Exile Leaders

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership


This is a list of female leaders of officially recognized 
or de-facto governments-in-exile

1940-45 Leader of the Government-in-Exile Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands
She was Dutch Head of State 1890-1948 and lived (1880-1962).

1940-44 Leader of the Government-in-Exile Grande Duchesse Charlotte of Luxembourg (10.5-10.9)
She was Head of State of  Luxembourg 1919-64. During World War II she was in exile in London. She lived (1896-1985).  

1956-circa 1976 Vice-President of the Revolutionary Council Kéthly Anna, Hungary (Strassbourg)

In 1944-48 Vice-President of the National Assembly, 1956 Minister of State and Minister of Social Affairs, 1956 Chief of Social Democratic Party and Leader-in-exile of the Party, in witch she had been a leading figure before World War II. The party was member of the Socialist International. She lived (1889-1976, dead in Paris)  

1979-80 Regent-in-exile Dowager Empress Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi of Iran (in Egypt and France)
She was widow of The Shah, she was Acting Head of the Imperial Family, and acted as regent for son who became shah on his 20th birthday 31/10-80. (b. 1938-)

1986-91 President of the Ukrainian State Administration Jarosława Stećko (Germany)
After her husband died she took over as President of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations and Chairperson of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) in exile, 1991-2003 Founder and Chairperson of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, Deputy and President-by-Age of the Parliament. She lived (1921-2003).

1993- President of the Government-in-Exile Maryam Rajavi, Iran (in Paris)                
From 1985-92 Commander-in-Chief of Muhjedin-Army operating from Iraq. She is head of the 250 member exile-parliament. Half of its members are women and the exile-government is dominated by women. (b. 1953-)

1997- President of the Council Ivonka J. Survilla, Belarussian Democratic Republic-in-Exile (Canada)
The exile-government was established in 1918 and situated in Canada. Born in Stoupcy, a small town West of Miensk, in 1936, Ivonka Symaniec-Survilla spent only eight years of her life in her native Belarus.  After a dramatic exodus through Eastern Prussia, she lived in Denmark, France and Spain before moving to Canada in 1969. (b. 1936-)

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