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Taiwan Parties

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1991-95 Deputy Secretary of the Kuo Min Tang (KMT) Caucus Jenny Ma
From 2002 President of the business association The Council for Industrial and Commercial Development (CICD)

Circa 1996-? Spokesperson of the Progressive Party Maysing Yang

2002-? Secretary General of the DPP Caucus Hsu Jung-shu

2005-06 Acting Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party Annette Lu

The country's Vice-president 2000-08.  In the first stage of the primary elections in May 2007, she finished last of the candidates with 6% of the wote. The male candidate later won the elections. (b. 1944-)

2008-12 and 2014- Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party Tsai Ing-wen
Minister and Chairperson of Mainland Affairs Council 2000-04 and Vice Premier and Minister of Consumer Protection 2006-07 and Presidential Candidate in 2012 and President from 2016. (b. 1956-).

2012 Acting Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party Chen Chu
Mayor of Kaohsiung since 2006

2016 Actng Chairperson of Kuomintang Huang Min-hui
KMT Vice-Chair 2008-16.

2016- Chairperson of Kuomingtang Hung Hsiu-chu
Former Deputy Chairperson and Deputy Secretary-General of Kuomintang and named Presidential Candidate in 2015, but the party later deselected her because of low ratings in the opinion polls. The new male candidate lost the elections in 2016. Also Vice Chair of the Parliament 2012-16. (b. 1948-).

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