Female Governors 2005-10

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership


This is a list of female governors both of federal territories and unitarian states. This means that some of the governors listed are the actual leaders of the states, other are official representatives of the central power with no executive roles.

2005-13 Governor Christine O'Grady Gregoire, Washington State (USA)

After a recount Chris Gregoire was declared Governor-Elect by 129 votes over her Republican opponent. Re-elected in 2008. She was Attorney General 1993-2005. (b. 1947-).

2005-07 Acting Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah, Banten (Indonesia)
2007-14 Governor

Became Acting Governor when Djoko Munandar was suspended. Elected to the post in 2006. She is a decendant of a Sultan of Banten (b. 1962-)

2005-09 Prefect Gyöngyike F. Böndi, Maramureş (Romania)

Member of the General Council of Bucharest 2000-05 and it's President in 2004-05, sub-Prefect from 2007. (b. 1967-)

2005-09 Prefect Anuţa Handolescu, Vâlcea (Romania)
Former Managing Director of SC  Asirom SA. (b. 1958-)

2005-07 Prefect Mioara Mantale, Bucharest (Romania)

Member of the General Council of Bucharest 2000-05 and it's President in 2004-05, sub-Prefect from 2007. (b. 1967-).

2005- Governor Katrina Hanse, Hardap Region (Namibia)

Also referred to as Kardoes, she is former school principal, member of the the local authority council from 1997 and member of the association for local authorities of Namibia (ALAN).

2005- Governor Sophia Shaningwa, Khomas Region (Namibia)

Former community leader, women's activist and civil servant.

2005-06 Intendent Ximena Rincón Gonzáles, Región Metropolitana de Santiago (Chile)

Until 2005 Superintent of Soical Security and Third Vice-president of Democracia Cristiana from 2006, Senator from 2010 and candidate in the internal party primaries for presidential candidate in 2013. (b. 1968)

Circa 2005-10 Governor Sonia Medina Luna, Copán (Honduras)

Later she was Coordinator of the Citizens Commission on Women’s Solidarity. (b. 1950-).

2005-10 Commissioner Ann Meekitjuk Hanson, Nunavut (Canada)

TV Broadcaster in the Inuktitut language, former  community development worker, counsellor and Deputy Commissioner of the Government of Northwest Territories. (b. 1946-).

2005-10 Commissioner Geraldine Van Bibber, the Yukon (Canada)

Actively involved in the territory's tourism and travel industry for many years, helping create the Yukon First Nation Tourism Association in 1992. Former Member of the Yukon Human Rights Commission and Administrator (Deputy-Commissioner) 2001-05.

2005-10 Governor Telmina Manuel Paixão Pinho Pereira, Maputo Province (Mozambique)

Vice-Minister of Education 2000-05.

2005-10 Governor Rosa Manuel da Silva, Maputo City (Mozambique)

The first governor of the city. She is a former civil servant in Mozambique and internationally.

2005-14 Governor Dr. Habiba Sorabi, Bamiyan (Afghanistan)

Pharmacist and Medical Teacher, in exile in Pakistan from 1996, Minister of Women's Affairs 2002-04 and Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2014.  (b. 1958-).

Circa 2005-08 Governor Ts. Tsogzolmaa, Sukhbaatar District (Mongolia)

Former civil servant in the municipal government of the capital Ulaan Baator and Deputy Mayor of Ulaan Baator from 2008

2005-09 Governor Thokozile Angela Mathuthu, Matabeleland North (Zimbabwe)

Also held the position of Resident Minister and Member of the National Cabinet. Also ZANU-PF Deputy Secretary for Transport and Social Welfare.

2005-06 Governor Nina Harkava, Sumy Oblast (Ukraine)

Anoher trancription of her surname is Garkava. (b. 1951-).

2005-06 Governor Iryna Siniavska, Zhytomyr Oblast (Ukraine)

Her surname is also transribed as Synyavska. Before the appointment she was Deputy Governor for humanitarian affairs. (b. 1957-).

2005-07 Governor Nadezhda Deeva, Dipropetrovsk/ Dnepropetrovsk  Oblast (Ukraine)

Also known as Nadiia Mykolayivna Deyeva, she was Deputy Governor before her appointment. (b. 1951-)


2005-07 Governor Silvia Barrosos, Pastaza (Ecuador)

The province is situated in the country's eastern jungle. The capital is Puyo with 25,800 inhabitants. The city is now accessible by paved roads from Baños.

2005-06 Governor Nancy Lucia Armijos, Sucumbíos (Ecuador)

Followed by Mireya González as governor.

2005-07 Governor Lourdes Tibán, Cotopaxi (Ecuador)

Indigenous leader. In 2003 she was Undersecretary of Rural Human Development. Secretary of the Council of Development of the Towns and Nationalities with the rank of Minister in 2005.

2005-07 Governor Marcela Costales, Chimborazo (Ecuador)

The province is ocated in the central Ecuadorian Andes, containing a section of Sangay National Park.

2005-07 Governor Gladys Marisela Pazmiño Salazar, Napo (Ecuador)

Vice-minister of Women's Affairs in 2003.

2005-07 Governor Grace Unda Romero, Galápagos (Ecuador)

The Galápagos archipelago, with a population of around 30.000, is a province of Ecuador, a country in northwestern South America, and the islands are all part of Ecuador's national park system.

2005-12 Governor Gloria Orobio Rodríguez, Amazonas (Colombia)

Leader of the provincial Liberal Party and involved in provincial politics.

2005 Acting Administrator Iva Kola, The National Capital District (Papua New Guinea)

Held prominent positions at the National Capital District Commission (Port Moresby City). She has acted as the head of the NCDC on several occassions latest  February to June 2005.

2005-07 Voivode Ewa Draus, Podkarpacki  (Poland)

A sociologist.

2005-circa 2014 Zupan Marina Lovrić Merzel, the Sisak-Moslavina County (Croatia)

As Prefect she was head of the County Government.

2005- Prefect Carmela Floreno, Enna (Italy)

Civil servant.

