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Norway Parties

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1911-12 Second Vice-person in the Party Executive of Høyre (Conservatives) Mariane Nærup
She was member of the Executive until 1916. The first woman in the executive was Elise Heyerdahl 1909-11.

1954-58 2. Vice-Chairperson of Høyre Claudia Olsen

1970s Chairperson of Kristeligt Folkeparti (Christian People's Party) Aud-Inger Aure

1973-79 Deputy Leader of Senterpartiet (Centre) Helga Gitmark

1974-81 Deputy leader of Arbeiderpartiet (Labour) Gro Harlem Brundtland
1981-93 Leader
1981-86 Parliametary Leader
Premier Minister 1981, 1986-90 and 1990-96.

1974-76 Leader of Venstre (Liberal Party) Eva Kolestad

1975 Leader of Socialistisk Venstreparti, SV (Socialist Left Party) Berit Ås
1975-? Deputy Leader

1977-84 Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Senterpartiet Annbjørg Sæthun

1977-89 Parliamentary Leader of SV Hanna Kvanmo
In SV the Parl. Leader is the leader of the party. She lived (1926-2005)

1979-83 Deputy Leader of SV Hilde Bojer

1978-82 2. Vice-Chairperson of Høyre N.N.

1980-85 Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of Senterpartiet Anne Enger Lahnstein
1983-91 Deputy Leader of the Party
1989-91 Parliamentary Leader
1991-99 Party Leader
Vice-Premier-Minister 1997-99.

1981-87 Deputy Leader of Kristeligt Folkeparti Anne Olaug Ingeborgrud

1982-88 Deputy Leader of Høyre Kaci Kullman Five
1982-89 Deputy Parliamentary Leader
1991-94 Party Leader

1983-87 Deputy Leader of SV Tora Houg Nest
1989-93 Deputy Parliamentary Leader (as Aasland Houg)
Appointed Fylkesmann of Rogaland in 1993 and Minister of Research and Higher Education in 2007.

1985-87 Deputy Leader of Fremskridstspartiet (Progress Party) Anne Beth Moslet

1987-91 Deputy Leader of Senterpartiet Kristen Hille Valle
Minister of Environment 1989-90, Governor of Oppland from 2001.

Circa 1987 Leder Liberale Folkeparti (Liberal People's Party) Alice Ruud
Former Deputy Leader

1987-91 and 1996-98 Deputy Leader of Kristeligt Folkeparti Solveig Sollie
Former Minister, Governor in Telemark until 2005.

Circa 1987 Deputy Leader of Venstre Edbjørg Løwer 
From 1997 Minister and 1999-2000 Minister of Defence.

1988-91 Deputy Leader of Høyre Wenche Fogn Sellæg

1989-96 Parliamentary Leader of SV Kjelbjørg Lund

1989 Acting Parliamentary Leader of Arbeiderpartiet Brit Hoel

1989-91 Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Høyre Annelise Høegh

1990-91 Deputy Leader of Høyre Astrid Nøkkelbye Heiberg

1990-92/93 Deputy Leader of Høyre Kirsten Clement

1991- Deputy Leader of Senterpartiet Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa
1993-97 Deputy Parliamentary Leader
1997-2000 Parliamentary Leader
2000-05 Deputy Parliamentary Leader
2005-07 Parliamentary Leader
Appointed Minister of Municipal and District Affairs in 2007.

1991-96 Deputy Leader of Kristeligt Folkeparti Valgerd Svarstad Haugland
1996-2004 Party Leader
Vice-Premier and Minister of Children and Family 1997-2000.

1993-96 Deputy Leader of Fremskridstspartiet Ellen Margrethe Wibe

1993-2007 Deputy Leader of Arbeiderpartiet Hill-Marta Solberg
2000-01 Parliamentary Leader
2001-05 Deputy Parliamentary Leader
2005-07 Parliamentary Leader
Minister of Social Affairs 1994-97 and from 2007 Governor of Nordland.

