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1922 Senior Marshall of the Silesian Sejm Janina Omańkowska, Autonomous Silesian Voivodeship (10.10)
Polish journalist, social activist and politician. Member of the Polish Christian Democratic Party. Member of the Silesian Sejm in 1922-27. She lived (1859-1927)

1973-? Vice-President of the City Council Barbara Koziej-Zwowa, Warszawa

1976-79 Voivode Zofia Grzebisz-Nowicka, Siedleckie voivodship
Since 2001 deputy in Sejm from Democratic Left Alliance and Member of the European Parliament from 2004. First female Voivode in the history of Poland.

Before 1980 Voivode Zofia Grzebisz-Nowicka, Siedleckie voivodship
Since 2001 deputy in Sejm from Democratic Left Alliance.

1987 6 female Vice-Voivods

1988 Vice-Voivode M.B. Szczepańska, Wrocławski Voivodship

1990-91 Vice-Voivode Janina Sagatowska, Tarnobrzeskie Voivodship
1991-94 Voivode 
Later she became Senator

1990-94 Vice-voivode Krystyna Broda, Tarnowski Voivodship
She lived (1951-2008)

1997 Vice-voivode Apolonia Klepacz, Opolskie Voivodship

1997-99 Voivode Krystyna Lukaszuk, Bialostocki Voivodship
1999-2001 Voivode of Podlanski Voivodship
(b. in 1949).

1998 Voivode Maria Piór, Elblaski Voivodship

1998 Voivode Grazyna Sztark, Koszalinski Voivodship
Vice-Marschall of the Senate from 2010. (b.1954-)

1998-99 Voivode Teresa Pitrowska, Bydgoski Voivodship
She is historian and theologist. Since 2001 she is deputy in Sejm. (b.1955-).

1998-99 Vice-Voivode Maria Zuba, Kielecki Voivodship
2000-01 Vice-Voivode of Svietokrzyski Voivodship

1998-99 Vice-Voivode Maria Wasiak, Radomski Voivodship
Minister of Infrastructure and Development. (b.1960-)

1998- Chairperson of Sejmik Lucyna Andrysiak, The Kujawsko-Pomorski voivodship 

2000-01 Vice-voivode Maria Zuba, Svietolrzyski Voivodship

2001-03 Vice-voivode Jolanta Fedak, Libelski Voivodship
She was
Vice-chairperson of Sejmik (Assembly) in the Province 1998-2001. Vice-president of the Polish Peasants' Party from 2005.

2001-03 Vice-voivode Elżbieta  Rutkowska, Opolskie Voivodship
2003-06 Voivode
She was Member of the Sejm 1980-89. (b. 1948-).

2001-06 Vice-voivode Joanna Grzela, Swietokrzyski Voivodship

2001-06 Vice-voivode Elżbieta Lanc, Mazowiecki  Voivodship

2001-06 Vice-voivode Hanna Mikulska-Bojarska, Warmińsko-Mazurski Voivodship

2002-04 Vice Voivode Teresa Randak, Śląski Voivodeship

2002-03 Speaker of the Voivodship Ewa Olszewska,.....
(Sejmik Wojewódzki)

2003-06 Vice-Voivode Renata Nowak, łódzki Voivodship

2003-05 1. Vice-Voivode Barbara Sikora, Lubelski Voivodship

2003-06 Vice-Voivode Joanna Kasprzak-Perka, Lubuski Voivodship
2004 Acting Voivode

2003-06 Vice-Voivode Jadwiga Mowakowska, Malopolski Voivodship

2003-06 Vice-Voivode Krystyna Gozdawa-Nocon, Pomorski Voivodship

2004-05 2. Vice-Voivode Renata Domżał-Drzewicka, Lubelski Voivodship

2005-07 Voivode Ewa Draus, Podkarpacki Voivodship

2006-07 Vice-Voivode Anna Szyszka, Warmińsko-Mazurski Voivodship
2007 Voivode
Acting Voivode in 2007 (17.01-02.04). She is born (1969-).