2005- Prefect Eleonora Maffei, Prato (Italy)

High ranking civil servant in the Ministry of Interior, with the rank of Vice-Prefect from 1996 and Prefect from 2001. (b. 1943-).

2005-07 Prefect Francesca Adelaide Garufi, Matera
2007- Prefect  of Arezzo (Italy)

Rank of Vice-Prefetto from 1993 and Prefect and President of the Directorate of the Internal Control Service of the Ministry of Interior from 2001. (b. 1951-).

2005-09 Regional Governor Svetlana Veskova Velikova, Silistra, (Bulgaria)

The province dominated by agriculture boarders Ukraine.

2005-09 Regional Governor Rayna Yovtcheva, Haskovo (Bulgaria)

The province is situated in southern Bulgaria, neighbouring Greece and Turkey to the southeast, comprising parts of the Thracian valley along the river Maritsa. It is named after its administrative and industrial centre - the city of Haskovo.

2005-09 Regional Governor Gergana Trifonova, Veliko Tarnovo   (Bulgaria)

The province is situated in the middle of the northern part of Bulgaria. Its capital city, Veliko Tarnovo, was the capital of Medieval Bulgaria.

2005-09 Regional Governor Maria Dimova, Russe (Bulgaria)

The river Danube passes through the province.


2005-09 Regional Governor Hristina Tcholakova, Sliven (Bulgaria)

Former Regional Judge at the Kotel Regional Court

2005-09 Regional Governor Surai Velieva, Lovetch (Bulgaria)

Lovech is situated in the Forebalkan area of northern Bulgaria, on both sides of the river Osam, and unifies both mountainous and plain relief. The eastern part of the town is surrounded by a 250 m high plateau, where the largest park in Lovech, Stratesh, is located, and the southwestern part is surrounded by the hills Hisarya and Bash Bunar.

2005-09 Governor Veronique Nizigama, Bururi (Burundi)

A former MP and Deputy Secretary General of the National Assembly, she was kidnapped by rebels in 2003.

2005-? Governor Marcelline Bararufise, Rutana (Burundi)

A former teacher she has been involved in the peace-process of the country for a number of years. Later MP.

2005-09 Governor Régine Katabarumwe, Cankuzo (Burundi)

Former High School teacher.

2005-15 Governor Rénilde Ndayishimiye, Mwaro (Burundi)

Participated in the peace negotiations after the civil war. Member of the National Security Council from 2011.

2005-07 Prefect Svetlana Selaković, District of South Backa (Serbia)

The District is situated in the Province of Vojvodina. She is (b. 1957-)

2005-07 Prefect Marina Marković, District of Podunavlje  (Serbia)

The District is situated in Central Serbia.

2005-07 Civil Governor Maria Teresa Mourão de Almeida, Setúbal (Portugal)

Teresa Almeida is former Socialist Party Secretary of the District of Setúbal. Appointed to a leading position in the Municipal administration of Lisboa in 2007.

2005-09 Civil Governor Maria do Carmo Pires Almeida Borges, Guarda (Portugal)

Maria do Carmo Borges is former President of the Municipal Council of Guarda.

2005-08 Civil Governor  Maria Adelaide Torradinhas Rocha, Lisboa (Portugal)

Maria Adelaide Rocha is former spokesperson of the Administrative Council of the Cultural Foundation of Belém.

2005-09 Civil Governor Maria Isabel Solnado Porto Oneto, Porto (Portugal)

Isabel Oneto is a Magistrate and former Member of the Municipal Chamber of Porto for the Socialist Party.

2005-09 Civil Governor Fernanda de Sousa Gonçalves Carvalho Ramos, Évora (Portugal)

Normally known as Fernanda Ramos.

2005-13 Prefect Evelyne Ratte of l'Aisne (France)
2007-13 Regional Prefect of Limousin

Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence 2002-05. (b. 1937-)

2005-  Lord-Lieutenant Dr. Monica Main, Sutherland (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

General practitioner and a senior partner in the combined Brora and Helmsdale Medical Practice. (b. 1952-).

2005-  Lord-Lieutenant Baroness Masham of Ilton, The East Riding of Yorkshire (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

Director of the Burton Agnes Hall Preservation Trust and Farming Company, a trustee of Burton Constable Hall and Kiplin Hall, a member of the Executive of the Country Land and Business Association and chairs the Yorkshire branch, member of the Parish Council, Director of Swinton Park Hotel and Cookery School and has in the past been a school and college governor. She was High Sheriff for the East Riding 2004-05. Susan Cunliffe-Lister is widow of the 2nd Count of Swinton, who was a conservative politician in the House of Lords. (b. 1935-).

2005-  Lord-Lieutenant Marjory McLachlan, Stirling and Falkirk (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

Deputy  Lord-Lieutenant 2001-05 and involved in charities for decades. (b. 1942-).

2005- Sýslumaður Kristín Ósk Völundardóttir, Hólmavík (Iceland)

"Prefect" and Chief of Police.

Circa 2005-11 Governor Hj. Siti Qomariyah, Pekalongan (Indonesia)

Her title of Bupati is also translated as Regent of the Regency of Pekalongan.

2005-? Governor Isabelina Tenorio, The Paez Reservation (Columbia)

Head of the indiginas area in Mosoco in the Province of Tierradentro.

2005- ? Governor María Nelly Fiscué, Toez Reservation (Colombia)

The government appointed 6 female and one male head of the indiginas areas.

2005- ?  Governor Gloria Atillo, The Togaima Reservation (Colombia)

Head of an indiginas area

2005- ?  Governor Lusinda Aquite, Turminá Reservation (Colombia)

Appointed by the central government

2005- ?  Governor Rosario Salazar, The Inzá Reservation (Colombia)

Head of an indiginas area

2005- ?  Governor Imelda Vitopía, Coetando Reservation  (Colombia)

Head of an indiginas area

2005- ?  Governor Rosario Guerra Chaparro, Tónachii (Mexico)

One of the leaders of the 4 ethnic groups of the Tarahumara Mountain range.

Circa 2005-06 Superintendent Josephine George-Francis, Montserrado (Liberia)

Spend almost 20 years in USA before she returned to Liberia where she runs a large rice producing farm and a mineral water factory.

