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Japan Local Leaders

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Before 1990 Vice-Person of Prefecture-Government Harumi Inui, Tokushima

1991-ca.95 Vice-governor Teruko Kanehira, Tokyo Metropolitan District

1995-97 Vice-Governor Mitsuko Tomon, Okinawa

1995-98 Vice-Governor Mariko Bando
She was Consul General of Brisbane, Australia 1998-2000 and since 2000 Director General of the Bureau of Gender Affairs in the Office of the Premier Minister

1995 Two other female Vice-Governors

1997 Five female Vice-Governors

1998 Nine female Vice-Governors

1999-2000 Vice-Governor Yoshiko Shotari, Kumato (Kyushu) Prefecture
2000-09 Governor

2000-09 Governor Fusae Ota, Osaka Prefecture

2001-09 Governor Akiko Domoto, Chiba

Until circa 2001 Vice-Governor Fumiko Saiga, Saitama Prefecture
From 2001 Consul General in Seattle, then Ambassador at the UN Representation in New York, and since 2003 Ambassador to Norway.

2003- Governor Harumi Takahashi, Hokkaido

2006- Governor Yukiko Kada, Shiga
Professor in Environmental affairs. (b. 1950-).

2009- Governor Mieko Yoshimura, Yamagata
Former Member of the Prefecture's Education Committee. (b. 1951-).

2010- Chairperson of the Prefectural Assembly Hideko Tanaka, Fukuoka

16- Governor Yuriko Koike, Tokyo
2003-06 Minister of Environment, 2004-06 Minister of State in charge of Okinawa and Northern Territories, 2005-06 Minister of State of Global Environment Issues, 2006-07 National Defence Advisor of the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence in 2007 and Candidate for the selection of a new party leader (and Prime Minister) of the Liberal Democratic Party in 2008. (b. 1952-).


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