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Russia Parties (Includes the former USSR)

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1916-17 Secretary of the Central Committee of the Bolsheviks Nadezhada Krupskaia
Later minister in the USSR-Government.

1917 Secretary of the Duma Faction of the Communist Part E.F. Rozmiravic(ova)

1917-19 Leader of Narochaia Voila Vera N. Finger

1917-20 Leader of the New Left Socialist Revolutionary Party Maria Spiridonova
She assassinated a Police Officer in 1906 and was sent to exile in Siberia, Mayor of Chita 1917, candidate for the post of president of the Constituent Assembly 1918 and President of the All-Russia Peasant Congresses, and Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Peasants Soviet in 1917 and 1918, lead an anti-bohshevik rising in 1918 and spend the rest of her life in Sibiria, where she was shot. She lived (1885-1941).

1917-20 Secretary of the Central Committee of the Bolsheviks Elena Stasova
She was Leader of the Party in St. Petersburg 1902-05. She lived (1828-1920).

1918-20 Chief of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Bolsheviks Klaudia T. Novgorodteeva

1954-74 Secretary of the Politburo of the Communist Party Yekaterina Fucova
Also Minister of Culture.

1988-91 Co-Leader of the Party of the Democratic Union Valeria Ilyinichina Novodvolskaia
1991-? Party Leader
She is a former dissident and former political prisoner.

1989-91 Chairperson of the Political Executive Committee for the All-Union Society "Unity for Leninism and Communist Ideals" Nina Aleksandrovna Andreeva
1991-(96) Secretary General of the Communist Party of Bolsheviks

1989-(96) Co-Chairperson of Democratic Party Eugenia Sale
1991-(96) Leader of the Duma Faction of the Party

1991-? Chairperson of the Duma Faction of the Free Democrats Irena Vinogradova

1993-? Co-Chairperson of the Free Democratic Party of Russia Marina Salye (Salje)
Around 2000 Leader of the Democratic Russia Movement

1993-98 Co-Chairperson of Democratic Russia Galina V. Staravoitova
1994-98 (†) Party Leader
The first female politician to be assassinated in Russia, and lived (1946-98).

1993-99 Chairperson of Russia's Women Alvertina Fedulova
1994-99 Chairperson of the Duma Faction

1993-94 Leader of Russian Choice Ella Pamfilova
1994-99 Co-Chairperson of the Democratic Russian Movement
1999- Leader of the Party.
A former minister who stood as the only female Presidential candidate in 2000.

1994-97 Leader of Common Course Irna M. Khakamada
1999-2001 Co-Leader of Just Course
2001-044 Co-Leader of Union of Right Forces
2004- Leader of Our Choice
She was Minister-Chairperson of Committee for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 1997-99 and Deputy Speaker of the State Duma 2000-03.

1995- Chairperson of the "Women of Russia" faction Yekaterina Filippovna Lakhova
1996- Chairperson 
of the Women's Movement of Russia
MP from 1990 and Chairperson of the Committee for the Affairs of Women, Protection of Family, Motherhood and Childhood since 1991 and advisor to the State President from 1993. (b. 1948 - ).

1996-2000 Chairperson of the Party for Peace and Unity Sazhi Zaindinovna Umalatova 
In 1997/99 she was Chairperson of the Self-Proclaimed Supreme Council of the Soviet Union. She is from Chechnia and later became Russian MP and in 2000 she formed a bloc in support of President Putin.

Circa 1998- Leader of Russia Socialist Worker's Party Lyudmilla Vartazarova

1999- leader of the Party of Russia’s Spiritual Revival Lyubov Zhirinovskaya
Small and extreme right-wing party.  Zhirinovskaya is half sister of Vladimir Zhirinovski.
Around 2003 Co-Leader of the Party of Social Justice Larisa Babukh

Around 2003 Co-Leader of the Party of Social Justice Maria Lazutova

2004 - Leader of The United Popular Party of Soldiers' Mothers Valentina Melnikova
Elected at the party's constituent assembly.

Before 2006- Chairperson Russian Incorporated Industrial Party Elena Panina
Also Member of the Presidium of the General Council of the United Russia Party


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