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South Korea Parties

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1952 Founding Chairperson of Women's Party Yim Yong-shin (Louise Yim)
1948 Minister of Trade and Industry, In 1949 first female MP and in 1954 she was vice-Presidential candidate

1965-? leader of the Democratic Party Soon-cheon Park
Member of the 2nd Parliament in Chongno district in 1959.A representative in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Parliament

Circa 1997-2002 Vice-President of Grand National Party Park Geun-hye
2002-04 Founding Chairperson of
The Korean Coalition to the Future
2004-06 Chairperson of the Grand National Party
2011-12 Chairperson of the New Frontier Party                     

She was daughter of the former dictator Park Chung-hee (1961-79). He was assassinated like her mother 5 years earlier. Apparently she had been a party candidate for the post of Presidential candidate, but has founded her own party and was expected to stand for President in 2003, but did not do so. In 2004 she became leader of GNP which is the largest party in the parliament but in opposition to the President, she resigned from this post to take part in the party primaries for the position of the party's presidential candidate in 2007, but lost by a narrow margin to a male candidate who won the presidential elections, who during the election campaign promised to appoint her Prime Minister, something she refused. Presidential Candidate in 2012. (b. 1952-)

2006 (16.06-11.07) Acting Chairperson of the Grand National Party Kim Young-sun
Lawmaker and the party's No. 3 leader. In 2006 she was elected as chief of the Songpa-gu district office in southeastern Seoul. (b. 1960-).

2006-08 Chairperson of the Policy Committee of the Grand National Party Jeon Jae-hee
The Policy Committee chair represents the policy committee and oversees party affairs.

2006-08 Co-Spokesperson of the Grand National Party Kyung-won
The 2 spokespersons officially inform the press or the people about party positions on behalf of the party.

2007-08 Acting Leader of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Sim Sang-jeong
Member of the House of Representatives, she left the party in 2008 as her reform-plans were voted down.
Registered as Presidential Candidate in 2012 but withdrew.

Circa 2008-11 Leader of the Democratic Labour Party Lee Jung-hee
2011-12 Leader of the Unified Progressive Party
Presidential Candidate in 2012.

2012- Chairperson of the Supreme Council of the Democratic United Party Han Myeong-sook
Prime Minister 2006-07, Candidate for Mayor of Seoul 2010, MP from 2012

2015- Chairperson of the Justice Party Sim Sang-jung


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