Greece Local Leaders

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Greece Local Leaders

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1982-85 Prefect Maria Arseni, Piraeus
 Dean of the Parliament 1990-93,
Deputy Minister 1993-96

1982-87 Prefect Elissavet Papazoi, The Cyclades
1987-89 Ambassador to Cuba, 1993-96 Deputy Minister of Environment, Urban Planning and Public Works, 1996-99 Minister of the Aegean Sea and from 1999 Minister of Culture. (b. 1944-)

1982-86 Chairperson of Athens City Council Eleni Anovsaki

1985-86 Prefect Anna Dhiamandopoulous, Kastoria
In 1987-88 Secretary General of Adult Education, 1988-89 of Youth and 1994-96 of Industry, 1996-99 MP,  1996-98 Undersecretary of Development, 1998-99 Deputy Minister of Development and since 1999 EU-Commissioner of Social Affairs

1989-90 Prefect Asimina Xirotiri-Aikaterinari, Thessaloniki

1994-98 Surrogate Prefect Efi Bekou, Athens

1998-2000 Prefect Eleni Beseba, Athens

1998-2002 Prefect Marry Tzanaki-Sorotou, Pirĉus-Sorotou
Also known as Maria Sorotou-Tsanaki

1998-? Subprefect N.N.

2002-06 Mayor Dora Bakonyannis, Athens
Deputy Minister of State adjunct to the Premier Minister 1990-91, Deputy Minister of State adjunct to the Premier Minister 1992, Minister of Culture 1992-93. In 1996 Candidate for the leadership of Nea Demokratia. She is Daughter of ex-Premier Konstantine Mitsotakis. Foreign Minister from 2006. (b. 1956-)

2002-09 Prefect Fofi Yennimata, Athens-Pirĉus
PASPK MP from 2000 she was elected Super-Prefect of the Greater Athens Area and Member of the government from 2009.

2006-14 Prefect Evaggelia Schinaraki-Iliaki, Heracleion

MP 2000-2006. Dean of the Parliament in 2004-06.

2006 Acting Mayor Fotini Pipili, Athens
After the resignation of Dora Bakonyannis.


2014- Prefect Rena Dourou, District of Attica (Athens)
2014- Prefect Christiana Kalogirou, District of Northern Aegean 



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