Bolivia Local Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Bolivia Local Leaders

Also see Bolivia Ministers

1995-97 Prefect and General Commander of the Department Mirtha Queuedo Acalinovic, Oruro
Secretary of the Cámara de Diputados 1993-94, Vice-President of the Municipal Council of Oruro 2001-02, President Cámara de Senadores  Bolivia 2001-02 and from 2003 Minister of Popular Participation (b. 1960-).

Until 2001 Governor Margoth Cardozo, Palmasola

2008-10 Governor and Prefect Sabina Cuéllar Leaños, Chuquisaca
She was eleted by thousands of people in the popular assembly, ignoring a decree of President Evo Morales who was appointed another person for the same office. Later confirmed in office.

2009- President of Parliament Miriam Reyes, Bolívar


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