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France Parties

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1975-78 Chairperson of the Senate Group of the Communist Party Marie-Thérèse Goutmann

1979- President of Lutts Ouvriere (Labourer's Fight) Arlette Laguiller
She was Presidential candidate 1974, 1981, 1988, 1995 and 2002.

1979 Chairperson of the Senate Group of the Communist Party Hélène Luc
1995 Chairperson of the Senate Group
She was Vice-President of the Counseil General du Valde-Marne. (b. 1932-)

1979-85 Secretary General of Parti Socialiste Unifié Huguette Bouchardeau
Former Presidential Candidate and Minister

1993...Co-Leader Alternative Rouge et Verte (Read and Green Alternative) Martine Bulot

1993... Co-Leader Alternative Rouge et Verte (Read and Green Alternative) Marie-Françoise Pirot

1994-2001 Leader of Les Verts (Green party) Dominique Voynet
2001-03 National Secretary (Chairperson and leader)
Presidential Candidate 1995 and 2007 and Environment Minister 1997-2001

1999-2002 President of Rassemble pour le République, RPR, Michèle Alliot-Marie
Former Secretary of State and Minister for Education 1993-95 Minister of Youth and Sports, since 1994
1. Vice-President of the Conseil Général of Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Minister of Defence from 2002. 1998-2002 Vice-President of the Parliamentary Group of RPR - Ralley for the Republic is the conservative Party of President Chirac. In 2002 the party merged with other right-wing parties into l'Union pour la majorité présidentielle, where she was member of the executive.    

2001-10 General Secretary of the French Communist Party Marie-George Buffet
Former Minister of Sports 

2006-12 Party Secretary of Europe Écologie–The Greens Cécile Duflot
2015-16 Co-President of the Assembly Group of the Ecologists
Presidential Candidate in 2007 and Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing 2012. (b. 1975-)

2008-12 First Secretary of the Socialist Party Martine Aubry
Minister of
Labour 1991-93, Minister of Employment and Solidarity, 1997-2000, Mayor of Lille from 2001. She narrowly defeated the former Socialist Presidential Candidate, Ségolène Royal for the position of Party Leader. 2011 candidate in the party primaries for presidential candidate.  (b. 1950-)

2009-13 Leader of Parti chrétien-démocrate Christine Marcelle Valérie Cécile Marie Boutin
Christine Boutin is former municipal and regional councillor, former mayor and deputy mayor, Vice-President of the Grand Council of Yvelines 1994-2009 and Acting President May-July 2009, MP 1986-2007 and Minister of Housing 2007-09. (b. 1944-)

2011- President of Front National Marine Le Pen
Party Vice-President 2003-07. Elected leader in succession to her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen.
(b. 1969-).

2012-16 Co-President of the Assembly Group of the Ecologists (Groupe écologiste à l'Assemblée) Barbara Pompili
She was Deputy Secretary General of the Assembly Group Gauche démocrate et républicaine (GDR) 2007-12.

2016- President of the Radical Party of the Left Sylvia Pinel
Former MP and Candidate in the Presidential Candidate Primary of the Socialist Party in 2017.


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