Bolivia Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of República de Bolivia (Female Suffrage 1939/1952) Independent from Spain 1821

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1969 Minister of Labour and Health Alcira Espinoza Schmidt de Villegas

Circa 1978 Subsecretary for Agriculture Lidia Gueiler Tejada
1978-79 President of Cámara de Diputados
1979 (Aug.-Nov.) President of the Congress (and Vice-President of the Republic)
1979-80 Executive President and Head of the Cabinet (1.10.79-17.7.80)
In 1952 she was Commander in the National Revolutionary Force and the only female head of a battalion. President of Partido Revolucionario de los Izquierda Nazional Gueiler 1979-94, Exile in France 1980-82, Ambassador in Embassy to West Gemany 1982-83, and to Venezuela 1983-86 and since 1993 She was deposed by the 129th Coup d'Etat in the history of Bolivia, shortly before elections was due.
She lived (1921-2011).

1979-80 Minister of Health Dr. Aída Craros de Baya

1979-80 Minister of Social Welfare Elvira Ojara

1979 Minister of Information Ana María Romero de Campero
Later Public Defender or Ombudsperson and President of the Senate in 2010. She lived (1940-2010).

1985-87 Subsecretary of Integration Lic. Ana María Solares Gaite
1986     Acting Minister of Integration (May-July)
1997-2004 Vice-Minister of External Relations and Religion for Economic Relations and Integration
2004-06 Vice-Minister of Industry, Commerce and Exports
Worked in a number of international organizations 1987-97.

1987-1989 Subsecretary Health María Teresa Paz Prucencio
2005 Minister of Health and Sports
MP 1989-96, 1997 and 2002-07 and Secretary of Human Development in the Department of La Paz 1996-97. She resigned 24 hours after her appointment in February 2005. (b. 1951-).

1989-92 Minister of Housing Elena Velasco de Urresti
From around 1999 Director General of Functional Coordination in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning. 

1989-91 Subsecretary of Planning and Coordination 
1997-2001 Vice-Minister of Education, Culture and Sports 
2001-02 Minister of Education, Culture and Sports Elfy Amalia Anaya Jaldin de Patino

1991-92 Secretary General of the Presidency Erika Brockmann Quiroga
Secretary General of the Prefecture of La Paz 1989-91, from 1992 Senator.(b.1955-)

1992-93 Minister of Culture and Education Olga Saaveda

1993 Minister of Culture and Education Emma Navajas

1993-95 Subsecretary of Gender in the Ministry of Human Development Sonia Montaño

1994-97 Subsecretary for Juridical Questions in Secretariat for Export and Economic Competitiveness Susana Valdés

1997-99 Minister of Justice and Human Rights Dr. Ana María Cortés de Soriano
From 1999 Secretary General of the President's Office. 

1997-99 Vice-Minister of Finance for Pensions Helga Salinas Campana

1997-2001 Vice-Minister of Sustainable Development and Planning for Sustainable Development and Environment 
2001-02 Vice-Minister in charge of Planning, Strategy and Public Participation Neisa Roca Hurtado

1997-99 Vice-Minister of Sustainable Development for Gender, Generations and Family Carolina Toledo Canedo

1997-98 Vice-Minister of External Commerce for Investments and Privatization Dr. Amparo Ballivián
1998-99 Minister of Housing and Basic Services

1997-99 Subsecretary of Religion in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Martha Uroste de Aguirne

1997-99 Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of External Relations and Religion Mayra Montero

1997-99 Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Defence Olga Calderón de Guzmán

1999-2001 Vice-Minister in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning in charge of Generations and Family Affairs 
2001-02 Vice-Minister in charge of Environment and Forestall Development Jarmila Moraveck de Curruto

2001-02 Vice-Minister of Governmental Information Pilar Hoyos

2002 Minister of for Rural Affairs, Indigenous Population, Gender and Generation Affairs Tomasa Yarhui Jacome
The first female indigenous minister. (b. 1968-)

2002-03 Minister of Justice and Human Rights Gina Luz Méndez Hurtado
Gina Mendez is a former Municipal Councillor in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. (b. 1958-).

2002-03 Minister without Portfolio for Rural Affairs, Indigenous Population, Gender and Generation Affairs Silvia Amparo Velarde Olmos

2002 Vice-Minister of Justice Denise Mostajo Sotelo

2002-03 Vice-Minister of Education Esther Balboa Bustamante Rochan
Vice-Presidential Candidate for Movimento indigina Pachakuti in 2002 and put her name forward as Presidential Candidate in 2005. (b. 1959-).

2003 Minister of Sustainable Development Moira Paz Estenssoro

2003 Minister of Popular Participation Mirtha Queuedo Acalinovic
Secretary of the Cámara de Diputados 1993-94, Prefect and General Commander of the Department of Oruro 1995-97, Vice-President of the Municipal Council of Oruro 2001-02 and 2002-03 President of the Cámara de Senadores, Leader of the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario from around 2005. (b. 1960-).

