Uganda Local Leaders

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Uganda Local Leaders

1988-95 Minister of State and Cabinet Member, Resident in North-Central Uganda (Guli)
1995-96 Minister in the President’s Office in Charge of Northern Uganda Betty Bigombe
As Minister of State for Northern Uganda she was in charge of the pacification of the waring parties in that part of the country. She had been deputy Minister in the Premier Ministers office in charge of Economics, Finance and Trade 1986-88  

1988-92 District Administrator Bernadette Bigirwa, Rukungiri
Resident District Commissioner of
1995-96 Resident District Commissioner of Jinja in

MP 1996-2004 (†)

1997- District Chairperson Josephine Kasya of Kanungu

1999-2001 Minister of State in charge of Luwero (Northern Uganda) Ruth Sentamu Nankabirwa
Also in charge of the peace-efforts in Northern Uganda.

2001 State Minister of the Luwero Sara Kyama Kiyingi
Former Commissioner of Agriculture. 1999-2000 State Minister of the Elderly and Disabilities in Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
2000-01 State Minister of Internal Affairs, and in 2000 she acted 4 months as Minister during the absence of a minister in the department.

2001- State Minister in charge of Entandikwa Florence Sekabira Nayiga
State Minister of Youth and Child Affairs 1999-2001

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