2006-07 Voivode Helena Pietraszkiewicz, Łódzki Voivodship

Former councillor and chairperson of the Lublin City Council. (1952-)

2006-07 Vice-Voivode Marzenna Drab, Kujawsko-Pomorski Voivodship
2006 Acting Voivode
MP from 2007.

2006-07 2. Vice-Voivode Ewa Krzyzanowska-Walaszcyk, Wielkopolski

2006- Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Warszawa
President of the National Bank of Poland in 1991-2001, Presidential Candidate 1995, Vice President of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development responsible for Human Resources and Administration 2001-06, MP from 2005 and Vice-chairperson of Civic Platform since 2006. She is married and has one daughter. (b. 1952).

2007-16 Voivode Jolanta Chełmińska, Łódzki Voivodship

2007-11 Voivode Helena Hatka, Lubuski Voivodship
Senator since 2011.

2007-15 Voivode Bożentyna Pałka-Koruba, Świętokrzyski Voivodship

2007-11 Voivode Genowefa Tokarska, Lubelski Voivodship
MP since 2011. Member of the Polish People's Party

2007-10 Vice-Voivode Małgorzata Chomycz, Podkarpacki Voivodship
2010-11 and 2011-15 Voivode
Member of Civic Platform. Member of Sejm since 2011. (b. 1978-)

2008-11 Vice-Voivode Krystyna Ozga, Łódzki Voivodship
MP in 2005-07 and since 2011. Member of the Polish People's Party

2008-12 Vice-Voivode Henryka Zofia Strojnowska, Lubelski Voivodship
2011 Acting Voivode

2008-11 Vice-Voivode Krystyna Ozga, Łódzki Voivodship
MP in 2005-07 and since 2011. Member of the Polish People's Party

2010-11 Vice Voivode Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik, Dolnośląski Voivodship
2010 Acting Voivode
Candidate for President of Wrocław. Member of the Polish People's Party

2010-15 Voivode Ewa Mes, Kujawsko-pomorski Voivodship
She worked in the Kujawsko-pomorski Marshal Office in the Department of Agriculture and later as a Director of UM delegation in Bydgoszcz. Member of the Polish People's Party (b. 1951-)

2011-14 Voivode Jolanta Szołno-Koguc, Lubelski Voivodship
Academic and advisor of the Finance Minister (b. 1964-)

2011-12 Vice-Voivode Beata Oczkowicz, Świętokrzyski Voivodship
Member of the Polish People's Party, Under-Secretary of Defence from 2012.

2014-15 Vice-Voivode Grażyna Kluge, Warmińsko-Mazurski Voivodship

2012-14 Vice-Voivode Alicja Wosik, Podkarpacki Voivodship

2012-14 Vice-Voivode Ewa Mańkowska, Dolnośląski Voivodship
Deputy Marshal of the Dolnośląski Voivodship since 2014.

2014-15 Vice-Voivode Dorota Kinal, Wielkopolski Voivodship

2015 Vice-Voivode Elżbieta Rusielewicz, Kujawsko-Pomorski Voivodship
Vice President of Bydgoszcz in 2014-15.

2015 Vice-Voivode Grażyna Borek, Podkarpacki Voivodship

2015 Voivode Katarzyna Osos, Lubuski Voivodship
MP since 2015.

2015 Vice-Voivode Joanna Bronowicka, Dolnośląski Voivodship

2015 Vice-Voivode Gabriela Lenartowicz, Śląski Voivodship
MP since 2015.

2015- Voivode Agata Wojtyszek, Świętokrzyski Voivodeship
Former local councillor.

2015- Voivode Ewa Leniart, Podkarpacki Voivodeship
Former local councillor.

2015- Vice-Voivode Violetta Porowska, Opolski Voivodeship

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