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Serbia Local Leaders

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26.7.1954-195? Mayor Ruza Kremic,  Buar (Central Serbia)
One of first mayors in Serbia. Municipality of Buar doesn't exist today, being attached to Uzice.

January 1957-196? President Dunja Vlahovic,  Belgrade's Municipality of Vracar
(b. 1912

Circa 1970 President Milka Scepanovic, Belgrade's Municipality of Stari Grad
Graduated at Law Faculty and High Political School. With Partisans from 1941, member of the Communist Party from 1942. Member of the Central Committee of the Organization of Communist Youth, member of the Revisional Commission of the Yugoslav Central Committee, member of Serian Central Committee and deputy to the Republic Council of the Serbian Assembly 1963-65. 5.5.1982-6.5.1986 Member of the Executive Council of Serbia (minister without portfolio). (b. 1925)

1981-84 President Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov, Novi Sad's Municipality of Stari Grad
(b. 1940)

1985-86 Mayor Bogdana Glumac-Levakov, Zrenjanin (Vojvodina)
Later she became president of Council of the Republics of Federal Assemly of Yugoslavia (1990-92) and was involved in several sport organizations.

1986-88 President of City Government  Dr. Zivana Olbina, Belgrade,
Member of the Executive Council of Serbia (minister without portfolio) 6.5.1978-5.5.1982, & Manger of the Institute for Social Planning (being member of government in that capacity) 5.5.1982-6.5.1986. Profesor on Belgrade University, now works as marketing consultant.

1992-96 President Slavica Tanaskovic, Belgrade's Municipality of Rakovica

1993-94 Mayor Slobodanka Gruden, Belgrade
Née Slobodanka Milic, she is an expert in blood transfusion and held major posts in several Belgrade hospitals. She was active in Communist period, holding many offices in Belgrade's municipality of Zemun, and in Belgrade itself, including acting chief of Belgrade's Communists in 1987. She was also member of Presidency of the Central Committee of League of Communists of Serbia & member of Main Board of Milosevic's Socialists. She published more than 120 medical works and was President of Red Cross of Serbia until 1998. She resigned as mayor in June 1994 after a scandal with one of major pyramidal schemes, 'Dafiment bank'. Her hobby was amateur acting, being married to actor, Aleksandar Gruden. (b. 1940)

1993-96 Mayor Draga Pesic-Zlatanovic, Odzaci (Vojvodina)
(b. 1951)

1994-2001 Prefect Branislava Furjanovic, District of Prizren (Kosovo) 
Member of Socialist Party, she continued in 'exile', like all other Kosovo prefects, after NATO intervention on Kosovo in June 1999. Removed from office on 12 April 2001.

1996-2000 Mayor Milanka Bozic, Bajina Basta (Central Serbia)

1996-2000 Mayor Dragana Jovanovic, Knic (Central Serbia)

1996-2000 Mayor Mirjana Markovic-Milosavljevic, Zagubica (Central Serbia)
Member of Socialist Party.

1996-2006 President Milena Milosevic, Belgrade's Municipality of Vracar
(b. 1950)

1997 Mayor Dragica Stanojlovic, Vrsac (Vojvodina)

1997-2000 President Gordana Todic, Belgrade's Municipality of Palilula
Member of Serbian Renewal Movement (b. 1955)

1999-2001 Prefect Gordana Despotovic-Roza,  District of North Banat (Vojvodina)
Member of Socialist Party & at the same time as prefect, leader of district's branch of the Socialists. Removed from office on 12 April 2001.

2000- President Mirjana Bozidarevic, Belgrade's Municipality of Stari Grad
(b. 1952)

2000- Mayor Borislava Kruska, Pancevo (Vojvodina)

2000-04 Mayor Marija Sargac, Odzaci (Vojvodina)

2000-04 Mayor Vasvija Gusinac, Novi Pazar (Central Serbia), 
Member of Party for Democratic Action of Sandzak.