2006-10 Superintendent Nyenekon Beauty Snoh-Barco, Montserrado (Liberia)

Former candidate for the House of Representatives.

2006-09 Governor Gladys Elizabeth Bandiera Pittí, Province of Panama (Panama)

Gladys Bandiera is a former civil servant of the Ministry of Interior. (b. 1976-).

2006-14 Prefect Evaggelia Schoinaraki-Iliaki, Heracleion (Greece)

Other transcriptionis of her name is Evagelina, Evangelia Evaggelia Sxoinaraki or Euaggelia Sxoinaraki-Hliaki , she was MP 2000-06 and Dean of the Parliament in 2004-06. The area in Kreta she presides over is also known as Iraklio or Heraklion.

2006-09 Governor Sarah Heath Palin, Alaska (USA)

Former Mayor of Wasilla City. Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2008. Regined from the office of Governor 1 year before her term ended. Mother of 5 children, the youngest born in 2008 (b. 1965-).

2006-07 Voivode Helena Pietraszkiewicz, Łódzki  (Poland)

Former councillor and chairperson of the Lublin City Council. (1952-)

2006-09 Governor Irena Ričkuvienė, Taurage (Lithuania)
Member of the District Council of Taurage 2001-02. (b. 1962-)

2006-08 Governor Angelė Kaušylienė, Utena, (Lithuania)
Holds degrees in chemestry and social science (b. 1954-).

2006-11 Governor Esta Tamm, Tartu Province (Estonia)
Government appointed head of the county.

2006-06 Intendent Patricia Clara Pérez Zamorano, Región I de Tarapaca (Chile)

Patricia Pérez is Supreme Court Lawyer and civil servant. (b. 1972-).

2006-08 Intendent Marcela Ximena Hernando Pérez, Región II de Antofagasta (Chile)

Former civil servant.

2006-07 Intendent Julieta Florentina Cruz Figueroa, Región III de Atacama (Chile)

Julieta Cruz is a former civil servant on local and federal level. (b. 1960-).

2006-08 Intendent María Soledad Tohá Veloso, Región VIII de Bio Bio (Chile)

Professor and Municipal Councillor of Chillán. (b. 1965-).

2006-08 Intendent Viviana Betancourt Gallegos, Región XI de Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo  (Chile)

Former Regional Councillor.2006-08 Intendent Eugenia Mancilla, Región XII de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena (Chile)Engineer and working in the private sector. (b. 1964-).

2006-08 Intendent Eugenia Mancilla, Región XII de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena (Chile)

Engineer and working in the private sector. (b. 1964-).

2006-14 Governor Victoria Ngiratkakl-Kanai, Airai State (Palau)

Also known as Vicky Kanai, she was President of the State Legislature 2002-06.

2006- Governor Akiko C. Bedor Sugiyama, Ngardmau State (Palau)

A former congresswoman Akiko Sugiyama was married to the former Senator Peter L. Sugiyama, who died in 2007.

2006-07 Governor Mireya del Mercedt González Dávila, Sucumbíos (Ecuador)

Followed Nancy Lucia Armijos on the post.

2006-07 Governor Maria de Lourdes Abadia, Distrito Federal (Brazil)

2001-06 Vice-Governor. She lost her bid for reelection.

Circa 2006-08 Governor Margarita Dabdoub de Dip, Atlántida (Honduras)

Also known as Marggie de Dip or Margui Dip 

2006-09 Governor Sandra Alejandrina Cuevas de Hernández, Cortés (Honduras)

Followed Ilsa Díaz Zelaya on the post. 

Circa 2006-10 Governor Ana Rosa Mendoza Silva, Choluteca (Honduras)

The department is situated in southern Honduras between El Salvador and Nicaragua.

2006-09 Governor Pénéloppe Kantarama, Province de l'Ouest (Rwanda)

Second Vice-President of the National Assembly 2003-06 and Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Internal Security since 2009.

2006-09 Government-Delegate Soledad Mestre García, Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)

Former Civil Servant and Member of the Assembly of Madrid. (b. 1948-).

2006-09 Zupan Mira Buconić, the Dubrovnik-Neretva county (Croatia)

Deputy župan 2005-2006.

2006-12 Lieutenant Governor Mayann E. Francis, Nova Scotia (Canada)

Director & CEO of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission from 1999, Ombudsman for Nova Scotia 2000-03.

2006-11 Lieutenant-Governor Barbara Oliver Hagerman, Prince Edward Island (Canada)

Musical teacher, vocal performer, choir leader and conductor, volunteer worker. She lived (1943-2016).

2006-09 Governor Vera Ulyanchenko, Kiev oblast (Ukraine)

Also known as Vira Ivanivna, she is a former Presidential Councillor, Minister of the Presidency since 2009 and Leader of the People's Union Our Ukraine. (b. 1958).

2006- Governor Yukiko Kada, Shiga (Japan)

Professor in Environmental affairs. (b. 1950-).

2006- Fylkesmann Kari Nordheim-Larsen, Telemark (Norway)

Deputy Mayor of the County of Telemark 1984-90, Secretary for Regional Affairs of Arbeiderpartiet 1990-92 and Minister of Development Aid 1992-97. (b. 1948-).

2006-07 Acting Governor Ludmila Riveros de Sánchez, Ñeembucú (Paraguay)

Former highranking civil servant and Member of Parliament.

2006 Acting Voivode Marzenna Drab, Kujawsko-Pomorski  (Poland)

Appointed Vice-Voivode earlier in 2006 and became Acting Governor after the resignation of her predecessor. MP from 2007.

2006-15 Governor Neranjala Pushpa Kumari Balasooriya, Southern Province (Sri Lanka)

Normally known as Kumari Balasooriya, her surname is also transcribed as Balasuriya. She is married to former Governor of North Central Province Jagath Balasooriya (or Balasuriya), and they held office at the same time for a few weeks in 2006. (b. 1949).

Circa 2006-? Governor Doris Puchana, The Awa Reservation (Colombia)

Head of an indiginas area.

