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Uruguay Parties

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1992-98 Member of the Collective Leadership of Partido Comunista Ana Marina Arismendi Dubinsky
1992- Member of the Leadership of the Representativa del Frente Amplio (The Left Alliance)
1998- Secretary General of the Partido Comunista
Senator since 1999 and in 2004, 1. vice-president of the Senate

1998 Vice-President of the Frente Amplio Mónica Xavier
Senator 2000-05 and in 2001 she became the first woman to chair a Parliamentary Commissison, the Health Committee. From 1984 she was member of the clandestine leadershop of the Socialist Party during the dictatorship. (
b. 1956-).

2010- Senate Leader of lista 609 in the Frente Amplio Lucia Topolansky
Member of the Chamber of Deputies 2000-09 and married to José Mujica, President 2010-15. (b. 1944-)



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