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New Zealand Local

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1983-90 Mayor of Auckland Her Worship Dame Cath Tizard
Cathrine Tizard was Governor General of New Zealand 1990-97

1992-95 Mayor of Wellington Fran Wilde
2007- Chairperson of the Greater Wellington Regional Council

1992-2001 Chairperson of Otago Regional Council Louise Rosson

1998-2001 Deputy Chairperson of Wellington Regional Council Dame Margaret Schields
2001-04 Council Chairperson
Former minister in the Government. She lived (1941-2013)

1998-2001 Mayor of Auckland Her Worship Chris Fletcher
Christine Fletcher is a former Minister in the government

2001-04 Chairperson Auckland Regional Council Gwen Bull

2010- Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown

2010- Chairperson of the Canterbury Regional Council Dame Margaret Bazley

2010- Chairperson of the Southland Regional Council Ali Timms



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