2006-12 Governor Elsa de León, Samaná (Domenican Republic)


2006- Governor Fouzia Imanssar, District of Aïn Chock (Morocco)

Another version of her name is Fawziya Amansar, and the the name of the district is also trancribed as Ain al-Shaq, wich is situtated in the governorate of Casablanca.

2006-13 Prefect Chantal Philip, Meuse (France)

Former Sous -Préfète of Commercy

2006- 16 Lord-Lieutenant Jean Douglas Tulloch, Area of Dumfries  (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

The lieutenantcy is situated in Scotland.

2006-14  Lord-Lieutenant Marion Teresa Brewis, The Area of Wigtown (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

Known as Terry Brevis, she is the Queen's Representative in the county situated in Scotland..

2006-14 Lord-Lieutenant Valerie Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers, Dorset (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

Worked for the National Health Service and charitable and arts organisations in Dorset since 1970. Deputy Lieutenant for Dorset 1995-2006. (b. 1939-).

2006-  Lord-Lieutenant Dame Lorna Elizabeth Fox Muirhead, Merseyside (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

Normally known as Dame Lorna Muirhead she worked as a midwife and teacher for many years, President of the Royal College of Midwives 1997-2004 and Deputy Lieutenant for Merseyside 2003-06. (b. 1943-).

2006 Prefect Delfina Raimondo, Gorizia (Italy)
2006- Prefect of Belluno

Civil Servant and member of various expert committees of the Ministry of Interior, Vice-Prefect of Como 1996-2001, Vice-Prefct of Venezia 2001-05. (b. 1950).

2006- Narcisa Livia Brassesco, Biella (Italy)

Former Vice-Prefect of the Province.

2006- Maria Elena Stasi, Caserta (Italy)

High-ranking civil servant.

2006-07 Governor Dame Virginia Etiaba, Anambra State (Nigeria)

Also known as Dame Virgy, she took office as Deputy Governor in March and became Governor when her predecessor was impeached, but she immediately transferred her powers to Peter Obi, when the Appeal Court voided the impeachment. (b. 1942-)

2006-09 Commissioner Christine Gabriel Ishengoma, Region Pwani
2009-11 Commissioner of the Region of Ruvuma
2011-14 Commissioner of the Region of Iringa (Tanzania)
Also Special Seat MP.

2007-09 Regional Commissioner  Halima Kasungu, the Region of Kigoma
2009-11 Regional Commissioner of the Region of Iringa (Tanzania)
Appointed  District Commissioner of Singida in 2002 and later of  Kigoma and Iringa and finally of Njombe

2007-11 Governor Ana Júlia Carepa, Pará (Brazil)

City Councillor of  Belém do Pará from 1992, Vice-Mayor 1996-2000 and Federal Senator since 2002 (b. 1957-).

2007-11 Governor Yeda Rorato Crusius, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Minister of Planning, Organization and Coordination in 1993 and since Member of the Federal Parliament. President Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira (PSDB) of the State 2005-06. (b. 1944-)

2007-09 Governor Elisa Margarita Monar Vargas, Orellana (Ecuador)

Apointed by the President.

2007-09 Governor María Diocelina Pazmiño García, Bolívar (Ecuador)

Former candidate to the National Assembly.

2007-? Governor Chabela Rivas Villafuerte, Capital District of Abancay (Peru)

In the Departament of Apurimac.

2007-? Governor Betty Montoya Moreno, Laredo (Peru)

Former mayor.

2007-10 Governor María Teresa Martínez Cruz, Comayagua (Honduras) 

Comayagua is one of the 18 departments in the country.

2007-10 Governor Geraldine Ecleo Villaroman, Dinagat Islands (The Philippines)

The first governor of the newely created province. Her mother Glenda Ecleo was member of the House of of Representatives and her father a mayor. Elected Vice-Governor in 2010 with her mother as Governor and held office until 2013.

2007-10 Governor Floydelia Diasen, Kalinga (The Philippines)

Elected to the post after her husband was murdered.

2007 Voivode Anna Szyszka, Warmińsko-Mazurski (Poland) 

Vice-Voivode 2006-07 and Acting in the position from January to February. (b. 1969-).

2007-08 Intendent Adriana del Piano Puelma, Región Metropolitana de Santiago (Chile)

Minister of Natural Assets 1994-99, Deputy Leader of the Election Campaign of President Lagos in 1999, Minister Women’s Affairs 2000-03, Subsecretary of Regional Development, 2003-2005, Minister of Interior Affairs 2005. (b. 1947-)

2007-08 Intendent Antonella Sciaraffia Estrada, Región I de Tarapaca (Chile)

Christian Democrat MP 1997-2001.

2007-09 Intendent Viviana Ireland Cortés, Región III de Atacama (Chile)

Former Municipal Secretary of Atacama and Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Economy

2007- Commissaris van de Koningin/Koning Karla Peijs, Zeeland (Netherlands)

Member of the European Parliament for CDA 1989-2003, and prior to that Member of the Provincial States of Utrecht. Minister of Traffic and Water Management 2003-07. (b. 1944-).

2007-08 Governor Rosalba Venancia Belmonto de Penayo, Alto Paraguay (Paraguay)

Apparently she would be in office until August 2008 in an acting capacity.

2007-? Governor Sandra Rubiano Leyton, Magdalena (Colombia)

Former Rector of Universidad del Magdalena.

2007-12 Governor Clara Inés Collazos Martínez, Cesar  (Colombia)

Had a career as administrator behind her, before she became chief executive of the province.

2007-12 Governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, Yucatán (Mexico)

Former member of the Chamber of Deputies and Secretary of the Permanent Commission of the Mexican Congress 2005-06.

2007-15 Governor Maria Fabiana Ríos, Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)

Member of the Chamber of Deputies until her election.

2007-11 Governor Espérance Inamahoro, Bururi (Burundi)

Vice-President of the Committee for Equality in the National Assembly.

2007- Lord-Lieutenant Carol Kinghorn, Kincardineshire (United Kingdom)

A physiotherapist she is involved in various charitable works. (b. 1946-).

