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Slovakia Parties

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1990-ca.94 Parliamentary Leader of Slovenská Naradna Srana, SNS (Slovak National Party) Dr. Gabriela Kaiská

1990-91 Vice-Chairperson of Civil Democratic Union Helena Wolekova
Former Federal Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister in Slovakia.

1990-91 and 1994-? Vice-Chairperson of HZDS (Democratic Party) Olga Keltsová
1992     Secretary General
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs 1992-94 and 1994-98 and 1998 Ambassador to the United Nations. (b. 1943-)

1990-94 Vice-Chairperson of Slovak National Party (SNS) Dr. Eva Slavkovska
1993-94 Parliamentary Leader
2002-03 Vice-Chairperson of Right Slovak National Party (PSNS)
Minister of Education and Science 1994-98. PSNS is a breakaway Faction from SNS. (b. 1944-)

1990-92 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of Green Party of Slovakia (SZS) in Slovak National Council
1992-94 Vice-Chairperson of SZS 
1997-2003 Chairperson Dr. Zdenka Tóthova 
State Secretary of Education 1998-2002. (b. 1956-)

1994-98 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of Slovak National Party (SNS)  Ing. Melania Kollarikova 
Later member of the Right Slovak National Party (PSNS) (b. 1943-).

1995-2001 Vice-chairperson of the Party of the Democratic Left Brigitta Schmönerova
Vice-Premier and Minister of Economy 1994 and
Minister of Finance 1998-2002 of Finance and 1998 unsuccessful candidate for President of the Slovak Republic. (b. 1947-).

1996-? Leader of Green Alternative (HZDZ) Zora Razarova

1996-? Secretary General of Co-existence (Hungarian Party) Erzébet Dolník

1999-2002  Vice-chairperson of Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) for foreign relations MUDr. Anna Zaborska (b. 1948),
Member of the National Council of the Republic of Slovakia 1998-2004 and Chairperson of the Committee for Health since 2002. Member of the European Parliament from 2004.

1999- Vice-chairperson of SMER (Social Democrats) Monika Benova
Member of the National Council of the Republic of Slovakia since 2002 and chairwoman of it‘s Committee for European Integration. (b. 1968).

2001- Secretary-General of Right Slovak National Party (PSNS) Viera Kralicekova
 (b. 1960-)

Circa 2002-04 Vice-Chairperson the Party of Hungarian Coalition (SMK) Ing. Edit Bauer, CSc. 
Member of the National Council of the Republic of Slovakia 1990-1998, State Secretary of Labour, Social Affairs and Family 1998-2002. (b. 1946).

Circa 2002-  Vice-Chairperson of the Party of Democratic Left (SDL) PaedDr. Hana Blazickova
 (b. 1958).

Circa 2002- Vice-Chairperson of the Slovak Comunist Party (KSS) PaedDr. Dagmar Bollova

2002- Vice-Chairwoman of the Social Democratic Alternative (SDA) PhDr. Erika Kvapilova, CSc. SDA is separatist party founded by dissidents  from the Party of Democratic Left (SDL). (b. 1960-)

2002- Vice-Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party of Slovakia (SDSS) Olga Nachtmannova

2002- Vice-Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party of Slovakia (SDSS) Maria Zelenakova vice-chairperson of the Social Democratic Party of Slovakia (SDSS) since April 2002.

2002- Secretary-General of the Movement for Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) Ing. Eva Antosova
She has been Mayor of Nova Dubnica since 1997, unsuccessful candidate for the position of the President of Supreme Audit Office of Slovakia. (b. 1964)

2002- Secretary-General of the Slovak Peoples Party (SLS) Bozena Hloskova

2003- Vice-chairperson of Civic Conservative Party (OKS) Maria Drimalova

Until 2004 Vice-chairperson of Slovak Christian-Democratic Union (SDKU) Zuzana Martinakova
2004- CHairperson of Slobodne forum (Liberal Forum)
She left the SDKU and joined the newly formed Liberal Forum and at the same time resigned as Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, a post she held since 2002.

2004- Vice-Chairperson of Slobodne Forum Eva Hlavacova
Elected at the constituent general assembly of that newly established liberal party.

Before 2006 Vice-Chairperson of the Slovak National Party Anna Belousovova
Previously known as Malikova, she is former mayor of Cadca and Vice-President of the National Council from 2006. (b. 1959)

2005-10 Deputy Leader of the Democratic and Christian Union–Democratic Party Iveta Radičová
2010-12 Party Leader
inister of Labour and Social Affairs 2005-06, MP 2006-12 and Presidential Candidate in 2009. (b. 1956-).


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