2000-01 Mayor Vera Mikic, Cicevac (Central Serbia)

2000-04 Mayor Milka Marinkovic, Pozega (Central Serbia)
(b. 1955)

2000-202 President Vesna R. Ivic, Belgrade's Municipality of Grocka
She is a lawyer and member of Democratic Party.

2001 Acting Mayor Suzana Stamenkovic, Lebane (Central Serbia)

2001-02 Acting Mayor Valentina Vucicevic, Irig

2001-04 President Ljiljana Zdravkovic  Lazarevac

2001-04 Prefect Anka Gogic-Mitic, District of Branicevo (Central Serbia)
Member of Civic Alliance, and activist in several non-government organizations, promoting human and female rights.

2001-04 Prefect of District Jelena Radakovic, Srednji Banat (Vojvodina)
Former manager of  an opposition newspapers in the town of Zrenjanin, the capital of the district.

2001-? Prefect Zorica Djeric-Stojcic, District of Bor (Central Serbia)

2001-04 Mayor Radmila Hrustanovic, Belgrade
2004-07 Deputy Mayor
2007 Acting Mayor
2007- Deputy to the Acting Mayor
She was member of Reformist Party of former Yugoslav Prime minister Ante Markovic 1990-93, and since then member of Civic Alliance of Serbia (headed first by Vesna Pesic 1993-97, and then by present foreign minister of Yugoslavia Goran Svilanovic). Since 12 October 2000 she was member of Belgrade City government as secretary for communal-dwellings affairs. She was also acting manager of the most famous opposition station in Belgrade, Studio B,  26 October 2000-19 April 2001. (b. 1952)

2001 - President  Ljiljana Zdravkovic, Belgrade's Municipality of Lazarevac,

2001-02 Mayor Ljiljana Cvetkovic of Lebane (Central Serbia)
(b. 1961)

2001-02 and 2004- Mayor Radmila Gerov of Negotin (Central Serbia)
Two times mayor, second time being directly elected as mayoress, one of only three out of almost 120 municipalities in Serbia (b. 1967)

2001-04 Mayor Jadranka Milosevic of Majdanpek (Central Serbia)
Member of Democratic Party of Serbia. (b. 1965)

2002 Acting Prefect Ana Lackovic-Fodor, North Bracka
(b. 1955-)

2002-04 Prefect Mirjanan Jevtic-Petkovic of District of Nisava
Member of Socialdemocracy.

2003-04 Acting Mayor Sonja Jovanovic of Jagodina (Central Serbia)
(b. 1963)

2004-04 Acting Mayor Marta Horvath-Odry of Sombor (Vojvodina)
(b. 1962)

2004 Acting Mayor Milica Secerov of Novi Knezevac (Vojvodina)

4.11.2004- President Gordana Pop-Lazic of Belgrade's Municipality of Zemun
Senior member of Serbian Radical Party. While Radicals were in coalition with Milosevic, she was minister for local selfgoverning 24.3.1998-24.10.2000, since 2004 she is deputy president of Serbian assembly. Known for her primitive language & behaviour (as most of Radicals) and nepotism & building of private palacies in Zemun during previous Radical rule (1997-2000), she was nevertheless elected president of municipality. (b. 1956)

2004-05 Mayor Jasna Avramovic of Smederevo (Central Serbia)
(b. 1959)

2004- Prefect Vesna Mijalkovic of District of Pirot
(b. 1960)

2004-05 Prefect Vesna Jeremic of District of Podunavlje
(b. 1964-).

2005- President Milena Bibercic, Novi Sad's Municipality of Petrovaradin (Vojvodina)

2005- Prefect Marina Markovic, District of Podunavlje (Central Serbia)

2005-07 Prefect Svetlana Selakovic, District of South Backa (Vojvodina)

2007- Prefect Darija Sajin, District of South Backa (Vojvodina)

2007- President Branka Savic, The Belgrade's municipality of Barajevo (Central Serbia)

2008/9-13 Prefect Tanja Dulović, Srednjebanatski
She is head of the Central Bačka District

2010- Prefect Nataša Stevanović,
She is head of the
West Bačka District

... Possible Prefect Liliana Sokolova Djokic, Bačka-Occidentale


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