2007- Lord-Lieutenant The Countess of Verulam, Hertfordshire  (United Kingdom)

Dione Angela Grimston née Smith is an artist and involved in the National Trust and other organisations. High Sheriff of Hertfordshire in 2002-03. Married to Sir John Duncan Grimston, 7th Earl of Verulam, and mother of 4 children. (b. 1954-). 

2007- Lord-Lieutenant Mary Prior, Hertfordshire (United Kingdom)

Deputy Lieutenant of the County since 1996. Chairperson of a number of charities and public board. (b. 1942-)

2007-08 Acting Governor Maaja Toompuu, Lääne County (Estonia)
Läänemaa is one of 15 counties of Estonia. It is located in western Estonia towards the Baltic Sea

2007-09 Civil Governor Isilda Maria Prazeres dos Santos Varges Gomes, Faro (Portugal)

MP for PS 2009-11 and former Vice-President and President of the Municipal Chamber of Portimão and Vice-President of the Metropolitan Council of the Algarve. (b. 1951-)

2007-09 Civil Governor Eurídice Maria de Sousa Pereira, Setúbal (Portugal)

Vice-President of the Commission for Coordination and Development of the Region of Lisboa and Vale do Tejo 2005-07. She was candidate for the post of Mayor of Moita in 2005 and Secretary of State of Internal Administration from 2009.

2007-14 Governor Marie Josée Laloy, Walloon Brabant (Belgium)

A francophone socialist. (b. 1950-).

2007-09 and 2012-13 Zupan Sonja Borovčak,the Krapina-Zagorje County (Croatia)

Former local politician and was first elected Social Democratic MP in 2000. (b. 1947-)

2007-16 Governor Maria Rosa Vilma Tuazon Santos, Batangas (The Philippines)

Vilma Santos-Recto is a former actor and Mayor of Lipa City. (b. 1953-)

2007-16 Governor Corazon T. Nuñez-Malanyaon, Davao Oriental (The Philippines)

A former Member of Congress, she won over her cousin, the former Governor Maria Elena T. Palma Gil. (b. 1949-)

2007-10 Governor Sally Ante Lee, Sorsogon (The Philippines)

Wife of former Governor Raul R. Lee and Mayor of Sorsogon City since 2000.

2007-10 Governor Elisa Olga Tingcungco Kho, Masbate (The Philippines)

Wife of former governor Tony Kho.

2007-16 Governor Jum Jainuddin-Akbar, Basilan (The Philippines)

Jum Akbar's husband, Wahab Akbar, had been Governor 1998-2007 and was elected to the House of Represenatives. His second wife, Cherry Santos-Akbar, was elected Mayor of Isabela City and the third wife, Nur-In Abbas-Akbar, run as candidate for Mayor of Lamitan City.

2007-? Governor Lida Nanyan, Shirak Marz (Armenia)

Head of the the regional State Tax Service until her appointment as Marzpet. (b. 1948-).

2007-15 Landshövding Maria Norrfalk, Darlana Län (Sweden)

Director General of the Forest Administration 1994-2003, Director General of the Swedish Development Agency, sida, 2003-07. Her deputy, the Länråd, is Inger Eriksson. (b. 1952-).

2007- Landshövding Kristina Alsér, Kronoberg Län (Sweden)

Former manager of a number of private companies. (b. 1956-).

2007- 11 Prefect Béatrice Abollivier, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (France)
2011- Prefect of Charente-Maritime

Former high ranking civil servant and ministerial political advisor

2007-11 Prefect Fabienne Buccio, Mayenne (France)
2011- Prefect of Loire

Former sous-préfète de Bayeux and presidential advisor. 

2007-09 Prefect Marcelle Pierrot, Lot (France)
2009-11 Prefect of Tarn
2011-13 Prefect of Vosges
2013- Prefect of Guadaloupe
1993-95 Sous-préfète of Lunéville, 2000-03 Sous-préfèt d’Arles, 2006-07 Delegate Prefect in charge of Equality by the Prefect of the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur. Held a number of other administrative posts. (b. 1949-)

2007-09 Prefect Danièle Polvé-Montmasson, Tarn-et-Garonne (France)
2009-11 Prefect of l'Aveyron 
2011-13 Prefect of Charente
2013- Prefect of Manche

Sous-préfète de Sarcelles (Val-d'Oise) 2004-07. (b. 1953-)

2007-09 Prefect Francesca Rita Maria Cannizzo, Grosseto (Italy)
2009- Prefect of Ragusa

Prefect without Posting from 2003.

2007- Prefect Floriana de Sanctis, Ravenna (Italy)

Prefect without Posting from 2003.

2007- Prefect Chiara Marolla, Sondrio (Italy) 

Vice-Commissioner of the Government of the Regione Friuli-Venezia-Giulia 2005-07. (b. 1949-)

2007-09 Prefect Adriana Donţu, Judeţului Braşov (Romania)

Former Secretary General of the Prefecture. (b. 1975-).

2007-? Prefect Darija Sajin, District of South Backa (Serbia)

The District is situated in the Province of Vojvodina. She is (b. 1973-)

2007-? Governor Agripina Capuñay Lazo de Latorraca, Talara (Peru) 

The province is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Paita Province on the south, the Sullana Province on the east and the Tumbes Region's Contralmirante Villar Province on the north. Its capital is the major port city of Talara. It also contains the beach resort of Máncora.

2007-08 Governor Flor León Arteaga, Sánchez Carrión (Peru)
2008- Governor of Huamachuco 

The Sánchez Carrión Province is one of twelve provinces of the La Libertad Region in Peru and Huamachuco is the main town in the province

2007- Governor Leilani Ngirturong Reklai, Aimeliik State (Palau)

A businesswoman, she is sister of Aimeliik Delegate Kalistus Ngirturong and defeated her cousin, Abina Etpison, who has been Delegate through many years. Mother of 2. (b. 1966-).

2007-16 Voivode Jolanta Chełmińska, Łódzki Voivodship (Poland)

Former banking executive. (b. circa 1945).

2007-11 Voivode Helena Hatka, Lubuski Voivodship (Poland)

Worked in the voivodeship through a number of years. Senator since 2011. (b. circa 1955).