1993-96 and 1997-2001 Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democrats Berit Brørby Larsen
1996-97 Deputy Leader of the
of the Parliamentary Group
1987-93, Vice-Secretary 1993-97, Vice-President 2001-05 and finally President of the Odelsting from 2005, Vice-President of Nordic Council 1994-96, President in 1997, it's Vice-President 1998-2006 and Deputy President in 2007.

1993-2001 Party Secretary of Socialistisk Venstreparti Turid Leirvoll
Party Secretary of Socialistisk Folkeparti in Denmark from 2007. (b. 1956-)

1994-98 Deputy Leader of Høyre Elisabeth Anspaker

Until 1997 Deputy Leader of SV Gerd Reinsullsveen

1997-2001 Parliamentary Leader of SV Kristin Halvorsen
1997-2012 Leader of SV
Minister in the government 2005-13.

1997-2001 Deputy Parliamentary Leader of SV Inge Myrvoll

1997-? Deputy Leader of SV Inger Lis Hansen

1997-? Deputy Leader of Senterpartiet Åse Grønlien Østmoe

Circa 1997 Deputy Leader of Venstre Guro Fjellanger

1998-2004 Deputy Leader of Høyre Anne Berit Andresen

1999-2003 Deputy Party Leader of Senterpartiet Åslaug Haga
2003-08 Party Leader

Political Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Development Aid 1989-90, Secretary of State in the Department for Development Aid 1997-99, Secretary of State in the Department of the Prime Minister, Minister of Culture 1999-2000, Deputy Secretary of the Lagting 2001-05, Vice-Premier 2005-08, Minister of Municipal and District Affairs 2005-07 and Minister of Petrol and Energy Affairs 2007-08.

1999-2006 1. Deputy Leader of Fremskrittspartiet Siv Jensen
2001-05 Deputy Parliamentary Leader
2005-13 Parliamentary Leader
2006- Party Leader
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance from 2013. (b. 1969-).

1999-2005, 2009-12 and 2013- Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Venstrepartiet Katrin Andersen

2001-05 and 2013- Parliamentary Leader of Venstre Trine Skei Grande
2005-10 Deputy Parliamentary Leader
2010- Party Leader

2001-05 Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Venstre May Tritt Vihovde

2001-04 1. Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Kristeligt Folkeparti May-Helen Molvær Grimstad
2005 Acting Parliamentary Leader

2002-04 1. Deputy Leader of Høyre Erna Solberg
2004- Party Leader
13 Parliamentary Leader
The Minister of Local Government and Regional Development 2001-05, Vice-Premier 2004-05 and Prime Minister from 2013. (b. 1961-).

2003-05 Parliamentary Leader of Senterpartiet Marit Arnstad
Minister of Petroleum and Energy 1997-2000.

2003-08 2. Deputy Leader of Senterpartiet Liv Signe Navarsete
2008-14 Leader
2013-14 Parliamentary Leader
Minister of Communication from 2005 and Vice-Premier 2008-13.

2004-05 1. Deputy Leader of Christian People's Party Dagrun Eriksen
She lost her seat in the 2005 parliamentary elctions.

2005-06 Deputy Parliamentary Leader of SV Åsa Elvik
State Secretary of Education in 2019.

2007- Deputy Leader of Arbeiderpartiet Helga Pedersen
2009-13 Parliamentary Leader of Arbeiderpartiet
2013- Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Arbeiderpartiet
County Mayor of Finnmark 2003-05, Minister of Fisheries and Costal Affairs as the first minister of Sami origin, Deputy Leader of Arbeiderpartiet from 2007 and MP from 2009. (b. 1973-).

2007- 2. Deputy Leader of Kristeligt Folkeparti Inger Lise Hansen
(b. 1982-).

2008- Joint Spokesperson of Miljøpartiet De Grønne / Miljøpartiet Dei Grøne Hanna Marcussen

2010-12 Leader of Rødt Turid Thomassen

2012- Leader of Demokraterne i Norge Elisabeth Rue Strencbo

2012- Leader of Folkemakten Siv Gørbitz

2012- Deputy Leader of SV Inga Marte Thorkildsen
Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion 2012-13 (b. 1976-)



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