Netherlands External - former Nederlandse Antillen Local Leaders

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Netherlands External Municpalties - former Nederlandse Antillen Local Leaders

Also see Netherlands Antillies Ministers

Bonaire (A Provincial Entity which became a Dutch special municipality in 2010)

Late 1950s Deputy Governor of Bonaire and Commissioner Rose Heitkoning

1999-2007 Deputy Governor and Commissioner Orphaline Saleh

As Gezaghebber Interino she was deputy to the Gezaghebber or Governor of Bonaire

1999-2000 Commissioner Ginia el Hage-Cicilia
She later became member of the Staten of the Nederlandse Antillen.

2001-03 Commissioner of Agriculture and Fisheries, Culture and Sport, Internal Affairs, Law and General Affairs and Health Evelina F. Cecilia-Anthony
She was Secretary - Deputy - to Commissioner Ginia Cicilia

2001- Island Secretary mr. Nereida M. Gonzales

2005-07 Commissioner of Education
Geraldine Dammers

2007-09 Commissioner of Education Maritsa D. Silberie

2009- Commissioner of the Structural Status of the island, Public Health and Hygiene, Social Services, General and Legal affairs, and Information and Protocol Marugia Janga

2012-14 Gezaghebber Lydia A. Emerencia, PhD
Former Director of the Center for Research and Development at the University of Aruba. (b.1954-)


CuraÁau (Became a separate land within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2010)

1977-78 Commissioner of Health Maria Ph. Liberia-Peters
1982  Deputy Governor (Waarnemend Gezaghebber)
2000-04 Commissioner of Public Works, Roads, Physical Planning, Hosing, Urban Affairs and Public Transport 
She later was Premier of the Island-state, first became member of the Island Council in 1975 and again from 2000. Resigned from Politics in 2004.

2002-03 Minister of Education and Culture Emily de Jongh-Elhage
1998-99 Commissioner of Public works and Public Housing
1999-2002 Commissioner of Education, Sport and Cultural Affairs
2004-05 Commissioner of Public Enterprises and Public Housing
Minister of Education of the Nederlandse Antillen 2002-03 and from 2005 Leader of De Partido Antia RestrukturŠ (PAR)

2000-03 Commissioner of Health and Social Affairs Mayra F. Coffie

2000-02 Commissioner of General Administration mr. Islelly V. Pikerie
From 2002 Minister in the central government of The Nederlandse Antillen.

2001- Gezaghebber Lizanne Marie Richards-Dindial
As Governor, she is the Head of the Government and also in charge of various Portfolios. (b. 1957-).

2002-03 Commissioner of Finance, Education, Well-being, Sport Magda RafaŽl
In 2002 she was
Minister of Interior, Labour and Social Affairs in the central government of the Nederlandse Antillen.

2003-04 Commissioner of Social Affairs Jacintha Constancia
2010 Commissioner of Public Health

2004-06 Commissioner of Health, Social Affairs and Environment Gimena F. Van der Gen

2004-06 Commisioner of General Affairs Zita Jesus-Leito
2007- Commissioner of General Affairs and State Structures

2007- Commissioner of Education Marilyn AlcalŠ-Wallť

2007-09 Deputy Governor
Magali Jacoba
Minister of Justice of the Netherlands Antillen from 2009.


 (A Provincial Entity which became a Dutch Municipality in 2010)

Circa 1995-2007 Commissioner of Financial Affairs etc. Chr. ten Brink


Sint Eustatius  (A Provincial Entity which became a Dutch Municipality in 2010)

Circa 1995-98 Commissioner of Finances, Transport, Agriculture and Fisheries E.D.C. Bennett-Merkman

1999-2003 Commissioner Ingrid Whirfield-Houtman
She was leader of St. Eustatius Alliance, the largest party in the Local Assembly, but it lost all seats in the 2003-elections.

Circa 1999-2007 Commissioner of Tourism Alida Francis

2007- Commissioner of Tourism Adelka Spanner

Sint Maarten (Became a separate land within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2010)

Circa 1995-2009 Commissioner of General Affairs, Education etc. Sarah Wescott-Williams
1999-2009 Leader of the Government, Social and Cultural Development, Finance, Juridical Affairs, Emergency Services, Information, Communication and Protocol, Strategic Policy, Planning and Development
She is Leader of the St. Maarten Party and was Prime Minister of Sint Maartin after it became a self ruling entity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2010-14 and was elected President of the Parliament in 2014.

2007-10 Island Secretary Joan Dovale-Meit

2009- Deputy Governor Millicent Acuna Lopez-de Weever



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