2007-15 Voivode Bożentyna Pałka-Koruba, Świętokrzyski Voivodship (Poland)

Former Deputy Mayor of Busko-Zdrój. (b 1953-).

2007-11 Voivode Genowefa Tokarska, Lubelski Voivodship (Poland)

Mayor of Biszcza 1990-2007, MP since 2011. Member of the Polish People's Party. (b. 1949-)

2007-08 Governor-elect Marta del Socorro Sáenz Correa, Córdoba (Colombia)
2008-12 Governor

Administrator, civil servant and local politician. At first she was barred by a court to take over, but she won the appeal and took office in February 2008. (b. 1959-).

2008 Governor Liliana Bittar Castilla, Córdoba (Colombia)

Former civil servant, she was appointed to replace the governor-elect Martha Saenz Correa, but had to resign when Saenz Correa won an appeal. (b. 1974-).

2008-11 Governor Dominga Tecúm Camil, Alta Verapaz (Guatemala) 


2008-10 Governor Ángela Reyes Larios, Baja Verapaz (Guatemala) 


2008- Governor Luz Maribel Ramos Peña, Izabal (Guatemala)


2008- Governor Flor de María Giralda Hernández, Santa Rosa (Guatemala) 


2008- Governor Elena Yojcom  Ujpán de Yojcom, Sololá (Guatemala) 


2008-09 Governor María Leonor Toledo, Suchitepéquez (Guatemala) 


2008-10 Governor Olga Maritza Reyes Chinchilla, Retalhuleu (Guatemala)  


2008-10 Intendent Nora Barrientos Cárdenas, Region VIII de la Araucanía (Chile)

Former Regional Director of CORFO

2008-10 Governor Francisca do Espírito Santo, Luanda (Angola)

The Vice-Governor 2005-08, she became acting governor when the incumbent resigned in February and was appointed to the position in a permanent capacity in April.

2008-09 Governor Cândida Celeste da Silva, Bié
2009-12  Governor of Namibe (Angola)

Minister of Family and Women’s Affairs 1999-2008.

2008- Governor Cândida Maria Guilherme Narciso, Lunda Sul (Angola)

MP 1992-2008. (b. 1955-).

2008-10 Governor Jemma Nunu Kumba, Western Equatoria State (Sudan)

Former freedom fighter, and living in exile, she was member of the South Sudan Parliament, Chairperson of the Committee for Economic Affairs of the Parliament of National Unity, Member of the Pan African Parliament and member of the Politburo of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement. (b. 1966-).

2008-11 Governor Viviane Yolande Compaoré-Ouedraogo, Region Nord (Burkino Faso)

Former MP.

2008-09 Civil Governor Maria Dalila Correia Araújo Teixeira, Lisboa (Portugal)

Dalila Araújo was Secretary General of the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon.

2008 (March) Acting Governor Zobeida Gudiño Mena, Zamora Chinchipe (Ecuador)

Former Police Intendent.

2008-10 Governor Jenny Rodríguez, Zamora Chinchipe (Ecuador)

Intendenta General of Police for six months in 2007.

2008- Governor Cathy Berx, Antwerpen (Belgium)

Vice-Chairperson of CD&V 2003-08, former member of the parliament of Flanders and Member of the Municipal Council of Antwerp 2007-08. (b. 1969-).

2008-11 Government Delegate Carolina Darías San Sebastián, Canarias (Spain) 

2004-08 Subdelegada del Gobierno in the Canary Islands.

2008-12 Coordinator of the Government Yadira Esperanza Flores Reyes, The South Atlantic Autonomous Region (Nicaragua)

Yadira Flores is former member of the regional legislature.

2008 and 2009-12 Governor Olga Patricia Vega Cedeño, Caquetá (Colombia)

As Secretary General of the Departmental Administration she took over when the Governor was investigated for financial irregularities and again after his successor was killed by Farq-rebels.

2008-10 Governor Prabha Rau, Himachal Pradesh (India)
2009-10 Acting Governor of Rajesthan
2010 Governor of Rajesthan

1972-89 and 1992-95 Member of the Maharashtra state Assembly, 1972-76 Minister of State for Planning, Industry and Education, 1976-77 Cabinet Minister, Education, Sports and Youth Affairs, 1978 Cabinet Minister, Co-operation, Tourism, 1979 Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, 1984-89 President of the  Pradesh Congress Committee, 1985-90 Deputy Leader of Congress Legislature Party. 1988-90 Cabinet Minister, Revenue, Cultural Affair, 1999-2004 Member the Lok Sabha, President of the Maharashtra Congress Party 2004-08. She lived (1935-2010).

2008-14 Governor Penny Wensley, Queensland (Australia)

Dr. Penelope Ann Wensley was Ambassador for the Environment 1992-95, Permanent Representative to UN in Génève and Ambassador of Disarmament 1993-95, Permanent Representative to the United Nations 1997-2001, Ambassador to India 2001-04, to Bhutan 2003-04 and to France 2004-08. (b. 1946-).

2008-13 Governor María Cristina Villalba de Abente, Canindejú (Paraguay)  


Circa 2008-10 Governor Orbelina Navarro, Francisco Morazán (Honduras) 


2008- Governor Ilsa Elena Torres, Atlántida (Honduras)


2008- Governor Stella Marina Lugo Betancourt de Montilla, Falcón (Venezuela)

Worked with charities, children and women's affairs at state and national levels.

2008- Governor Lizeta Hernández Abchi, Delta Amacuro (Venezuela)

Regional Councillor of Health and Social Development 2005-08. (b. 1967-).

2008-12 Government-Delegate Elma Saiz Delgado, Navarra (Spain)

Former local politician. (b. 1975-).

2008- Connétable Deidre Wendy Mezbourian,  St. Lawrence (Jersey)

Member of the States from 2008 as Deputy 2005-08 and Mayor-Prefect of Saint Lawrence and Assistant Health and Social Services Minister from 2008.

2008- Connétable Juliette Gallichan, St. Mary (Jersey)

Member of the States from 2008 as Deputy 2005-08 and Mayor-Prefect of Saint Mary from 2008.

