Panamá Local Leaders

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Panamá Local Leaders

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1977-? Governor Hildaura López, Autonomous Territory of Kuna Yala

1982-.... Governor Doris Vargas de Rosas, Province of Panamá

Until 2002 Vice-governor Yeni de Cedeño, Herrera
2002-06 Governor

1993 Governor Isaura Rosas Pérez,Povince of Colón
Mayor of Colón in 1991 and appointed Vice-Minister of Labour 2003.

1994 and 1999-2004 Governor Irlena Brown Villalobos, Province of Panamá

1994-98 Governor Susana Richa Humbert de Torrijos, Province of Panamá 
Vice-President of the Asamblea Nacional, 2001-02 and 2006-07.

1994-99 Mayor of Ciudad de Panamá Omaira Judith Correa Delgado
2009- Governor of the Province of Panama
Known as Mayín Correa, she was Mayor-Elect of Panama City 1991-93 and Candidate for Vice-President in 1999. (1935-)

1996-98 and 2004-05 Governor Olgalina De Quijada, Colón

1999 President of the Municipal Council Mabia Munos de Ramírez, Circuidad de Panamá

1999-2003 Governor Luciana Peroso de Policani, Colón

1999-2001 Vice-Governor Rafaela de Moreno, Chiriqui

2002-2003 Vice-Governor
Ernestina Cury Tejada, Coclé
2003-06 Governor

2003-06 Governor Olga Ríos, Veraguas

Until 2003 Governor Lesbia de Martinez, Darién

2004-09 Governor Isabel Mena de Chiu, Bocas del Toro

2004- Governor Tilila Valdespino, of the semi-autonomous indigenous distict of Embera-Wounaan
She is the first
woman to hold such a post in one of Panama’s semi-autonomous indigenous areas, which includes two non-contiguous districts (Cemaco and Sambu) in parts of Darien province where the roads don't go. The distrct, which was created in 1983, is home to some 17.000 people, mostly Embera with a Wounaan minority. The Embera and Wounaan speak distinct languages of the Chocoan linguistic family, and trace their roots back to the Amazon Basin. By contrast, all of Panama's other indigenous nations speak languages of the Chibchan family, which have their ancient origins on Colombia's central plateau.  (b. 1969-).

Circa 2004-08 Governor Juana López, Darién

2006-09 Governor Gladys Elizabeth Bandiera Pittí, Province of Panama

2009 Governor Angelmira Correa, Autonomous Territory of Kuna Yala

2010- Governor Aixa Santamaría, Chiriquí
Vice-governor until 2010. Santamaria is the former manager of the Super 99 supermarkets, in the province of Chiriqui and is a registered
member of the Democratic Change political party.


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