979-90 Publisher of the opposition news-paper La Prensa after the murder of her husband, opposition leader Joaquín Chamorro Cardenal. (b. 1929- )

1990-92 Vice-Minister of Finance Marta Palacios Fernandez de Pereira
1992-95 Minister of Health

1990-93 Vice-Minister of Health Hortensia Rivas

Around 1990 Vice-Minister of Education Mary Coco Maltez de Callejas

Around 1993 Minister-Director of the Cultural Institute Gladys Ramírez de Espinosa

1993-97 Deputy Minister of Finance Mirna Somarriba de Bravo

1995-97 Vice-President Julia de la Cruz Mena Rivera
A conservative MP until 1997, Julia Mena, was Secretary of the Asamblea Nacional in 1995.

1997 Minister of Culture, Education and Sport Blanca Rojas Echaverry
In 1990 Presidental Candidate,  since 1990 Lider Partido Unionista Centroamericano.

1997-2002 Vice-minister of Economy and Development Haydée Azucena Castillo Barquero de Solano
2002 Secretary of the Presidency
2002-2005 Executive Secretary of the Social Emergence inversion Fund
2005-07 Minister of Development, Industry and Commerce
Normally known as Azucena Castillo de Solano

1997-98 Vice-Minister of Health Martha Derling McCoy Sánchez
1998-2000 Minister of Health
2000-02 Secretary of Communication of the President

Around 1997 Vice-Minister of Education Catherine Grisby

1998-99 Minister-Secretary of Social Action Jamileth Bonilla Madrigal
2001-02 Secretary of Social Action
She was 2. Secretary of the Directive Junta of the National Assembly in 2000.

1998-2000 Vice-Minister of Health Mariángeles Argüello Robelo
2000-02 Minister of Health

1998-99 Vice-Minister of Family Fanny Montenegro
Former Director of Children of Family in the Presidential Administration and again from 1999.

1999-2000 Vice-Minister of Defence Cristian Matus Rodríguez
2000 Minister of Defence
Before becoming Defence-Vice-Minister she was Deputy Director of a Government Agency. From 2002 Secretary of Interior of the Department of Chontales.

2000-01 Minister of Family Rosa Argentina López Prado

2000 Vice-Minister of Family Bertha Marina Argüello Román
03 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs
She has been civil servant in the government since 1993. (b. 1970-)

2000-01 Vice-Minister of Education Blanca Ovelar de Duarte

2001-05 Vice-Minister of Defence and Executive Secretary of the National De-Mining Commission . Maria Auxiliadora Cuadra Cuadra de Frech

2001-03 Vice-Minister of Finance and Pubic Credit Maria Lourdes Chamorro Benard

2001-02 Vice-Minister of Family Natalia Barillas Cruz
2002-03 Minister of Women and Family

2002-07 Minister of State Lila Teresita Abaunza de Bolaños
She was First Lady of the Nation (b. 1929-)

2002-03 Minister of Health Lucía Salvo Horvilleur
She was President of the National Lottery prior to her appointment.

2002-04 Vice-Minister of Education, Culture and Sports Miriam Zabalah de Bandes

2002-05 Vice-Minister of Health Margarita Gurdián López
2005-07 Minister of Health

2002-03 Vice-Minister of Family Carmen Largaesapada Fredersdorff
2003-05 Minister of Family

2002-04 Presidential Secretary with rank of Minister and Director of Social Communication Mignone Vega

2003-05 Vice-Minister of Finance and Pubic Credit Vilma Rosa Leon York

2003-07 Vice-Minister of Family Ligia Terán de Astorga

2004-07 Presidential Secretary with rank of Minister of Legal Affairs Dr. Fabiola Masis Mayorga

2004-05 Vice-Minister of Education Vilma Rosa Leon York

2005-07 Minister of Family Ivania del Socorro Toruño Padilla 

2005-07 Vice-Minister of Interior Deyanira Argüello Arana

2006-07 Vice-Minister of the Marine Affairs Lilliam Osejo

2007 Designate Minister of Defence Marisol Castillo Bellido
Lieutenant Colonel of the Army of Nicaragua, Magistrate of the Electoral Supreme Council. Wife of the ex-director of the State Security Agency, Lenín Cerna. Her nomination was withdrawn before the new cabinet took office without a Defence Minister. (b. 1956-).

2007-17 Minister of Interior Ana Isabel Morales Mazún
Former Sandinist guerrilla leader, she worked for a number of years in the Ministry and as a lawyer

2007 Minister of Health Juana Maritza Cuan
eneral practitioner and Hospital Director

2007-13 Minister of Labour Jeannette Chávez Gómez
Ex-guerrilla, lawyer, university university professor and one of the main leaders of the National Network of Defense of the Consumer. In the 1980's she was Chief Executive of the Department of the Interior.

2007 Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Amanda Lorío Arana
Sociologist, ex-investigator of the CIERA in years 80; specialist in Reflexología. The cabinet at the time had 45% female members.

2007-14 Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Juana Vicenta Argeñal

2014- Minister of Copperative, Communicative and Associative Family Economy
(Ministerio Economía Familiar, Cooperativa, Comunitaria y Asociativa)

2007 Minister of Family Glenda Auxiliadora Ramírez Noguera

2007-08 Minister of Family Rosa Adilia Vizcaya Briones

2007-? Director of the Institute of Women Emilia del Carmen Tórres Aguilar
There is a total of 16 female Secretaries, Presidents and Vice-President of Autonomous Institutions with Rang of Minsiter and Vice-Minister in the government out of 46 positions. That is a total of 36%

2007-16 Presidential Delegate and President of the Council of Communication and Civil Society Rosario Murillo Zambrana
2017- Vice-President and Government Spokesperson
A poet, she married President Daniel Ortega after living with him for 27 years.  (b. 1951-).

2007-14 Vice-Minister of Education Milena Núñez Téllez
The number of vice-ministers in the government appointed in 2007 was 27%.

2007-17 Vice-Minister of Finance and Public Credit María Esperanza Acevedo Gutiérrez

2007-17 Vice-Minister of Development, Industry and Commerce Leana del Socorro Lacayo

2008-09 Minister of Family María Isabel Muñoz

2007 Secretary General of Defence with Rank of Minister Ruth Tapia Roa

2009-10 Minister of Family, Youth and Children Meyling Calero

2010- Minister of Family Marcia Ramirez Mercado

2010- Minister of Health Sonia Castro Gonzáles

2010-17 Minister of Education, Culture and Sports Miriam Soledad Raudez

2013- Minister of Labour Alba Luz Torres

2014- Minister of Defence Martha Ruiz Sevilla
Secretary General of the Ministry for a number of years. She is the first Minister appointed to the post since 2007

2014- Minister of Women Angela Yadira Meza Vargas

2014- Minister of the Emergency Social Investment Fund Diana Leonor Centeno.

2014- Minister of Environment and National Resources María Auxiliadora Chiong Gutiérrez

2014- Vice-Minister of Environment and National Resources Justa del Rosario Pérez Acuña

2014- Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Secretary of Cooperation Arlette Cristina Marenco Mendoza

2014- Vice-Minister of Family Eda Cecilia Medina

2017- Minister of Interior María Amelia Coronel Kinloch

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