2008-10 Governor Milada Emmerová, Plzensky Region (The Czech Republic)

Minister of Health 2004-05, CSSD leader in 2008 regional elections in Plzensky region and negotiated coalition with the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM). (b. 1944-).

2008-12 Governor Jana Vanhova, Ustecky Region (The Czech Republic)

Deputy Mayor of the City of Chomutov from 2006, member of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSC) in the 1980s and joined the Czech Social Democratic in 1996 and becamne its national Vice-Chairperson in 2005 and Deputy Regional Governor in 2012. (b. 1955)

2008-10 Governor Birutė Kažemėkaitė, Mariampol (Lithuania)
Member of the City Council of Calvary 2002-04 and 2004-08.

2008-10 Governor Ona Balžekienė, Kaunas (Lithuania)
Member of the City Council of Kanunas 2007-08. The districts were abolished in 2010.

2008/9-13 Prefect Tanja Dulović, Srednjebanatski (Serbia)
She is head of the Central Bačka District

2008- Governor Eridania Llibre, Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic)

Widow of the PLD, Guillermo Jiménez Messón

2008-15 Landshövding Barbro Holmberg, Gävleborg Län (Sweden)

State Secretary of Foreign Affairs in charge of Development Aid 2002-03, Minister of Migration 2003-06. Her deputy is Gun-Marie Pettersson. (b. 1952-).

2008-14 Landshövding Britt Bohlin Olsson, Jämtland Län (Sweden)

Parliamentary Leader of the Social Democrats 2001-08. (b. 1956-).

2008-12 Landshövding Chris Heister, Västerbotten Län
2012- Landshövding of Stockholm Län (Sweden)

Vice-Chairperson of Moderaterne 1999-2003, and Chief Commissioner and Councillor of Finance (County Mayor) of the County of Stockholm 2006-08. (b. 1950-).

2008-11 Landshövding Gunvor Engström, Blekinge (Sweden)

Former civil servant and head of various organisations and a bank. (b. 1950).

2008-15 Landshövding Rose-Marie Frebran, Örebro

Christian Democrat MP 1991-2002 and 3. Deputy Speaker of the Parliament 1998-2002. (b. 1948-).

2008-13 Prefect Joëlle Le Mouël, Jura (France)

The Department is situated in the Region of Franche-Comté.

2008-15 Lord-Lieutenant The Hon. Mary Bayliss, The Royal County of Berkshire (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Daughter of a former Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire, former Chairman of the Reading Bench, High Sheriff of Berkshire in 2005-06, Deputy Lieutenant in 2007 and member of a number of other committees. (b. 1940-).

2008- Lord-Lieutenant the Countess of Darnley, Herefordshire (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Susan Elaine Anderson was a Magistrate from 1977-2005 and Chairperson of the Family Panel until she retired from the Bench, and Deputy Lieutenant for Worcestershire 2000-08. Married to Adam Ivo Stuart Bligh, 11th Earl of Darnley and mother of a son and a daughter. (b. 1945-).

2008- Lord-Lieutenant Susan Pyper, West Sussex (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Chairperson of the Royal West Sussex NHS Trust 2005-09, Chairperson of the Regional Environment Protection Advisory Committee. (b. 1952-).

2008- Lord-Lieutenant Joan Christie, The County of Antrim (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Active in many public and voluntary bodies in Northern Ireland. She is a former civil servant and was Assistant Private Secretary to successive Secretaries of State for Northern Ireland until 1979, Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Antrim from 2005. (b. 1944-).

2008-10 Governor and Prefect Sabina Cuéllar Leaños, Chuquisaca (Bolivia)

Indigenous former peasant leader, delegate of the governing party, Movement Towards Socialism, to the Constituent Assembly, but broke with President Evo Morales over the issue of making Sucre Bolivia's national capital and instead joined the pro-autonomous Eastern provinces. (b. 1963-).

2008-09 Acting Commissaris van de Koningin Anneke Haarsma, Drenthe (The Netherlands)

A. Haarsma has been Councillor of Physical Planning, Housing, Care, Youth, Well-being, Education and Sport since 2003 and Deputy Commissioner of the Queen from 2007, she took over as Acting Governor after the death of the incumbent.

2008-09 Designate Governor Diane Daniels Denish, New Mexico (USA)

Lieutenant Governor from 2002, she whould have succeeded the incumbent Governor, who was nominated for the federal Cabinet, but withdrew. She is former Chairperson of the New Mexico Democratic Party and held a number of other officiel positions. Also President of the Senate from 2002. (b. 1949-).

2009-13 Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue, North Carolina (USA)

Bev Perdue was member of the State House of Representatives 1986-90 and State Senator 1990-2000. As Lt. Governor 2001-2009 she was also president of the Senate. (b. 1947-)

2009- Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona (USA)

Janice K. Brewer, Member of the State House of Representatives 1982-86, State Senator 1986-96 and Majority Whip 1993-96,  Member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors 1996-2003 and as Secretary of State 2003-09 she was Deputy to the Governor and succeeded Janet Nepolitano who was named Secretary of Homeland Security. (b. 1944-).

2009-14 Head Jacqueline Faría Pineda, Distrito Capital (Venezuela)

The new district was founded in 2009 and corresponds with the Capital Caracas and shares the same rank as the states of Venezuela. She was Minister of Environment and the Natural Resources 2005-07 and Minister of Communication 2014-15

2009-14 Lord-Lieutenant Dame Mary Peters of the County Borough of Belfast (United Kingdom and Northern Ireland)

A former athlete and Olymipc gold medal winner, a Trustee of The Outward Bound Trust since 2001 and Vice President of the Northern Ireland Outward Bound Association. Also Patron of Springhill Hospice in Rochdale, Lancashire. (b. 1939-).

2009- Lord-Lieutenant The Duchess of Northumberland, Northumberland (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nortern Ireland)

Jane Percy née Richard is the 13th member of the family to hold the post since the late 1400s, latest her father-in-law Hugh Percy, the 10th Duke who held the position from 1956-84. She is married to Ralph Percy, who succeeded his brother as 12th Duke in 1995, and mother of 4 children.