2003-05 Minister and Presidential Anticorruption Delegate Guadalupe Cajías de la Vega
(b. 1955-)

2003- Vice-Minister of Culture Maria Isabel Álvarez Plata

2003-05 Vice-Minister of Health and Sport Graciela Rosario Quiroga Morales
2004 Acting Minister of Health and Sport
2005 Minister of Health and Sport

2004-06 Vice-Minister of the Treasury and Public Credits Patricia Alborta Valda
2004 Acting Minister of Finance

2003-05 Vice-Minister of Tourism Cinthia Yáñez

2003 Vice-Minister of Women in the Ministry of Sustainable Development Teresa Canaviri Sirpa

2003 Vice-Minister of Health Lourdes Ortiz

2005-06 Vice-Minister of Small and Micro Producers Lourdes Montero Justiniano

2005-06 Vice-Minister of Tourism Ximena Alvarez

2005 Minister of Labour
Audalia Zurita Zelada

2005 Minister of Education Maria Soledad Quiroga Trigo
An academic. (b. in Santiago de Chile 1957-)

2005 Minister without Portfolio for Popular Participation Gloria Ardaya Salinas

2005-06 Minister of Education María Cristina Mejía B.

2005 Minister without Portfolio for Popular Participation Naya Ponce Fortún

2005 Minister of Sustainable Development and Planning Irma Elizabeth Peredo Obleas
She was responsible for the portfolio which covers economic, social, environmental and political development for about one month.

2005-06 Minister of Sustainable Development and Planning Martha Beatriz Bozo Espinoza
Former Lawyer and Public Procecuter.

2005-06 Vice-Minister of Lands Silvia Ovando

Circa 2005- Vice-Minister of Women's Affairs Teresa Canaviri Sirpa

2006-07 Minister of Interior Alicia Muñoz Alá
Elected Communist Senator in 2005. Acted as Foreign Minister in 2006 in the abcence of the office holder. (b. 1951-)

2006-08 Minister of Economic Development charged with Production and Micro-entreprises Celinda Sosa Lunda
Involved in women's business development. (b. 1963-)

2006-08 Minister of Health and Sports Nila Heredia Miranda
Former President of Colegio Médico de La Paz and vice-rector of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (b. 1970-)

2006-07 Minister without Portfolio responsible for Justice Casimira Rodríguez Romero
There were 4 female and 12 male ministers in the government in office 2006-07 (25%). She is (b. 1967-).

2006-? Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs for Economic Relations and Foreign Trade María Luisa Ramos Urzagaste
She was the only female of the 39 Vice-Ministers.

2007-10 Minister of Justice Celima Torrico Rojas
Departmental Councillor of Cochabamba

2007-10 Minister of Rural Development and Farming Susana Rivero Guzmán

2007-10 Minister of Eduacation Magdalena Cajías de la Vega

2008-10 Minister of Planning and Development Graciela Toro Ibanez

2008-? Vice-Minister of Regulation and Control Rosalba Aristimuño Ramírez


2008-09 Vice-Minister of Justice María Cecilia Rocabado
2009-10 Minister of the Legal Defence of the State

2010-15 Minister of the Legal Defence of the State Elizabeth Arismendi

2010-15 Minister of Development Planning Elba Viviana Caro

2010-15 Minister of Productive Development and Plural Economy Antonia Rodríguez

2010-12 Minister of Justice Nilda Copa

2010-15 Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Prevision Carmen Trujillo

2010-12 Minister of Health and Sports Sonia Polo

2010-15  Minister of Environment and Water María Esther Udaeta Velásquez

2010-12 Minister of Rural Development Nemesia Achacollo

2010-12 Minister of Institutional Transparency and the Fight Against Corruption Nardi Suxo

2010-12 Minister of Culture Zulma Yugar

2011 Minister of Defence María Cecilia Chacón Chacón
Former Chief of Cabinet for the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and other positions as civil servant

2012-15 Minister of Justice and Human Rights
Cecilia Ayllon

2012-15 Minister of the Autonomous Areas Claudia Pena

2012-15 Minister of Communication Amanda Davila

2015- Minister for Rural Development and Land Nemesia Achacollo

2015- Minister of Productive Development Ana Verónica Ramo

2015-17 Minister of Justice Virginia Velasco Condori

2015- Minister of Health Ariana Campero

2015-17 Minister of Environment and Water María Moreira López

2015-17 Minister of Communication Marianela Paco Durán

2017- Minister of Communication
Gisela Lopez; Culture

2017- Minister of Tourism Wilma Alanoca;

2017- Minister of Development Planning Mariana Prado Noya


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