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Moldova Parties

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1995-? Leader of the Moderates Svetlana Miguela
(In the Transdnest Area)

1997-98 Chairperson of the Party of Social Economic Justice Professor Dr. Marina Livitchi
She represented the Agrarian Party in the Parliament 1994-98 and was Presidential candidate in 1996. Professor of sociology, she is confined to a wheelchair, and left the country after 2000.

Circa 1996-97 Chairperson of the Socialist Party of Moldova Veronica Abramcivc
1997-? Co-Chairperson of the Party of the Socialists of the Party of Moldova (SPRM)
She was Presidential candidate in 1996

1998-2001 Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of the Communist Party Ing. Eugenia Ostapciuc
2005-09 Parliamentary Leader of the Communist Group
President of the Parliament 2001-05.

Circa 2000-? Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Ludmila Borgula

2005-? Leader of the Party of Spiritual Development "Moldova Unita" (United Moldova) Ana Tcaci

2006-? Leader of the Conservative Party Natalia Nirca

2006-? Leader of the National Liberal Party Vitalia Pavlicenco

2009-14 Parliamentary Leader of the Communist Group Maria Postoico
Vice-President of the Parliament 2005-09.

2014- Parliamentary Leader of the Communist Group Violeta Ivanov

2015- Parliamentary Leader of the Socialist Party Zinaida GrecianÓi
Former Prime Minister, Communist Presidential Candiate, and later Deputy Leader of the newly formed Socialist Party.


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