2009- Governor Mieko Yoshimura, Yamagata (Japan)

Former member of the Prefctural Educational Committee.

2009-11 Delegate of the Government Amparo Valcarce García, Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)

Former Secretary of State of Social Services, Family, Handicapped and Social Politics. (b. 1956-).

2009 Governor Angelmira Correa, Autonomous Territory of Kuna Yala (Panama)

Head of the Indian comarca or Automomous Territory 

2009-10 Governor Ana Kilgore de Sandoval, Cortés (Honduras)

Her full name is Jacqueline Kilgore de Sandoval.

2009- Governor Xenia Elizabeth López Bonilla, La Unión (El Salvador)


2009-12 Governor Margaret Alva, Uttarakhand (India)
2012-14 Governor of Rajasthan
2014 Additional charge of Gujarat and Goa

MP 1974-2004. Member of the Panel of Vice-Chairmen of Lok Sabha 1983-85 and 1999-2009, Minister of State of Parliamentary Affairs 1984-85, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Sports, Women and Child Development 19856-89, Minister of State with independent charge of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions 1991 and 1993-96 and also Minister of State of Parliamentary Affairs 1993-96, Deputy Chief Whip of the Congress Party 1993-95 and Party Secretary General and in charge of Party Affairs in several provinces until 2008. Daughter-in-law of fomer Minister of State and Vice-President of the Upper House Violet Alva. (b. 1944-)

2009 Governor Dr Kamla Beniwal, Tripura (India)
2009-14 Governor of Gujarat
2014 Governor of Mizoram

Since 1954 she held a number of ministerial posts in Rajasthan, including Minister of Irrigation and Revenue and Deputy Chief Minister in 2003. (b. 1927-).

2009- Fylkesmann Hill-Marta Solberg, Nordland and Administrator of Jan Mayen (Norway)

Deputy Leader of Arbeiderpartiet 1993-2007, Minister of Social Affairs 1994-97, Parliamentary Leader 2000-2001 and 200509, Deputy Parliamentary Leader 2001-05. In 2007 she was appointed Governor of Nordland, but did not take office until after the elections in 2009. (b. 1954-).

2009 Governor Martha Cecilia Choloquinga Unaucho, Cotopaxi (Ecuador)  


2009- Governor Nancy Morocho Velaña, Sucumbíos  (Ecuador)


2009- Governor Sonia Ortega Mosquera, Morona-Santiago (Ecuador)


2009- Governor Esthela Raquel Morante Georgis, Pastaza (Ecuador)


2009- Governor María Luisa Moreno Intriago, Manabí  (Ecuador)


2009- Governor Noralma Zambrano Castro, Santa Elena (Ecuador)


2009- Governor Patricia Carolina Costa de Rodríguez, Santa Ana (El Salvador)

Former ARENA MP.

2009- Governor Doris Yanira Barahona Rico, La Paz (El Salvador)

Former candidate for mayor of San Juan Nonualco in 2003. A social worker, especially in the field of health, social organizations and the environment.

2009-14 Governor Omaira Judith Correa Delgado, Province of Panama (Panama)

Known as Mayín Correa, she was Mayor-Elect of Panama City 1991-93 and Mayor 1994-99 and Candidate for Vice-President in 1999. (1935-)

2009 Acting Governor Svitlana Dmytrivna Negoda, Kirovohrad (Ukraine) 

(b. 1953)

2009-11 Civil Governor Sónia Isabel Fernandes Sanfona Cruz Mendes, Santarém (Portugal)


2009-11 Civil Governor Maria Isabel Coelho Santos, Porto (Portugal)

Isabel Santos was Socialist MP 2005-09. (b. 1968-).

2009-13 Regional Governor Pepa Vladimirova, Vratsa (Bulgaria)

Vice-President of the Municipal Council of Montana in Sofia. (b. 1967-).

2009-13 Regional Governor Ivanka Todorova Taushanova, Kardzhali (Bulgaria)

MP for the National Movement Simoen II until 2000. Appointed ambassador to Croatia in 2012.

2009-12 Regional Governor Tanya Dimitrova, Yambol (Bulgaria)

MPFor the National Movement Simoen II until 2000. Appointed ambassador to Croatia in 2012.

2009-11 Governor Karimatou Jocelyne Vokouma née Boussari, Region Cascades (Burkino Faso)

Civil servant.

2009-13 Provincial Commissioner Claire Omollo, Eastern Province (Kenya)

Followed the first female Provincial Commissioner in the country on the post as the second woman appointed to such a position.

2009-09 Commissioner Monica Ngenzi Mbega, Region Ruvuma
2009-11 Commissioner of the Region of Kilimandjaro (Tanzania)
She was elected MP 2005.

2009-11 Commissioner Hajjat Amina Mrisho, Region Pwani (Tanzania)

Head of the National Bureau of Statistics from 2011.

2009-10 Acting Governor Laila Ghannam, Ramallah and Al Bireh
2001- Governor of Ramallah and Al Bireh (The Palestinian Authority)

Acting Governor for 6 months before beeing appointed permanently to the position.

2009- Governor Beran Bertuğ, Gazimağusa District (The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)
Vice-Headmistress before her appointment. (b. 1956-).

2009- Governor Tiina Oraste, Järva (Estonia)
MP 2007-09.

2009- Governor Ülle Rajasalu, Harju County (Estonia)
Former MP

2009-10 Acting Governor Bai Nariman Ina Abdullah Ambolodto, Maguindanao (Philippines)

Former former Vice Mayor of Northern Kabuntalan, Provincial Assembly Member from 2007 and Vice Governor and was appointed Acting Governor by the Governor of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao after her predessor was implicated inmplicated in the Ampatuan town massacre

2009-10 Acting Commissioner of the Queen Elisabeth Post, Noord-Holland (The Netherlands)

Councillor for Finance, Regional Development and Transport 2009-15.

2009-10 Governor Nidita Bisonó de Kókete, Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic)

Other versions of her name are Nidia Bisonó Imbert or Nidia Bisonó de Tavárez.

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