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Nepal Parties

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1978-87 Leader of the Communist Party Sahana Pradhan
1987-90 Leader of the Marxist NKP
1990-91 Leader of the United Left Front
1991 President of the united Marxist party UML
From 1990-circa 98 Leader of United Left Front Coalition (Communist)
Now member of the Executive Committee,
Minister of Industry and Trade 1990-91, Minister of Forests and Soil Conservation 1996-97, Minister of Women and Welfare 1997 and Minister of Foreign Affairs and third in the Cabinet from 2007. Widow of Pushpa Lal Shresta, leader of the Communists 1949-78 and her sister, Sadhana Adhikari, was also a communist leader. (b. 1932-)

Circa 1998 Vice-President of Nepali Congress Party Sailaja Acharya
Minister of Agriculture and Forests 1991-93 and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Water Resources 1998. She is the niece of Girija Prasad Koirala who has been Prime Minister a number of times, latest from 2000. (b. 1944-)

Before 2007 Joint General Secretary and Spokesperson of the Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi) Sarita Giri
2008- Party President
Teacher, women's and community leader. (b. 1962-).

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